How To Keep Coloured Hair Perfect // L’Oreal & goodDyeYoung [CC]

How To Keep Coloured Hair Perfect // L’Oreal & goodDyeYoung [CC]

J: You’re so tiny, you’re so cute C: This is like my little sister does my hair J: Hello, everyone. You may remember, this is Clara! C: Hello!
J: Who you have seen in many videos before, but especially my “Having a carer” livestream, that we did, like, a week ago J: Clara is my best friend, and she’s my carer J: and she’s full of general awesomeness
C: Aww… We work together in all kinds of ways, and we also like to dye our hair So we thought we would make a video about hair dyeing and hair care, because people do ask me hair care tips. We actually recorded this video, for the first time, a month ago, C: We did! J: Because Clara had very dark hair, and then she changed it to being this awesome orange. J: Actually, it was bright red, wasn’t it? C: Yeah, a month ago, my hair was bright red and beautiful; we planned the video to happen. J: Then we realised that the old file is corrupted C: There is some bits that survived; here’s how we looked. C: Yep, what you’re looking at right now is how we looked a month ago. C: My hair was this bright. C: [?] really like it. I knew it was gonna fade anyway, but we’ll talk about that in a minute J: Let’s talk about our hair history J: I as a child would not let anyone come near my hair because I had an unfortunate incident when I was four My next door neighbours held me down and cut off my hair because it was the same colour as Barbie hair and I wouldn’t let anyone touch my hair with anything J: And then I think when I was… I got really ill when I was seventeen In the hospital, they also had a hairdresser, so if you were long-term in the hospital, you could go and get your hair done; feel good about yourself C: Aw
J: And I went in and I got highlights J: And then I was on a modelling show when I was nineteen, called ‘Britain’s Missing Top Model’ C: With great outfits, like this J: Thanks…for that Basically, it was ‘America’s Next Top Model’ with disabled British girls and in the show they dyed my hair ginger and it just really suited me, and everyone was like, “Oh, I thought that was your normal/natural hair colour!” My hair is actually lighter than this, so when I get roots, my roots are paler than my hair, which is a bit weird and I think I look a bit bald but Clara says that’s not a thing So, for the last ten years I’ve dyed my hair consistently the same colour The colour I use is 645, Amber from L’Oréal Prodigy–people ask me this all the time Another thing I have to say to you is that I have recommended this colour to many people and it does not come out the colour that it comes out on my hair C: That should be expected! J: Yes! C: If you have used boxed hair dye before, you already know it looks different on different people C: If I put that on me, with my very dark hair, obviously it’s not going to look like it looks on you! J: Tell me about dyeing your hair C: Dyeing my hair J: Oh, wait, can I just–just to check, are we gonna insert emo photos? C: I would have to find them! (There you go) They are not that good; there are way funnier pictures of this, but, unfortunately… they are all in Spain C: Anyway! Story with my hair. I don’t know. Very quickly: I’ve always loved red hair I started dyeing my hair red maybe eight… years ago? Nine? I don’t know. A long time ago. I could never afford the £100 hairdresser I am there with you So I have always bought whatever strong red was on sale at the drug store J: I love that it was always whatever was on sale Not even the same packet C: No… Full-price just wasn’t a thing C: I have pitch black hair… and just different shades of brown C: But! I’m an adult with my own money now so I did it and I went to the hairdresser and I got it properly bleached So, this is the result of bleaching my hair, and what I’m using is Good Dye Young C: Ta-daaa!
J: Which she’s a little bit obsessed with C: That was too fast C: Good Die Young is my new favourite hair product line Maybe I might be biased because I know of them because the lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams, she’s the co-owner of the brand, so C: obviously I tried it because of them
J: And she loves her C: I love her deeply, very much J: I think the really cute thing, though, is that you love her and your fiance loves her just as much J: You both have the same hall pass C: Yes! Yeah. We do, yeah! C: Anyway! C: I bleach my hair and then I put Rock Lobster from Good Dye Young and that’s how my hair was looking! Here’s a quick montage of how that happened C: Do you like my blonde? E: Yes, but… I don’t want you to be blonde C: I’m really, really living for this right now C: Ta-da! I love my hair. It’s way more bright than I thought it would be. This is after just one strip-down with bleach The colour is so powerful It smells so good, like… I’m obsessed. I’m smelling my hair the whole time. So far, 10/10 for Good Dye Young; I am so happy I went with them! J: You look really cool as a blonde You should do that some time. C: Thank you! I thought it was really fun to be a blonde for like twenty minutes. J: You could have been blonde for a week! And then dyed it more C: No, no. Evelina hates it. C: There we go. J: No, I get that. I don’t think I’ve ever fancied a blonde. C: I do. C: So, that’s how it was looking. It was a really nice red. But it’s a semi-permanent so I knew it was going to fade out into orange and that is the beautiful this side of it J: It’s nice. It’s [?] fire-y.
