GRWM: Grocery Glam Makeup That Lasts

GRWM: Grocery Glam Makeup That Lasts

Hi and welcome to my channel, Beauty with Aimee! I’m going to be talking about my makeup routine today. This is the makeup routine that I use every day. These are tips and tricks that make your makeup last all day and into the night. It won’t budge! It does take a little bit longer to apply because of the fact that we’re setting lots of layers. We’re applying foundation that will allow you to not have to mess with it the rest of the day. But I think it’s well worth it. You know, you can always customize the process to be able to make it work better for you, if it’s too long for you. I hope you’ll enjoy watching the routine! Let’s get into it. I’m gonna use some products that I’ve not used before and so I can’t guarantee how well they’ll work. We’ll see how it goes and I will show you products that are tried and true so it’s gonna be sort of a mixture. Alright, so first thing we’re gonna do is… This is a little out of order for some people, but you want to start with curling your eyelashes. I have my handy dandy eyelash curler and what I’m gonna do is just show you how to curl your eyelashes. I’m gonna take you through the whole routine. You just put it close to your your eyelid like this and then… Squeeze it as close to the base of your eyelashes as possible and just sort of pulse gently. I pulse the curler about five times and that just gives you that lift in your eyelashes. This is important because, especially as we age, that helps to open up our eyelashes. Our eyelashes, which may once have been more curled, don’t want to do that anymore. Everything seems to fall apart as we get older!! This is a way to open up our eyes and give us that little bit of curl which is a signifier of youth. The next thing I use is this little pencil from Pixi. Let’s see. I’ll just try to show it to you. It is an eye brightener pencil. I just put this on my waterline between the whites of my eye and my bottom lashes. What this does is extend the whites of the eye and gives you a more open and bigger eye, (at least ) the illusion of a bigger eye. This is actually a nude version but you can also get white. I like the nude because it’s a little more subtle. Next thing we’re gonna do is our face primer. I’m gonna try a face primer that actually my mother-in-law, Lynda, is letting me use. She got this in her Ipsy bag. This is kind of a neat product I haven’t really used it. And I don’t know if it’ll be the right shade for me. It looks like it’s a tinted primer. (It’s actually a foundation sample, I think). Ipsy tends to have really high-end products, so I’m hopeful that it will work for me. It’s called Hey Honey in Trick and Treat, Color Correcting formula. This is light to medium tone. It might work for me but skin is deceptively fair. So this might be too dark. It might be too much. Let’s see how this goes. I got a blob and I have a feeling this might be way too much. We’ll see how it goes… I’m going to kind of Just take a little bit in my finger like this and dot it around my face and hope for the best. It’s just been in recent years that I’ve started using primers. Primers are a really good way, just like when you’re priming paint on walls, to help smooth imperfections, blur lines cover redness. It provides a really nice canvas for your foundation. In this analogy, the canvas would be much like your paint on your wall (your face). It just gives you a really improved appearance so that your foundation will go on a lot more nicely. I take it all over my face, Even past the jawline. I think this might actually be pretty good. Let me see… It’s always tough for me because I’m so blind… I smooth that originally or initially with my fingers because the heat of the fingers helps it to go on really nicely. This might be a little pink for me… I then use larger and smaller sponges. What’s nice about this shape sponge is this bigger side can be used for your cheeks and your forehead. It’s nice and big and round and this side is more tapered. It’s good for getting around your nose and getting into those little corners and under the eye. The next thing I’m gonna do is mix a bunch of my… actually wait a minute before I go there… Let me also do my eye primer. This is the eye primer I’m going to use. I like it ok. It’s the Smashbox 24-Hour Eye Primer. In my experience with using this, It’s a little bit of a challenge. You need to make sure you don’t use too much, or it will get all cakey. Also, you want to make sure your eyelid has nothing on it or it will cause problems. I just put a little tiny bit, maybe that much, and always use your ring finger when you’re doing anything with your eyes. That is your weakest finger and you don’t want to be pulling on your the skin of your eyes, especially on your eyelid. Your eyelid is the thinnest and most delicate skin on your body. I just put that little bitty bit on, working into my eyelid… I apply to the whole lid from tear duct all the way along the lash line to over in this area and then also up to the brow. I apply to the entire lid. I’m just gonna let that set. I let it sit for at least five minutes. That’s the other thing I’ve discovered is if you don’t let it sit for at least 5 minutes (preferably much more), it’s gonna cause all kinds of problems in your makeup application. It’s an okay