HOW EMBARRASSING! My Embarrassing Stories as an Expat in Paris

HOW EMBARRASSING! My Embarrassing Stories as an Expat in Paris

Salut YouTube so today I’m gonna do a
video that’s much more for your viewing pleasure than it is for mine and I’m
gonna do a video about some of the times where I’ve royally embarrassed myself
here in France feel free to laugh at me I’m totally fine with that I’ve laughed
at myself a plenty of times since I’ve moved here obviously as a foreigner I’ve
done all of the classics I’ve said je suis chaud for I’m hot instead of j’ai chaud and for those of you who speak French you’ll know that I was telling
everyone about how excited I was feeling you know excited excited but I think
nothing can prepare you for how many times you’re gonna embarrass yourself, A) when you’re speaking a new language and B) when you move to a new country so
without further ado let’s get rolling with the times where I’ve absolutely
humiliated myself ok so my first big embarrassment came when I started my
first internship here in France and I interned for LVMH which is Louis Vuitton
Moet Hennessy group. They’re the French luxury giant who own Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs all of these huge luxury brands so as you can imagine
it was a super chic and quite uptight formal environment and so I arrived
there for my first day nervous as all hell as you can imagine this little girl
from New Zealand to the luxury industry in Paris France and so I wanted to make
a really really good impression so I arrived to my first day at work and I meet
the intern who I’m replacing and so I take note of her name and for the rest
of the day I’m introducing myself to people these very chic classy people
saying hi I’m Rosie I’m from New Zealand and I’m replacing Miss Connard, hello nice to meet you I’ll be replacing Madame Connard, yes Connard and so I spend the whole day explaining that I am replacing
this Miss Connard and so at the end of the day the person who I’m replacing has
left the building gone home for the night and I need to send her an email
about something and so I double-check with my you know gorgeously chic French
manager I’m sorry just to double-check I’m just I’m needing to email Miss Connard is this how you spell it C-O-N-N-A-R-D and she looked at me and
she was like Rosie do you know what that means no I don’t I guess it’s a surname
right she was like firstly that’s not her surname her surname is Collard and
secondly that means A**Hole so I had been going around on my first day introducing
myself as the person who’s going to replace the asshole
so that was an awesome start The next time I embarrassed myself is much less my
fault I think my boyfriend was lovely enough to get me some beautiful leather
boots for my birthday and I was absolutely in love with them and I go to
try them on and the foot fits but I can’t zip up the calf like my calf
muscles seem to be too established I guess for the zip to be able to make it
up so you know oh well it’s a shame let’s go shopping for some new ones and
exchange them so I went to Gallerie Lafayette here in Paris and I started
picking out with the sales assistant several different pairs of boots to try
and not one of them would zip up I never really had this problem before I mean I
know that my legs are sort of shapelier and you know in New Zealand the girls
tend to have a bit more shapely athletic kind of legs
compared to the very very slim legs you see here in France but I didn’t realize
that it could be an issue and so I’m trying to get these boots up like trying
to zip them up my calf muscles one by one and the assistant you can tell
they’re getting quite nervous and that they’re like ooo ça va pas, ça vas pas (it’s not going well) they’re trying to help but there’s like not much that they can do and I kept
trying to point out boots that I that I liked the look of and they look at me
like at the end of the day I found a lovely brand from the UK with some
gorgeous boots that fit me just fine but that whole scenario was a little bit
embarrassing with like the panicked salesperson and you know how do you say
to someone like I’m sorry but your legs are just too thick for our boots here my
next embarrassing story is again back when I was an LVMH so again luxury
industry and my job was helping to organize these very prestigious kind of
trainings for top executives and so you’d invite very senior executives to a
residential seminar which means a seminar where we actually live there sleep there eat there and do the training there and we went to some beautiful
locations because obviously it’s a company that has a lot of money so we
would go to castles outside of Paris and I’d be able to be there for a week for
example and it was just incredible and so my very first trip was to one of these
most beautiful castles outside of Paris and for the after work drinks we had these nibbles out so they had oysters and they had scallops and they
had very nice things but then on the end of the table they also had saucisson which is this dried sausage that you can get in France and you slice it into into
little slices and you know it’s got quite a lot of fat in it and
