Gloamwing Pet Battle Guide and Family Fighter Strategies

Gloamwing Pet Battle Guide and Family Fighter Strategies

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is your guide to the Gloamwing
pet battle on Argus. I’m going to start with a quick strat to just
beat him for your world quest, then go through strategies for every single pet family for
progress on the Family Fighter achievement. Gloamwing lives here on Mac’Aree. His main source of damage is Slicing Wind,
which can hit you 1, 2 or 3 times. Because of that, this fight involves a healthy
dose of RNG, with some strategies requiring more good luck than others. Bring some pet bandages. First up, the dependable strategy for doing
your world quest. This will also doubles as the Dragonkin strat. My first slot is Chrominius with Surge of
Power, and the second two slots are my Nexus and Stormborne Whelplings with Arcane Storm
and Mana Surge. Start with Chrominius, pass and he brings
in a whelp. Use Arcane Storm, then Mana Surge. He pulls in Whelp 2 and we’ll use Mana Surge
again. Void Portal brings back Chrominius, and a
Surge of Power should do the job. Savor that feeling because that’s about as
good as it gets. Next, we’ll do Aquatic. Fair warning, aquatic for this just sucks. Expect to need to try this a fair handful
of times in order to get the RNG rolls you need. In my first slot is Benax set up with Water
Jet, Mudslide and Bubble. My second slot is a Gulp Froglet with Mudslide
and Corpse Explosion. This will be easier if you have the higher
Health breed of Gulp Froglet but I do make it work with the balance breed here. Third, a Ghostshell Crab with Grasp, Bubble
and Spirit Spikes. Starting with Benax, pass the turn and the
Ghostshell Crab comes out. Use Spirit Spikes. In order to win, Gloamwing must do a 2-hit
Slicing Wind this turn into those Spirit Spikes. If he hits you once or three times, start
over. With that achieved, use Bubble. Next, swap back to Benax. Void Portal goes off and brings out the Gulp
Froglet. Use Mudslide, then Corpse Explosion. If you die before you Corpse Explode, start
over. After successfully exploding, bring back Benax. Use Bubble, then Mudslide, then Water Jet,
then pass. Ghostshell comes back, and he’s still got
a safety bubble. Use Grasp, then Bubble, then spam Grasp, win
the fight and throw yourself a party. Next is Critters. My first slot is a Darkmoon Hatchling with
Trample and Predatory Strike. Second, a chipmunk or squirrel pet with Woodchipper,
Adrenaline Rush and Stampede. Third, a Black or Elwynn Lamb with Chew and
Stampede. The squirrel pet MUST have more health than
your lamb. The Hatchling comes out first, passes and
he brings in my chipmunk. Use Adrenaline Rush, then Woodchipper, then
Stampede. The lamb comes out and we’ll use Chew, then
Stampede. If at any point you die before you get one
of these listed moves off, start over. Void Portal kills the lamb and the hatchling
comes out. Use Predatory Strike, then Trample. That’ll show him. Next is Elemental. My first pet is a Tiny Snowman with Magic
Hat, Call Blizzard and Deep Freeze. Second is a Crazy Carrot with Ironbark and
Blistering Cold. Third, we’ve got an Ominous Flame with Scorched
Earth and Forboding Curse. The Snowman goes in first, passes the turn
and he pulls in the carrot. Use Ironbark, then Blistering Cold. Pass the round and he kills your carrot, pulling
in the Ominous Flame. Use Scorched Earth, then Forboding Curse. Void Portal brings in the snowman. Use Call Blizzard, then Deep Freeze, then
Magic Hat. Bit of a bipolar weather situation but hey,
it works. Next is Humanoid. My first slot is a Grumpling with Gift of
Winter’s Veil. Second, I have my Wretched Servant with Nether
Blast and Wild Magic, Third, I’ve got Squirky with Stampede and Bubble. Start with the Grumpling, pass and he brings
in the Wretched Servant. Use Nether Blast, then Wild Magic, then pass. He brings out Squirky. Use Bubble, then Stampede, then stampede again
if you can. Grumpling comes out and we’ll toss a Gift
of Winter’s Veil. That does 713 damage so as long as he’s got
less than that left, we’re set. Next up is Mechanical. My first pet is a Darkmoon Tonk with Shock
and Awe and Ion Cannon. Second, I’ve brought a Runeforged Servitor
with Jolt, Ironskin and Call Lightning. Third, we’ve got Lil Bling with Inflation. Start with the tonk, pass and he brings in
the Servitor. Use Ironskin, then Call Lightning. Pass the turn and he brings in Lil Bling. Use Inflation. Void Portal pulls in the Tonk. Use Shock and Awe, followed by Ion Cannon. On the Runeforged Servitor, one more Jolt
wraps it up. Next, Beast. My first pet is Moon Moon with Moon Fang. Second, I’m using a Fel Pup with Fel Immolate
and Vengeance. Third, a Zandalari Anklerender or Kneebiter
with Black Claw and Hunting Party. Start with Moon Moon, pass and he brings in
the Fel Pup. Use Vengeance, then Fel Immolate. Your Fel Pup needs to live long enough to
die to this Void Portal. The raptor comes in and uses Black Claw, then
Hunting Party. By the time Moon Moon comes back, two Moon
Fangs should finish the fight. Next up is Flying. In my first slot is a Snowfeather Falcosaur
with Falcosaur Swarm and Predatory Strike. Second is a Spore or Sporebat pet with Spore
Shrooms and Creeping Fungus. Third, we’ve got Ikky with Black Claw and
Flock. Start with the Snowfeather and use Falcosaur
Swarm. Gloamwing Void Portals and brings out my sporebat. I’ll use Spore Shrooms, then Creeping Fungus,
then pass. Void Portal puts a stop to that, and out comes
Ikky. We’ll use Black Claw, then Flock. Ikky dies, and so does Gloamwing. If you’re a bit short on damage, you do have
a round here to Predatory Strike so you should still be fine. Next, Magic. My first slot is an Untethered Wyrmling with
Feedback and Deflection, just bring your highest attack wyrm. My second two slots are my Empowered and Eldritch
Manafiends, both with Surge of Power and arcane Storm. Start with the Wyrm and use Deflection, then
Feedback twice. Pass and Void Portal brings in a manafiend. Use Arcane Storm, then Surge of Power. Void Portal pulls in the second fiend, and
we’ll do it again. Arcane Storm, then Surge of Power. Boom. Last is Undead. My first pet is a Blighted Squirrel with Stampede. Second is a Fragment of Anger with Spiritfire
Bolt and Spirit Spikes. Third, you can use a Wicked Soul or a Crawling
Claw with Curse of Doom and Agony. Start with the squirrel, pass and the fragment
comes in. Use Spirit Spikes, then Spiritfire Bolt. Pass, and Void Portal pulls in the Wicked
Soul. Use Curse of Doom, then Agony, then pass. The Squirrel returns and we’ll use Stampede. That was an unfortune crit but we still get
two rounds of Stampeding. On your last pet, sneeze on him with anything
to win and be done with this boss. So, that’s Family Fighter Gloamwing! He really does make Baneglow look like a cuddly
kitten. Thank you so much for watching. Check out my other Family Fighter guides and
subscribe to see more videos from me! Let me know what you think, share your own
strategies in the comments if you like and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!


