Get More for Your Money! Indie Makeup Brand Alternatives to Drugstore Makeup Brands

Get More for Your Money! Indie Makeup Brand Alternatives to Drugstore Makeup Brands

– Hey friends, welcome
back, it’s great to see you. I’m Courtney and I’ve got Nyx and Phaedra hanging out in the room
with me so you may see them pop into the video, you
may not, it depends. they’re being pretty lazy
at the moment, sleeping, ’cause you know they
have a very hard life. Anyway, today I wanted to
talk to you about indie brands that I prefer to drugstore makeup brands. When I first got into blogging I really got into indie brands because I felt like they
were very high quality, especially for the price point. And packaging, it was
not as important to me, so that’s kind of why
I got into indie brands because they bring you
a high quality product, in usually in no-frills packaging. And I know a lot of people don’t like that and they prefer the ease
of going to the drug store but I wanted to talk to you
about these indie brands because many of them have price points comparable to what you can
find at the drug store, only you’re gonna be getting
much better quality product, a product like you would
get at Nordstrom or Sephora or some other like department
store to high end store. So number one I wanna talk
to you about Silk Naturals. Silk Naturals, they’re like 98% vegan, 100% cruelty-free brand,
and their products are also gluten free. They make their products without
any irritating ingredients like bismuth oxychloride,
which makes my skin itch and other things that are likely
to cause irritants in skin. They have a lot of
vegan, gluten free dupes for Urban Decay, some for Two Faced, etc. So I love their products, I really love their velvet lipsticks, they make a lot of great eye shadows, they have some really cool duo chromes and their packaging is
very simple usually, it’s very simple and black. So it’s very understated. The ingredient quality is very high so I think they’re an excellent product and their prices are so reasonable. I feel like their eye shadows, I’m gonna put a range up here but I think their eye shadows
are like, between like, 3.50 and 6.50 or something like that. And their lipsticks are
like between four and eight. So, very reasonable price range, much better than what I think I’ve seen at the drug store, these days. So I definitely recommend
checking them out. Number two on my list
would be My Pretty Zombie. My Pretty Zombie makes a
beautiful duo chrome eye shadows, they have some nice mattes as well but I think you’re really
gonna feel like they shine with their duo chrome eye shadows, their shimmer eye shadows, and probably their duo chrome blushes. They make excellent blushes as well. I have them reviewed on my blog, I can go ahead and insert
some swatches up here for you check out. Number three on my list,
Geek Chic Cosmetics. While I haven’t bought anything from Geek Chic Cosmetics recently I’ve reviewed a ton of
their products in the past. They do all kind of really cool fandoms. If you’re somebody who likes Sailor Moon or Guardians of the Galaxy,
I would definitely look at Geek Chic ’cause they’re
gonna have something that’s gonna appeal to
you from the gamer world. And again, their prices
are super reasonable. I know that a couple years ago they came out with this
gorgeous highlighter collection of all iridescent highlighters and people were like, oh my god, those are just like the the
Jeffree Star highlighters, only a fraction of the price,
and none of the asshole. Next up we have Darling Girl,
I love Darling Girl Cosmetics, they’re a tiny indie
company, and they have some beautiful, beautiful eye shadows. My favorite collection from them is probably the ghoul school collection which I helped collaborate to create which was based off of Monster High. They also have had some
really great horror show movies collections and
all kinds of just like, cool stuff like that. So, I think that they’re
another really great brand to look at, their price
point is so reasonable. Next we have Aromaleigh, Aromaleigh is one of my favorite indie brands and probably one of the first
ones I ever checked out. They make a lot of great mattes and they make a lot of good duo chromes. They have a lot of multipurpose products for like face, eyes, cheeks, etc. I really, really love their highlighters and blushes especially. And their insectarium
collection is really cool, which is like a bunch of different like cool and warm tone contour powders that you just don’t see at Sephora. So I think if you’re looking
for really unusual shades for a gothic or editorial looks, you should definitely
check out Aromaleigh. Again, their price point is
gonna be very reasonable. Next up is Brija Cosmetics, I have tried them a couple
of times in the past, they’ve done some really cute collections. I think the last think
I purchased from them was like a Rick and Morty collection, just because it was very cute. Next on my list is Sydney Grace Co., this company has blown up because they were reviewed on Temptalia. They make awesome pressed eye shadows. I’ve bought a ton from Sydney Grace Co. I actually did like this whole idea, why cool berries blog post, and swatched like my Sydney
Grace Company collection in that post so I’ll have
to link that for you. But their products are great. I have found that sometimes
there’s a little bit inconsistencies between shades. Like I ordered a color
and it wasn’t anything like what it was supposed
to be on the site. So when I got a replacement
it was slightly different. It’s like sometimes there’s gonna be a little bit of variation between batches. But overall it’s been pretty close and the quality of the
eye shadow is really nice, it’s very smooth and it
wants to blend out easily. Next we have Devina Cosmetics, they’re another popular indie brand. They did like a blue betch pallette in response to Tart’s April Fool joke for the icy betch palette. I really like their