everything but it’s super tasty but because I’m not really a seafood fan you
know I headed straight to the saucisson and so I was cutting up
chunks of saucisson and I took some baguette and everything and you know I went
to join my manager and and her circle of very chic guests that we had
invited to this training and I was here like mmm I love this saucisson this is one
of my favorite foods in France and I could tell that that was really not the
right thing to say and afterward she did tell me that saucisson is actually
not at all classy – we all love it it’s very tasty but no one would kind of ever
admit that they’ve really enjoyed it and it was very tasty etc in this kind of
environment so while they’re with their little toothpicks and their scallops I’m there saying how much I’m loving that saucisson and apparently I came across
as really really not classy The next time I embarrassed myself was again at work so I don’t know what my colleagues think of me really but I was running
late this morning I went down to the Metro and it was the first of the month
which means that my Metro pass had expired and I needed to top it up I had
no money on it so I couldn’t get to work so I had to join a really long queue and
wait and get it topped up and everything so I ran into work and I joined this
meeting like five minutes late and because of my accent I have a real
trouble pronouncing the word queue in French and so I was saying “je suis désolée, il y avait une énorme queue, un très très grand queue” and I was saying that this queue I was in was really long and that’s why I was late. You’re meant to say queue like ‘kuew’ I think even now I still struggle and what I was
saying was ass – cul and so I was saying I’m so sorry there
was a huge-ass a really really long ass I was stuck
in the ass and so they were obviously cracking up laughing because I was telling them that I was running late to work because I had been impeded by this giant ass. The next
embarrassing moment that I want to share was very early on into my time in France
I really didn’t speak a word of French and so I was with my boyfriend and some
of his friends whom I was meeting for the very first time and I was eating an
apple and we were chatting and I was eating my Apple and I asked my boyfriend “tu veux une bite” – would you like a bite of my apple and what I didn’t
realize at the time is that I was actually asking him if he would like a
cock – is it just me by the way or does every single word in France have
the potential to become a sexual connotation? Another time I had a little
bit of a problem with the French language was when I was meeting a very
very senior director in my company and I had actually just gotten back from New
Zealand and so I had bought back a range of chocolates from New Zealand that I
was distributing to colleagues and so I had a meeting with him and my manager
and I offered him a few chocolates from New Zealand and he said you know what
it’s so funny I just had another New Zealander in the office and they too
bought me a block of chocolate and looked him in the eye and I said you know we’re
very gourmand in New Zealand and what I’m trying to say is we love sweet
things and we very much get a lot of pleasure from food but apparently saying
I’m very gourmand or we’re very gourmand again has a very sexual connotation and
I was actually saying that I have a wide appetite but for something else so he
didn’t really react in the moment but when I told my boyfriend afterwards
about the story I told him you know I was explaining to this top director that we’re very gourmand in New Zealand and he was like what did you say exactly?!
And I repeated what I said and he was like um you were basically asking him to
pull his pants down in front of you! The next little embarrassment that I’ve had in France was really recently actually it just goes to show that learning
French is gonna take a very long time because I still sometimes have
difficulties picking up all of the sounds we were down in the south with my
boyfriend’s family and they were telling us about their second cousin or
something and his name was Jambe Noir and for me Jambe Noir is means black leg because Jambe is leg and Noir is black and so I was like oh my gosh this poor
thing and so I asked his family how he got the name Jambe Noir? Did he lose his
leg somehow in battle? Did he have a disease in his leg which turned it
black and he had to get it amputated? Like that poor man how did he get that
name Jambe Noir? and it turns out that his name was actually Jean-Benoit as in a
hyphenated name Jean-Benoit so those are just a few of my embarrassing stories
that I have to tell but a lot more where that came from but I hope that that gave
you guys a little bit of a laugh I think it’s fun to capture these kinds of
things as expat in France like there’s no way you can navigate this country or
navigate this language without humiliating yourself at least 1000 times
so I hope I’m not the only one out there tell me your funny stories down below
when you’ve been in a new place when you’ve learned a new language I’d love
to read them all and until the next video I’ll say
à bientôt!


