Holiday Makeup Tricks!

Holiday Makeup Tricks!

today I’m going to show you some holiday
makeup tricks that you are going to love I’m going to show you how to apply your
makeup in a special way to give you that extra sparkle for the holidays for any
event Christmas parties New Year’s Eve parties work functions going out with
your girlfriends going on a date anything at all that you want to up the
game with your makeup and I’m going to show you a really cool trick that you
use while you’re applying your makeup and it changes everything
I’m really excited let’s get started hi I’m Schellea and welcome to Fabulous 50’s
the first trick for a holiday makeup is to get into a good state of mind because
many of us when we’re going to functions and parties we can be feeling a little
bit nervous and a little bit anxious and a little
bit uncertain of the people that we’re going to be around so doing this changes
you instantly and the amount of time that it takes to put your makeup on you
listen to a binaural sound with your headphones and it is a different
frequency of sound going into your consciousness and if you haven’t tried
this this is a must it’s a game changer so what you need to do is put your
headphones on but the sounds are different in each ear so you need a left
and a right ear piece and you put it on and you block out the rest of the world
let the sounds go into your body and into your consciousness while you’re
applying your makeup it’ll help you apply your makeup a lot better for sure
but when you get out and you’re going to the event you’ve reset your body and
here’s exactly what happens to your consciousness and to your body while
you’re listening to these sounds the frequency is known to wipe out all of
the negativity inside of us and it’s a frequency that can bring change and new
beginnings and it’s so powerful that it can reverse and
do negative things inside of you and it’s a frequency that removes negative
energy from the body from the home from the office and it removes negativity
from your thoughts and behavior patterns and those behavior patterns are what we
take with us when we walk into a room when we’re going to an event and
sometimes that can really bring us down and bring the energy down and take out a
negativity with us when we’re going somewhere so what happens when you’re
practicing this while you’re putting your makeup on pre-event
is you’re setting yourself and you’re getting rid of all that so you walk in
as a brand new you to the party it’s magic and it’s free this is the great
thing I’ll leave some links below there’s a whole lot of free examples of
this on YouTube and you can just download it and have it there ready so
ok now let’s get on to the makeup tips special events require special skin and
I’m going to show you a couple of things that I do with my skin
to make it look a lot more luminous and glowing
I’ve got freckle a skin and an even skin tone so I apply these drops to my
moisturizer and it evens out my skin tone and I love it these drops are the
coverfx pigment they’re pure pigment and you apply a couple of drops like this
and you add it to some moisturizer so I’ve just got some Cetaphil moisturizing
at a little bit and then you use a makeup brush kabuki brush or whatever
you’ve got and you apply it to the parts of your skin that need a little bit of
evening out so you can see on my hand just that it it makes a really nice
difference so it’s giving me an even skin tone and did you know that the
women out there who are being photographed all the time all the
celebrities and movie stars that we see in the magazines they all do something
to their skin I was quite shocked I thought everyone just had perfect skin
but they don’t they use makeup all over their skin all over their body and it
just looks like they’ve got perfect skin but they’re the same as you and me
they just know the tricks this product here is great you can use lots of things
on your skin to cover it but this is a very high pigment and mixed with
foundation it gives a beautiful skin like look so try that then on top of
that you add gloss because we want to glow and sparkle and look amazing for
our event and I’m going to show you a couple of ways to achieve that you can’t
go wrong with a clinic chubby stick let me show you so look what happens when
you add a little bit of this put it on your shoulder and look at that it’s so
beautiful so it would look like I have kind of
perfect skin or beautiful skin to say the least but I don’t really I’ve just
made it look that way and it’s very very natural so that’s one option the
drugstore option is the maybelline a strobe stick and this is beautiful too
so I’m going to put on this arm and you can just put it on or you can use your
brush to buff it in and all of a sudden you look like you have the most
beautiful skin look at that and another product it’s a Mac strobe cream and I
love to put about that much on and mix it with a little bit of moisturizer
because it goes a lot further that way take your brush and then apply it so to
your collarbone and anywhere or everywhere I put it everywhere but you
just glow and it’s all very natural the three products that I just showed you
now don’t have sparkle or glitter in them so it looks like it’s a very
natural beautiful goddess glow and of course we also add some highlight to the
high points of our cheek and you’ll get that same look so you can add some spray
and this one here is the Becca powder and you can just apply that to the high
points of your cheek and get a beautiful glow and also my favorite product is the
Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter I’ve showed you this so many times because I
love it so much and same thing you don’t need much
but when you are turning in the light your glisten and that’s what you want
now I’ve got my skin right I’m just going to show you a few things you can
do to your face to make your makeup look a lot better when we’re going out for
the night time it nice to amp up our eyes a little bit and
make them pop and you can do this by adding a primer to a brush and mixing
the primer and an eyeshadow together and that’ll keep the eyeshadow in place for
the whole night because part of the problem is when we’re going out for the
night our eyeliner can run or our eyes shadow can run and we start to look old