products, they also did like a, I think it was an
Over The Rainbow collection or something, and it had
some really beautiful colors in that too, I really like the eye shadows that I purchased from them,
and I’ve only purchased press from them so I really
like the press shadows that I purchases so if you’re somebody who doesn’t like loose eye shadows and you’re wanting get into indie and you wanna try press, I
would definitely recommend the last company I talked
about, Sydney Grace Co as well as Devinah Cosmetics,
check them both out there, they’re both great. Next on my list is Fyrinnae, Fyrinnae is one I’ve been talking about since almost day one when
I started blogging in 2008. I think right at the beginning somebody’s like, if you love make up you need to check out Fyrinnae, and I did. I have bought probably almost every color that has ever come out by them. And they are all gorgeous. They make a lot of really
unusual, multi-chromes and extra sparkly shades and like, just, they use these amazing color combos that I hadn’t really seen anywhere else. I love their liquid lipsticks
that are duo chromes, like dark angel is so beautiful. So they’re totally worth checking out, again, a very reasonable price point and they’re 100% vegan if that’s something that’s important to you. Next up is Magnolia Makeup, I fond Magnolia Makeup when
I was at the makeup show and I believe they are
based in New Orleans. They have some really pretty lip products, that’s what I bought from them, that what I recommend you check out. Next up is Makeup Geek. Makeup Geek is an indie brand that I love, it was started by Marlena,
who is an influencer and she also recently
started the brand Marste which is a fashion brand
and I’ve been impressed with the products that
I’ve check out so far. But the reason I wanted to tell you about Makeup Geek now is that
they’re also now in Target so they may make it
more accessible for you if you’re looking to buy,
Makeup Geek from Target. Their price point is very reasonable, their eye shadows are, for
the most part pretty good. I haven’t really been a fan
of most of the lip products. I love their old highlighters. Their blushes, their
old blushes were good, I haven’t really been a
fan of the new blushes. I hated the chic pallettes that came out because like the porcelain chic palette was not the same shade and their original porcelain highlighters. They weren’t the same depth, they were too dark for my skin tone. So I was mad, I wasted
money in buying them. But overall, I really like their products and I’m looking forward
to seeing new releases from Makeup Geek, to talk
about that I will love. Next up is MBA Cosmetics
and I wanted to include them because I don’t feel like I hear many people talk about them. But they have like these really unusual lip whip type things. So you can get some really
neat lip colors from them, I highly recommend checking then out. There are eyeshadows that I’ve tried that have been hit or miss. Some have been great, some
have been just kinda eh, okay. I think for the price point
though they are excellent. Next up is Meow Cosmetics, Meow Cosmetics was one of the very first indie brands that I ever tried because I was looking for a foundation shade that matched me. And I used to wear their inquisitive, Inquisitive Spinx or Inquisitive Siamese mixed with their snow wings. I can’t really wear lose
mineral powder much anymore because it just stopped
working for my skin. But I really did love their product and I also loved like
their Halloween releases and collections, I thought that they had some of the best Halloween releases ever. They basically have seasonal collections that come back and go away, so they can have a very
big library of eye shadows. But their, like Friday the 13th colors are so much fun, I love the duo chromes. Lots of really neat,
delicate colors to check out. Next up is Necromancy Cosmetica and they are and indie
company and I believe they’re in Puerto Rico. They make some really
awesome, gothy lipsticks that have all kinds of
cool names and cool colors. And the formula is pretty good. I think my favorite color
from them was a teal. Next we have Ofra Cosmetics and as far as I’m aware,
Ofra is still an indie brand because I believe they’re
still independently owned. They’re a Florida-based brand
so they’re down in Miami. I first met Ofra at the
makeup show in Orlando and met Corrina and was blown away by the quality of their products. Now I do know that they
manufacture products for the people so I’m not sure how that works with indie, I’m not really sure where
they fall out with that but I know that in the past they were not owned by anybody which is why I would’ve
considered them indie. They make a lot of interesting products, in particular, I like their skin care, and I have really liked
their liquid lipsticks. But their skin care is what
I think I usually gravitate towards as well as their lipsticks. They have some nice highlighters too. Their packaging, they just rebranded all of the packaging and I
really like that they changed it and it’s really different
from anybody else because it’s like, white, and bulky. So, it used to be like sleek
and now it’s like bulky so it kinda stands out and it’s
different in my collection. Next up is Saucebox Cosmetics, you know I love Saucebox Cosmetics because number one, they
have a Poodle on the label. Number two, their indie and vegan and obviously their cruelty free. I love, love, love their
secret garden palette, it is so beautiful, I highly
recommend checking it out if you haven’t yet. Also, their champagne bomb highlighter is my favorite for a wet skin look. It basically gives my
skin this beautiful sheen and just (exhales) blows me away. It’s so gorgeous, they