product. It’s just that I’ve had some challenges with getting used to it. There’s apparently a product from MAC which my makeup artist friend has recommended that she likes a lot better (MAC Longwear Paint Pots). At some point, I’ll test that out because I would like to try that. The next step is my foundation. I’m letting my eye primer set. I’m using a combination of different foundations. This is actually how I get my sunscreen because I keep talking about how sunscreen is very important. It’s very important! I like to have multifunctional products as much as I can. This is one that I actually got at the grocery store. This is the Maybelline BB cream and that stands for beauty balm. It’s a pretty light formula. It’s not going to have a lot of coverage to it. However, it blends in really nicely and it’s got SPF 30 and it does the blurring of the imperfections. I don’t have a whole lot, and it’s just more like a tint, I’m just gonna put a little dollop here, then I’m gonna mix it with some other foundations that I have. I have this great NARS. which is actually El5 Fiji. This is a great, great foundation. I’m very happy with this guy. I’m going to do just one pump of that which that’s very little. I also really like this foundation, IT Your Skin but Better CC cream. CC stands for color correction. This is more of a full coverage and it also has your beauty serums and anti-aging. This is kind the big daddy. This is not quite the right color for me but I still like it. I don’t know what color it is because it doesn’t say on the package and I’ve tried to research it and can’t figure it out. Normally, it would say what the color was right here. It doesn’t, so I don’t know. I think it might be medium. This is the one on top here and it’s just a little bit darker. I think it’s medium. I don’t know. I just mix all these guys together and hope for the best! We can always sort of adjust (if needed). Then I just dot on my face, focusing especially on the under eye circles. I’m gonna do a little bit there. I also get redness around my nose. I’m gonna add a little extra there. I like to use my hands to do that initial smoothing and I know that there’s some really great foundation brushes out there and which I would like to try. One challenge I’ve had with foundation brushes and probably because they’re cheaper is the bristles come out. Then you’re left with bristles in your face, stuck into the foundation. That’s obviously not what you want. Then I’m going to come back with my Beauty Blender sponge. This is an actual Beauty Blender. This is actually just a an imitation Beauty Blender. They’re pretty similar. One difference is this seems a little squishier. This was maybe just a few dollars like five or eight dollars whereas this one’s more like twenty. Let’s actually use the the cheaper version and see if we see much difference. I think it does a pretty good job and for a fraction of the price. I like to use my Beauty Blender sponges when they’re dry, but you can also wet them and squeeze them out so they’re just damp. That will give you more of a dewy finish. I like a more matte look myself. Tthat actually looks pretty good. One thing I’m going to do is bring the color down… onto my neck and my décolleté. I’m noticing that I’m kind of all different colors, a little bit more red here and my face is slightly different than my neck and that’s not good. Always want to work with upward strokes. Upward strokes are important so that you are lifting on your neck. You don’t want to be pulling on your neck or on your face. You don’t want to be pulling down as you can actually cause wrinkles when if you pull down on your face! Use upward strokes and, on your neck, you want to go up like this and then sideways like that when you’re applying neck creams and stuff like that. I have different little sponges for my under eye area. This is actually my favorite sponge from an under eye area. And I think I got this at Ulta quite a while ago, I actually tried to scrub it on this little scrubber, cleaning guy. I was trying to get the makeup off and it kind of ate the sponge a little bit so that’s not ideal. It’s okay, the sponge still works. I use this and I come in and just I want to smooth, I like to smooth in between layers, so I don’t end up with cakeyness. Blending is definitely a good friend. Tthe next thing I’m gonna do is come in to do my under eye and some of these other areas where I need to do extra concealing. This is a product that I got that I’ve keep hearing about all over the place. This is Maybelline Age Rewind. It is a pretty darn good product. I have to say I’ve been pretty impressed with it though i’s not really major coverage, but it is buildable. It’s got anti-aging ingredients in it and it is pretty good. I think it has light deflectors in it so it’s especially nice for the under eye area. I just apply a wide swath there and then around my nose because my nose is pretty much always red from allergies and sneezing over the years. This causes broken capillaries and all kinds of fun things. Now I’m gonna come in use another little sponge here that I really like. This one’s really squishy. I like this one. It is clean. It’s just like that with the sponges. They don’t want to look as clean as we might like. I like this sponge because it has this tapered side here so you can really get into those