How To Get Flawless Skin Tutorial Unique Skin Care Regimen Routine Mixing Beauty Products Together

How To Get Flawless Skin Tutorial  Unique Skin Care Regimen Routine Mixing Beauty Products Together

good morning everyone this morning I
would like to share with you my skincare routine at least as far as my face goes
how I wash my face and what I use to wash it with I used to use what was it
they’re gonna make those anymore I used to use the sensitive skin facials
they’re little like square little not sponge but cloth like facials and I’ve
been using Olay facials but this winter I’m doing something a little different
and this is something that I used to do in high school well kind of in high
school I used to use not Zima and my skin was so pretty
not Zima classic clean original deep cleansing cream it tingles and refreshes
for soft smooth skin effectively removes deep down dirt oil and makeup without
over-drying feel Noxzema working as it tingles and refreshes leaving skin soft
smooth and invigorating and I also like this mint julep or however you pronounce
that mask this is a complexion solution deeply cleans and refreshes or the in
acne prone skin our original all-time favorite green mass instantly absorbs
excess oil extract impurities helps minimizes the appearance of pores after
you skin is deeply clean with the fresh oil-free feel and healthy looking
complexion so you know if you watched any of my recent videos you know that
I’m gonna mix it so what I did and what I’ve been doing lately and it works
beautiful I mix the two together this is a whole jar I’m not Zuma and I squeezed
out not a lot not even half of this um just a good little amount
and I mixed it together and the two were wonderful and this is what I do next I
use Olay gentle clean because my skin is so
sensitive so watch out there’s a little film that I feel after I read softer the
little mix that I made and you can’t mix everything everything don’t mix well you
had it has to make sense now these two make sense to mix together and you have
to use your intuition you can’t just be mixing anything together and I use this facial cleansing pass this is all the
big ones and then I follow up and I’ve been using this for years and this is it
I don’t care what I use on my face I have to use this this is the bomb this
is the old lame active hydrating look beautiful ooh a lotion and it’s the
original formula I don’t have no SPS nothing in it because that kind of
breaks me out so what I do on my hair put a little mix on and it feels so good
on your face they’ve any put my cap back on I don’t know actually put me a
plastic cap on and I just love the way this feels as its drying and I try to
get you know most of the skin on my face that I can’t cuz I’m like no
discoloration and I don’t get all the way pretty much under your eyes I mean
I’m so used to go god I’m sorry I thought I was doing this on camera I
want you to see don’t get too too close on your eyes me I’m gonna go blah but
I’m so used to doing I can get pretty close and this stuff just feels good let
me see if you can see the little can you see the little the little green mint
stuff in there I don’t squish it but in a way it’s in there and it both this
moves on so good feels so good when you’re dry some people and I want to do this
because they say hey it’s a lot of work but it’s really not now I heard that
you’re supposed to go up it’s gonna bring your skin now but I’ve been doing
it like this for years what you see me doing is what I’ve been
doing it’s been working for me okay so I’m gonna let this dry and I’ll be right
back about to wrap it back up and maybe throw on a plastic cap so I’m gonna get
water all over the place okay so a lot of times I like to put on a plastic cap
so that I won’t be getting out in Noxzema and um and water and whatever in
my and my actual hair line and once I put that should I put the cap on first
because I have more skin that I can actually get a little cover and you can
see that it’s already try just feels so good I can feel those
overnight impurities just melting home that’s just what it feel like there’s
Milton Milton Norfolk it feels so good and so refreshing so if you work
somewhere where you do and this would be great for me like if you having a
husband or a fiancé a boyfriend whatever you have these days and they work like
arm just say that they are mechanic and they work in a shop and there’s a lot of
smoke and exhaust and small they can use this on their face every night and keep
their skin on fresh and clean to not have to be a girl but let me tell you
about my hair cap check this out do you see that rubberband back down I’ll tell
you why I got it everywhere I’ve been going lately I’ve been finding small
hair caps that’s too small won’t even fit on so I went to the hair store I was
like I need a bigger hair cap and I thought it was gonna be regular size but
