Getting ready for Malaysia // Ep 0 // Traveling With A Chronic Illness

As you watch this we’re on a 13 hour plane ride from England to Malaysia. We’re so excited to spend two months there working on creative projects, exploring a different country, and connecting with the Malaysian side of Claud’s family. I’m really happy you’ll be coming on this journey with us. Expect lots of vlogs. And here’s the first part all of the packing and prep beforehand. Hello and welcome to a pre-Malaysia, planning Malaysia video. Yes! Today the first of our plans from Malaysia—Clara’s just freaking out next to me. Hey. (both laughing) She’s driving our car where we can take the dogs for a groom because while we’re away, Clara and Emily are going to be living in our house, driving our car, and looking after our dogs. So we’re gonna drive to the groomers, and this is Clara’s first proper driving experience in our car! You excited? A bit terrified. There is so much of value in this car right now! (both laughing) Me and the dogs.
C: But I’ll be fine. I’m a very good driver and I’ve driven in three different countries but never on this side of the road. Actually, I have a video in which you are driving. Yes? When we went to [inaudible]. You are driving. You agree? She’s gonna be fine?
BG: Radio Yeah, she’s gonna be good! I am not a fan of miles, guys. I am so angry at England right now. The only reason I’m not swearing is because I’m not allowed in this channel. Okay, there’s a car coming. If anyone is religious, now is the moment. Not me, but… You know? I’m religious, but we don’t do enough praying that way. This might be a good moment to start! Whoa! CLARA: Sorry! I am so sorry!
JESSICA: Whoa! Whoa! (nervous laughter) Driving with Clara, I’ve learned what the speed limits actually are in this city. Yeah, my mother calls Claudia a boy racer. (gasps) Hi! (dogs barking, Jessica laughing) Hi! JESSICA: How are you doing? CLARA: I’m doing fine actually. JESSICA: Went to [inaudible] we got her some food. And we forgot to get bags. Okay. So we got various pre-Malaysia jobs done today, I’m gonna say. Dog grooming was a major part of that. CLARA: Dog pills. Dog pills! Yes, got some dog pills. Their monthly treatment that they have to stop them getting fleas, so we’ve done that, we’re good. Pre-Malaysia dog stuff is good. (♪ music ♪) On to the next thing! Which is a completely unnecessary trip to the doctor. (dog shaking in background) It is a few days later now. I don’t want to leave this house because it’s gray and raining and disgusting. Oh, but come Clara. Join me. Tell the people why we have to leave the house today. We’re going to the doctor because apparently Jessica needs to be physically there to write a prescription request for only one of her medicine. However, the rest have been sent already. Yeah. Obviously I’m going away for months and months of time, so I need to take all of my pills with me I need. They’re like, “Yeah! Okay! Sure thing.” They sent over three months worth the amitriptyline no problem. They basically sent at the next day, and then we didn’t hear anything for two weeks. So Clara phoned from yesterday and met her nemesis. (laughing) It was just a really stressed out receptionist I guess. But she hated you from the start. I was being so nice! You must get so many phone calls, but I genuinely don’t understand this system. Because we were able to sort it on the phone last week and now we don’t. So… And then—and what did she actually say at some points? She actually said, “We cannot see to your health needs here anymore.” Yeah, she said a really weird sentence like that! (Jessica laughing) Am I being kicked out of my GP?! “Yeah! I was like oh, I’m so sorry! Maybe—” They getting rid of me?! Like, do you need the insurance number? Is that why you can’t find her? Because I have all of the data. And eventually we figure out that she just wanted to say that I wasn’t allowed to speak for Jessica? But I already explained like she’s in the room with me. She’s just deaf. I am you know, helping out, translating, I have all of the documents here. I think she was pro-Brexit, guys. I think that’s what it was. I do! I think you phoned and she was like, “OH.” “She sounds European!” “She foreign!” No, cuz everything you said to her she didn’t seem to understand? Oh, she—you didn’t understand what she said. I could tell she was just repeating it over and over again. And I mean anyway explaining… What… “We cannot see to your health needs here.” I mean, she said the same—she would repeat the exact same sentence! And it’s not that I didn’t understand her English, I just didn’t understand what she meant! but we both thought you were being dropped from the clinic! So we were like, “What?!” I was gonna say this is if you know it’s never gone wrong before, but I’m pretty sure if you’ve been watching this channel for a