How to age smartly with Strength, Style, Grace

How to age smartly with Strength, Style, Grace

Hi, Sharon Danley here with another
Two Minute Tip. This week it’s about HELP ! I’m looking and feeling older and I just
don’t want to. Everytime I pass a mirror or window lately I don’t recognize that
older woman in the reflection. Yes we all experience this transition as we age, when we color our hair, when we’re pregnant, have got a bad haircut, and so on and so on and so on. It was ever thus. And when we decide to embrace our gray hair often the transition stage can be difficult if we don’t have an action
plan to refer to. Let’s face it – we’re all getting older – it’s just a fact of life
and it’s the end of the story. Nothing any of us can do will change that. The secret
that many seem to miss however is how you redesign your makeup hairstyle and
ensembles to suit where you are now. Think about it. We don’t keep having babies because they are so adorable. We don’t chase after the
elusive love or hunky men because of magical thinking. We can’t run the 440
and under whatever because our bodies aren’t the same. However, hopefully we are wiser kinder, more compassionate experienced, loving and so
on and so on. My advice from my experience? Package yourself for where
you are now and going forward trying not to look or feel older is a huge waste of
time and energy and you will never succeed at it. Spend this time learning
new hairstyles and redesign your makeup for where your face is now. Practice,
practice, practice, till your new skills are honed and by the time your glorious
gray is fully emerged you’ll have a whole new wonderful you to go with it. Remember that any new skill or refreshed one must
be practiced in order to be well honed and useful and a good skill often looks
easy when in fact it’s just diligent till you get there. Here’s three simple tips that I’d like to share with you from my experience.
#1 – Journal your feelings including both positive and negative
feedback from friends and family and make it a special journal that doesn’t
combine other life experiences. #2 – Resist being hoodwinked by Pinterest prics, products and filtered images and videos that promise the moon and the plethora
of spa and and surgeries that are available with instructions on how to
get the look and to achieve the look this is all magical thinking and it’s
from the beauty industry to sell, sell, sell because it’s money driven that’s the bottom line. #3 – The biggest recommendation of all is while
it’s important to look your best on the outside for a whole host of reasons it
is equally important to make over the internal self to where you are now. While makeup and hairstyling are important I assume most of us certainly
don’t want to spend our day preparing to meet the world with all the issues there
are to be addressed spending our time primping, primping, primping. I want to look great and stay fresh with minimal attention for the entire day. So on this channel – this is what I’m dedicated to. Bottom line? Getting older? Oh you betcha and I
am going to look my best until that last nail goes in the coffin – with or
without makeup. You can still put a good, fresh, vibrant, healthy, compassionate,
likable person forward. Anyway that it for this week ladies.
We’ll see you next time.


  • Lynda M says:

    Wonderful!! I think we "oldies" need that positive outlook💄after all facts are "it is what it is" and we hopefully have many more days of "waking up this way"👍❤️

  • nathan brown says:

    I like the message. Thank you.

  • AZHITW says:

    Yep, heading toward 70 so fast makes my head spin, but I'm trying to always put my best foot forward. I see so many frumpy ladies out an' about, then out in the distance I see an older woman, with makeup, hair done, nice outfit, and real shoes not rubber flip flops, and as we pass we acknowledge each other's efforts because golly darn just because you're older doesn't mean you shouldn't care about your appearance. 🙂

  • nathan brown says:

    This is Kay….not Nathan. Where do I go to get a 'best eyebrow for your face'????? I 'd like some help here. I think my eyebrows are too thin and too high. So……where do I go to get some help?

  • Barbara Cossentino says:

    Well said Sharon. I am putting this video in my favorites column. I know I will want to re-listen to this many times. Thanks for all these words of wisdom.

  • Cindie McReynolds says:

    THANK YOU! Your wisdom motivates me to stay the course of aging in a most gracious manner. You are just lovely…inside and out!

  • cookiemama4 says:

    Do you have any videos for very thin hair? I have a fairly long ponytail, which I wear with baseball caps, but I have bald spots on top!

