How to read the ingredient list in cosmetics | Doctor Anne

How to read the ingredient list in cosmetics | Doctor Anne


  • Doctor Anne says:

    Do you read the ingredient list before you purchase skincare?

  • Marie-Luise says:

    Could you please check out Clarins products? Like the double serum? ☺️

  • urbanjeanie says:

    Hi Anne, this is a marvellous video! Thank you so much for giving me an idea of what to start looking for. I wish you could do more on how to read ingredient lists – I found this video to be clear and to the point on what to start looking for when trying to read an inky list. Also thank you for clarifying that the ingredients listed on the front of the bottle or box won't exactly be what's inside and to check the back of the box! I recently purchased Elizabeth Arden Retinol capsules (duty free while I was traveling) and when I look at the ingredient list I see that retinol is listed right at the end of the list. The ingredient you mentioned phenoxyethanol is the very last ingredient on the list – so I'm assuming that the retinol is around the 1% mark? Whatever the case I know it's a very low percentage but I'm enjoying the product because it's gentle and I'm still seeing a good result. I'd love to see more videos – I love that you'll be doing one on retinols as there is so much to learn! … Also, I'm sick at the moment – I think a combination of jet lag and change in the weather has impacted my immune system and a bug as got to me! I'd love to see a video on taking care of your skin when you're sick. My skin looked great a couple of days ago … today I feel like a dried up prune!!! Thank you for your awesome videos – I have so many to catch up on and will do today while I'm convalescing! Much love to you Xx

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