while, You know that it does! And and it’s like the people from the doctors and the pharmacy, you have two different informations. And I have to explain everything from scratch. Essentially today, we have to walk to the doctor’s surgery. Worst part is—oh yeah like, I know it’s gonna happen. We’re gonna get there and someone’s gonna say, “Oh, you could have done this online or you could have done this over the phone.” Okay. Ready guys? JESSICA: Look at that! JESSICA: It’s so hideous! CLARA: It is disgusting! JESSICA: This is all better be worth it. I feel like it’s not going to be. Gonna go in there, be like, “Why did you come?” “She made me.” It was not fine. We asked for three months of my prescription and we got two months worth of half of my prescription. And none of the rest of it, and a letter that said I could have two months. (sighs) I had to pay for that as well! I had to pay for that letter! I was wrong. They’re gonna redo it. And look, my hair is all wet. And I am wet. And I’m really tired. I feel poo. They deliver it to my house. Why? Why did they make me do this? Uuuuugh. Good morning! So today is Thursday, and it’s a very exciting day. Isn’t it? Yeah! Because today is Claud’s first day off. Yaaaay! Except for half a day on Saturday, but we’re not really mentioning that. Anyway. Today, we’re going to be tidying our incredibly messy house. And we need to clean a lot of space because Clara and Evelina are gonna come and live in our house while we’re in Malaysia for two months and look after the dogs. And they’re giving up their flat, so everything from their flat is coming to our house. Everything. So we need to make sure we have no excess stuff. Clean and beautiful and tidy won’t it? She’s nodding. She’s nodding around her hot cross bun. Okay, so currently everything is a huge mess, and I’m feeling to get really upsetting and Overwhelming and awful. Oh hi Tillie leaning on my bum But it’s okay, I’ve created piles And looks like a mess it looks terrible, but I know where the piles are and that’s important We’ve got they’re going to Malaysia pile They’re going into the loft when we come back pile and going away forever pile to the charity shop Or the dump or the recycling. It’s all gonna be fine. It’s all gonna get sorted Do a lot of packing yesterday Which is very good wake up this morning my arms quite hurting Which that’s good right that that means we did stuff doesn’t it Claud? And look at how empty this is now. Just a few items of clothing which I’m gonna be wearing this week And I’m gonna wear this because we want a wedding two days before we fly in Bristol, which if you don’t know English geography is I guess three and a half hour drive away. It’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna do it. We’re gonna do it. My piles are going. This is the Malaysia pile Obviously, it’s not packed or anything. It’s just a pile, but that’s good and more piles Just been having a little discussion because 95% Of everything Claudia owns, I like that *points* , is either blue or grey This is the one thing you own that is a colour So there’s not blue or grey or such. Cream *points at self* cream stuff as well Excellent. charity shop bags Hello! Yes, I have a massive bow on my head because sometimes they dressed like I’m five, it’s either five or ninety five so It’s okay. We’re going into town if you’ve got to do all the charity shop bags And then whats so good is that I have a list. So I gotta go to the chemist I said chemist I’m not really it’s just boots. Im going to boots. I’m in England so I’m going to boots. But I suppose In America and so and you said the drugstore so going there, gonna get the extra makeup that we can’t pay in Malaysia Also travel size hairspray, that’s a suntan nation Insect repellent. I have to have fat to eighty suntan lotion because I was born the color of a cloud and M&S, because Claud’s family have asked for various things, that you can only get..*car door opens* Yeah so Claud’s family have asked for things you can only get in England like Marks and Spencers body butter and shortbread Very tasty lunch. But I feel like my nose is really red cuz that was such a hot tasty soup Now gonna go and switch out our phones hopefully. That was the most annoying thing ever because apparently the only way you can do it is to phone Which isn’t really a great option for me. But fortunately, I have someone who can phone for me, but what about people who can’t? These are all sprays and they come in different amounts they’ve got a 50 a 30 20 That has aloe vera, let’s get it coconut, oil, shea butter and avocado oil Oh because you can take it with you and apply it wherever. I got really upset by the man at the E E shop Rude. He just didn’t want to be helpful, and then I was like ‘oh so can you tell me how much?’ ‘oh you’ll have to phone’ C: Can’t hear on the phone very well.
