Glowy No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial with No Foundation

Glowy No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial with No Foundation


  • SaucerJess says:


  • SaucerJess says:

    Have you tried any tubing mascaras? They never smudge on me and I live in hot and humid Texas 💜

  • Moonbeam Muse says:

    … Ah, I'm so pleased you did this after seeing your pic on IG.
    You look gorgeous and how we all wish we looked naturally on a hot summer's day. ❤

  • SaucerJess says:

    Hey beautiful, I thought the LG Balance and Brighten is a powder foundation and you seem to be using it as such. Maybe relabel this video as your powder foundation routine? 💜

  • SaucerJess says:

    Wow! I love this look! 💜

  • Sidra Vitale says:

    Have you tried mounting your mirror along the side of your camera? It seems like we'd see more of your face when you're focused on application that way. Or using a hand mirror for one handed tasks? I see Tati do that a lot. I do get frustrated sometimes when you're bent down so far all I can see is forehead.

  • Pia Loves Color says:

    Love the look. I actually never wear foundation or concealer. I've recenlty tried to get into it, but it just looks weird.

  • manic hispanic says:

    I think milk should make ALL their sticks smaller… like the LE minis should be the permanent size, esp since most of them are supposed 2B multi use.

  • sukhija muskan says:

    Love your lookk

  • Joyce McDaniel says:

    Great video.

  • Jo Smith says:

    Very pretty 😘

  • Tracy Lea Beauty says:

    Hi Courtney! I love this look! I also appreciate how you put the names of what you're using on the screen at the top! Love your nails too! Purple is my favorite color! My hair is purple too! I love the Moon Tears Highlighter! I scored 3 of them and will be giving away the two extras in a giveaway on my channel because so many people said they couldn't find it and I was lucky enough to find 3! Have a great day!🌺🌺🌺 Tracy

  • Krista says:

    Love the glow! Makes your skin look so healthy and fresh!

  • Haunted2424 says:

    I think this looks great! I am fair with rosacea as well and never wear foundation, so I'm always looking for makeup looks nice and light like this.

  • Francisca G says:

    I really like how it looks! no need foundation to cover your face😉

  • carolsteeleactionplan says:

    I wonder if I can achieve something similar but matte instead of glowy, I feel like I just look sweaty if I try anything glowy

  • thedailyclaire says:

    I love it! I have some credit at the Body Shop, are you pretty happy with that concealer overall?

  • Christy Blomberg says:

    Moon tears is sooo pretty…I wish they would make it permanent!!!

  • Karen Harper says:

    your skin looks ACE in this. I'm going to have to try to find the WnW Moon Tears now!

  • jo_ v80 says:

    Love the glowy skin !

  • Linda Johnson says:

    These products match your neck so much better. I think they look so natural..

  • MissAmyxo says:

    Your skin is so gorgeous! Pretty look! 💜

  • Rhandie Seas says:

    Nice Look! But for european Taste this is a MakeUp Look! 😉 And yes you have rosacea, but that's all, your skin is clear and it's dry, that let the skin look more fine and "blurr out" the pores……I would whish to have skin like you have! With rosacea it's just redness no akne or dark flakes….hach.

  • Daena O. says:

    I love this kind of look — and honestly the whole "no-makeup makeup" look has been my go-to lately because of reasons. lol I finally got to try the Plum Rose blush and you were sooooo right about it — it is GORGEOUS. And the perfect shade when I can't decide what to wear or want to try and contour. I tried it as an eyeshadow too and it works well to add just a hint of definition.

    I should try that Bite Beauty lip mask — I need to find a CF alternative to my holy grail lipstick which is Medieval by Lipstick Queen. On me it's the perfect sheer, natural blood-red flush of color.

  • Jenna Kelly says:

    Loving this look, that blush is amazing on your skin tone. So pretty!

  • SouthernMel says:

    I really liked this tutorial! Now I want the blur stick!

  • Carrie McDonough says:

    Your skin looks amazing! I love a no makeup, makeup look.


    Really like this look on you! I'm terrified of "no makeup makeup" looks for myself, LOL. I feel like I just look better in foundation that covers EVERYTHING. But you had everything covered and it looked so natural! I haven't been able to achieve that yet . . .

  • thewafflenaut says:

    This is such a pretty look, I like how you didn't use a ton of product and sculpted/contoured with blush. I'll have to check out that The Body Shop concealer, since I don't like super full coverage concealer.

  • Jennifer Pellicone says:

    I love this natural look! Did you moistin the makeup sponge for the Laura Geller product? I just can't seem to get the knack of using a sponge.

  • Gabrielle L says:

    You look just as lovely this way as you do in all your stunningly colourful makeup. You're a true beauty.

  • Liz Torres says:

    I would love a tutorial on a no makeup makeup, or very clean and simple eye look for hooded eyes. I don't wear mascara so I mean a minimal contouring of the eye with eye shadow that is still enhancing. I always end up with a smoky eye on the daily.

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