How To Cure Heartbreak! // Collectif Clothing Brand Review [CC]

How To Cure Heartbreak! // Collectif Clothing Brand Review [CC]

Hi lovelies, so it is time for another brand review! Tada I actually haven’t done one of these in a while, so I’m really excited, and I’m I’m especially excited because of the brand that this is I know I promised that I would do this in my video where I modeled for them like Weeks and weeks ago, weeks ago, but now I’ve actually got all my stuff together I had to go get some stuff out of, out of the loft to do this video. I’m going to show you what I’ve got Bear in mind I did own some other things that I’ve since got rid of but I will tell you why? Later on, so keep watching the video we’re also going to be discussing the key points of a brand I’ve got the good bits, the bad bits, what the stuff really looks like, wearability and sizing Uh, the price, is it worth the money? and shipping all of these things are gonna be honest redacted or missing Hello. if you want to jump ahead to one of them their time codes are all going to be down in the description First of all I’m just gonna give you a brief glimpse Ah Into the clothing, the clothes, the pieces that I own From collectif, I’m gonna try and do this in date order so Bear with me some of you actually, you know, proper collective aficionados, might note that I have things in a slightly wrong order But I’m trying, okay. Why is collectif such a special brand to me? And that is because Note my very very first relationship ended. Ah, the first time I was ever dumped It -it was bad To be honest I’ve only dated one other person I then married her so it’s not like my dating history is that bad? But anyway, it was it was awful. It was really soul destroying and I Had genuinely I think believed before that point that no one would ever love me. Look at me. I’m fabulous but but inside inside riddled with illness, riddled Um, and also the death thing she wasn’t great fun You know it it. Didn’t work. It didn’t work. Is the point. I got dumped my heart got broken It was only a few weeks before Christmas, and I cried solidly solidly Throughout Christmas and my parents, yes, at home and my parents back from University and parents thought. This is ridiculous We can’t live with this child no We’re all going to London So we just went to London for the week And and stayed near my cousins and saw them and their kids And it just perked me up and I was like. Yes, I might not have Romantic love but I have family love, and during one of these beautiful cheer, Jessica up days my father was walking down the street and saw a collectif shop and Took me back the next day and said you know what you can have three items Whatever three items you want from this shop, and my parents are not big on the spending money on anything ever, so I was like Completely taken aback this was just one of the nicest things that my father has ever done… um You know in a large realm of nice things actually my father’s a really lovely man. He doesn’t get enough credit He’s a really lovely man, but this was just an especially lovely thing and it really touched me I loved that. I loved collective after that because it had perked me up And I just always remember the feeling of entering the shop and feeling like everything fit me Everything worked for me as a person. I wasn’t weird I wasn’t Trying to find the vintagey ish item in a regular mainstream shop Intsead I could enter a shop and find pretty much Everything’s to my taste. And of those three things only have one left So I’m just gonna take you through all the items. I have bought since then. The first one One the only thing of those three things left oh Can you even see it, so it’s this beautiful beautiful dress that I have on a number of occasions Actually be mistaken for a bride whilst wearing. Not always a bad thing people buy you free drinks I have learned you can go into a pub dressed as a bride But I think it’s a beautiful summer garden party dress actually It’s a fabulous creme the netting is delightful and although actually I love the netting But I do find struggle with bras if you’ve seen my underwear review if you will know I have kind of excessively large boobs for the size of my chest It’s like a 30 or 28 inches around and a it a double D or E I struggle I struggle with strapless bras But back to the dress it has absolutely gorgeous little rose designs Around the neckline and a sweetheart neckline, which is just absolutely one of my faves and all the way around the bottom oh, we have these occasional little flowers too Although it’s now so old the netting has all stretched at the front so weirdly now the net hangs Way lower at the front than it should but I love it. I continue to wear it Next up another white dress this one in more of an a-line Design here. It’s I’d say more of a forties look. We’ve got beautiful swoop at the front and Look at this beautiful detailing It’s really really gorgeous this it’s very nice very comfortable wear another big poofy dress da-duh This I absolutely Love I saw it on a model in the shop front window But it was in the paler colors they do it sometimes for summer And I desperately wanted it and by the time I got there. They had completely run out of my size I was so distressed, but they brought it back for autumn and these more autumnal colors as you can see here, so again This was many years ago. I just I love it look at the swishy skirt here, look at this One thing I really really value about collectif is that within the skirt look at this, okay? We’ve got the netting there. We’ve got the, oop Okay, what the colored fabric layer then we’ve got oof Petticoat layer and then lining layer, like A fabulous you know many other