C: Orange. C: I really like it! I knew it was gonna happen It’s very, very Riot J: Oh, OK… C: Someone in the comments knows what I’m talking about, I am sure. C: And on this side, I am wearing something very exciting which is called Poser Paste C: This is hair make-up J: Also from Good Dye Young.
C: Yeah, also from Good Dye Young. J: Oh, my God, that does smell lovely. It smells like oranges. C: So, that is just hair make-up, which means that it’s going to wash out, literally, in one– J: How well does it actually wash out? It does in one wash! C: It’s not sticky or anything.
J: And it doesn’t leave residue of colour? C: No, I actually went to bed in my regular sheets I forgot that I had it on But nothing happened! My pillow sheets were just as fine J: That’s amazing! C: It didn’t transfer at all C: I’m really hoping when we go to LA this month When we go to VidCon and LA this month, C: I wanna buy–
J: Yes, like in two week’s time C: The painful thing if you don’t live in the US is how expensive it is to get it in here J: Oh, because of Customs?
C: Yes, because it’s very affordable C: But it’s twenty-five of shipping and twenty-five of customs So if you are really hoping to try this, because you won’t regret it and it’s really wasteful to order one thing and pay J: So now we have some really good tips for caring for your coloured hair We’re also going to supply some tips that we recorded a month ago So you can see the transformation in Clara’s hair and also what an incredibly grey day it is today J: When you have dyed your hair, [da-da!] even if you’re re-dyeing it, wait three days before you have your first shampoo and wash Basically, in general, just wash your hair way less C: than you used to
J: Definitely. C: Especially with a crazy or fun colour or whatever this is C: But if you really like clean hair, then it’s just…not the thing for you! J: Yeah, because I curl my hair, I only tend to wash my hair every four or five days anyway C: Yeah, you should be washing it less I suppose – I think every three to four days C: You should probably push it a bit Four or five. J: Well, in that case, you can use dry shampoo C: I do now! J: Good, good.
C: I didn’t a month ago, but now I do J: And when you’re washing it, use colour-safe shampoo C: I was recommended this one by my hairdresser in Brighton They are called Lipstick & Gunpowder That’s very in-brand for me J: Not sponsored, Clara just really likes her own personal branding C: No, no, no! Nothing in this video is sponsored; it’s just things I’m really passionate about. C: I just really love the name and they did an excellent job. But also with Paramore and all of that. I wish they sponsored me! But, no, I have no relationship with Paramore, Hayley Williams, or Good Dye Young J: But if Hayley Williams would like to call C: Let us know if she likes my hair C: And it doesn’t have sulphate C: Which is important
J: Yes, next tip: use sulphate-free shampoo J: Because they do not strip the oil from your hair C: At the end of the day, all of this is if you can afford it I couldn’t afford it for many, many years, like I said before and it’s fine At least just buy the one that is for colour hair from whatever drug store brand you can find C: Going from that conditioning tip, I have a really good one that, again, my hairdresser gave to me because none of this knowledge is mine It’s all borrowed J: At least she’s honest C: …Yes. C: Like I said, I haven’t been using sulphate-free shampoo and I’ve been abusing box [?] hair dyes C: But, you know…as a punk kid, it was fine Maybe not any more! C: Pro tip that I got is, um– this doesn’t work with the box hair dyes, but if you buy a semi-permanent hair dye, like the one I got from Good Dye Young, ask them, if possible, to leave some hair dye behind Like, don’t use all of it and put it inside of your conditioner and just mix it all well C: And then like a month in, or a couple of weeks in – whenever you feel it’s faded – just put your conditioner in as usual, and don’t be afraid to let it sit for half an hour C: Put it up and wait J: Well, there we go! C: The colour should come back to life. J: That’s a good tip J: My next tip would be to wash your hair with not very hot water J: When you’re just about to step out, get your body out of the way and pour freezing cold water on your hair Seals the cuticles and it keeps the colour locked in J: All right, the next bit is just about when you’re on holiday! Which I’ve been for a while J: It’s obviously very sunny out there, so I spent a lot of time trying to keep my hair away from the sun because it’s not just your skin that’s affected by UV rays J: You can also get UV sprays for your hair which rolls into my next tip: Don’t use heated curlers or heated tongs…or heat ’cause it’s just going to damage it J: If you’ve already got one way that you’ve damaged it with curling, don’t damage it another way J: I used to perm my hair C: Shock!
