How Do I Know if I Need Braces | Center for Cosmetic & General Dentistry

How Do I Know if I Need Braces | Center for Cosmetic & General Dentistry

The reason that anybody needs braces is because they have a malocclusion, in other words a bad bite. There are three very broad categories of malocclusions and they are class one, where the anterior-posterior dimension of your teeth it’s exactly spot-on but there’s something else going on. It can either be crowding where you have overlapping of your top or bottom teeth or spacing, or we can even have a deep bite which is where your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth too much. Class two is where your top teeth are too much in front of your bottom teeth. So, in that situation you can have a deep bite also where you can barely see your bottom teeth when you smile, you can have crowding or spacing. And the third type of malocclusion is a class three. And that is where your bottom teeth are in front of your top teeth and that can be an open bite situation where when you smile your front teeth don’t fit together all the way or a deep bite situation and we can also have crowding our spacing in a class 3. The only way to truly evaluate if you’re a good candidate for orthodontic treatment is to come in for an evaluation. I’m Dr. Cassie and I would love to see you for an evaluation. If you have questions about this or any other orthodontic treatments please contact us at (585) 22 -SMILE or


  • Mara Stamper says:

    So my top teeth go slightly over my bottom but not if I bite with my top and bottom. Would that be a sign? And also I have an absess and I had a white filling in my tooth I had gotten during oral surgery and it fell out 5-7 times and I didn't go to the dentist and still haven' I was sucking on a pepper mint and half of my tooth fell off and it's bad absessed will there be a needle involved when I do go to the dentist and will the probaly use something to numb me

  • .:M:.Love:. says:

    I can only smile with my top teeth… my top teeth aren’t like bulging out of my mouth but I have to move my jaw to get my top and bottom teeth to touch… do I need braces.. PLEASE ANSWER ME

  • Life with Yayaa says:

    Class 1

  • Itz Emmy says:

    Class 2

  • Maddie Williams says:

    When I smile you can't see my bottom teeth. Eek I'm about to start highschool too. 🙁

  • Charli’s Filming Lab says:

    When I smile you can’t see my bottom teeth. So please answer me. Do I need braces?

  • Isabella Johnson says:

    I need braces pretty much all you said is true about my teeth

  • Synne Thorbjørnsen says:

    When i smile, you can barly see my bottom teeth. And some of my teeth are on top of each other. I think i probebly will Get braces ( sry for the bad english.)

  • AuroraDawn says:

    If I were to smile you cannot see my bottom teeth and my two teeth on the sides next to my front sorta overlap them. Do I need braces??

  • Gachastarlight32 32 says:

    Will I need them if my 4 middle bottom teeth aren't aligned like some are back more and some are foward

  • 0oF THE OOFER says:

    I too teeth are almost the size of my index or pinkie finger

  • 0oF THE OOFER says:

    And I can’t see my boot on teeth when I smile

  • Christina Henry says:

    my top teeth are slightly over my bottom and one tooth is sightly higher then the other . I was a thumb sucker … do I need braces

  • Lola.heartz zz says:

    Some people ask me if I have bottom teeth because when I smile you can’t see them ❤️😂😂😂

  • Musa Ali Baba says:

    When I smile,it is only my upper teeth that shows.Do I need braces.please answer

  • Andee Year says:

    im only 10 yeas old you can baerly see my bottom teeth and my jaw can crack do i need braces do i have to go to a orthadontis? PLEASE ANSWER ME

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