How to Preserve Your Homemade Cosmetics, Home Remedies + Giveaway Pre-Announcement

How to Preserve Your Homemade Cosmetics, Home Remedies + Giveaway Pre-Announcement

hello everyone how have you been this is the first time in the past 7 months that I’ve been away from YouTube for more than two weeks and I really hope you did not give up hope only seeing new beauty tips well I’ve got another code and only the past days I’ve managed to defeat it and to feel a little bit better therefore here I am ready to do another duty tip tutorial well today’s video is going to be a bit different from the past ones because it’s an answer to some of the questions I received on the social networks and in the comment area of the video tutorials that I’ve done so far on how I preserve my homemade cosmetics as you may be well aware it is very important to preserve our homemade cosmetics with dedicated substances called the preservatives which would prevent microbial growth and to the spoiling of the homemade cosmetic but let’s be clear from the beginning there are as you may have seen already in my past tutorials two categories of cosmetics you ones that contain water and the ones that don’t and that are made up only of vegetable oils butters and the waxes there is no danger that bacterias modes and East’s we developing these cosmetics that don’t contain water you will just have to pay attention to store them in dark cold places so that you make sure that your own oil some ointment balms don’t go rancid another way to make sure that they won’t go rancid is to add vitamin E otherwise known as tocopherol which is a powerful antioxidant which is also amazing for our skin therefore remember that vitamin E is not a preservative it’s an antioxidant which is only useful in oily solutions going back to water-based cosmetics bacteria molds used they are alive therefore they can grow and develop only in preparations that contain water such as creams toners cleansers etc well there are different preservatives you can use I usually buy them online and in stores that cellular cosmetic ingredients if you are not aware of such a story you just have to google the cosmetic ingredients online plus your location and then pretty much you’re gonna find one pure alcohol a 95 percent lockup on content the one that it usually it is used at home to make homemade liquors it’s another ingredient that can be used as a preservative you can use it in your toners but I usually don’t recommend it as alcohol it is pretty much aggressive on our skin well if you don’t have other preservatives this may be an alternative also pay attention that there are two kinds of preservatives the ones that are Hedra soluble soluble in water and lipid solubility ones that are soluble only in known creams and that are not suitable for toners and Printers I advise you to always check the technical sheet every preservative should be sold with or you should find all the technical specification such as the dosage the solubility the compatibility with other ingredients the range of pH it is recommended to use it within and many many other information another thing I’d pay attention to when I choose the preservative it’s too tightly fit is the green that would be if it is free of parabens and if it is a collage Akane there are also some natural substances like red fruit seed arrows marie extract or some essential oils like tea tree or time that some online stores sell as a nod from preservatives well just keep in mind that if you are using them they cover a less broad spectrum of microbes then for your homemade cosmetic we have a much shorter shelf life just pay attention on how you store your creams and how you call it the cream from its container remember that if you do not use an LMS container every time yo container and collect the cream there is a high probability that your cream is contaminated well using a preservative you’ll avoid to create a microbial bomb you’ll spread on your skin if you don’t have an airless container just use a spatula or spoon to collect the cream how can you see a cosmetic product is spoiled appearance of a great green layer of mold on the surface lots of consistency the product becomes thinner plotless of previously clear products change of color or order change of the pH if you notice any of these throw it away I think preservatives will not make it usable again if you have some specific topics you’d like me to talk about it does leave me a message in the comments area down below and I’ll make sure to answer you let me know if you found this video useful and informative and make sure to like it if you’d like to see some other similar ones also don’t forget to subscribe the channel and to share the video with your friends as I’m going to don’t a giveaway as soon as the channel reaches 100 subscribers I thought it would be a nice thing to do but also to thank all of you so if you are longing for any of other homemade treats I shared with you in the past 7 month just say tuned have a wonderful day wherever you are and I’ll talk to you soon life you


  • BeautyFoodTips says:

    Hi Carmen..see?? :)) keep asking & I'll keep replying 😉 If you enjoyed it, I'll keep doing some more vids similar to this one, like where and how I store my ingredients (another question of yours :)) ), which are the ingredients I always have at hand..the pH thing I don't think everyone is aware of..what do you think?

  • BeautyFoodTips says:

    :)) Thanks for all the support!! it means a lot!! when in search for motivation, I'll get back to all of the encouraging words I receive 😉 Have a GREAT weekend!!!

  • UrbangirlFabulous says:

    How do I determine how much preservatives to use in my butters? Thanks.

  • Arun S says:

    Please Can u tell me which preservative is safe to use

  • Ari Arii says:

    I do a lot if deep conditioners using avocado eggs honey bananas and yogurt. What are good preservatives for those things ?

