GRWM Using Modern Renaissance Palette Collab With Nathalie TheBeautyDiva

GRWM Using Modern Renaissance Palette Collab With Nathalie TheBeautyDiva

hi everybody welcome back to fritzy
family if you’re not part of fritzy family if you came over from Nathalie’s Beauty channel then I hope that you won’t get freaked out no (laughing) I hope
that you will subscribe to the channel and stick around for a while because
we’re a big loving bunch of people over here and we’d love to have you too late
Natalie is blonde and fair and I’m brunette and fair. I mean I have brown
eyes she has blue eyes so what if we did it get ready with me so then people
would be able to see that we used everything exactly the same we use the
same products and I bet that we look totally different the point of this
video is to show you how even if you do the exact same thing with the exact same
makeup you will come out looking different and uniquely you and that’s a
beautiful thing to be so it’s my privilege to be able to do this with
Natalie today. Check hers out after mine subscribe if you’re not and here we go.
when you put this stuff on you can be like uhhh then you put it on you’d be
like wow I’m awake I’m awake what’s going on
oh all is right in the world like that’s how I feel when I put that stuff on here
is YSL Radiance Awakening Foundation Touche Elate BR 30 then I
just put it right on my sponge because this absorbs it I just put two pumps &
start with two pumps and go all over my face the concealer that we’re going to use
today is tarte shape tape and mine is in whatever the fairest shade is what I
typically do is highlight and take it up underneath my eyes so I’m gonna draw me
a little swoop as I just pat this out from where it is so it’s a highlight and
and then as it thins out I’d take it up underneath the eye you sort of have to
move fast on this too because this isn’t a thin concealer at all and as I move
under my eyes I’m gonna take a smaller sponge and really blend that out do you
boo whatever works next we’re going to use Chanel Universal bronzer all this
stuff is fantastic let’s warm up our wintery pale face with this going to use
my Tom Ford bronzer brush but whatever big fluffy bronzer brush you out go get
that okay because what I want to do is I’m going to lay down this color but I
would I want this brush to spread out enough that it doesn’t just stay
concentrated in that one area give me some color you see I’m gonna take a little bit more on this
tiny contour brush and come down right here on the side of my nose I laid a the
highlight up here cuz that’s a really thin part of my nose and I wanted to
make it bigger but this part of my nose I want to try to make it smaller so I’m
going to take my by Terry it’s their Hydra powder I’ll have this the rest
of my life because it just takes the tiniest, just a bit and I’m gonna come
underneath my eye and just kind of tap underneath there I should have put this
on first so we’re gonna have to be very careful that we don’t get fall out all
over the face now since we went and did everything else first I’m gonna take a
shader brush and the only one that I have clean right now would be this elf
one which is fine it works just fine these things cost a buck at the
drugstore or on their website and they work just fine and so I’m gonna tap into
this shade over here and it’s called tempera so we’re going to take this
shade all over the lid so I’m gonna take this Wayne Goss this
is the number three and I’m gonna come into burnt orange right here all I’m
doing is coming up just above my crease with that burnt orange okay now we’re going to come over here
to the far end and this shade is called realgar I’m gonna tap into
realgar and I’m going to tip my head back so that I can get right on top of my
eyeball in the crease here and I’m gonna darken it up with this color okay you
see how I’ve done that I’ve just deepened that up with this little brush
and that color right in the crease just bringing it right on top of my eyeball on the mobile lid and that would be this
part of the lid that moves when you blink I’m going to come in to primavera
I’m gonna get that shadow wet and here’s what I do I will reserve one side of the
shadow for this cuz you can rock pan it doing that and you don’t want to do that
to your entire shadow so now I’m going to intensify the shadow because it’s wet and I’m going to work it on the inner
corner of my eye Beauty J makes this brush and it’s called the detailer
brush but any brush that you feel comfortable with an angle brush or
whatever to work the outer corner and get that brush and we’re gonna come into
red ochre which is right here and then what I do is I come on the outer corner
and I’m just gonna stamp this brush down right here on the outer corner of my eye twist the brush this way stamp this
brush is unique in its shape in that it kind of does the work for you you can
turn the brush this way and stamp this way then turn the brush this way and
stamp just a little higher and there it has pretty much done your outer crease
so that’s the placement of that shadow and this color is just fiery darkening
up the outside corner now what happens when Primavera and red ochre meet is
really pretty so all I’m doing is taking the brush and just moving in just the
slightest amount move it in and that’s just darkening up that outer corner as
you can see I’m gonna use it’s just a flat brush I’m gonna dip down into a burnt orange and
I’m gonna start on the inner corner of my eye and work this way underneath here then I’m going to get realgar and from
the outside and in I’m gonna meet that shadow so we’re going to take the it
cosmetics and this is a navy and we’re going to tightline with it the next thing we’re doing is coming
into the water line with a light we have a elected to use the Anastasia brow is for
our brows okay I’m gonna get a little bit of shape
tape here I’m gonna put it on the back of my hand
and dip into it with this small shader brush and I’m gonna clean up underneath
here now I’m going to take the hourglass mood
exposure we both love our hourglasses powders oh and this is like my all-time
favorite blush and I’m just gonna take this brush here and swirl into mood
exposure and then back here on my cheek I’m gonna circle forward oh and
you know when you use these products you can use highlighter if you want but you
don’t need to because they have a glow of their own and it’s a very subtle but
beautiful glow now I’m gonna take a big kabuki and just kind of buff that out I’m gonna use the it cosmetics heavenly
wand and come into Hourglasses mood exposure ambient powder it’s a setting
powder like no other I know I’m supposed to do that last but you may have noticed
I’m very unconventional the mascara we chose was it cosmetics superhero then she’s going to use Estee Lauder’s I
think it’s called impertinent plum I don’t have that shade but I took several
lipsticks and went to the Estee Lauder counter Fanny by NARS is a dupe for the
color now it is not the same finish but that’s okay because we’re gonna put a
gloss on anyway and that’ll take care of that so this is a berry color I’m gonna
work that color into my now and now we’re going to go for this
lore’l metal paints in moon lust okay I’m gonna go get my hair did I’ll be
back in just a little bit and I would like to thank you for being the best
part of the fritzy family and for showing up here and if you came from
Natalie’s video and you’re not part of the fritzy family yeah I sure would like
it if you’d hit that subscribe button and hang around if for some reason you
don’t know who Natalie is then click the link below and go
subscribe to her channel if you are not having a blessed day my lovelies then
please go out and be a blessing to somebody else and until next time love you, see you, bye! And I’m out!


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