How much cosmetic filler should I use?

How much cosmetic filler should I use?

today is it possible to turn back the
clock with just five mils hi guys my name is dr. Sarah Tonks I’m a cosmetic
physician in London ah something I get asked an awful lot is do I really need
all that filler well I guess it kind of depends on do you really need to see a
result when you have your treatment done if you’ve seen any of my previous videos
you will know that in order to get a stellar result you really need to use an
awful lot of filler to get there and that’s just because as we age everything
changes so your skull becomes smaller and it changes in shape the fat
compartments change in shape and sometimes shrink other bits get bigger
everything winds up falling and sort of sliding down the face so in order to get
something which I would consider to be a good result you really have to have a
way to tackle all these different issues separately and it’s very commonplace for
whatever reason patient doesn’t want to maybe make all those changes in one go
so what would I consider to be sort of the minimum that somebody would need in
order to get at least something happening generally speaking for me that
volume would be around 4 mils obviously in somebody who’s younger you’re not
going to need as much as somebody who is older so it’s very common in patients
who are maybe in their 50s 60s that to get a really really good result you’ll
have to use somewhere in the region of like 16 syringes of course you’ll see a
difference with for very often but these changes are cumulative and because so
much has changed about that person’s face those four mils they’re not really
going to cut it they won’t really touch the sides even
so you do have to be prepared to put more in so let’s go on over to our
patients if you guys have seen the videos before on the channel you will
probably have a really good idea of what I’m about to say but if you haven’t seen
them well let me just dive in here so of course the first thing that I’m going to
mention is this very very hollow in the upper lid and do you recall me saying
that this part of the eye here the a-frame in some people it becomes very
hollow with age and you get a lot of fat loss fat atrophy there and it makes this
distance appear longer which is aging some people treat this with fact some
people treat this with filler it really depends on how you’re coming at the
problem nevertheless this would be very high up my list of things to treat
because remember when you’re looking at a face for the first time we have to
look at what is downgrading that person’s face the most what is the least
flattering feature on their face and then that’s the thing that we treat
first to restore the facial harmony the second thing that I notice is these so
the brows apart from being very faint are very
very low it would be advantageous if there was I don’t know a magical way
like Botox maybe to raise them up slightly the third thing is these
temples here very very hollow and it’s really giving the face a more skeletal
appearance the fourth thing that I notice is this loss of volume underneath
the eyes it gives a sunken much more tired appearance then lower down my list
I’m looking at the jowls here lots of volume across the chin we do have some
vertical lip lines and you can see this platysmal band
down here as well just poking through so when someone comes in to see me even if
they’re coming in for a video I try and basically treat the areas which are of
concern to them and at the same time treat the areas that are of concern to
me and often they are not the same thing so often I’ll get patients coming in
saying you know what I really I can’t stand these vertical lines on my upper
lip or I can’t stand how dark my eyes are or the skin underneath my eyes or I
can’t stand my jowls they’re better usual ones it used to be oh I don’t like
my nose to mouth lines or I don’t like my marionette lines but it almost seems
like the focus has been taken away from those areas recently I’m not sure why
that is there’s definitely not so much of a trend these days of people
mentioning those specific areas but remember the dinner party rule guys if
somebody sat in a darkened room opposite you at a dinner party can’t see whatever
it is that you’re talking about like your vertical lip lines then the chances
are it’s probably not worth worrying about it’s much more common these days
to worry about the shape of the face and the overall global effect rather than
looking at individual lines and wrinkles so with that in mind I was kind of
restricted as to what I could do so let’s check out what I did this is a
first for this channel so I’ve never used Sculptra on the channel before I
think in this series I’ve got gosh maybe three videos or two videos coming up
where I do use a bit of Sculptra here she’s had just the one vial split
between the two temples actually in the clinic it’s not something that I use
very often because I find that people they don’t want to wait for their
Sculptra results they want something which is impactful
reversible and they want it now with Sculptra you have to do usually more
than one treatment session so you’re looking at doing maybe I don’t know two
or three treatment sessions and you don’t really get the full benefit of it
for about maybe six weeks post treatment because her cheekbones are already very
wide in order to get lifting which was one of her concerns I can’t add volume
on top of the cheekbones without filling the temples and in front of the ear it
will just look terrible because it will make her face look wider and then she
will look even more gaunt so instead what I did was views just a ml of
Juvederm Volift in front of the ear just to try and get some lift and then
the next thing I did was used some Teosyal redensity 2 which is specifically
designed for the under eye area just underneath the eye at the worst point
which was right here then I swapped 40s out ultimate to do the chin crease and
just underneath the chin so in total Sculptra measured a little bit
differently but I estimate that it’s around five mils that I’ve used okay
guys so let’s go over to the results and see what happened the answer is nothing
much because we really really need to add more volume in here
but let me talk you through it so first of all obviously I couldn’t do anything
with her upper eyelids unfortunately it’s a shame because that would really
be a hot area for me to treat ditto with the shape of the eyebrow as well there
has been a slight improvement in the under-eye region again really she needs
more treatment here in order to get a good result and I’d want to take it
further lateral as well because it will help to push up the outer corner of the
eye slightly and take it more into a youthful position there has been a
slight increase in the length of the lower facial third a wee bit for me it’s
not quite enough but what really stays
and out is we got to do more temple we have to I think at that rate she would
probably need to do another maybe another two treatments with the Sculptra
in order to get a good result I guess the take-home message for today
is you can’t expect miracles from a really small amount of product I know
five mils sounds like a lot but if you think about it those little ketchup
packets that you get when you get to take away they’re 10 mils so this is
half of that so it’s really not much that’s hardly anything to get a good
result you really have to be using something like 12, 16 maybe even up to 20
mils of product if you want to see something really really impactful of
course you do have other options so other cost-effective ways of getting
that volume in there might be to do fat grafting problem with doing fat grafting
is of course you need to have a secondary procedure in order to be able
to get the fat in the first place and you also can’t dissolve it there’s also
a bit of debate about the predictability of the longevity of fat grafts – okay
guys so that’s it for this week I hope you enjoyed the content and found it
informative let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions
about their procedures which I perform today and please also let me know how
many ml’s you’ve had in order to meet your aesthetic goals I’ll see you again
next week in the meantime please subscribe to the channel and like the
video bye


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