  • Hazelnuttygames says:

    Strategy timestamps!
    Dragonkin (fast) – 0:27
    Aquatic – 0:56
    Critters – 2:06
    Elemental – 2:44
    Humanoid – 3:18
    Mechanical – 3:49
    Beast – 4:17
    Flying – 4:46
    Magic – 5:21
    Undead – 5:48
    Best of luck pet battling <3

  • Stanford Pines says:

    Hello 😀

  • Scott Carter says:

    thnx Hazel!

  • Stonedove EXP says:

    Thanks Hazel, finished my achievement [Anomalous Animals of Argus] !!! Guides very helpful. Your awesome and very pretty.

  • Randy Peterson says:

    I would love a strategy that doesn't use a Gulp Froglet. They are impossible to acquire.

  • minus 8 says:

    i used a odd strat but it worked first try used jademist dancer/chrominius/ikky first he swaped me i used howl and surge dies jademist dancer uses geyser dies ikky did black claw then a stampied then geyser stuned him and my last stampied killed him with 200 hp left on ikky i really dident have manny of the pets in ure video at 25

  • Ellen Kay says:

    I can't thumbs down so much work. A few didn't seem to go well but I found them elsewhere. I come here first for a reason. Oh, and I appreciate the wording in addition to the conversation. If someone is deaf this is awesome. Or just wants a bit of quiet.

  • Joseph Tkach says:

    Woot! It took me 22 tries but it worked. I've tried so many other strategies to beat Gloamwing with Aquatics and never been able to get this guy. Thank you Hazel:)

  • Steve Mansfield says:

    Thanksyou oh so mucho, especially the humanoid strat <3333

  • InleRah66 says:

    Hazel, you're a life saver.

  • Bogdan says:

    This is one big RNG shitfest… I can't understand blizzard would resort to these kind of time consuming practices for a lousy reward with no real benefit except cosmetics…

  • jaminboy says:

    Every time it swaps it out, it doesn't being the pet in with Arcane Winds regardless of the spot I put it in. How come?

  • Megan Porkchopexpress says:

    Hazel, you are my absolute favorite guide. Thank you so much for your play by play breakdowns. Rock. Star.

  • Misty Newell says:

    Why the speed drill on the vids? would 10 extra seconds per be that painful?

  • sobe762 says:

    I must be the luckiest sum bitch ever. Your aquatic strat worked for me first try, after failing many other times with someone else's strat. Thank you.