also have some other colors for deeper skin, I think
one of them is called, like Phoenix Rising,
or something like that. So I cannot wait for
new releases from them. They’re gonna be rebranding
and coming out with new stuff I think this month, or June,
so yes, can’t wait to see more. Next up is Rituel de
Fille, and Rituel de Fille is a luxury, indie beauty company. I think all of their
products are cream based because they really like cremes and they kind of melt into the skin. I did do a fun one-brand tutorial with Rituel de Fille recently
and I will link that up here. And I’ve had a bunch of
you ask me to do some more tutorials with Rituel de Fille so I bought some more products from them so I can feature them
an share them with you. In particular, I would
say my favorite products from Rituel de fille right now are probably their creme
blushes and their highlighters. Next we have Melt Cosmetics. Melt Cosmetics is an indie
and cruelty-free brand and they are now available at Sephora. They’re also Leaping Bunny certified which is very important to me. So, I love their products. I’ve been obsessed with
the smoke sessions palette, I cannot wait to buy the
new pallet that they have that’s coming out in a few days. I can’t think of what the name of it is but I saw it on Instagram and I went, that’s gonna be mine. So yeah, I’m looking forward to getting my little paws on that. Melt Cosmetics also makes
beautiful highlighters and liquid lipsticks and
some really pretty blushes and stuff like that. Their lip pencils are great
and so are their eye liners. Next we have Black Moon Cosmetics. I love, love, love Black Moon Cosmetics. All of their packaging is very gothic and it’s black and it looks awesome, they have a great color range. I have a shit ton of
their liquid lipsticks, I’ll put a link up here
to my liquid lipstick swatch video that I did but I
bought more colors from them since I made this video so, I probably should do an updated one. I really love their lipstick formula because it’s not drying or
uncomfortable for me to wear. I love their multi purpose like glitter, it looks like highlighters, I used hunting with
moonrise today on my lips. I love this combo, I think
it looks really gorgeous. Their highlighters are beautiful. Their cat-shark highlighter
is my all-time favorite highlighter right now. If if I don’t know what
highlighter to wear I’m probably gonna wear cat-sharks because I think it looks
beautiful on my complexion. I do really like their
orb of light palette, is a high quality neutrals palette. The shade, cold, I think
that’s the tope color I like, is the one I wear the most just because, if I’m looking for a
really easy one-and-done eye shadow look, I can
just put cold all over and call it a day, it will
make my blue-green eyes pop. Excellent brand and and they’re
Leaping Bunny certified, so yes, they’re awesome. Next on my list is Milk Makeup. I love Milk Makeup, they are cruelty free, they’re 100% vegan and they are also Leaping Bunny certified. I am wearing pretty much a
full face of Milk Makeup today except for my lips and my eye shadow. They make excellent products. I just fell in love with
their flex concealer and porcelain because it is
perfect for my skin tone. Also, their new blur
foundation that’s in porcelain matches me perfectly as well. It’s so nice just to be
able to buy a foundation and a concealer that I
don’t have to add white to that works perfectly for my
skin and it’s not too dry and so thank you so much Milk Makeup, thank you, thank you, thank you. Next up is Strobe Cosmetics and Strobe Cosmetics
makes some really cute eyeshadow pallettes, they
have their creepy cut palette which is like their answer to Cat Vondy’s pastel goth palette, except it’s permanent and it’s not trash. So it is a, they’re a really cool company and their cruelty-free and
their indie, reasonably priced. Next on the list is Sugarpill and everybody knows about Sugarpill. I’ve been covering Sugarpill since they first launched
several years ago. They make awesome pressed eye
shadows, loose eye shadows, liquid lipsticks and bullet lipsticks. I love their liquid lipstick formula and their bullet lipsticks as well. I think my favorite color from them is probably euphoria or
whatever the new teal, no, the new teal color with the sparkles. I can’t think what it’s called, I wanna say it’s spank me but it’s not. But I love their liquid lipsticks and I reach for them a lot. And I would way my favorite eye shadow from Sugarpill these days has been ghosted because it’s like this iridescent color that you can just put on
top of everything else to transform it. And last but not least I
wanna talk about KBShimmer. KBShimmer is my all-time favorite
indie nail polish company. I think that they make
the best nail polish that you can possibly buy right now. Followed by Kiara Sky,
Kiara Sky is close second. But I recommend KBShimmer
because you can get them on Amazon, you’re basically never paying more than like 12 bucks for a bottle. I think they’re usually like $10.99. They have the most amazing duo chromes, tri-thermals, yes, not just two colors, three colors for their
color-changing nail polish. And they make great basics so if you want like the best one-coat black nail polish that’s on the market right now, it’s gonna be KBShimmer’s eclipse. They have a tone of great duo chromes. They have magnetic polishes. They have their tri-thermals, yeah, you’re gonna be blown away, you will not regret checking them out. All right, so yeah, those are all a bunch of indie brands
that I prefer to drug store because I feel like you’re gonna get a higher quality product
for the same price, or less, in general. Let know know your thoughts
in the comments below, thanks so much for
watching, and I’ll see you in my next video, bye.


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