How I Became Goth: Welcome to the Dark Side!

– Hi, it’s Courtney, and
I have Ray here with me. – Hi. – Go ahead and click that subscribe button before we get started. Okay, so for today’s video I’m gonna talk to you about how I went goth. For that video, I needed to
pull Ray in because he’s the big reason why I became goth,
it’s all your fault, so picture it, Sicily,
no wait, San Francisco. When Ray and I first got
together, we actually met online in a video game and it
was a text-based MMO and we hit it off and we’ve
been friends for a couple years so I moved out to San Francisco
when we started dating to be with him and that’s kind
of where I was inducted into the dark side, so
Ray started me off easy. He started playing his
favorite music for me so I got into Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus. I already listened to stuff
like Depeche Mode and The Cure. You introduced me to
Siouxsie and the Banshees. He started making me, or making me, he started taking me clubbing. I think you took me thrift
shopping, I feel like you took me thrift shopping to kind of
like help me build up a gothic wardrobe and in San Francisco
I was definitely into more of like the romantic goth
style or maybe fancy goth is what you would call it or
basically I liked being dressy and looking Victorian and
wearing corsets, but we live in Florida and it is way
too fucking hot to dress like that here so I don’t really
have very much of that sort of gothic wardrobe left. I guess, was the first place
you took me Roderick’s Chamber? – Uh, probably. – So the first place that
I ever went clubbing, goth clubbing, would have
probably been Roderick’s Chamber which was in San Francisco. I don’t know if it’s still
around or not, but at that time it was like the coolest
club I’ve ever been in because it was dark inside
and there was booming music. This was 1999, so I think
dark wave was really starting to come out, like I feel
like that was becoming really popular, so that’s like the
era that I really got into goth was the dark wave era, so
when I think dark wave I think of bands like Collide or the Crüxshadows. – VNV Nation. – VNV Nation. – They’re more on the
industrial side, but– – Yeah, well a lot of the stuff
we listen to is definitely more on the industrial side
because we favor that heavy, electronic or percussive heavy music. He’s also the whole reason
that I started vlogging because he took me to a max
store and got me addicted to makeup so it’s all his
fault that I’m YouTube and vlogging and doing any of that stuff. – And I taught you how to do eyeliner. – You did. When I first met Ray, he owned
more skirts and more shoes and knew how to do
makeup better than I did, so he actually taught me a
lot about how to I would say like the classic ’80’s goth
makeup look, so white face, smudgy black eyeshadow, black
lipstick, black eyeliner, stuff like that. Oh, so I wanted to talk about Convergence because Convergence is a
basically gothic convention and you were one of the
first people to, I guess, do the Convergence thing, – Well, I was on alt.goth on
Usenet back in the early ’90’s and that’s how I mostly got
into clubbing and everything, but that’s where Convergence
started, like we were all talking, we should have a meetup,
and originally they wanted to do it in Lawrence, Kansas
’cause it’s the geographic center of the continent
of the United States and it ended up being
Chicago for the first one which was convenient for
me ’cause my parents lived in Chicago at the time. – Yeah, so you got to
go to Convergence one. Did you go to Convergence two? – I did not. – But then you went to Convergence three? – Yes, Convergence three
was in San Francisco and my friends were the people who ran it. – And that was Karl
Wolf-Johnson and Tiffany? – Mhm. – So, for Convergence three
did you kind of, you told me I think at one point that you
kind of helped organize it and pay for it and– – I didn’t really help
organize all that much, but I gave them some
money to help out with it. – Did you go to any
Convergence’s after three? – No. – So really we are due
to go to a Convergence ’cause I have never been to Convergence. I wanted to go this past
year when it was in Boston, but with all of the other
travel that I was doing ’cause I went to Sweden
with Idun Minerals, I just didn’t feel like I had
time for yet another trip, so maybe next year. I also know that there are
gothic cruises out there if that’s something you’re interested in. Our friend Steph who lives
in Chicago, she likes to go on the goth cruise every single year. What else would be important
about how I got into goth? Like really it was you
introduced me to the music, I was like hey I love
music, and then you’re like, well this is how I like to
dress and this is how you dress at the goth club and I was
like yes, these are my people. Obviously I still like
to get a little extra. This is a gothic top made
for me by my friend Carlye. I featured this in my
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina gothic look book. If you haven’t seen that,
I’ll put link over here and you can go check it out,
but yeah, and I guess I, something I do want to say
and I think this is probably going to be really, really
unpopular is that to me if somebody says their goth,
I just go, okay you’re goth, I believe them. I don’t sit there and act
like there’s some elder gothic ball and I’m like
no, you can’t be goth because you’re wearing
pink or some other color. You don’t have to wear
all black to be goth, you don’t have to be white to be goth. There are a million and one
things that you, you know, like all of these stereotypes
about being goth people have that people think and you
don’t have to worry about it. If you want to just dress in
t-shirt and jeans and be goth, rock on, man, but I really– – Goth on. – Goth on? That’s even better, goth on. But yeah, I really hate
the people who are like, you don’t do goth just
like me, you’re not goth, but that’s kind of true
for every subculture. I feel like that about poly
too ’cause there’s a million different ways to do polyamory
and there are some people out there who are like, no,
my way is the one true way to do poly, it’s the only
right way, and I’m like, no, that’s not for me, go on with yourself. All right, well now you know
my story and how I became goth. It’s all because of Ray. If you’re into the goth scene,
let me know in the comments how you became goth. If you’re looking for
more on how to become goth or about gothic shopping
or about gothic music, go ahead and check over here. I’ll have a video up here to help you out. Thanks so much for
watching and I’ll see you in my next video, bye.

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