How to Apply Bronzer | Bronzer 101 | The Sloane Series

I feel very bold because today we are
talking about something that everyone has an opinion on – bronzer. Should you be using it? How should you be using it? How much? What shade? Where? How often? We’re gonna cover it. This is my final bronze look. We’re not goin overboard. This is
definitely a lot more bronzer than I normally wear, but hey I only have one
face to demo on so it’s like layering, layering, layering. You feel me. Bronzer is
so important to talk about because it’s that item that automatically makes
people feel better. Think about it. Every time you’re at your friend’s house
you’re like “do you have any bronzer”? Before you go out. Like, “umm can I borrow some bronzer before we leave”? Right?! because it makes you feel better – more alive and nice. It’s
like everyone feels better with a tan on. That’s what bronzer is. It’s a tan. That’s
the simplest way to think about it. It’s self-tanner you can wash off at night. I
can’t tough buffing mine out though cuz it looks so much buffed. That’s
what bronzer is self tanner you can wash off. What more could you ask for? I am all
for mixing as many different shades together as possible to give a really
natural multi-dimensional look so that’s what we’re gonna do today. The great
thing about bronzers popularity is now it comes in so many different formulas
other than powder. There is this cream formula from IT Cosmetics. This is their
Bronzed Glow. It’s the same tube as their CC cream
except for it’s a universal glow. So this is the type of product that you could
use all over. If your skin is totally clear you could even use this as a base,
but I really love a cream because I feel like it blends out really naturally. You
can even see on my hand bronzers are always going to be warmer.
They’re not cool toned. That’s another key difference between a bronzer and a
contour. Contours should be cool tone like any shadow, where bronzer is warm like
the Sun. I’ll use a bit of this, and I love a cream because it looks so natural.
So let’s talk about where the Sun goes on your face. For me, the Sun goes more
towards the center of my cheeks, right? So where I’m contouring I go more angular,
but when I’m bronzing I go more towards the center. So I’m bringing my bronzer
more towards the center than I would and more all over than I would. I’m bringing
the product all over and spreading it down. Just blending it really well. The other nice thing is that the Sun covers your nose, so I can even bring it a little bit over your
nose. You would not want to do that with a
contour. I’m just adding color to my face, really just warming up the complexion.
Some bronzers are totally matte like this one from Benefit Cosmetics, the
Hoola Bronzer, which is a fan favorite. I know so many people who use this. This one is totally matte. It’s great for fair skin like mine. The difference with my bronzer
is I’m going to go a little closer to the apples of my cheeks because I’m
adding warmth. You’re not going to get any sort of
orange you cast from it, which I love. Now, bronzer can go the other way and
have as much shimmer in it as you want because it’s all about adding that glow
back to your skin. So from Becca Cosmetics we have our Sunrise Waves. I’m definitely going to use this one on my eyes today. Swirl this around and see, see
then adds a really nice glow effect. It’s really more what you want to use for that
just back from vacation look, you want to add a bronzer like this. On the outer
corners there’s a lot more shimmer, so you could go in with your finger and
just add a highlight. I’m going to take the same bronzer from Becca, and just use it as an eye shadow to kind of pull the look all together. And then somewhere in the middle we have from IT Cosmetics their Bye Bye Pores bronzer. This is kind of that Demi matte.
This has a bit of shimmer in it, but still very natural. I always tell people
if they ask advice for blending eyeshadow – take the same shade of bronzer that you use on your skin, the really clean blending brush, dab a little bit
into it and just blend it out because it helps to tie the look together. Today we
just used bronzer on our eyes to kind of give a monochromatic look. Especially
since I just have lip gloss on and mascara, it helps to tie everything. We
skipped any contour. I have a cream blush on from earlier in the morning, but this
was really just about teaching you guys where to you apply bronzer, where to use
the best and to understand the difference between a bronzer and a
contour. Just understand that bronzer is an all-over wash, where contour is to
help create dimension in the face. I hope this cleared everything up. Just know
that the bronzer you do today doesn’t have to look the same as the bronzer you
did in high school, and blending is always your friend. How embarrassing
must have been your younger and you’d be in high school and you would hug someone
and then your bronzer would get out there the collar of their shirt? Really
a bad look. So I just hope clarify some questions. If you have any more about
bronzer or any other makeup things you can always leave them in the comments
below. Make sure that you like this video, that you are subscribed to BeautyiQ on
YouTube so you can always ask me more questions.
We love bronzer don’t we? She’s done us a lot of favours over the years I’ll
tell you that.

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