J: Well I can’t really ear on the phone very well And he’s like “oh. Get someone else to do it for you” so helpful, thanks so much He was rude. He was very rude so then anyway and Jessica was moping cuz she thought she’d been like slightly like unfairly Treated so went to the other EE shop Cuz I was like well that was just one man And it was right cuz the next man was really a nice person wasn’t he? He was so nice, he had such good customer service. He also said the same thing like you have to ring up I’m afraid It’s the only way you can find out cuz every country’s different it depends on your contract And he’s like “Oh, we’re going?” we’re going to do our youtube channel. “Wow what’s your YouTube channel about? Oh, how many subscribers have you got? Wow!” I was just saying how I sing little songs and then pretend it’s the dogs This morning, I was like Are you ready for your walk, *very high pitched* I am ready for my walk! That’s very nice Tillie, but you need to be a bit stronger with those higher vocals Good morning it is Sunday, and I feel like all my sinuses are on fire They’re all swollen and sore I also I feel a little bit like my brain is trying to escape through my ears Which is fun, but today is the big day the big moving day. We’re going to go over to Clara & Evelina’s and help them bring all of that stuff over Except what they’ll need for the next two days. But I think I might stay here I’ll be at this end and Clara and Claud will be in the car as the go-between and Evelyn will be on that end taking things apart. First of all we’re gonna go for a walk with our nephew in the park and the doggies and Pretend to be his mummy We’ve been moving everything Evaline and I own into Jessica and Claudia’s house. It’s mad. What did you do today Jessica? I did this: Cheers! On Sundays days we wear black, You all know that I wear blue, navy blue, pretty much everyday. I’ve just dropped Jessica off for an important meeting and uh… Top secret, maybe she’ll tell you about it, maybe she won’t it depends how it goes and I’m home on my own, which is like a really Novel thing. I’m like Jessica’s always here. I mean that’s lovely it’s nice coming home and having a wife be like oh hello darling and the dogs Walter?I don’t know if you guys have ever seen this actually.This is quite an amusing Any moment now That’s what she does when she what’s to come in haha. If only she could bend the handle. actually no, that would be a nightmare because she’ll be constantly letting herself in and out ALL the time. Right anyway, so I Dropped her off and I was like what am I gonna do what am I gonna do myself, so I’ve got home I’ve already taken a slightly photo of some presents of hers, and I’ve done some pictures of some flowers because It’s Monday this is my first day not at work for the two-month period that I’m off and Yes, it’s a holiday Because we’re going to Malaysia it’s gonna be amazing Actually, it’s kind of like almost. It’s a bit like work, but not work because both Jessica and I think YouTube is just fun. It’s kind of a busy week and getting everything ready before we go away for two months Clara and Evelina help move a lot of stuff, so what a dresser over there is packed with quite a lot of their things now And some of that furniture like here Orange, thing, which is so… Which is very incoherent with our house so Jessica and I have done a massive clear up taking lots of bags to charity shops We’re gonna do a trip to the dump tomorrow of clara It’s actually quite nice to just it’s like a proper spring clean, and I think when you’ve got a purpose to clean It’s so much more So eat a lot easier and less overwhelming. Now that I’m off work, I’ve got no excuse I can, the whole point is to let my creative juices flow Have the time and space to just do more vlogging Camera work, editing. I really want to improve my editing skills and Take loads more photos because I love photography and I just want to have the time to do that Whether or not it is actually done, but it will feel like more of a commitment now that I’ve said it The thousands of you that I will do it But I’ve got a post a picture on my Instagram account my personal Instagram cloud fuzz once a week Because that’s achievable Jessica likes scoffed because she was like what? You have to do at least every other day If not every day you have no excuse your whole point of going to Malaysia and having me two months off is to do Flight photography and upping your social media, and I was like Yeah, let’s just be realistic. That said I’m going to just cut to lots little scenes of what I’m going to get up to today and then just It might be really boring, but I guess that’s like the life of a vlogger Going for a walk yeah Dogs are pretty desperate for a walk, so off we go. I think it’s actually snowing a little bit so, this will be interesting, got the hat on, Gonna have to get the gloves Me and Tilly are in the bath Because we got a bit muddy didn’t we? our feet. and we want to be nice and clean before Mama comes home But she does quite enjoy bath time. Your face is muddy, I think we’ll get away with only washing your feet. One of your Christmas gifts, wasn’t it? Very nice Gotta wash your beard. Good morning it is my face my naked face It looks much that my face with makeup except my eyebrows is so much shorter This is the current bedroom situation can you see? All this stuff More stuff And this is just the stuff we’re taking this isn’t even the stuff that’s going in the loft Oh, no. I’m amazed that the the ceiling is holding in this room to be fair There’s so much on top of it. Good, I put my hair up. So you know it’s serious Did you just clap for me putting my hair up?
