How to Create a Skin Care Routine (Affordable Cruelty-free Skincare Brands)

How to Create a Skin Care Routine (Affordable Cruelty-free Skincare Brands)

– Hey friends, welcome back and hello to you new people too, I’m Courtney. Before we jump into this video, I want to remind you to click on that little subscribe button down below so you never miss chatting with me. So today’s video is going
to be all about skincare. One of the top questions
that I’ve received over the past couple of years is how do you create a skincare routine? I’m constantly getting
inundated with questions about people, about
skincare, skincare products, creative routines, et cetera. So this video is going
to address all of that. If you are a skincare newbie,
this is the video for you. If you’re somebody who
hasn’t really paid attention to skincare but you’d like to get into it, this video is for you. Before we go any further
I do want to let you know that this video is sponsored
in part by Beauty By Design. Thanks so much Beauty By Design for making this video possible. I know some of you have
expressed frustrations over trying to go to places like Sephora to get help with creating
a skincare routine, and I’m going to tell you
why that doesn’t really work. Sephora is great for makeup
and I think that they sell, I think 60 to 70% of what they sell is just makeup products,
like color cosmetics. But when you go into Sephora and you’re asking for skincare help, most the people that work at Sephora are really more makeup artists or trained to be makeup
artists or sales associates. They’re not necessarily
trained in skincare so it’s going to be very difficult for you to find somebody
who has a lot of experience at creating the skincare routine, can recognize common
skin problems, et cetera, and to help you at Sephora. So anyway, I think Sephora
is not a good option for you but I’ve got four
different options for you that I think are good. First up we have Beauty By Design and Beauty By Design is a new company and I kind of feel like
they’re almost like Stitch Fix for your skin and let me explain why. When you first go to the
Beauty By Design website they ask you to fill out a, I guess you could call
it like a skin survey, but basically you talk about your skin, you talk about your problems and what you’re looking for in skincare. And then you snap a selfie and you send it to Beauty By Design, so it’s really easy to get started. Once all that information is filled out and you’ve uploaded the selfie, they pair you with a skilled esthetician. This is somebody who has at
least three years experience working either at a
salon, a spa, or a hotel. And so they’re somebody
who’s logged, I think, it’s over 1200 hours on skincare, so they can really look at your skin, figure out what’s going on and be able to give you
tailor made recommendations. So for me, when I filled
out the survey I said, hey, so my main concern with skin is that I have rosacea, my skin is dry, and I’m really concerned about anti-aging ’cause I’d just turned 40. So I care about fine lines around my eyes, I have some like hyperpigmentation that I want to coverup, those are my main concerns when I’m looking for skincare products. So I was matched up with an
esthetician named Hillary, who was awesome. And so we chatted back and
forth over text messaging because basically like
I filled out this survey and then she started looking
through their product catalog to figure out what would
best suit my skin’s needs. And then she picked out four items. She picked out a cleanser, which I told her I wasn’t going to use ’cause I have plenty of cleansers. She picked out a serum which is for like redness and anti-aging. She picked out an eye cream for me which really addresses like fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. She picked out a daytime moisturizer that’s extremely hydrating. So I was pretty happy with those choices and when I received those choices, yeah, they are great products. So I actually went back and
reached out to her and said, hey, do have any other
recommendations for my skin that you think I should look at. And she said, well you can look at our SPF because they have a mineral SPF that’s filled with peptides
for anti-aging and everything so I went ahead and bought that as well and checked out those products. I’ve been using the
products for quite a while. I personally think that they’re great. They don’t breakout my skin. They’re made with really good ingredients. They’re cruelty free. I think one of the big benefits of the Beauty By Design is that it’s really, really easy to get started on creating your skincare routine because you fill out their survey, snap a picture of your bare face, send it to them, they pair you up with an esthetician, who then looks over all of your concerns, and she finds products for you and then she emails you basically what those products are
so you can look at them. And you can buy any of
the items that you want. You don’t buy any of them. You could just buy one of them. Whatever, it’s up to you. And then basically what I
think is another added benefit is that you can continue
to text back and forth after you’ve had the products, tried ’em for a few weeks, if you’re like oh my skin is still dry, she can tell you how to make adjustments to the skincare routine you’re doing. They will also tell you the order in which to use the items. She recommended starting
with my eye cream. Dotting my eye cream like all around here and letting it sink in. Then I put on my calming lotion, which is supposed to
help tone down my redness and have anti-aging benefits et cetera. So I’ll put that like on my face, my neck. If I was red on my decolletage I would put it there as well. Then I put on the fortifying moisturizer, which is nice and hydrating but it’s not like greasy. It doesn’t leave like a
sticky residue or anything. And then after I put on my skincare, my last step is always to put on SPF and I just got this like a week ago. This is the SPF 30 mineral
treatment that they sell, that I purchased. And I put that on as my last step and I’m good to go for the day or I’m good to go if I’m
going to put on makeup. So that’s like the routine that I created with the help of the esthetician with Beauty By Design. So a couple of other things
about Beauty By Design is that they state their products are like 10 to 30% cheaper than the products that you’ll find online or in stores with other brands. And part of that is because they use very simple packaging, high quality ingredients, and they aren’t taking
up space in Sephora. So they have less of an overhead, they have less overhead costs. All of the products you
purchase from Beauty By Design say that they are a two month supply which is pretty good. So for example, when I