vintage and retro shops, you’re really only getting the outer dress And then you have to buy a petticoat to go with it, and it just doesn’t give the same effect Whereas with collectif always with their big dresses and big skirts, it’s gonna have an inbuilt petticoat and yes I do stick petticoats underneath that even Because I like a poof okay I like a big poof But I-I just genuine you know you get more for your money. Although it does cost more You are getting more for your money one slight downside is it doesn’t actually properly do up over scoliosis So can’t do it up by myself And I have to twist it to the front to do it up and then twist it around my body Weirdly, and then try and like dislocate my arm to get it back in and get the other one back in Ah, then I’m actually in the dress, but that’s semi standard this various sexy little, uh Velvet number was Claudia’s very first Christmas gift to me So I love it I don’t know why I’m wrapping around my face, but I love it It’s a bit sexier than the clothes I normally wear. It’s a pencil skirt on the bottom and boy does it cling, it’s Delightful this dress, delightful Again we have a beautiful cross over at the front that we saw earlier with the cream dress and the same lovely embroidery let’s see if you can see it It’s also low at the back this dress it makes me feel the bomb it does I feel so damn good while I’m wearing it The Jessica cardigan, yes good name. Good name for a cardigan. This was my first Christmas present from my sister-in-law It’s delightful It’s really gorgeous it’s more of a spring look. I would say again I really love that collectif go all out when it comes to embroidery all these little details that really make a difference the classic this is a 1940s style we’ve got the beautiful little cap sleeves here, I just love that they go down Properly down. You know. It’s not just the cap on top oh. No we have true folds of fabric. I’m look at this stitching Look at that. How nicely is that done? Beautiful, this is one of Claudia’s absolute favorite dresses on me She really likes it. And of course I really like anything that she really likes on me So I really like it polka dots not not one of the things that I am especially fond of But I really like the tone in this one. I’m not fan of the black and white Anything too harsh These dots I will show you again. Ah Not bright, white they are a kind of off-white leaning towards green So they blend in it isn’t too harsh on the eye cut again. This is my go to you cardigan. I love it I wear it all the time. It is a cropped cardigan of course because everything is based around your waist It’s also got three-quarter length sleeves, which is brilliant because I actually push all of my sleeves there I hate wearing sleeves on my lower arms because when my hands were paralyzed I had to wear wristbands And I just got so used to not having clothes on my lower arm so now I just can’t do it, so I love this little cardigan It looks really beautiful on it’s really attractive, but I do wish that it came in a paler color the honeymoon dress So called because I wore it on honeymoon Yes It’s really really lovely really light the back I think is a lovely cut just straight across, but still giving the Delightful little sweetheart neckline at the front the buttons I think are a bit too big. I’m not a massive fan of them But I think it would look the same without them, so haven’t take them off. You can see Just to give you some ideaa The sleeves on the dress are stitched at an angle just to sit on the very top of your shoulders, I prefer to wear them Like this because I think it’s very pretty. I really like show off my shoulders for one thing Although I should say that the elastic is a bit strong, so it does tend to leave marks When I take my clothes off at the end of the day the Christmas cardigan oh… oh It’s so cozy, but it’s not wool, so I’m not allergic to it it has a delightful Reindeer on it. How could you not love that? Look at him look at him, it’s like the most stylish Christmas jumper. You’ve ever seen oh Of course it is cropped and has little short sleeves. It. Just it just makes you look divine this summer top. Oooh Again, we’ve got the little elasticy sleeves here. It’s pretty much the same pattern same style as the checked dress that I showed you earlier But the top it has a great little, where is it? the zip is inside. It’s really good If you’re like me and you’ve got a scoliosis a zip down the back Is not gonna be your friend zips are straight your back is not This patterned fabric is, it is a little out there for me, I would say But perfect for a summer holiday mm-hmm The skirt of dreams, I love this skirt I wore it at their, at the photo shoot Which again dream come true? I’m not even kidding ever since I first discovered collectif it has been my dream to model for them And then it happened it was so good. I got paid to wear my favorite clothes It’s funny how life works out isn’t it Moving back to the skirt This guy gets me compliments everywhere. I go. It’s massive So yes beyond circle skirt the fabric is really good. It just feels so luxe. It’s a got a this beautiful stripe in velvet As you can see it’s just incredibly flattering incredibly flattering this and of course this top Oh Just throw that down there nicely there we go here we go cute cute cute the color hair is completely detachable I At first wasn’t sure how I felt about the collar because it’s very turquoise But it’s grown on me very warm. It’s got a lovely cable knit pattern And I actually like the collar because I’m one of those people who tends get cold around the neck I have a very long neck it gets cold. Oh good look how much acreage. I have to cover here. Oh I actually have two