fine areas and do a really nice job. And then with this side, it’s really squishy. This is good for those smaller areas that you want to be able to sort of tap tap very gently. I don’t want to rub the product off. I’m just very lightly coming in and blending it in there. My ideal is to look myself but better. It’s funny because at the end of the day, I don’t look like I’m wearing very much makeup. But you’ll see I’m wearing quite a bit! You see how that’s just kind of created this brightness in the eye area? One thing that happens when we’re getting older is that we lose a lot of the volume under our eyes. We end up getting troughs under our eyes. Dark circles tend to be more of an issue and the fine lines and all these fun things. Another product that I use and I love is this product. This is one of my very favorites. This product is from IT Cosmetics. It’s called Bye-Bye Under-Eye. This is a medium. Normally, I would say would be too dark but surprisingly this shade is perfect. I’ve tried the light and it’s too light on me. I really really like this. I just take a little bit, just maybe about that much, onto my ring finger. I just do a little dot, three dots here and then I just blend it and just pat, pat, pat gently with my ring finger and because I have the darkness right here, I try to put the most product concentrated on my darkness and along this trough area. The faces I’m making have to do with stretching the skin so I can really get into these areas because I’m really trying to work this product into this under eye area. It’s a good idea to get just a little bit in this corner area. This is an area where darkness likes to live. When I’m doing my makeup (my eyeshadow), I’ll show you what I do with this area. My eyes are a little bit close set but there’s ways to conceal that with makeup to make my eyes appear to be less so or even not an issue at all. Makeup’s kind of a fun thing because you can address a whole litany of issues and correct things that genetically are not correctable. For my next step, I use just a pressed powder. This is from L’Oreal Paris. You can see I’ve been using it for a while. This is in Classic Ivory. It has a mirror and a little applicator in it that I really quite like. I’ll start with using the applicator. It’s just a little flat sponge like this and I just kind of press my sponge into it so you can’t even see the products on there, but it is on there and Then I just press into the areas where I have some some shine. This helps to diffuse any shine and also helps to set the makeup. It’s not going to go anywhere and I get my nose. This also helps to keep the makeup in place so you don’t end up having to reapply. Here’s a product I really do like from Smashbox. I’m a big fan of this color palette for eyes. This is a really nice color palette. It’s called Night Shoot. This light color is Vanilla. This is Moon Me and then this is called Smoke Break. I take my handy dandy brush and this is just an eye brush. It has a nice rounded but somewhat flat brush head to it and I just work my way into this vanilla and then I tap, actually a tip is to tap it this way. That loads the brush and then I just put the vanilla eyeshadow all over my eyelid from tear duct to lash line up to my eyebrow and all the way over here and this will give me sort of that powder finish. It’s a good base for the other eye products. You know, you can’t even see that. I can’t even see that, but it gives me a nice base. Now I’m gonna take this Moon Me, this kind of pretty, shiny taupey color and I’ve got these brushes actually from Sam and Nic (Real Techniques), who as I understand are actually YouTubers who developed their own brushes.I like these, I just got these at the grocery store or Walgreens or something like that. They’re just really nice brushes and very accessible. I take this brush and apply the Moon Me all over my eyelid and then a little bit up beyond the lid, from the tear duct along the lash line and then all the way up almost, but not quite, to the brow bone. You won’t actually see my transformation until I get to eyeliner and then it’s like, oh, wow, okay! I could mascara all day long and it doesn’t do much for me. For me, eyeliner is the magic. Now I’m gonna take this brush that I got from MAC a thousand years ago. I like this brush for doing my crease color and I’m gonna take the Smoke Break, which is this darker shade that’s got a little bit of shine to it, but not a whole lot. As we get older, we don’t want to do a lot of shiny type eyeshadow. They just accentuate flaws that we have in our on our eyelids which tend to get more crepey as we as we get older. For the crease color, I start where my pupil is, maybe a little bit closer to my nose, then apply right into the crease My eyes are differently shaped, quite a bit. I just kind of make it work and I do my best to try to make my eyes look the same. Don’t worry, I will blend. But before I do, I’m gonna take this little guy also from Sam and Nic and load my brush with that Smoke Break color. Then I come in and work his little guy along the lash line This is all about adjustment too. So we may have to add product. We’ll see then I take I have various brushes that I use for blending. I have these three brushes that use and these are my blending brushes for my color so I just kind of mix it up between these three. I