  • wannod ranni says:

    I like all the liitle quotes you add at the end of each episode, todaysquote from buddha is very good. I am going to write it down and share it on facebook, hope u don't mind.
    Thanks for the great tip about sticking hands or fingers into the creams and things,although i keep my hands very clean you are so right, i can still contaminate it.
    My grandparents on both sides (mother and father) are from Italy, just thought i would share that.


  • wannod ranni says:

    my vitamin e says "pure vitamine oil" made by holista
    28,000 iu/ui-28ml but the spelling on bottle is "tocopheryl" acetate is not the same as you spelled it "tocopherol", so is this the same stuff? can i use it as a perservative?

  • kisha f says:

    You video was very informative but how long will homemade lipstick take to expire if you add a natural preservatice? Also, which preservatives work best?

  • sara abdelnaby says:

    I really enjoyed your tutorial, but quick question… I need your help. Like pronto man. I'm trying to create a natural facial cleanser using rose water and something else that is great for the face (all skin types) and will create like some type of foam… and the consistency is pretty good too. If I'm using rose water and some other type of oil… do I need a preservative? I honestly don't know where I'm going with these ideas… can you create a tutorial on a facial cleanser made out of rose water and another magical ingredient… I would love it if the consistency of the cleanser was somewhat like a lotion… or a foaming one would work! If you can't make the tutorial, can you explain what I should do exactly to create this rose water + other amazing ingredient in the facial cleanser. I'm not sure what to put in the cleanser that will make it foam naturally and also a good natural preservative that will extend the shelf life for at least a year. Thank you. Hope you reply soon =.=

  • Sonu K says:

    hi Rozalia i am wanted to make my own anti wrinkle face area and dark circle under eye creams so what kind of preservative do i need i have checked your videos but there is no video about skin creams.also what kind of preservative for toners and makeup setting sup rays and face serums please do reply me back 

  • Sonu K says:

    can u give me the names of preservatives for water soluble and oil soluble

  • Sean Balm says:

    Awesome video! You explained everything so well. I am a new subscriber and this was the first video that came about when I searched for "How to preserve handmade cosmetics." I make all natural clay face masks and want to prolong the shelf life, so I need to use preservatives that will work well with oils (liposolubles). By the way, I do not use any water in the masks, so which preservatives would you recommend?

  • Jewish Royalty says:

    I mean I guess it's helpful in a way , I would have liked to know maybe what preservatives to use or which ones you prefer or what are the natural ones that let you avoid Parabens .

  • jseeutube says:

    Hi, I was wondering, my base oil is sesame oil which has natural vitamin E – do I still need to add vitamin E to my base and essential oils? Essential oils have a natural anti bacterial properties – is this classed as a preservative? Thanks, Jason 🙂

  • Zoe Tzen says:

    Hello, I am wondering how do you know how much preservation to use in your recipe? I would like to make a lotion but I didn't want it to be too oily so I am thinking of using water to thinner the solution. Thanks and hope to hear form you soon.

  • Ashvin Shah says:

    Thanks Which preservative you used in Hyaluronic Acid Gel?

  • Nadine El Nour says:

    Can you make a video how to use oil soluble and water soluble preservatives please, with the steps on how to use them

  • Butterfly Lullaby says:

    Thanks for this video. Really interesting. I am trying to make an organic face oil. As I am using Coconut oil as the base, and no water. How long do you think this will keep, if kept in a cool place, or fridge?
    Do you know how long the cosmetics keep if you use natural preservatives? Can you just use the plants and add them to your oil? Many thanks Sharon

  • this shit is bananasss says:

    i made a salve whoch contain calendula,chickweed,nettle and hemp seed oil. i heard hemp seed oil easy to go rancid if so how long my salve will last?

  • YGURLTM 'Lipgloss for your Sass' says:

    I would like to learn how to properly make Lipstick.Can u help me.

  • YGURLTM 'Lipgloss for your Sass' says:

    I learned from your tutorial thank you.

  • happycarmenable says:

    How much vitamin e oil can I mix in with an aloe vera gel, say a cup of aloe vera?

  • Btissam elevating says:

    Hi,thankyou for your video it was very informative,
    I have a question to ask you if I make an oil based cream will the oils and the vitamin E be enough to preserve it?
    What about water and oil based cream is there any natural preservative that you recommend

  • mango says:

    I make a hair butter with water in it for my hair that I want to sit out. how long will optiphen plus make it last outside the fridge.

  • ChickLit Cafe says:

    Would lemon just help as an all natural preservative?

  • Sofia Fahare says:

    hi can help me please i want to make lotion for sale what preservative to use.

  • Jane Farrer says:

    What exact preservatives do you use in your formulations? Would you please be specific…thank you…jane

  • Myranda E says:

    Hi there. What preservative(s) should I use for a fresh made rose water toner or hydrosol? I used vegetable glycerine and essential oils but I'm not not sure if it needs to be stored away in the fridge or if it's okay left out. Thanks in advance!