  • Not Even French says:

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  • Eisen J Eisen says:

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  • tomsav67240 says:

    Hahaha, I had the same problems 25 yrs ago (& I still make some gags). Quand je suis arrivé en France, qqun m'avait dit que la langue française est le language des dieux car il faut une éternité pour l'apprendre LOL

  • Artiom says:

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    We lived in Germany. My husband and I walked up a near vertical road to the castle. It was mid-summer and CROWDED. I was a smoker (ugh that is embarrasing, I quit decades ago). I lit a cigarette, turned around and the tip of my cigarette must have touched a man mid chest… Immediately his shirt MELTED IN A PERFECT HUGE CIRCLE AND SUDDENLY ALL I SAW WAS BLACK CHEST HAIR and a huge HOLE IN HIS SHIRT EXPOSING HIS ENTIRE CHEST!!!!!!!! I bent almost in half and was emphatically saying "EnSHULDINGUNG" which was basically "I'm so SORRY!!!!!!" My husband DRAGGED me away and into the crowd… My face is even now RED with embarrassment and mortification. I had almost 3 years left in Germany at that point, and of course that meant I would experience MANY MANY MORE horrible embarrassing moments… but I remember them all with great nostalgia and laughter. I cannot wait to visit Europe and Germany once again!

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    Hi guys, I made a horrendous faux pas in English many years ago. I exchanged a few messages with a lady, maybe in her 40's or 50's, never got a chance to know, after that I thought we could start an online correspondence, but it went horribly wrong and it was just at the greetings level, that turned out to be the early killing of the relationship. She was pretty conservative I suppose but I wanted to sound a little different than with a typical "how are you?" or "how's it going?" and I wrote something that sounded pretty similar to me, I wrote, I wrote… "how's it hangin'?" Surprisingly enough, she found the… courage to reply and explain how it sounded to her and what it meant. Not that similar and not a great start, but a great way to end it there I realized.

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    question…after reading books by 2 American expats (Paris To The Moon, and Paris I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down) who also lived and worked in France some years but returned to USA eventually as youth and romance of France hit some harsh realities…Paris seems easy to enjoy while one is young & has tons of energy, school or young friends also Expats living same experience…if one marries a French person, it may be easier…but, do you envision making your life permanently in France? What about your NZ family? Do you have siblings and have they started families? what happens if your parents become aged and need family? these realities hit harder as one gets a little older than you appear…curious as to what your thoughts are on these subjects…

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  • Sarah Tissot says:

    Swiss-French Expat in the U.S.. Rosie, I so love your videos!
    So one of my first jobs here in the U.S. was as a French teacher in a private Catholic High School, and come their first exam, and I tell them they need to take out supplies to take their test, that they need to clear their desk and that the only items that will be allowed for the exam are a pencil and a rubber! THey all start laughing and I can't understand why!
    Yeah… I was not aware of the meaning of "rubber" in America, my English teachers in Switzerland were British, and I learned the word "rubber" as "eraser". Oooops…. and in front of a class in a religious school no less.
    Apparently work is the one place where embarrassment is endless, so not long after, we were reading a text from Senegal and I was explaining to my students that it was a folkloric tale for children in Africa. So I tell them "This story is a tale for African kids"…. and my students made this horrified face and I couldn't understand why. Turns out that as a non-native I never knew where to stress the syllables correctly on long words in English, and I stressed the wrong syllable and pronounced it " a-FRI- can kids" instead of "A-fri-can-kids" with the stress on the first A.
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  • zabuzafan100 says:

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    You asked for stories…
    I was early 20s, from Texas working in Brussels and Amsterdam on computer installations. It was decided by my dear boss, the CEO of an international petrochemical company that I could stay at the home of our lead salesman in suburban Amsterdam. When I arrived, his little kids 7 and 8 years of age, brought me from the airport to their classrooms at school for show and tell! I was the tall lanky Texan from Dallas – just like on TV! These little Dutch children sat there with their eyes agape soaking in my boots. LOL. During the first few days we went out for lunch and decided to bring the kids – weekend probably – while their dad, our salesman, was at the bank, I took the kids with me for a stroll through a grocery store. I caught the little girl getting wide eyed in front of a candy display, so I thought for fun I’d but them sweets. They each were very pleased… of course. The rest of the day was kind of magical as we toured the countryside and I got my first exposure to Holland. Later that evening, the salesman had invited me to dinner in A-dam, at a great Hungarian restaurant. During dinner he had too much wine and began to confide that he was quite fond of the prostitutes and had contracted some venereal disease. My facial reaction must have betrayed my disgust, as he reared back and spit out a spew of vitriol – basically “well, excuse the f*** out of me, if I do not like running around f****ing little boys in the ass!” Needless to say I was shocked, taken aback and ends the evening pretty quickly – to go be with my handsome ADULT + NOT A PROSTITUTE boyfriend. I had naively assumed odious salesman was not a bigot, when 8n fact he turned out to be a diseased, bigoted toad.
    Upon return to Texas, my boss, the CEO asked my impression of the salesman and I said “he’s okay…you should give him a chance.” I did so because I felt sorry for the wife and children. I couldn’t imagine how hateful he’d be to them if he got fired and was looming around the house unemployed and bitter.

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