think I’m actually gonna start with this little blue guy. This is Glamour Dolls brush. I just come in, I don’t want to blend it too much because I don’t want to lose that definition that I’ve created. But I also don’t want it to be quite so dramatic as it is right now. I like to use little circles to kind of blend the edges away. This is a brush that I got from MAC a billion years ago. I don’t know if I’m using it the “proper way.” I just use brushes as they seem to work for me. I have this great brush that I have no idea where it’s from… actually, it looks like it’s a Moda brush. It’s very colorful (and soft). This is a good one for getting those little fallout guys that we get from eye shadow. The next step, I’m gonna actually use this product which is absolutely ancient… I have the links below. This is high intensity pigment metallic shadow duo back when I bought this, which was probably 10 years ago, this was Gilded 806. Now it’s something else and I looked it up and can’t remember what it is now (links below). What I used to do was apply this gold portion as an eyeshadow. Now, it’s just a little bit too much for me. Now I like is to use this one right here and I use it as a under eye eyeliner. It’s got a little bit of flecks of gold in it, but it’s very subtle. I like that because it’s just very pretty. I use my angle brush from MAC which I’ve had for a billion years. It’s a really good one for doing eyeliner. In this instance, this eye shadow that I really dig and, For me, it’s all about building subtle layers. That’s kind of my approach. I just load it on the end like that, tap it out and then I’m gonna just bring it along the eye, the edge of my eye I remember when I was in seventh grade. I started playing around with makeup and I was amazed. A lot of my classmates, if they put on a layer of mascara, they were completely transformed. I tried doing just a layer of mascara and it just didn’t do anything for me. One day, I discovered eyeliner and it was like a hallelujah choir! It’s amazing how different people have different faces and makeup works differently on all of us. You see how that bit of eyeshadow just provides a nice little bit of definition? I don’t go into my waterline, which is that line between the white of your eye and your eyelashes. That bit of shadow just provides a little bit of definition to my eye underneath. Then what I’m gonna do is go on to the next step. Oh, you know what? I miss edsomething on my eyeshadow! I really like this color for my lid. I on’t even know what this shadow is, but it’s a really pretty almost a cranberry or I don’t know a mulberry? It’s just a very pretty color and it’s got that little bit of a sheen to it but not too much. It’s just very pretty. I like to apply this shadow using the same brush that I was using for the Moon Me, that kind of taupey color. I use this other color on top of that. I don’t know if this a sample or where this came from exactly, but it’s super pretty. I just load that onto my brush and then I’m gonna just put this all over my lid From my tear duct all the way up to where I have that crease color. You just put enough until it’s good coverage. I’ll show you why I do all this with the the eye shadow. The main reason for me is this process helps keep my eyeliner, which I keep talking about as the key for my eyes, to stay in place all day. I use this particular eyeliner, which I’m not quite there yet, but It’s a particular eyeliner that is an 18-hour-wear crayon. It’s an Almay product that I love. I found it, I don’t know ,15 years ago? I’ve been a devotee ever since. Now, let’s do highlighter. I have a couple different options for highlighter. The first one is this is called Mary-Lou Manizer a.k.a. the Luminizer. This is from the Balm Cosmetics. I really like this guy. This one is a little bit more on the subtle side. I have one that’s a little bit more bold which I think I will use in other elements of my face. I use this cool brush at the double sided brush and I think this is from SK, yeah, SK. What’s really neat is that it has these tapered sides to it, and it’s a really beautiful brush. It’s just very soft and gentle. I load the brush with my product and then I’m gonna come under my eyebrow and it lifts visibly your eyebrows because big eyes are generally always good. Then I’m going to load some more product on there and I’m gonna put this into the corners of my eyes. This just gives you the appearance of having more light (and attention) to your eyes. If you have close set eyes like mine, which are not really close, but enough that this really helps, this is a good way to make them visibly appear further apart. If you have wide-set eyes, you would want to apply the highlight on the outside of your eyes. That will give the illusion that your eyes aren’t as wide set. Then I also come right along here and just add a little bit of pop there Another thing you can do is come along the bridge of your nose. This is kind of a highlight type of thing and this just helps make your nose look a little bit more narrow and then you apply on your Cupid’s bow, which is this little area right here above the lip. That draws subtle attention to your lip and then actually, I’m going to use a different product. I’m going to use the more bold highlighter now. I guess you can’t still this because it’s too worn out. This