  • valerie Lemay says:

    There are many natural preservatives you can use that aren't harming or drying… rosemary oil, lemon, salt, vitamin E, vitamin C,, neem oil, sugar n many others!

  • Adriene Fields says:

    I want to preserve hyaluronic acid, which preservative is best?

  • Scott McNeal says:

    Very informative!!! Thanks for the information!!!!

  • Bracheeh S says:

    hello , I'm Baraka from Dubai , I want to ask you one question
    I sell skin care cosmetics and I want to know how to preserve hair tonic? it contains herbs and I use Vitamin E as preservation element is it okay? I want to preserve the tonic for one month extremely

    Answer me in nearest time as possible as u can ,, thaank u

  • AlcivarStudio says:

    Thank you Rozalia for your great advice in all your videos! Do you know what the best way is to dispose of spoiled cosmetics that will be safe for the environment? I found some old expensive perfumed lotions that unfortunately went bad, very bad. Thank you and God bless!

  • Arun S says:

    Thank you so much , let me check out it

  • Anne Mie says:

    hi please help me im gonna make a facial mask what best preservation to use? thank you

  • Lucie Krištofová says:

    hi there I hope you're well 🙂 I love your videos, I make my own cosmetics too and it's the best we can do for our skin. I hope you won't mind if I correct one thing mentioned in your video-as a microbiologist I would suggest to use 70% alcohol instead of 95% one to sterilise your containers and equipment. 95% alcohol creates protective layer around bacterial cell due to little amount of solute (water) therefore it's less effective then using 70% solution (more amount of water disperse alcohol molecules so they can attack the cell). I hope this is useful information for you, have a lovely day 🍇🌸🍓🐝

  • L'angolo di Gin says:

    Hi! Nice video, I subscribed 🙂 Check out also my homemade cosmetics and subscribe 😀

  • Samantha Ingram says:

    Hi I love your videos and am learning so much from them. I am trying to make a setting sprey as they are so expensive. I was going to use distilled water, glycerine/aloe vera gel (which would you recommend), witch hazel and rose water. What preservative would you recommend? anyone else reading this I would really appreciate any advice.

    Thanks in advance

  • Chris McDonald says:

    I have benzyl alcohol 99.9 % . Can I use a small amount as preservative in my beeswax and oil / water DIY MOISTURIZER

  • Maanj Maaj says:

    Pleas how can i keep longer my bodyscrubs longer or which preservatives can i use for like coffee scrubs can you pleas help mind that no water only oils ! Thank you 🙂🙂

  • Replic Collection says:

    I got propylene glycol for my DIY creams that hve bees wax alovera n coconut n Shea buterr, plz advice

  • Kanchana Thangavelu says:

    Hi can u suggest me a natural preservative to hold ma aloe gel ( extracted from plant) for couple of months .. without refrigeration?

  • Shruthy Velan says:

    what are those common preservatives used in water based lotions?

  • Sabrina FordTV says:

    What preservatives would you need for a glycerin based eyeshadow xx

  • BeautyFoodTips says:

    Check my blog also:

  • cassandra kirby says:

    Hello, thank you for this video.I am a first timer at making my own body scrubs/lotions and bath salts and was just concerned about my scrubs. They will mainly be made with coconut oils, shea butters, salts, sugars and essential oils. I was just wondering if I had to use a preservative for these at all or if they are able to be jarred the way they are?Thank you in advance.

  • Nick D says:

    hi there :), i would like to ask if honey is capable of preserving homemade cosmetic such as my mask that i've mixed with spirulina, greentea and etc since its like 40% honey in its ingredients.

  • Carla Hodge says:

    hi I have question can you use rose water haulloraic acid and phenonip preservative in cream?

  • Kandi Rox says:

    What about the Bacteria from fingers when using butters? What can I use to prevent bacteria growth? Thanks

  • Erron Grant says:

    Thanx exactly what I needed to know

  • Danarae Stevens says:

    how much vitamin e should be used to preserve balms, oils and aloe vera toners that do not contain any water? Is there a per oz formula for each type of product? Thanks

  • Karen P says:

    You seem very nice and thank you for sharing your knowledge. However, your accent was a little difficult for me to follow and the background music didn't help.

  • Khaing Lay says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I am trying to make natural hair conditioner by mixing honey, olive oil, banana, egg, aloe vera and lemon. May I know which kinds of preservatives I should use for it for long lasting?

  • Molurlahs Makeover says:

    how do I preserve my home made setting spray

  • Curious creature says:

    I want to know how to preserve water products. the title lead me to believe you would share this but you didn't really give any info at all ?

  • Carmen Welikanda says:

    Thank you for your great explanation of preservatives

  • JP Makeup Studio says:

    Great video! what preservative can i use for homemade pressed glitters?

  • Asas Bades says:

    How to use citric acid to preserve.