other tops, but they are currently in the wash. It’s not just clothes though oh no This bag is also called Jessica. I think you remember this from my favorites video, but here we go look at these Beautiful beautiful bows. We’ve got the little clasp opening here Delightful Get a little look inside Here we go We’ve got three pockets to open and a zip one It’s beautiful oh also the lining is waterproof Which if you like me and you carry a bottle of water absolutely everywhere and sometimes it leaks vital. Another absolutely fabulous truly excellent part of collectif is that you don’t just get collectif the mainline collection and Collected the vintage collection, and you know very beautiful You also get Lulu Han which that beautiful shoes I loved them I made a video about these beauties before on the enhance the UK channel Which you will find a link to here and down here now how absolutely fabulous, the little buckle system is they have dancers buckles so you can just clip on and easily clip off If you like me and you’ve got fiddly fingers that don’t work so well. It’s fabulous wonderful I love a contrast they feel really well made they’re great to wear actually they’re a lot more comfortable than they look Bu-bu-buuuuum Pretty much the whole reason I’m making this video actually uh-huh my new shoes They’ve not even come out the box yet they’re so new never lose the bag to keep your shoes in, ah I’m gonna show you these and you’ll kind of get That there’s a theme In the shoes that I like they don’t just do massive high heels. They also do slightly lower shoes again We’ve got this beautiful Contrasting design. I like them. They don’t unfortunately have the clip buckle but since they’re not high heels I think you probably should take them off last. I’m gonna say. So that’s okay Lovely red insides, ooh Really excited to get these out and make them part of a staple of my wardrobe Again, you can probably see them on my Instagram popping up very soon Good points about collectif, Ding. as I as I have mentioned as we went along there I love that some of their clothes come with the petticoat already fitted inside there are really great quality Really good designs. I find really well crafted, and I particularly like how the Collectif clothes actually Look as if they are from history I’m not a great fan of the more pin-up girl rockabilly because I think it’s too graphic for me it’s just not really my taste those more literal on the nose dresses with pictures of things on I much prefer clothes that look as if they are from that era Look as if they when people look at me they’re a bit like hmm Is it real? This is vintage and I really like that that I wear collectif clothes and people come at me in the street And I actually say is that a vintage piece, and I can say no you can get one too Like my dear friends Katie and Rosie hi guys. Other excellent things they do Coats! Okay, it’s pretty hard to uh, to show you The wonder of this coat. We’ll get there, okay? Right well you can see the top of the coat That’s something This is my power coat if you are a vintage lover You will probably already be aware of the power coat it comes out every year in different colors. Oh my god I’m so sad that I missed the camel one they will forever be a little blot in my heart a hole where the camel colored power coat should be I’m only semi kidding it’s really beautiful though I like this one my one is the bottle green This coat is heavy It’s really really heavy, but it’s fantastically well made the seams along the waistline are absolutely gorgeous They nip you in and the cloth flows out, beautiful bottom I really loved that little faux fur trim Around the bottom around the cuffs and the neck it’s to die for I also really like, I’ll put it back on to show you oh, I also really like that The gorgeous collar here it can lay flat like so but then they do also have little grips, So you can do them up like this if you feel a little uh Jon Snowish At one point in my life all of my coats were from collectif. I had four of them. Oh, yes, including the beautiful princess coat here Talking about coats though that does segue me. I’m afraid Into the bad points, I had a pencil dress in a burgundy called looks lovely Was really nice comfortable to wear, but they’re stitching in almost all of the seams started pulling apart So they were threads sticking out everywhere. This was only about six months and You know how much usage Can you get out of a dress in six months I’m not wearing it literally every day the Mac all of the attachments popped off so the little loops around the wrists and Also, the belt loops they came off they popped up again That’s the stitching I do have to say though all of this quality control issues Do now seem to have been addressed. I haven’t had any problems like this with anything that I bought from them in the last Three years I’m gonna say. Bing! So, in summary moving on to our four key points number one the look Yeah pretty much discussed this in bad things Collectif clothes work for pretty much every size, and they especially work for plus-size bodies Wow Have you seen this picture? Yeah Ha ha ha ha ha Love the representation in the sizes of models, that’s really great. I want to see everybody Every body Up on a billboard when I’m looking at clothes. And pretty much everyone does We just want to see our own bodies represented So they need to be arranged in advertising and I feel like collectif do that and it’s great Sizing I’m gonna say Uh, on the small side I’m about an 8 to 10 in Most shops, but in collectif. I wear a lot of sixes. I think they’re just quite generous in their sizes really and I also measure they were measure around the waist and fortunately Unlike in