Get ready with me!! Google Chrome makeup tutorial(ish)

Get ready with me!! Google Chrome makeup tutorial(ish)

Hey what’s up everybody I’m Anna Lytical
and fully out of a drag right now… I just wanted to play a little bit with
some makeup today and chat about what’s going on with this channel… where I think things
are going when I’ve been up to and what I’ve got going on. and I’m in my Barbie tank top
We’re just going to do this area of my face. We’re just gonna be casual hang out and
chat so stay tuned! be sure to throw a like, subscribe, ring
the bell you know the deal!!


  • DimplyBean says:

    Omg this is such a good idea!! I love it!! I've subscribed 🙂 keep up the great work <3

  • Cristy Leal says:

    This looks stunning, I loved the idea, it is really creative, you nailed it!! New subbie here, hope you can return the love! 💕

  • Celestia says:

    cute and intelligent queen 😍

  • Florence Ion says:

    I love this so much. I'm excited for your channel.

  • East Fun says:

    Boy Anylitical: handsome intelligent and oh my gosh do I dare say it… husband material??

    Making me wanna learn code.

    In drag I’d live if you did an Aya Brea drag cosplay look, the gorgeous main character from Parasite Eve. I think the first game she was hot or I liked the style she had in the art and chill movie sequences. She had a distinct look vibe. Like the singer Jacynthe, a Quebec Montreal Paris Hilton kind of look. I think I just really liked the hairstyle but the clothes were giving realness too

  • Phoebe Heath-Brown says:

    I'm a lesbian comp sci postgrad and I've literally binge-watched all your vids recently after finding your videos on reddit. Wish I had a channel like yours to watch when I was starting out learning to code as a kid! <3

  • Omer says:

    I swear I've never related to any YouTube channel as much as yours.
    I'm a mobile dev so I like watching and learning from your web dev videos.
    oh AND you're cute af? Your boyfriend better feel lucky and appreciative lol

  • Desencarne says:

    Daaaaaaaaamn, Anna Lytical is sexy

  • Guilherme Purri says:

    You are directed to a bright future!
    Quick opinion: might want to cut back on the mid-sentence editing. A bit distracting if paying attention to you and what you're saying
    But loved your subjects and your intention and experiences and yes imma say it your face

  • Social Justice Warrior says:

    Love your videos and creativity 😘

  • Avi Wadhwa says:

    im straight but i wanna be drag when i grow up lolz

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