Gay Pride Make Up 2017 [CC]

Welcome to my look for Pride 2017! It’s a vintage-y mixture of galaxy eyes with a matte lip… And then I made it 300% gayer with some multi-coloured diamantes. Because it’s not Gay Pride unless you’ve stuck a massive rainbow on your face. Hello, hello, it’s my nude face! Actually not that nude because it’s covered in Maybelline’s Baby Skin Primer. Foundation today is No. 7’s Lift & Luminate in tone Cool Vanilla. I really love this foundation because it’s so silky to wear and the lady in the shop used the cool colour-matching gadget to find my shade… and it made me think of doctor who. Uh, hello Matilda, what on earth are you doing? The Lift & Luminate is a gorgeous foundation because it contains not only a mosturiser but also a skin firmer- giving you a mini facial whilst also evening out the tone of your skin. Although No. 7 do sell a Matte version of this foundation I’ve found that wearing this one and then adding a powder on top means you’ll get a much longer wear- vital for an all-day event like Pride! Of course, all of the products I use are listed in the description… Also I think my body might be the most tanned it’s ever been right now. Those three days in France did me proud! Now, I have to tell you about this eyebrow pencil! I’ve been searching for the perfect thing to match my redhair and I’ve finally found it from NYX although, it’s called ‘brunette’… but it’s actually auburn. It’s also micro and awe-some…! Great for building up a fab skinny, swooped vintage eyebrow. Bing, eyebrows! Now let’s talk lips. I started with quite a pinkie red from Bourjois then decided it was too light so changed to this one from Maybelline! Because yes, I’m a vintage girl, I have 10 different red lipsticks and liners in variations of the same shade! On to my newly beloved Matte Me Up liquid lipstick from Barry M you can see more about it in my July favourites- click the card above! It is. The Bomb. Although you do have to give it a little minute to dry… especially if you don’t want it sticking to your brace… I say ‘if’ but who does want that? And why? Time to talk eyeshadow primer and –oh my gosh- this is where it gets really exciting! This little beauty is the NYX eyeshadow base in white pearl. The gel consistency makes application and blending really easy but that’s not the most exciting thing- oh no. What’s really great about it is it’s ability to make matte eyeshadows shimmery and what could be more appropriate for a Pride parade than glittery eyeshadow?! This palette is the Sleek Make Up i-Divine Matte 2. It’s the most pigmented and colourful palette I have and is excellent for this look because although we’re blending very different colours we want them to hold their own and not just turn into a brown sludge. Oop, my wife sent me a text to remind me to put my hearing aids in so I can open the door when she comes! Life! We’re using Highness, Orbit and Paper Bag to make a galaxy! Using an angled detail brush apply Highness to just above the crease and then blend. It seems very purple in the pan but is actually very pinkish when used like this. Next up is Orbit- very appropriate name! This goes along the lashline and then blend up. Think about laying it on as an exaggerated cats eye. Now for Paper Bag- which sounds like such a strange sentence… It’s a brown shade that is going to tie it together. Teal, purple and brown don’t seem like the combination you need to make a galaxy but when you think about it… the sky isn’t black- it’s blues and purples and greens- along with a bit of sparkle of course! L’Oreal Perfect Slim Superliner is the eyeliner of choice. We’re just creating a very basic line, no fancy flicks. This Big Eyeliner from Maybelline is really the best thing for your waterline it goes on easily and doesn’t make eyes sore! And to really top the look off: Eye Candy lashes number 005. These have a super vintage flick and they’re fabulously soft Ta dah! The finished look. Now to gay it up a bit! I picked up these Karizma face gems from Amazon, they’re only £6.50 and are reusable… supposedly We’ll see They should just stick to my face by themselves. It’s like a really gay version of Wonder Woman’s headdress… I hope you enjoyed the video! Give it a thumbs up if you did and if you’re new here then hello! Subscribe for more.

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