because it’s too much attention underneath our eyes so all you do is you
add a little bit of primer and this is the angel veil primer for the face and
you can also use an eyeshadow primer I love the Too Faced insurance that’s
amazing and then here’s the trick take a color that is the opposite to the
color of your eye for me my eyes are blue so I’m going to take a orangey
browny tone and I’m going to line that over the
black that I have on my eyes so you dip your brush into the primer just a little
bit and it make the brush a little bit wet and then mix it with the color that
you like and then line underneath your eye okay just like that and that’s going
to make the color a lot more intense and it’s going to keep it there for the
whole night and this color here rogue it’s kind of a color that works for
everybody and I’m going to put some on and show you what it does it’s only a subtle amount because I’ve
already got the darker color under so you might wear black or brown or gray
underneath can you see how that’s intensified the blue in my eyes because
I’m adding a contrasting color that is making them pop you can also do this
trick on the top eyeliner as well and I’m just going to show you here the
colors that will intensify your eyes choose a color that’s similar to these
colors for your eyes and do a light dusting on top of your black brown or
grey you’re going to love this it’s going to make such a big difference be
very careful though when you’re lining underneath the eye that you don’t round
underneath the pupil so we go as much as we can in a straight line where it
rounds down here you leave that out you just do a tiny tiny bit and you’ll get a
beautiful result and on top of that you can use an under-eye powder and this is
an invisible powder this is the Becca under-eye brightening powder and you tap
that just underneath the line that you’ve created and you’ll find that
nothing will budge your eyeliner will be exactly where you put it all those hours
ago holiday makeup or special occasion makeup sometimes calls for a red lip and
as we’re getting older it can be a little bit daunting and feel a little
bit too much to put a full red lip on so I’m going to show you a really cool
trick that will allow you to wear a red and to feel good but not be over-the-top
here’s what you do you grab a lip liner and you line your lips and make sure when you’re choosing the
right read that if you have got cool skin that you choose a blue red and if
you’ve got warm skin you choose a warm red and then apply your lipstick and I know a lot of you feel that red
lips are too much for you so if that’s the case and if that’s you grab a tissue
and Pat your lips dry and you’re going to take off that much and what that does
if it takes away the intensity of the color softens it down a little bit plus
if you’ve got wrinkly lips as well it’s going to stop the bleed because it’s
just dry when you’re applying your gloss or reapplying lipstick just apply it to
the center because when it travels with talking and drinking and eating it
travels out this way and this is where we get creasing here in our lips and
it’s no fun so keep the outer part of your lips dry with the technique I just
showed you gloss it up in the middle because that’s
the perfect place to gloss it and it’s not going to travel it’s not going to
spread and your lips will look amazing and soft but red for the rest of the
night concealing under the eye is a really important step for getting rid of
all the discoloration under our eye and of course we want to look our best on a
special occasion so I use this heart-shaped tape and this one here is
got a really great pigment to it and the trick that I use is I add a little bit
of highlights so I’ll use the Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter or you can use
any of these products that add a little bit of highlight and a glow to the under
eye area and the effect is beautiful so you put the two side-by-side on your
hand like that and take an under-eye concealer brush and then mix the two so
you’re going to get a more fluid and creamy consistency and it’s just going
to give you that holiday look that glowy look and that sparkly look and then you
apply that and dab it in to the passive under your eye that feel like you can
see color and discoloration I really do love that trick so much make sure that
you Pat it down when you’re finish to avoid creasing but
these two products here are not going to give any Sparkle it’s just going to make
the light reflect so just mix them together and you’re going to look
beautiful another trip for a holiday makeup look is to apply a powder and a
setting spray and a Beauty Blender mix them all together and just tap in the
powder to the places where you feel that you’re going to get shiny over the night
this one here is the hourglass a translucent veil is so beautiful it
gives you like an Instagram filter on your face it really does add some
setting spray to a Beauty Blender tap off the excess and then just take it and
you apply it to the areas around your nose chin forward and under the eye if
you need and it kind of gives you a blurred look and who doesn’t want that
so that way you’ve got glow glow glow and then where you don’t want to glow
you’ve got some powder and some diffusing going on and it’s a beautiful
holiday look and four beautiful eyelashes for a night out or for a
special event grab a spoolie a little bit of translucent powder and some
setting spray and combine the three before you put your mascara on I’ve got mascara on already but I’ll
show you what I do do you coach your eyelashes with the setting spray and
then you dip your spoolie into a little bit of powder and then apply the powder
and then you apply your mascara and the mascara is going to stick to those two
products and make your lashes look longer it’s a really great trick and you
must try it I really hope you enjoyed all of those tips and tricks
don’t forget grab a pair of headphones put them in your ear and start the
binaural beats it’s going to be a game changer for you I promise you’re going
to feel great when you walk into that room full of people and I would love to
hear how it works for you please give us thumbs
if you enjoyed this video and share it with your friends thank you so much for
watching and have a beautiful day


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