C: I did
J: Thanks haha Right I’m gonna tidy this mess Yes, this will get done today. Well Clara works and the 5,000 emails we have How many emails are that Clara
C:I mean? That I need you for 14 and General?
C: General, the other pile is 42 Good times good times
C: we’ll get there Okay, I fanned Claudia from the room cuz I know she’s just gonna freak out, but I will fit all of this And some stuff here into the suitcase it will happen Alright, I’m working out how to put my crutches in Their suitcase and look I’ve taken them apart into their pieces It’s very good, got the bottom bits in here but I have to show you this because this is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever seen ah Ah Look at that It’s so wonderful. It just fits perfectly haha. Good morning to you Packing is going well so far that massive pile from yesterday is now in that suitcase So I just have another suitcase to pack and that’s pretty good, but we’ve got to go out and get stuff from Boots the Chemist makeup and More shortbread because we’ve realized we should have shortbread for all of Claudia’s aunts not just one and she has a lot of them Hi clara!
C: Hellow How is your first night in our house, “it was nice and cosy, thank you” and didn’t get woken up by a dog? Yes, and she, well, once more complained. She was so excited she peed by the end of the bed J:Oh, no!
C: but we didn’t realize this. I literally like stepped on it
J: oh no! Matilda! What do you have to say about this? Tilda, what you have to say about allegations of peeing at the end of the bed Tilly, Tilly, is that no comment? no comment I’m now wearing four layers of Thermals yes. Gonna go up for walk in the snow cuz yes, it is snowing sort of it’s not really anymore There’s no snow on the ground. I would open the curtain to show you but generally it’s gone. Here’s a picture I took earlier much earlier before the Sun came out, but other Sun Sun is better, but it’s still very cold so hence the many layers of thermals and Then we are going to come back and do more packing I woke up this morning with the shoulders and my neck so painful if you like they’re up here They’re actually there well, they kind of are, but I have literal bruises on my shoulders why does my body do this? I don’t know But I woke up with bruises because I had overused my shoulders And they felt sore so they decided to color themselves in now going for a walk C: It’s pretty cold here,
It’s very cold actually snowed in how many days Three days yeah, we’re gonna fly from this chilli. I realize we’re circling to show you but we’re showing you more of our heads.Weee! Currently walking around Brighton searching for breakfast, for these very hungry people.
“I’m gonna eat my arm.” I want to have my British fixes, I want British English fries then I’m having a roast later It’s okay guys, they have sweet potato fries. So, today, we are out and about having brunch because the plans have changed somewhat It’s so sad guys X2. So this morning, Claudia opened up my laptop And she’s been editing last night, already turned on And what happened? It said the day was the 1st of Jan,2017 and it looked like it had been reset or crashed at some point in the night So I unlugged the power into it. No i couldn’t turn it on without plugging the power into it Yes, that was the start anyway, and then we worked out later it basically think the battery is faulty And it won’t work without having the power into it Even though a new battery was put into it 2 weeks ago. Yeah so the whole laptop saga is not over yet How is this continuing into Feb? I don’t know it’s been like too much, but Yes, the point is we have to take the laptop back to get it repaired and say look. I want a full refund Because now I have to get a new laptop Which I should probably done way back when rather than trying to get mine fxed. I just wanted to save my data Atleast I’ve taken the data off It just cost me 1000 pounds. Let’s get a new laptop guys. Let’s get a new one No you vote yes, they don’t like asking for for money back even if I’m in the right Awkward But hey Claudia I know my rights. J: and there’s a really fiery Spanish girl back there. Girl: and I understand many things about mad books so he C: And she knows about like consumer rights. GIrl: yeah I have a team guys, I have a good team We handed our laptop in Now gonna get a new one! So yeah now we have the laptop whoo It’s time to go and get a roast and say goodbye to my lovely nephew who we’re not gonna hold for two whole months C: oh no
J: Oh no

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