J: Started doing that when I was fourteen, I think Started perming my hair J: Yeah, I started perming it before I started dyeing it Why not? J: Because my hair is naturally so straight, and it needed a little bit of curl in order to then keep any wave I put into it J: And I used heated rollers, and it was–it was not great So now I use pin curls and soft foam rollers C: I did use a hairdryer, but… J: I don’t ever use a hairdryer on my hair C: If I don’t, my hair just goes… C: I have very frizzy hair
J: I swear it’s the opposite effect for most people, no? J: Oh. J: I put a post in the Community tab on my channel – if you’ve never used the Community tab, then definitely do go and check it out, because I put the things in there Especially if you’re a sponsor, because that’s where all your sponsor videos are And I put a little post in there and asked people if they had any questions about dyeing hair–us dyeing our hair So we’re just going to answer some of those really quickly C: Yeah, we have answered most of those already but someone asked how to keep your hair hydrated after bleaching C: That’s very difficult, OK? You just need to invest in great products C: I really recommend the shampoos I’ve shown I use both the shampoo and the conditioner and just make sure that, when you do it every 3-4 days, I put conditioner in every time J: You should probably also brush your hair often with a bristle brush C: There you go, I don’t do that J: That’s what I do. I try and brush my hair a hundred strokes a day. C: I do like three on each side and I [?] J: No! You should do a hundred strokes with a bristle brush top to bottom J: It helps to move the oil through your hair, and then your hair looks after itself C: After I find out what a bristle brush is, I shall get one, maybe J: And the next question was about whether we’ve tried any natural hair dyes and I have not C: No, sorry about that, but I really doubt you can get this without bleaching J: I mean, I think you could probably get your hair my colour with [?] C: Yeah, but you would have to be very–
J: And you’d have to have pale hair C: Have you ever thought about getting something else – more drastic? J: Oh, doing something else J: My plan for my hair in the future as I go whiter C: So, so the future?!
J: “Whiter”! I’ve no white now. J: But in the future, when I start getting white hairs, I will dye my hair lighter and lighter and lighter J: But I do sometimes think, “Wouldn’t it be interesting if I had really dark hair?” I put a black wig on for Halloween once and I looked like a different person; it quite freaked me out C: Could Photoshop you
J: Let’s do that! J: Please, take a picture of me and Photoshop it with black hair J: I can’t see it yet, but I love it already [Clara laughing] C: I think I’m gonna be a red-head for a long time I just really like it; I think it’s fun. C: I would like to have my hair in all kinds of colours But it’s a big effort to take care of it J: Can’t you use the Poser colour thing? J: Just to see if you like blue hair, to start with.
C: There is blue Poser Paste! C: I didn’t order that one, because I didn’t know how good it was gonna work on me C: But, I’ll tell you what, I’ll order–
J: Hence the buying lots when we go to VidCon! C: But I’ll try the blue one! C: That ties with one of the questions, actually, um… The confidence to change your hair C: Honestly, just go for it! It’s so fun! It grows, and it’s so–it’s so reversible C: Unless you go like pitch black Stripping that down is hard C: But, if you go lighter, then you can just cover it up C: It’s fine, just do it. It’s so much fun. J: I would not mess around with my hair I feel like it’s such an integral part of me now J: Yeah, I’m very confident to wear flashy, extravagant clothes that are out there, I don’t mind that C: If you think that who you are is bright hair, go for it any colouring, like–you won’t regret it, and if you do, just make it darker J: But maybe, if you’re not entirely sure, you could start with something that’s really not permanent C: Now that hair make-up is a thing, you could go for it C: See how it feels
J: Yeah, try having blue hair for a day before you decide whether you want to for the first time ever, dye your hair a [?] blue J: Hello, Tilly.
C: Sorry. She’s so cute! [Both, having the same thought] We could dye her…! J: Yes, we could make Tilly rainbow colours for Pride! C: We could! J: Put ‘yes’ in the comments down below if you think Tilly should be a rainbow dog for Pride J: Thank you very much for watching. Let us know if you have any other questions Put them down there in the comments and we’ll try to get to as many as we can C: We shall see. June is Pride month, so… Happy Pride to everyone! C: Exciting! J: And if you’re new here, then please do take a look around the channel, and if you like what you see, then subscribe! J: See you next video!


