Helal Kore Kozmetik Markasi TALENT/ Halal Korean Cosmetic Brand : TALENT in Myeongdong

Hello Guys! Welcome to my Channel Today Im gonna introduce the the Korean Kozmetik brand TALENT (SUNWOO)wich certificated by Halal Corp. Lets get in and see the products! The products are the best sellers of Talent(Sunwoo) This serum contains 99.9% Snail extract. Not only Muslims other people also buy this Serum a lot. the serum is really good one! And… The other best one is Mask Sheet Q10 Royal Jelly and Collagen Aqua are best sellers Mask Sheets of the brand for Koreans and Muslims The Brand has all cosmetic Products. Not only Mask sheets of course Lipstics, Lip Tints glossy lipsticks Snail BB Creams Sunblock Creams Blushers Cushions I mean You can find all cosmetic products you want in this store! this is a certificated brand as i said before therefore most of muslims who live in korea or visiting to Korea, for example indonesian or malaysian and other people are shopping from this store. packaging looks pretty luxury as you see ㅋㅋㅋ. a cushion This is a lip mask patch for nutrition! Packaging looks cute and interesting ㅋㅋ You should put on your lips and wait for lip care You can feel the Korean history from this mask sheets packaging looks really cute and cool ㅋㅋ you can get for all skin types and all skin care ingredients this part is K Story You can see photos of famous people visiting the shop! Also you can buy Kpop music and video CDs from the store! Whats that ?ㅇ.ㅇ Packaging looks sooooo cute! lipstick?… Omg Nail polish! This is a Nail polishes! Really looks so pretty!!! Of Course I couldn’t leave from the store without shoppingㅋㅋ I got 2 boxes of Mask Sheets 1 box Q10 Royal Jell 1 Box Collagen Aqua Mask sheet There are 10 Mask Sheets per box! I used both and I got was pretty good results You can feel the results immediately after use the masks more smoother… more brighter and moisturized after mask. If you are sensitive about halal products i definitely recommend this brand and products you guys If i have time and go to Myeongdong again i wanna buy and try the snail serum also

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