  • Laura Millet says:

    This is the absolute worst pet battle ever….Just when you think the rng is going for you and you are able to get both mudlslide AND corpse explosion off…and you bring Benax back in…and then Gloamwing CRITS on the first attack and kills him outright…. I may take up drinking again…

  • Rev says:

    Beat this guy with Mechanical pandaren dragon, chrominius and nexus whelpling. Start with chrominius, pass, and when the nexus whelpling comes in don't cast arcane storm just cast mana surge. When the nexus whelpling gets swapped again (will probably kill it) your mechanical dragon will come in and just use explode (3rd slot ability). After that, just cast surge of power with chrominius and he should die.

  • dave matchett says:

    these are horrible fight s make me want too quit wow

  • Rannulfus says:

    OMG Thank you so much, Hazel. The mechanical one helped me get my first victory!

  • Shea says:

    I can't get this one to work. Even if he does the slicing wind he still kills my Gulp Froglet before he can do the corpse explosion.

  • Jennifer Batt says:

    Everything (even the Aquatic) worked for me EXCEPT the Beast strategy. I went through 68 bandages! Gloamwing kept hitting the Fel Pup twice and killing him. When I finally got the RNG I needed for the Fel Pup, he crit the Zandalari and I never got Hunting Party off. Switched out the Fel Pup for Thaumaturgical Piglet (named him Miracle Max btw) with Ooze Touch and Arcane Dash. Worked like a charm (or should I say miracle) the first time. Thanks for all you do!

  • Kayla Winter says:

    I was able to do this with Mechanical Pandaren Drangonling in slot 1, Chrominious in slot 2, and Sentinenl's Companion in slot 3.
    For Mechanical Pandaren Drangonling, I use Breath, Thunderbolt and Decoy
    For Chrominious, I used Howl and Surge of Power (he needs to die while youre in the cd of Surge of Power or this way will not work)
    And for Sentinel's Companion, I used Dark Talon, Soulrush, and Moonfire. When using this battle pet, you want to make sure you're using soulrush, then moonfire, then dark talon. For me, he died before I got the chance to use Dark Talon. 🙂
    Good luck everyone!

  • GhostInShell MMS says:

    fuck pet battles… none of these tactics are any use, its pure luck on this fight when u get it

  • potaterjim says:

    Can I just say that I absolutely HATE pet battles. They're just so bad…I wouldn't even mind the ludicrous grind if I could use the three pets I blew those battle stones on for more than ONE friggin fight! Every world quest requires an incredibly specific combination of pets to clear

  • Daniel Albrechtsen says:

    Humanoid to rng

  • Daniel Albrechtsen says:

    try [Dandelion Frolicker]on Humanoid as 1 pet

  • Rezt LordAlgar says:

    THX 🙂

  • Liz Santonne says:

    Thanks Hazel!

  • Raissam Abu says:


  • Michel Milek says:

    A better team for beast is Moon Moon, Cinder Pup (use Volcano, then Flame breath) and Zandalari (use the same skills that hazel mentioned, its much more easy/less rng sensitive.

  • PurelyDelirious says:

    Is there any other pet that can be used besides Squirky? For the Humanoid only portion?

  • chris saunier says:

    party is being thrown! thanks.

  • Cires says:

    omg thank you. every thing els i found for critter didnt work at all

  • neyoam says:

    I tried so many times to down it with aquatic team, withouth any good results. Then watched Your vid and i've done it on 1st try (rng Jesus loves me). Thanks Hazzel !

  • Kris Springer says:

    For Beast I used Warpstalker Runt (with Blink), Terror Larva with Worst Fear and Acidic Goo, and Zandalari Anklerender as you noted in Video. Blink, then Worst Fear, Acidic Goo, the Anklerender, and Blink to finish off. My Fel Pup just couldn't make it through the fight.

  • Kris Springer says:

    Love your Walkthroughs. I didn't have Fragment of Anger. I used Ghastly Kid with Hoof, Ethereal and Haunt in 1st slot, Fungal Abomination w Creeping Fungus and Spore Shrooms in 2nd and Blighted Squirrel in 3rd. Ethereal than Haunt, Brought in Blighted squirrel stampede then pass to absorb switch, then Spore Shrooms, Creeping Fungus, pass, Blighted Squirrel with Stampede. Ghastly kid with Ethereal, Hoof if needed. Usually dies before hoof, though.

  • Semph1s says:

    Aquatic have too much RNG in it, try another tactic

  • insomx says:

    thanks! you're an angel <3

  • The Original Captain Trips says:

    flawless strat w/ dragons..ty…i didn't have Stormborn Whelp so i used Lil' Tarecgosa

  • Debbie Mayfield says:

    How incredibly frustrating! /eye twitches…

  • Jari Haukilahti says:

    1 the wort part is You should never be able to have higher levelled pets than the trainer 2 but no -Blizzs pay to win is present when playing against new players or noobs -they have solved this somewhat by granting a grey pet a white upgrade So dont GET rid of you grey or white pets since soon they are extinct from the world . I think green pets will be the new default since nobody even petbattles anymore.

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