Google engineer does UX review on ABH X Alyssa Edwards Palette

Hey I’m Anna Lytical and today we are
going to be reviewing the Alyssa Edwards plus Anastasia Beverly Hills eye shadow
palette. I got this from Evan who got it from his friend at Anastasia Beverly
Hills so thanks guys! and we aren’t going to be doing this review like any old
YouTube channel. The goal of this channel is to bring you all into my world of
coding and technology so while there’s no code here that doesn’t mean I can’t
bring my world of technology to this. At my job I work with more than just
engineers. There are product managers, technical writers, reliability teams, and
user experience designers just to name a few. One role that really excites me is
user experience design or UX design for short. This is a job dedicated to
understanding what users of a product are trying to do then suggesting ways to
build or change that product using that information. This is a role all about
empathy for people and hearing their stories, something I think queer people
are inherently good at doing. *tongue pop* So we’re gonna take a look at this Alyssa Edwards
eye shadow palette and think like a user experience designer would think
about it. We’re gonna ask the questions they might ask when building a product
and try out the palette and then give it a review based on this information. I’m
gonna go do my brows off-camera and then let’s dive in! So before we even open the
palette let’s think about who is this palette for. Who are the users we’re
trying to design an experience for? We know that Alyssa is a classic drag queen,
a pageant girl but she loves glitter, bold colors. We also see her in a lot of
smoky eyes. Just from that, I can think of two possible user groups that we would
want to define for this: there are drag queens who want to use this palette
because they want to support Alyssa Edwards. They are probably doing similar
looks to her, and the second group I can think of is medium to advanced maybe
even just medium makeup users people who may have like maybe have a palette or
two palettes and looking to get their next palette. Maybe not total experts and
maybe these people are thinking this palette could be that entryway into
playing with more glamorous makeup looks and give give them a lot of bold colors
these are the two user groups are going to follow through this review. So why
don’t we open the palette and you show you what it is,
So is the reality of these color choices that were made, do these map – does this
match up to the expectations of what people were expecting when they thought
“Alyssa Edwards eyes shadow palette.” Is this what we get? And I actually think yes! We
get a ton of bold colors and glitters I’m gonna do some swatches right now and
then I’ll talk over it with my thoughts about this color, these color choices.
So I just went ahead and swatched them all I tried to record the video of myself
doing it but it did not come out very well / I just forgot to hit record, but
we’ve got a really nice set of colors here, and what I could really notice
looking at these there are a lot of really wild colors got this hot pink
this kind of plum and then this kind of like glittery red, but they all go
together. So like these three can all be combined in a look or these two
purples and this blue. There are a lot of wild colors in here but they go together
they were thoughtfully picked out in a way that’s gonna let you create looks
that are more fun than if you just had a palette of nudes or even just a palette
of wild colors. It’s a great in-between palette for that user that is a maybe
mid level makeup user who’s just has one or two palettes this actually does seem
like a great addition to that. We’re gonna get a lot of colors, but there are
three kind of brown shades there’s a black and a white and the white didn’t show
up too well on here or on my wrist at all even not even just on the camera so I
think that might be more of something to set with but all the other colors really
did show up very well. The final thing what I want us to look
at is just the layout of the palette and how conducive is this to doing a look? Is
this something people expect and I think yes this is there the standard Anastasia
Beverly Hills eye shadow palette shaped so people are gonna expect this maybe
they could have put the purple here. They put the red and the metallic red near
each other it would have been nice maybe if they had the metallic purple and the
purple near each other or maybe the Browns. So they could have organized
these a little bit better but it doesn’t matter too much in the long run. And they
also did include a little brush. It has a blending end which is pretty soft
and dense and then there’s kind of this other soft edge. I think it’s pretty
standard for a palette like this to include a brush and I feel like they’re
probably including a very similar brush with all their palettes so this might be
a little bit wasteful. This might not be why people are coming for this palette. I
know we see a lot of beauty gurus just throw away these brushes that come with
the palette so that might be something to think about is this something the
users gonna need and I actually think this is great for this kind of palette
for a drag queen who has maybe doing tons of different colors an extra brush
is awesome. And for someone who’s getting into the
game of more makeup having an extra brush is also gonna be really beneficial
to them. So let’s finally put this on my eyes and
see how that goes I’m gonna do two eye looks today, both
ideally are gonna follow the same kind of shape and proportions, but I’m gonna
use different colors and I’ll try to do one with the purples since there’s a
metallic purple and a matte purple and then one with the red since there’s the
same on that. I’m gonna use just my Kryolan paint stick for a base on the
eyes is typically what I use so this first steps are gonna be pretty similar.
I’m going to dip into the white just to kind of set that a little bit since I’ll
use some concealer up there and haven’t set it yet and I think this is gonna be
the primary use for this white. It’s not super pigmented which is fine but it’ll
be great to kind of just set maybe a brow bone or set something that’s kind
of white. Then I’m gonna dip into shade H.o.e. which is kind of a light brown I’m
picking it up on this maybe wide fluffy brush and I’m gonna use this to just
carve out the crease or some blending this one’s a little powdery and I love to use
like a brown just to start out to kind of carve out the shape and kind of set
the direction of it and then I can blend in the colors after. This actually it
seems like a great color for me I’d be curious to see how these colors would
perform on a deeper skin because this Brown is looking really natural for me.
So is this palette and geared towards a certain skin color we have a few Browns
which could we could use to blend. There’s like a peach there’s medium
brown which I’m using and then a deeper Brown are those colors enough for a
variety of skin tones? now I’m gonna take the brush they actually gave me and blend.