was purchasing the SPF, which is like 22 bucks, that breaks down to 11 bucks a month, that’s very, very affordable. In my opinion they are very affordable because they have a wide
range of price points. So rather than having like one brand at one price point, which is more common with what you see, they have basically
different product lines to fit every budget, which is pretty nice. And right now Beauty By Design is offering 20% off if you use the code PHYRRA20. I will put that code in the
description box down below. It’s going to be up on the screen and it’ll be in my blog post. So if you want to try
them out and save money, I’ve got a coupon code for you. So the next brand that I want
to discuss is Emma Diane. You know I love Emme Diane. They’re a small indie skincare company and they’re another option for helping you to create a skincare routine. In a similar fashion to Beauty By Design, if you interested in Emma Diane, you basically email her and fill out her skincare
survey consult thing. It’s a very, very detailed form. It asks you about your
current skincare products, your skincare concerns, the products that you’re current, like it asks like about
different ingredients that you might be sensitive to, your diet. Like they wanted to know if I eat sushi. Like just all of these different things to try to cover, I guess, a more wholistic approach to
creating a skincare routine. So you do that and then you also send a bare skinned picture of your face so that they understand
what they’re working with. Like what your issues are. When I reached out to Emme Diane, I told her that my main concerns were rosacea redness, anti-aging, and dry skin. So once Emme Diane has all
of this information from you she sends you products
to use for day and night and basically a detailed routine written on a card that tells you use this, like use these products in this order. This as many pumps of everything and it just makes it really
easy for you to follow and get into the habit of doing a routine. For some of my friends, like Jen from my beauty bunny, I’ll put a link to her channel
in the description box, this skincare line has been life-changing. Jen has always dealt with adult acne and it’s driven her crazy. And with Emma Diane she was able to eradicate her acne, which is huge. So I definitely feel like
their products are really great especially if you have concerns
with acne and breakouts. So, just like with Beauty By Design, Emme Diane will also offer you help as you go through your process. After you’ve tried the products, if you’re not seeing the
results that you want, you just email her and say, hey I still am experiencing dry skin, or I still see fine lines, or this product’s causing me to break out, or whatever your issue is. You can email her, talk to her about it, and she’ll give you feedback on how to tweak what you’re doing to adjust it to help
you improve your skin. So I think that’s great. And Emma Diane also has
a coupon code for you, it’s Phyrra10 and I’ll make sure to put that up here on the screen, and down in the description box, and on my blog and everywhere else. So you can use that to save 10% if you want to try out
Emme Diane products. So the third brand I want
to talk to you about, should come as no surprise, it is Paula’s Choice. I have been a diehard
Paula’s Choice fan for years before I even started blogging. So I’ve been using this
brand for over 10 years. I love their products. Now, where they differ from Beauty By Design and Emme Diane is that they don’t really
have the same sort of like skincare survey
and personalized results but you can call them
or email them and say, hey can you help me put
together a skincare routine and tell them about your issues. Now, you’re not going
to have somebody who, as far as I’m aware, you’re not going to have somebody
who’s a skilled esthetician, who works for Paula’s Choice
addressing your issues like you will with Emma Diane
or with Beauty By Design. But you will get somebody who can help sort of point you in the right direction and I think that that’s good. That’s what I did. That’s how I learned how to
make my skincare routine. Was by trying with Paula’s Choice and trying to figure things out and then just kind of tweak it on my own. They don’t really have like, Paula’s Choice doesn’t really offer the followup that I
really think is helpful, especially if you don’t
know what you’re doing and you have no idea where to like begin with skincare. I don’t think that Paula’s Choice is easy to start with but they’re another really good option and they’re very affordable. I mean, like right now I’m still using a Paula’s Choice cleanser and
Paula’s Choice makeup remover and this is like I’ve been using this for years and years and years. It’s really good. I use this and coconut oil. So I love their products. Okay, so the fourth option I want to talk to you about is The Ordinary. Now, I know that the CEO of The Ordinary has gone batshit crazy and I can’t help that. I understand if you don’t want to have anything to do with The
Ordinary because of the CEO, totally understand. But I know a lot of people have told me that they only use The Ordinary’s skincare products because
they are so affordable. Their price point is like $5 to $11 depending on the items. So, I completely understand if that’s the option that you want to look at. Because The Ordinary’s
website is so confusing, like when I tried looking at the website to buy skincare products to create my own skincare routine, I got overwhelmed and couldn’t do it. I had to reach out to a friend
of mine who’s an esthetician who was like, yeah,
their site kind of sucks. So here’s what you should look at. And because of that I actually created this really in-depth blog post all about how to create a skincare routine with The Ordinary for
different skin types. I share a daytime and
nighttime routine for rosacea. I cover oily skin, acne skin, dry skin, anti-aging, et cetera. So I’m going to put a link up here, so you can go check out that blog post. Please check it out because I put a lot of work into it to try to put together
routines to help you out. So be sure to let me know
which of these options you’re interested in trying. Are you going to try Beauty By Design? Are you interested in Emme Diane? Or are you going to go
with Paula’s Choice? Or The Ordinary? If you need additional help with creating a skincare routine definitely reach out to me. You can always reach out to me in the PhyrraNyx Facebook group or leave a message here on YouTube and I will try to get back to you to answer your questions. Anyway, if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and share. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.


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