this is like a super super huge shoes and child capping it doesn’t fit right
so I have to put a little rubber band on but I make anything of Earth that don’t
work for me so I’m gonna you don’t have to completely let it dry like all right
sometimes I let it dry and I let it stay on for a while but definitely leave it
on until all the tingling stop I don’t have a lot of time right now so what I’m
gonna go ahead and do just start rinsing it off
show your heart to it I’m using one can one soda pop you see my eyes that’s not
tuffet what I’d like to do is white discuss my fall over my arm I’m just
gonna do one side balloon usually I’ll just you know juice bowls all that to
say but since I’m doing this video and I got one hand say report I just want to
show you I’m gonna do that one side and then I’m gonna get off camera and
finished but yeah I’d like to get all this stuff on this part of the ayah too
because I just don’t know my skin this color you ever see some people that have
due to skin but it’s black around this part of the eyes in that part because
they don’t watch that part every part of your skin needs to be watched so I’m
gonna go ahead and go ahead and just wash this off with the water and come
back with my other father okay I got that all rinsed off in my skin I don’t
know if you can see it from before when I just woke up and didn’t wash it it
actually looks and feels so refreshed like right now if I wanted to just um go
on about my day you know finish getting dressed and go on about my day I can I
can go right now but arm as far as me I feel a little you know like when you use
a soap a really good start like old lady and you rinse and you can still feel it
feels like soft like lotions on there it really feel it really feels so good but
I’m not used to that that field I want I don’t want that feel on my face it’s
just like having makeup on my face that’s just what it feels like to me now
some people don’t have a problem with that but it’s beautiful just like this
but I go to steps beyond so I’m gonna just gonna take a little of this and on
squeeze it again I’m using one hand because if I put this in a certain
position that’s going on record different and I squeeze you a little bit
on the same spot that I read stuff and again this is the only gentle clean okay it’s all rinsed off and I’m gonna
dry it with this same cotton pad look I wore this thing out I’m sure they did it
and I like to use these because I’m you can kind of like rub kind of firm and
that kind of is like exfoliating and we have to exfoliate for even hung
beautiful skin and I’m 46 I mean I’m not like a arrogant person at all but
sometimes you have to get critic where it’s due and I’m gonna give it to myself
for 46 I think that my skin looks great sorry y’all you knew y’all you know your
girl look gangsta in a little country and I’m doing this big one Hey okay so
since I’m doing it one more hand I’m just gonna do like this cuz this is
about how much of this stuff I use I love this stuff some people use smaller
yeah so I use about that much oh goodness
sorry I use about that much I love the way it just soaks on them and it smells
so good and I kind of brung it just a little bit down under my neck but this
is my current current skincare routine and in the past that hasn’t been much
different it’s just that on in high school I use Noxzema along and just
washing my face afterwards that whatever soap my mom provided for us I don’t even
know what it was I want to say that has always been dial antibacterial and for
the last 15 years it’s been all a no does facial cloths in Oh Lane in then
when they stopped making my dust sensitive skin facial cos I had to
switch to a lake but it’s all good and I still like those Fisher cloths but
sometimes it’s uh they get kind of expensive to buy and I usually cut them
in half it’s like 30 in a pack in our cutting and half to make 60 but yes guys
you don’t have to use this much but I think I just love it and it’s not gonna
be greasy or nothing once I finish so let me go ahead and finish I’m not
trying to get every little piece I go to a little show I go as close under my
eyes I can it doesn’t burn my eyes I I don’t recommend you doing that if you
don’t usually do it I mean go under but not too far not go on top of my and let
me show you the only wrinkle that I can see that I have in my face and it’s only
when I when I do like that yeah I’ll get just real small I don’t even like that
so I need to stop frowning but this is the stuff that grew up on use google it
and check it out if you don’t add anything else to your arm skincare and
beauty regimen whatever you use try using this at the end at night before
you go to bed I promise you you’ll love it it’s good for any skin type my skin
is super super super sensitive and it’s amazing for me I wash my face and care
for my skin thank you so much for watching have a wonderful day please
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