most shops where I have to buy things from a modern shop and then Take the waist in or put a belt around it collectif already have small waists, so yeah just just be aware of that one thing to be aware of and as I always say check the sizing charts on the Specific item that you want to buy. All of these clothes that I have just shown you and all the clothes I’ve ever owned From collectif have been incredibly, wearable. They’re very soft They’re easy to swish around in There aren’t a lot of things that involve wool there are some and then some of the coats and jackets do but they’re generally quite an easy wear Not yet cheap people like me mostly clothes book a really thin line between looking like they’re vintage and looking like they’re a costume However, I think you can take a lot of pieces from the collectif and move them into a day to day life Even if you don’t always have a vintage look so you could take a beautiful skirt like, my ? skirt that I just showed you with all the Chevron’s and You can wear that and you can wear it quite a modern top You can wear it with or without a petticoat, and you don’t need to feel like oh god I’ve got to do my hair, and I’ve got to do my makeup in a specific vintage way in order for this to work number three price I’ve kind of discussed this all the way through But collective are I find one of the more expensive? Retro shops I used to feel that that wasn’t necessarily Entirely justified because as I said I had some issues To do with quality control and stitching now however Probably okay, probably the last five years I really think that they have earned that price, but I really think it it makes sense their stuff’s incredibly good value When you think about it because it’s great quality really good design work well put together Looks great, and it lasts the things that I have now. They really have lasted me, but if you are on a tighter budget Good news. They generally run a 50% sale. Like, All of January it’s awesome. Also midway through the year there’s basically always a sale rail in that shop and it is Darn, good. Okay number four is of shipping Collectif have 7 shops now she says from memory one of which is in Brighton So I have the joy of actually being able to go into the shop and try stuff on And find the things that I love and go to the sale rail Oh, yes, if there’s something that I really love and they don’t have it my size that obviously yes I do buy it online I get it shipped. I have had no problems with that it’s very quick in England and I think it’s one to five days in Europe It’s probably I think it’s, what, two to five days takes slightly longer The cost isn’t bad. It’s five pounds fifty In England, but they do run various codes Sometimes that we give you money off Definitely sign up to their newsletter, not just because I’m in it sometimes But also because it has codes in which you’re really great There’s a really handy graph on their website Which will show you all the different regions of the world and how much it will cost to have things sent to you That’s pretty good umm So there we go that is my review of collectif all in all I think it’s pretty great What do you think what’s your opinion? How many different things in collectif? Do you own is it like me is that over 20? Or not, not is also good. Have you been inspired to go and get anything after watching this? I really think you should here are some amazing things that they have currently selling right now, that I really really want So pretty So again make sure you are following me on Instagram And you will see many of the little items that I’ve shown you here. Popping up How exciting if you’ve enjoyed this video make sure you hit the like button Please share it with your friends If you have someone who you think would really benefit from Having a look at the collectif website then share this video with them And they can make their own judgments from it before they make their purchase Hope you’ve enjoyed this video, and I will see you very soon Mwah


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  • Zara Mickelson says:

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    You have such a soothing and a nice voice. I would love to listen to a book narrated by you!


    I like ur 1950's style

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    A good tip with Collectif is the subscription email codes can be used with sale codes. This leads to amazing bargains for clothes you want to own (ie not just something reduced because itโ€™s a weird colour in an unusual size). ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • Anne Weidner says:


  • Alaina Krumel says:

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  • NothingToNoOneInParticular says:

    A proper seamstress would be able to replace the saggy netting. Also a good idea to have a fantastic seamstress to take in the size 10 that area bit too large and move the buttons on a size 8…

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    I love the stuff from Collectif although I haven't been able to get anything from there yet myself. I know the struggle of large boobs ๐Ÿ™‚ Be happy that you don't have a 34 H (UK-size) like me. It's murder on the back and, of course, strapless is totally out of the question ๐Ÿ˜€

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    I am so excited to receive it in a few weeks โค๏ธ

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    Or you already did??

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    im absolutely in love with the way you speak, not just your accent but the words you choose "delightful little details"

  • Regina Pollack says:

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