is from a brand called Nomad. It’s the Illuminated Highlighting powder. This one is much more bold. This is a really nice illuminating powder and as you’ll see, it’s a lot more intense than the other one. I just took this larger side of the SK brush and Ioaded my product.Then I tap the highlighter along the top of my cheekbone and this just adds another layer of interest to your eyes. It makes your cheekbones appear more prominent and another trick I’ve been doing is you just do a little thing right above your eyebrow and it just adds this little bit of pretty light. This is the most important part: we want to blend. Blending is our friend. I’m going to take this brush that I have. This is from Crown. I’m going to blend. We don’t want to blend too much, just enough so that it’s not too harsh along the bridge of my nose… along my eyebrows where I just added that highlighter and then I want to come in and use this one from Sam and Ani. We don’t want any harsh lines. Nothing that’s too obvious. The idea is to look like you have effortlessly come together. As you can see, there’s some effort that goes into it. I’m going to move on to my blusher. I like this True Match from L’Oréal Paris. Baby Blossom is the color and I just really like it, it’s very subtle. I’ve liked this True Match blusher for some time. It’s really nice. I recently cleaned this blusher brush and it used to be just totally pink! Because it’s all clean again, It’s now white! I’d actually forgotten what the original color was. You want to apply your blusher by sweeping from the apple of your cheek, which is basically directly underneath your pupil and up to your hairline at a diagonal I do a little combination of stippling and sweeping. I then take this Bare Essentials brush and use it to blend my blusher and the highlighter. I think this will do. I’m just doing little, tiny circles. I think I’m gonna come back with my little, tiny guy here. Let’s see. I guess we’re now ready for eyeliner! This is going to be the transformation. Are you ready for this? Okay I’ve started using is the Almay and this is the black. It’s 205. You can find this at Target and Walmart and grocery stores and pretty much everywhere. This is a product I really like because it is an eye crayon and it self sharpens! When you first get it, it’s actually sharper than this but as you start using it, it’s tapered like this. What I suggest is be careful how far out you divvy out the product. Don’t go way out or it will break. I do it to where it’s just enough and I just keep opening it up a little bit as I use it. I’m gonna come out just a little tiny bit and then I pull my eyelid taut but I try to be very gentle. I go from my the corner of my eye and my tear duct and I work my way along the eyelash line And then I like to have a little bit of a tail. The key with that is you want to go up at the outer corner. If you go downward or you just go straight out, it can actually visually make your eye look like it’s going down which is not youthful. Makeup can allow you to do a lot of trickery which is always fun. We’ve got the one eye down now, let’s do the left. Now this is a trick I just recently learned and I really like it. Tightlining: it’s actually doing like we did on the waterline, but actually on the top lashes. Right now, we’ve got a little bit of a space between the eyelashes and the white of the eyes and that’s not really cute. By tightlining, we’re actually going to fill in that space and this is the way I like to tightline. Other people do it differently, but what I like to do is I close my eye, and I place my pencil in the corner of my eye and I just move it back and forth. I found if I do it other ways, my eyes just start watering and my makeup is all ruined. I tightline on both sides. Now I’m actually coming in with this this color here and just adding a little bit more with my brush. (It’s always better to add than to try to take away). This is a pencil I’ve had for so long. It’s Cover Girl but it’s just a dark brown pencil. I like it because it does blend really well. It also comes with this little blender head, which is kind of nice,. I use it under my eye on top of The shadow that I added earlier. This just means that it’s gonna last even better. I just kind of subtly dot it and then I can kind of blend with this little blender side of the pencil. When you open your mouth when you’re doing your eye makeup, that’s so that you don’t blink. Doesn’t that make a huge difference? I’m always amazed at how much of a difference it makes. The next step ensures that my eye liner stays put and it’s not going to move at all. I like this Almay liquid liner in black. This is 221. You can get this at any drugstore grocery store or Target, anywhere like that. I’ve found it everywhere and I’m a big fan of the Almay eye products because they’re hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic, which means they don’t clog pores. This liquid eyeliner comes with a little pot. It’s like an ink pot. You got your little pot of paint and then it comes out and it’s got a nice, thick applicator which I like. A lot of these liquid liners, the applicators are so thin! I don’t like a really fine line of eyeliner. I like to apply a thicker line and a bigger brush makes it easier to work with. I like to use the pencil liner first because it gives me a nice