It made a very soft edge. I’m actually pretty happy with this is a great brush
and definitely happy it was included. Here’s what we’re gonna differentiate
these looks we’re gonna do red on one eye and purple on the other. taking Texas
Made on a flat brush and a sheet of paper I’m gonna stamp this on and now
with a fluffy brush we’re gonna blend this into the crease now I’m gonna cut
the crease on here and I’m just using the colour-pop no filter concealer in
white on the other side of this flat brush I’m going to actually gonna wet it
and then take the metallic red on that and apply it to the center of the eye. I
just use water and a bottle for this don’t want to waste any of that mac fix+
on this. You can really see that these colors just go really well together it’s
like the glittery red is basically made to sit on top of this mat and there’s
definitely a noticeable difference in the metallics versus the mattes. The
metallics are really buttery which i’ve heard from my friend is kind of the
trend with the Anastasia beverly hills eye shadows very buttery where the other
ones are not so much not so buttery. and to wrap up this eye and make it more
smoky and make it more like Alyssa Edwards I’m gonna dab some black on the
outer corner or then blend it all out we’ll go in and clean up this edge woods
foundation once we are done with this other we’re gonna do the other eye now
and follow the same exact steps but with the purples instead. Definitely having a bit of trouble
blending out this I mean they stamped it on but it’s like not going anywhere at
this point all right I’m gonna do the cut crease and see if afterwards when we
blend it out with the black see how that goes and see maybe it will blend out
with that but on this side I had no blending issues and maybe that was the
application or and it could be either thing but it’s just something to keep in
mind. Wow that’s like a really good purple. Yeah I’m really liking this purple this is I mean this whole look is already
really starting to pop because of the two metallics in the middle actually for
both eyes I’m noticing the metallic got a little too faded, so I’m gonna just use
my fingers put it directly on there to see so I can get more all right. Wow, this
is already looking great I’m gonna go do foundation a bit of contour clean up the
edge and then we’ll be right back to do do: liner lashes and the lower lash line.
I’m gonna take these flat brushes that I was doing the colors on and I’m actually
gonna just swap them, so I can get the pink on the side with the purple and the
purple of the side with the pink. And I’m just gonna use the matte colors for
these. so I’m gonna use “Believe” and “Texas Made” for both of these I’m just gonna
stamp on this on, actually we’re gonna create some space between and I’ll go
blend that up then using this angle brush to do that the cut crease is on.
I’m gonna just make that sharp as well like I did with the lines on both of
those I think one final touch before I add lashes on is gonna be adding some
highlight there were some metallics in this Alyssa Edwards palette but no
highlights, but actually just went in got the Anastasia moonchild palette. I did
a little treat myself shopping yesterday so I’m really excited to play with this
and it’s six different highlight shades so still Anastasia Beverly Hills so
that’s kind of nice that it’s the same. And there’s a purple one and a pink one
and you’ll use the purple on the purple side and the pink on the pink side and
then we can use them on the inner corners as what I’m going to take pink
heart from this and dust it lightly on oh work bitch! yeah that’s exactly what this
needed I’ll do blue moon on the other side I went ahead and added some lashes on, did my hair up and also
tried to do a lip that matches we’ve got what I think is a really good palate here. I’m excited to play with it. I made two really fun eye looks. I mean these would be great as just doing this as well both I heard this was
both eyes. There is still the blue to play with that would go great with this
purple there’s the yellow and the gold or you could do a similar look or even a
much more toned down low and then you’ve got all those neutrals that are gonna be
great for just kind of more casual look or even for the blending process. In
terms of usability, let’s revisit these who user groups that we were thinking
about in the first place so there are drag queens and then maybe more medium
skilled or medium level makeup artists and does this palette work for them and
I have to say yes I think people in both of those groups actually need makeup to
perform very well and quickly they don’t want to spend a lot of time blending it
out these all performed really well the only one I had a bit of trouble with was
the matte purple and I think that was just hard to blend into my skin but what
I added some of the black and some more brown and ended up looking pretty pretty
similar to the pink wouldn’t the Pink’s I had no almost blending out at all and
in terms of the colors coming out which you’re gonna need really bright colors
for the stage or really bright colors for just playing around with makeup and
if you only have a few shades you want those to pop these colors are poppin on
the side you can see the mats are really popping in in the middle as the
especially when I use my fingers the metallics really showed up the only
lackluster color that I use today and I used six colors they use two Purple’s a
matte any metallic two Reds matte and a metallic a brown and a black and a white
the one that I did have the issue with is the white I think it could be fine for
setting but it really didn’t show up a ton and I went in with that highlight
powder which really helped make it a lot better so maybe it’s good just for
setting especially if because I use a white concealer or like a cut crease so
it could be good to set that but I don’t really even like to set when I do
something with a cut crease so that’s really the only disappointment in this bunch that I got to use today I’m gonna show you how this looks
in a different light I’ll use my bathroom light I guess and
see if that’s good and I also have the swatch so I can show you that my
bathroom lighting as well so you can see it in the best light okay I am feeling
my bathroom fantasy huh my toilet paper yeah I feel like this looks so good and
it’s really pigmented which is great we’re looking for quick application tons
of pigment tons of payoff you could just take a look at fede watches on my arm
again really they all show up super pigmented especially the pinks and the
purples thanks so much for watching this a user experience usability review let
me know if you want to see more of these they think binding user experience and
seeing how that applies to make it palettes is really fun and this is the
pad newest palette I happen to receive thank you so much for watching leave a
like on the video subscribe ring the bell you know the deal
bye everybody

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