How to Prevent Milia + Dehydrated & Combination Skin ✨Facial For ALL Skin Types’

How to Prevent Milia + Dehydrated & Combination Skin ✨Facial For ALL Skin Types’

So satisfying~ Ah~ Hey guys! Welcome back. It’s Felicia. And Rowena. So last time we went to Ling’s Skincare in Union Square here in New York, and I got the ‘Bye Bye Breakouts’ facial, which is a facial designed for acne-prone, and oily, and combination skin. Basically, everyone who suffers from breakouts right? So make sure you’ve checked that out, but today, we went back and Rowena tried one of their signature facials. It’s called the ‘WOW’ facial and it’s for all skin types. It was to help replenish my very dehydrated skin. And I went in thinking, ‘okay I have large pores here, and then maybe some hyperpigmentation, and a couple of like little milia spots that should be taken care of.’ But I don’t know, over time I felt like my skin is a little more back to normal, not as dry. But no, right when I say down, she was like ‘large pores big because of dehydration.’ I was like ‘Ohh.’ It’s always funny going into these places cause you think you’re good, (Ro: Yeahh) And then they very quickly crush all your dreams and all. Well not really confidence, but they just tell you all the things that you may not be paying attention to. So let’s go into what Rowena went through. When was the last time you actually got a facial? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten like a full-on facial. So we’re both in the same boat, even though we talk a lot about skin, we’ve never really had a full-on facial. (Ro: Yeah) Soooo … adventure time! Like with any facial, there’s certain steps and routines that they go through. So this one first started off with a facial massage. Yes, facial massage, exfoliation to get off all the dead skin cells, dirt, all the nasties from your face. And then it was the extraction part. So the facial massage is to help with lymphatic drainage, to help release tension in your face, and to help promote better blood circulation. Just overall like bettering your … (Fel: Yeah) The blood flow and the fluids in your face which like leads to things like puffiness, but also when you have toxins that are stored in the lymph nodes that aren’t flowing that’s also where you get breakouts. It’s all got to do with like the blood and the movement within. (Ro: Yeah) So actually when I was watching you, it’s really funny. Because she spent about like 10 minutes just on your jaw, undoing the knots (Ro: Yeahhh) That’s the thing! You know how like when you have like a line of knots down your back, and then when you press it, there’s that like that … (Fel: dededede~) Yeahhh dededede all over my jaw here, all over my cheek here. She’s like, “You have a lot of tension under your eyes, you have a lot of tension around your eyes, a lot of tension on your forehead.” I was like “Why am I so tense?” And just a little quick recap of lymph nodes. They’re actually all over the body. It’s actually where ‘qi’ passes through. So this has, you know, everything to do with what’s going on and the healthy functioning of your entire body. And the face also has certain ones. That’s why she was going here. There’s also like points and pressure points here, and also on the forehead, and along here. So you can atually do your own like massage. (Ro: Yeah) And that’s why things like jade rollers and those tools actually help. And then she went down to my shoulders. (Fel: Mmm) And she’s like ‘Yep you have a huge knot here.’ Actually everything from the face connects to the neck and also the shoulders. And it also includes how you sit, and your posture, and what you do on a daily basis. And for us, we’re just like always in front of computers. So that was the first step. And then after that how did it feel? I felt so relaxed. (Fel: Yeah) So after that was exfoliation. For exfoliation, she first went in and put in like a thin layer of glycolic acid. Yeah, this was a straight up glycolic. Did it burn? (Ro: Yeah) It tingles slightly but it wasn’t an uncomfortable, unbearable tingling. I think because I haven’t done as much chemical exfoliation for myself. It did definitely tingle, but it went away really quickly. (Fel: Mmm) Oh, it tingles. And then afterwards, I think she put on a thicker, really cooling layer of papaya. So she actually laid the two and then left that on, and blew that hot steam into your face. (Ro: Ahh) And then I asked her ‘Can you do this at home, like with, I don’t know, over your sink or something? And she was like ‘No, not like that.’ Because how she did it at home was just, put a hot towel over it. (Ro: Mmm) And then she puts on some sort of mask. Didn’t that steam just feel so good? The steam was on my face for that solid like 10, 15 minutes. That steam on my face, I need that. Just to liveee~ She took it off after, I think maybe about like 3 to 5 minutes. (Fel: Yep) She wiped it off, and then this is when the extraction started. (Fel: Bum bum bummmm) I shouldn’t even be complaining. Compared to what I went through, versus what she went through. (Fel: Haha yeahhh) I was like a butcher with all this blood, and then hers, was relatively peaceful, but it was like, there was still some little pricks. But her concern was milia. (Ro: Yeah) The thing is, nothing escapes that light. True. That light that she puts over your face. But yours was fine. (Ro: It was okay) Yeah Dry skin naturally has smaller pores that don’t hold oil, which is why you have dry skin right. So around my whole face, like cheeks area, it’s really dry. (Fel: Yeah) But then, the T-zone, is where she went pretty like … she was like squeezing. (Fel: Yeah) You have combination and so you have an oily nose, but because it wasn’t … (Ro: so congested and like spread) It spread out. Yeah And it was like a mixture of dehydration and congested-ness that made the skincare products that you tried to like … it wouldn’t sink. Yeah And so you need to like get it out before you apply skincare so that it can actually like do its job. That was pretty interesting. And then I think the chin is when it’s like, it’s sensitive. She wasn’t even doing much and then tears were coming out, just like natural reflexes. It wasn’t too painful. The thing I’m learning about myself, is when I don’t have full control over something, I get really tense. So I felt like that extraction just kind of put me back to before the facial. Yeahhh … The next step was masks. And the first one she put on was … (Ro: blueee) Oh yeah, turquoise … Yeah, this turquoise, blue clay mask. It was detoxifying and tightening. So after extractions, and with the steam, everything on your face is open, and with the detoxifying clay mask, it helps just makes sure everything that’s been extracted is properly cleansed, and everything’s sucked up. (Fel: Yeah) And then also helps tighten. So the clay one was only left on for 5 to 7 minutes, and then it was wiped off. Then, this is my favourite part! When I saw her giving Felicia … She basically just put on serums on your face, but the way that she puts it, you know it’s like your hair or your face, when you do things, when other people do things for you that you usually do for yourself, you’re just like ‘Wow!’ So she put on the hydrator with the oxygen-plasma serum. And the thing is, we both have these products ourselves. But when I was watching her put it on, she put so much on! And it really actually makes the skin so alive. It’s like woah! And fully down the neck. Whatever she was putting on my face, she also put in on my neck. (Fel: Yeah) The exfoliation. Thankfully, there is nothing to extract on my neck 😀 That would’ve been very painful. (Fel: That’s painful~) Yeah But then the hydrating products, the hydrator, the oxygen-plasma, ginseng mask. (Fel: Yeah) Everything she put down here. And then the rubber aloe mask. Yeah. The things that go on jelly but then they dry to be like full-on Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hahaha It’s actually like the Dr Jart Rubber Mask. (Ro: Mmm) But she made it herself from the paste. She said there’s different types, but for your dehydrated, dry skin, she used aloe because it’s very soothing, it’s calming and for hydration. So it was like this bluish-green colour as well. And she slathered a really thick layer of that on, and down the neck because she wanted to make sure it covered your eczema areas. (Ro: Yeah) You can think of a mask like this as an occulsive. Because it traps the hydrator which is like a toner, and also the oxygen-plasma serum, which are both deeply nourishing and hydrating. (Fel: Yeah. For all skin types) Deep into layers of your skin. (Fel: Yeah!) And it’s kind of like forcing that into the skin by like suffocating with a rubber mask in the best way possible. When she took it off, I was like ‘Oh my gosh!’ It’s almost … (Ro: like baby skin) It was the same from here to here (Ro: Yeah) There was no discolouration or anything, and then, I was like ‘Wow, your neck!’ and then, she was like ‘Yeah, you see, this is why you need to hydrate.’ Exfoliate and hydrate. (Fel: Yeah) I’m like okay, noted. The skin on the neck is just as important as the skin on the face because it ages as well. So after she took off the rubber mask, she put a cocktail buffet of serums on my face. So like I asked her, ‘Can you layer on too many serums?’ You know, because that’s something that we’re all asking simultaneously, with our videos as well. Hers was very lightweight and they’re designed to kind of be like combined together. And I asked her, I was like ‘Do you put on oils first or moisturizers first?’ And after the oil, she put on a triple lightning serum for my hyperpigmentation, just specifically targeting my cheeks and on my nose where there are dark spots. (Fel: Yeah) And then she put on your moisturizer and SPF. (Ro: Yeah) So it’s funny. The moisturizer bottle is like, no name, no brand bottle, but on it, there’s a little, those typed tags, ‘for dry skin.’ Hahaha like yeah okay~~ So that was the entire 90-minutes of the facial, and actually when you got up, I like touched your face expecting, because there were so many serums on her face, I thought it would be like sticky, but it was like (Ro: it wasn’t) at all. My skin just like (*slurps*) drunk up all the serums. (Fel: Yeah) And it was really bright. Your neck was having its moment of life. The reason why it’s called the ‘Wow’ facial is because their clients always leave, and with like the first time they see their face after, they’re like ‘Wow!’ So the differences between like yours and the facial I got, she used that hot tool at the end of mine which is kind of like in replacement of the massage that you got at the beginning. (Ro: Yeah) Cause that also helped like press the products in, but it also helped to relieve the tension on my cheeks and stuff. The main thing for the ‘Wow’ is exfoliate, extract and hydrate. (Fel: Yeah) And this is anyone can benefit from this. (Fel: Yeah) So what did you think about the whole facial process? As it was the first time you had it in a very long time. I think it was definitely an experience. The good thing or the great thing is I feel like I learned a lot more than I thought I was going to. I never really had much expectations going in. ‘Oh, getting a facial.’ ‘My face will be unclogged.’ (Fel: Mmm) ‘You know, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, my congested pores will be uncongested.’ But I got out of it so much more, like lifestyle messages, (Fel: Yeah!) like personal development tips of how to be less tense. But that’s actually why these things, I feel like are part of and under self-care. (Ro: Ahhh) Because it’s not just about skincare. It’s skincare is self care right? (Ro: Ahhh) And then out of it she taught you about being tensed, which makes you think about like your mind and your body, and how you conduct yourself everyday. So you walk in there … (Ro: Like how it’s all connected) Yeahhh Personally, I think for you, it was really interesting for that and myself, just to have a professional tell you what you’re doing wrong, (Ro: Yeah) and what you’re doing okay, maybe, and what you need to look towards fixing. But then after that, not everyone has that much money every month, even though she kept reminding us … (Ro: monthly, monthly, monthly) It’s like okay, maybe 😀 So it’s like a once in a while treat. I mean, if you have the disposable income, and you’re looking for really top-notch, great facialists, or estheticians, or like a face spa, Ling’s is great. If you don’t have the disposable income, I don’t think I personally will be able to afford, you know like $300. Really is beneficial (Ro: It is) yeah to get them. You do get a lot out of it. Guess it’s all up to you to carry that on in your own skincare routine right? Which is why we have so many videos about skincare routine. And plus, we’re always learning. Like especially with, you know, the layering of products that we asked her, and like, facial oils, for this one we have to go back and try certain things. (Ro: Yeah) It’s also an eye-opening experience for us. So let us know, because they have a lot of different facials, we recommend you guys check it out as well. We’ll leave like their links. It’s not sponsored, by the way. We just go in and venture for you guys. (Ro: For the sake of your entertainment) and to feed your curiosity. Luckily for you, it wasn’t as painful. There wasn’t much blood that was dripped. But yeah, let us know what you think about this facial. Or if you’re interested in other ones, leave your comments below or if you have any questions. Yeah or if you have any specific questions for Ling herself. She was actually a celebrity esthetician in the 80s and 90s, (Fel: Yeah) and did facials for a lot of famous people, you can check it out on her website. If you have questions for her or if you have questions for the estheticians, let us know and we can help relay the questions and messages. (Fel: Yeah we’ll pass them on) So thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next episode! Byeeeeeee~


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