foundation for this liquid liner. If you apply the liquid liner straight on your eyelid, it makes it really hard to work with. I’m gonna come in and just paint over and I get some more product periodically. Just shake it up and make sure it’s nice and loaded with product. Everybody does eyeliner a little bit differently but I find, for me, doing the entire line of my eye is really a good look. Some people will just do from the midline of their lashes to the end of the eye. If that looks good on you, then go for it! It just isn’t enough for me. I really need to do a lot of eyeliner and I like to do a thick line. It just really brings my eyes out and I like that. One of our last steps is the eyebrow. The eyebrow is arguably the most important part of the whole face. I’m going to show you how to do the ideal eyebrow. I’ve done a lot of work on this because eyebrows are so important, they frame the face. I’m going to show you the classic eyebrow. I love AnastasiaBeverlyHills products. This is a brush that I’ve had at least 10 years. It was part of a kit that I bought and I love, an eyebrow kit. I don’t even think you can get this kind of peachy-colored version anymore, it’s that old. Now, it’s black. But it’s the same thing. It has the spoolie on one side and it has this little angle brush on the other and I just love this so much. Then I use this brow powder from AnastasiaBeverlyHills. in the dark brown. The brow powder duo looks like this. This is my absolute favorite, I’m going to show you my secrets to creating an eyebrow because I don’t really have much of one. I just was not born with much eyebrow. I create the illusion that I have an eyebrow. I take that the angle brush side and I put it first into the lighter color here and I load it nicely. I work both sides of the brush in and then tap, tap. I start on the thicker part of the eyebrow first and this is an art not a science. I just kind of fill in my eyebrow. I create the eyebrow. This is my template basically. Your eyebrow needs to start at your tear duct. You don’t want it to be too far over this way or this way or it doesn’t look right. And I just kind of work with it. The top of your eyebrow should be at an angle about like this to your nose from the top part of your eyebrow and then arch down to an angle like this from your nose so that it’s at a diagonal from the edge of the corner of your eye out. That’s that’s where your eyebrow should be ideally. I’m going to do that on the other side as well. Then I come in and do this darker color again load my brush, the same brush with my color and I’m gonna come back to my right eye first. I concentrate on from the top part where it arches to the tail and create an extra definition there which is going to be especially important on my left eye because I just don’t have much going on there. I’m going back to my eyeliner pencil that I used on my lower lashes earlier and I think it’s just an eyeliner pencil but I use it in this capacity (on my eyebrow) as well. It seems to work really well. I actually draw that tail on there. This is just some added insurance because I don’t have an eyebrow. This just gives me a little bit more. Then, I come back with that spoolie side on the eyebrow tool. And I just blend it all together. I don’t want people to know I don’t have eyebrows. Most people don’t know this. It’s all part of the illusion. You always you can comb up with your eyebrow hairs and then I like to sweep it over. Some people do all kinds of things with their eyebrows, but that’s that’s my preferred method. I want my makeup to look very natural. One of my favorite tricks, and best friends, are my Q-Tips. I’m a big fan of the Q-Tip and I only use actual Q-Tip brand. I’m very particular about that. Then I just kind of come through and make sure that everything looks natural and blended and then this is something I started doing. I just take that little ring finger and I smudge this just a little bit and that usually just adds a little softness. Sometimes it can look a little harsh. Then I’m gonna come through and do my mascara and my lips and then my special trick for my décolleté and neck. I’m going to show you a hard-won secret. First of all from my mascara, I just use this Voluminous Lash for L’Oréal Paris. I am not completely attached to any of my mascaras, but this one works pretty well. I’ve seen all kinds of ads about how it’s just the most popular this and that and the other. I wouldn’t say it’s the best I’ve ever used or anything like that but I don’t really invest a lot in mascara. It doesn’t do that much for me though It’s a definite component and it’s necessary to create the whole tied together look. For me, it’s not that defining moment. That’s one thing I had learned long ago. I worked with Mary Kay years ago and I should have shown off this trick I learned from them. if you have goop on the end of your mascara applicator when you pull it out, You can certainly kind of use your applicator itself just to move it off but also you can use a Kleenex and just clean it up before you put on your eye and that will prevent it from getting all over your eye. Then what I like to do is I actually have this little, bitty mirror. This is a twelve-times magnification from Revlon and I bought this I don’t even know – ten, twelve, fifteen, twenty years ago?! I don’t remember. I like