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    Around 7:33 there is something playing very faintly that sounded like my kids calling for me. All I heard was a faint "Mama", and since I'm watching this at night while everyone is asleep, I got up to check on them. After finding them still asleep, I listened to that spot twice more, and found it's in the video. Dang it lol!

  • appropinpinquo says:

    "Don't wash your hair for at least 3 days" must be nice to not have oily hair lmao

  • Patrick Cooper says:

    Riot is my fave album

  • Claire McCulloch says:

    Bit of a late comment, but! I've had forest green hair for 3+ years now, and sleeping with the dye in my hair over night (or keeping it in all day) is a major reason I can keep the colour looking like new for 8+ weeks!

  • Elise haverstick says:

    I highly recommend overtone conditioner for keeping color bright. I can go 4 months between salon visits and the color stays as bright as the day it was dyed/bleached. Their red selections would work well for you two.

  • Britt P says:

    My hair is super frizzy. I have to use color-safe anti-frizz products, and I also have much smoother hair if I blow-dry (let it 70-80% air dry though!) after washing but due to damage fear I usually let it air dry and just braid for a couple days before it gets smooth from oils haha

  • Bill Gouveros says:

    Clara, blonde hair looked awesome on you! Try it some time when you're in the mood for a change! Even whitish blonde if your hair can get that light.

  • MrLo 01 says:

    Clara looked AMAZING with blonde hair (but, of course, looks amazing anyway)!

  • Reaune Small says:

    Oh! Overtone is a great color deposit conditioner that is great for fun colors as well. Even the shampoos re-deposit colors

  • Elizabeth Macmillan says:

    I don’t even colour my hair, I simply enjoy watching you videos ❤️

  • Kristina Marquez says:

    I'm a copper red now. I do hair,so it's easy to wanna color it. I'm naturally a dirty blonde,blah! It's fun to color. I'm addicted to coloring it & getting tattoos to.

  • carolbuzelim says:

    I got the joke hahaha paramore

  • Elia Hope says:

    love goodDYEyoung!! also mainly because of hayley but it’s such a quality brand!

  • Abbie Lawrence says:

    Wash hair every 3-4 days and push it a bit for 5-6 days erm I wash my hair every 2 weeks and I push it for 2 1/2 😂😂😂😂😩

  • Erin Higinbotham says:

    AAAHHHHH if Parahoy happens again tell Clara I expect to see her there!!!

  • catlife333 says:

    XD I love how obsessed Clara is with Hayley Williams

  • Ann Lee says:

    I have deep red hair, I plan to change it to burgundy soon though.

  • Morgan Kudlich says:

    I love good dye young and Hayley Williams!!! I'm green right now, was just yellow for a year and a half

  • Beth says:


  • Makayla Slater says:

    I have done a lot to my hair. Frosted highlights temporary pink blue purple red. It is a lot of fun. My hair is dark and it's hard to do anything without bleaching it first. I have done ginger and ash blonde also. It really is a lot of fun.

  • Jessica Phelps says:

    Please dye Tilly rainbow for Pride!!

  • Ashley Incognito says:

    I use that conditioner! the miracle coconut oil, i love it

  • Angela Gallant says:

    I tried to bleach my hair in undergrad in order to dye it bright red. Result was my hair melted and had to be cut drastically. 🥺. Lost about a foot and half of length. Haven’t gone anywhere near bleach since. Lol.

  • Libby Peery says:


  • Brandy Jones says:

    I love having red hair. I color mine with henna. It's been a year and it still hasn't faded any. I just continue to color my roots and leave the length alone. ♥️♥️

  • Rhiannon Elliott says:

    I love Jessica’s hair style in the older video it’s gorgeous!!

  • Jessica Ågren says:

    I totally get all the Pmore references and I feel so cool right now lol.

  • mokkabeanful says:

    I actually thought your hair was naturally red LOL

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