  • MrsScuffham says:

    I'm making eyeshadows. What would be a good natural preservative to add?

  • Mohan Textiles says:

    what preservative should be used to make simple aloe Vera gel

  • Sisi Papa says:

    Can we use apple cider vinegar as preservative

  • Elena B says:

    wow, this was really one of the best and most direct videos I found. I'd like to ask your advice, I am making rose water, which one of the following preservatives would you suggest?

  • Makyrie says:

    Thank you SOOOOO much for the tips… I make my own body wash but can never get it to keep for more than a week or so. Hopefully now my wash will last a while. Thanks again and great video. Very informative….

  • cherylanne cheyne says:

    Quality video…i had posted some questions on another users videos….then i found your channel and you have answered all….thank you very much from Scotland

  • Laura Ifeanyichukwu says:

    I made pink lip balm using beet juice, shea butter, large volume of lemon juice and little amount of vitamin E oil to sell but after 2days, I discovered moth growing on them especially on the darker mixture, pls how do I preserve?

  • Marbie The Doll says:

    Thank you !! You're lovely and I learned so much from this video, new subscriber here !!


    Good evening, I want you to prescribe for me a preservatives to add in a cream for it not to spoil am a beginners. Thanks

  • Pepsi M. says:

    Can you help me, I need to find a preserve for my face mask, it has water in it?

  • Brittney Poels says:

    hi, i want to make a deep condiotioner with fresh bananas (and other fruits) . is it ok if i ad cosgard preservative, is that enought? thanks

  • prisha mittal says:

    Hi I’m prisha ,
    I would like to know , which preservative acid do we use in home made fruit mixed paste . I have read online sodium benzonate n many more . But to prevent spoilage and fungus can you please recommend me . [email protected]

  • Pamela Christian says:

    hello ma'am please how many table spoons of preservative can I add to my Homemade lotion of 500ml

  • Skylightatdusk says:

    If I use a preservative like optiphen or stabil for instance, can I also use ingredients other than oils and water like aloe powder or fresh aloe gel? Will I need to increase the percentage of the preservative?

  • prasanna vin says:

    how to presavetive in home made coconut oil

  • Katherine Collado says:

    BeautyFoodTips, if I use an essencial oil and vitamine e in combination as natural preservative, how much would long the water based product with these two preservatives?

  • Myra Grace Delansig says:

    Hello! If I'm going to make my own lip and cheek tint using only purified water, sunflower seed oil and food coloring, can I use potassium sorbate as a preservative? how much of if for a 10ml water tint? how long will it protect the tint from bacteria? I hope will get an answer from you, thank you in advance. God bless you!❤

  • Md.Azizur Rahman says:

    If make Alovera gel using sterile apperatus , only using antioxident like vit. E Oil , how many days it can be stored in refrigerator ?

  • الصيدلة ووصفات طبيعية لجمالك says:

    Please answer me how can i preserve a mask made aloe vera and clay and tea tree oil

  • Rukaiya Tambawala says:

    How long will a product stay if not added preservative??
    Is there any harm not adding preservative?

  • Chirag Bhargav says:

    wow, this was really one of the best and most direct videos I found. I'd like to ask your advice, I am making ultrasound jel which one of the following preservatives would you suggest?

  • Christina Nielsen says:

    Wow your video was hard to find, but I guess I finally chose the right search word combo 🙈 I have searched all over the internet for trustworthy tips on this, thank u 😊❤️👍


    Hello mam ur video is so nice but recently i watched a video to prepare a face cream using tomato,cornflakes powder,lemon juice and coconut oil. Do I have to add any extra preservative like tea tree essential oil to preserve it more….If i have to add then how much i should add???? (in that video they told to put it in a refrigerator but i don't like to do so pzz give me rply as soon as possible )
    Thanks in Advance 😊

  • Narise Listz says:

    Hi thank you for the tip, With natural hair products do I still need the preservatives and what type of bottle or bow to keep it ? Thank you.

  • Laura Tapia says:

    Do you know where or how can I find out how much antioxidant to body butters. For example what amount to use in 1 lbs of body butter. I used olive oil in the receipe but i dont think its enough.

  • REHAN BUTT says:

    if we can not find preservative then how long can we use hyloronic serum.

  • paru lakshmi says:

    Madam plz tel which preservetiv should i use for making gel

  • Megan Bradley says:

    I see this was uploaded quite a while ago, but I still found it very helpful. Just wanted to ask a question. I making a baby soap and do not want to use any harsh preservatives. I have Potassium Sorbate And read that it protects well against mold and yeast, but not necessarily bacteria. Do you think it’s OK to use that as the sole preservative as long as no fingers are touching it? I know you could not do this for lotions and creams etc.

  • Parampreet Kaur says:

    Hi have you ever used hydrolyzed rice protein in any cosmetics

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