to use when I do my mascara because I’m very blind and this just helps me to get all the lashes. When I apply mascara, I do my bottom lashes first. That way, you prevent getting that eyelash line on your eyelid, if you know what I mean. I do that open-mouth thing because it prevents me from blinking. I try to get every lash and then I’m gonna come back and do my top lashes, starting as close to the tear duct as I can. Also, what you can do is come to the base of your lashes and gently wiggle and pull which lifts and separates the lashes. Now I’m going to come back for a little bit more. When you’re applying mascara, you don’t want to do this in an out thing because that introduces air and bacteria. It can dry out your mascara more quickly. A lot of people think that’s going to load more product but it doesn’t. It will actually lessen the life of your mascara, so don’t do that. Now I’m going to do the same thing bottom lashes first on my other eye. Yep, I ended up with some stuff from the mascara, some fallout. Now my final steps. I just like putting a chapstick-type thing. I really like this lip balm. This is Blistex and it’s called Soft and Lush. It’s got SPF 15 and our lips are an area that we generally just don’t think about when it comes to sunscreen. Yet our lips are one of those areas that do not produce oils and they tend to get dried out, tend to get wrinkled and it’s obviously an area that we move all the time. It’s important to keep our lips nice and moisturized. I think I got some makeup on my lip so I’m gonna take care of that. What I really like about this product is that it’s nicely emollient. More than that, it has this brown sugar smell to it. It just smells really good. It tastes good, but you probably don’t want to be licking your lips. It just protects my lips. I like it. If I had a little bit of color, I think that would be nice, but I almost never do a lip. I like to keep my lip natural and then put the focus on my eyes because I think those are my best features. My last tip, and this is something that I discovered some time ago because my neck and my décolleté tend to be a different color than my face. I discovered this product from Sally Hansen. It’s her Illuminator Airbrush Legs and this is in nude glow. What’s amazing about this product is I just put it on my neck and décolleté and it adds this nice sheen. It’s subtle and it’s really pretty and easy to apply. It’s just a roll-on applicator and I just put it on my neck a little bit and my décolleté. The nicest part is that it is not transferable so if I were to hug someone I’m not going to get this product all over them. I did put some makeup on my my neck earlier. And so this is going to prevent any transfer of that makeup as well. I just use this little sponge that I got at a drugstore, I don’t even know a long time ago. Now the only thing is, I think I’m gonna come back and just do a little bit more powder on my face. I don’t I want to be shiny in the places I don’t want to be shiny. I don’t want my chin to be shiny or my forehead to be shiny I hope you have enjoyed my makeup tutorial This is the full series of how I do my makeup so that it will last all day and into the night and This is just an everyday look this is not a look for going ultra glam or anything like that. However, you could take it into the evening by going with a darker lip, maybe adding some false eyelashes and a little bit more to it, you know, maybe a deeper cheek and going with bolder eye shadow colors. This is a really good way to make your makeup last all day. It looks natural but it as you could see it is a little bit of a process It will not come off and it is great. This is the process that I have discovered over the years to be the most effective and I hope you’ve enjoyed the process. I hope you enjoyed watching my whole routine for my makeup. Just so you know, right now I’m wearing a lipstick which I normally don’t, but I really really like this lipstick and I didn’t include this in the tutorial so I thought I would share this with you now as a little bonus material. This is a product from NYX called butter lipstick. The color is BLS 29 lifeguard. I really like this color. I actually apply it with this handy dandy brush that I got from Maybelline a million years ago. What’s really neat about it is you take it off and it is self-contained. That’s kind of cool. I literally bought this 15 or 20 years ago. I’ve had it forever now with my lip liner and I’ll have to do an actual tutorial with the whole thing but this is called lip liner is Exaggerated and it’s a product from Rimmel full-color lip liner and Ii’s just a nice red. It’s a little on the pinky side but it seemed to work in this instance. On top of that, with just a little dot here and here in the middle of my lips, I’m using Smashbox and this is Be Legendary lip stain in Firecracker. That is what I’m doing with a lip because I didn’t include that in the tutorial I actually didn’t have these colors when I did the original filming. I hope you enjoyed that whole process. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please let me know in the space below. I’d appreciate if you liked the video. Please subscribe to my page! I will be doing weekly videos and we’ll keep updating that new content. Stay tuned for more! Thank you very much, and I appreciate you. Take care!