  • Carol Halford says:

    Thank you Sharon, I also needed this today!!  I've been practicing my makeup with all of your tips and feel great when I go out.  Still working on the hair, don't have the lovely curls you do, but got a nice cut that is working well.  You have been such a help and an inspiration, and I can't thank you enough!  ♥

  • Susan’s Vintage Life Beauty and More says:

    Thanks Sharon for another thoughtful message.

  • Sherry G says:

    Wonderful message, especially how growing older means we can be better on the inside.

  • Real Chicks TV says:

    Wonderful, wonderful wise words. Thank you so much for re-energizing and encouraging us. – xx, Cindy & Carla from 2 Real Chicks Channel ❤

  • Crochet Lass says:

    Thank you Sharon! Just got the last of my fake blonde off the pixie today and am au natural with my white gray framing my face at 57. Love the look, love the freedom better!!! Your words give me inspiration as I age..Many thanks❤

  • Marla Robinson says:

    I am trying to accept that I cannot change my facial changes as I age. The more I fight it, the worse my life becomes. I've lightened up on all my makeup as I've aged.

  • Hunnie B says:

    THANK YOU SHARON, for this VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO 🙂 I totally agree with you when you say " practice, practice, practice " it works for me everytime………wishing you a wonderful week-end, take care 🙂

  • Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty says:

    Wow …You did an excellent job on this video. I always enjoy your energy in your videos. Have a great and productive day. Hugs 🤗

  • Ann Richardson says:

    I SO APPRECIATE YOUR MESSAGE! I am 70 years old, ultimately beauty comes from with in, and a whole lot of help on the outside.
    Ann, Dallas Texas

  • Sharon Cornwell says:

    sharon i love you and thank you for helping me transition, my name is also sharon. again, thankyou so much.

  • φανουλα αρβανιτελλη says:

    Thank you so much I so so so needed this. Lots of love from Greece 🌷🌸🌼

  • dlafomon says:

    Always wise, always right on the spot.
    thank you Sharon.

  • Teresa Mikelson says:

    Hollywood's obsession with plastic surgery is awful. Most of them look like freaks, rather than younger.

  • henrietta henson says:

    Im just looking in the mirror @whos ' looking ba ck at me used to be my mother!!!! ……now its my grandmother!!!!!

  • henrietta henson says:

    Pressedthe button tooo quickly …..i love your talks …i wish you would do longer ..demos @makeup tips sooo interesting ..i love your lipstick xxx

  • Susan Martinez says:

    Thank you, Sharon. I always look forward to your videos. You are a breath of fresh air ,

  • Eileen Ramspacher says:

    Best video ever! I come from a very long line of women who chose to age gracefully without the intervention of surgery, fillers, etc. My choice is follow them to very old age the same way. My goal each day is be the best 70 I can be, inside and out. Being comfortable in your own skin is so very important. It shows in everything you do and say. Like you, I plan to keep on doing this until that "last nail". Thank you so much for all of your wisdom and for sharing it with all of us. hugs, eileen

  • TundraWoman Says says:

    Amen. Aging is a normal process, not an abnormal medical anomaly requiring intervention.

  • Sinfaroza Sinfaroza says:

    You are so positive.

  • ann keany says:

    thanks Sharon. always inspirational!

  • Mia M says:

    Loved this! Thank you, Sharon. 🙂

  • Carol A says:

    Wonderful message. Thank you.

  • Joann Whitham says:

    Be grateful you have had the privilege of aging-not everyone is that lucky!

  • Kate Metho says:

    Thanks Sharon. Wise words indeed😊

  • Mary Anita says:

    Your positive aspiration inspires me a lot which will help in my later stage. Thank you so much !

  • 1960's girl says:

    I'm seventy. I want to look good not young. I so happy I found you channel👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Alice Guiffrida says:

    I am having a problem finding hair wraps in light grey. Do you have any suggestion?

  • Linda K says:

    Love this video.I will be spending a lot of time trying to drill these ideas into my head.I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I will be turning 65 in September.I can deal with most beauty issues like sparse eyebrows and my double chin but what I cannot deal with is the tired look I walk around with caused by lack of sleep and general aging.Any suggestions?Be well and thanks for your insightful videos.Linda.

  • Linda K says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!Linda

  • Sharon La Tour says:

    Words and tips of wisdom! XO Thank you Sharon!

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