  • Angela Jones says:

    I love this video – it's very detailed and filled with really helpful tips. Thank you for sharing all your insider information on the products you use. It's nice to get honest feedback so I can look good without spending a fortune. I follow your videos and love whenever I see there's a new one up. Please keep adding to the channel!

  • Beauty With Aimee says:

    If you'd like to skip to a specific product covered here:
    Eyelash Curler: 1:07
    Pixi Eye Bright Liner, Nude: 2:04
    Hey Honey Trick and Treat, Light to Medium: 2:58
    Beauty Blender Sponges: 5:09
    Smashbox 24-Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer: 5:43
    MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot: 7:05
    Maybelline New York BB Sheer Tint, 110 Light/Medium, : 7:45
    NARS All-Day Weightless Foundation, Fiji: 8:30
    IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC+ Illumination Full Coverage Foundation: 8:55
    Beauty Blender Sponges: 10:55
    L'Oréal Paris Makeup Infallible Blend Artist Makeup Blender Sponge: 10:55
    Sam & Nic Mini MC Beauty Sponges (Set of 4) Latex-Free: 13:00
    Precision Beauty Makeup Brush Cleaning Bowl: 13:15
    Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles, Light: 14:03
    Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge, (Pack of 3), Latex-Free, Polyurethane Foam, Multi-Purpose, Round Bottom Makeup Sponges: 14:54
    IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye, Medium: 16:07
    L’Oreal Paris True Match Powder, Classic Ivory: 17:52
    Smashbox Photo Edit Eye Trio in Night Shoot: 18:58
    Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Makeup Brush Kit for Every Look: 19:15
    MAC Brush 215 Medium Shader Brush: 21:05
    Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Makeup Brush Kit for Every Look: 22:20
    MAC 224 Tapered Blending Eye Shadow Brush: 22:47
    Royal & Langnickel Moda Fan Makeup Brush: 23:41
    L'Oreal Paris Metallic Shadow Duo, 310 Shocked: 24:04
    MAC Cosmetics 266 Small Angle Brush by M.A.C: 24:47
    Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow, Bella Bronze: 26:30
    Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer aka the Luminizer: 28:33
    SK Essential Collection Complete Starter Makeup Brush Set: 28:54
    Nomad Illuminated Stockholm Midnight Sun, 30:48
    Crown SS035 Medium Face Contour Brush, 31:52
    L’Oreal True Match Blush, Baby Blossom: 32:41
    MAC Cosmetic #116 Makeup Blush Brush: 32:56
    Bare Minerals Soft Focus Face Brush: 33:31
    Almay Black Crayon Pencil, 205: 34:09
    Cover Girl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil, Dark Brown: 37:02
    Almay Liquid Liner, Black 221: 38:00
    AnastasiaBeverlyHills Eyebrow Brush & Spoolie: 40:14
    AnastasiaBeverlyHills Brow Powder Duo, Dark Brown: 40:43
    Cover Girl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil, Dark Brown: 43:15
    AnastasiaBeverlyHills Eyebrow Brush & Spoolie: 43:41
    Q-Tips Cotton Swabs: 44:27
    L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara, Blackest Black: 45:26
    Revlon Magnifying Mirror, 10x: 46:32
    Royal & Langnickel Moda Fan Makeup Brush: 48:28
    Blistex Soft and Lush Lip Protectant with SPF 15, 48:41
    Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Illuminator, Nude Glow, 49:59
    Swissco Makeup Sponges, 50:31
    L’Oreal Paris True Match Powder, Classic Ivory: 51:00
    NYX Butter Lipstick, BLS 29 Lifeguard: 52:39
    Maybelline New York Lip Brush, 52:50
    Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner Red Diva: 53:15
    Smashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer-Firecracker: 53:28

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