How to Select your Cosmetics + Review

How to Select your Cosmetics + Review

today I will talk about how we should choose the products we buy Of course all this from my personal experience, I’m not a chemist The first thing you need to know is that in every product there is a list of ingredients This list starts from the component that is present in greater quantity and moving on to ingredients that is always in smaller quantities This is very important because if a product contains a toxic ingredient, we can see the quantity used So if it is one of the first ingredients, there is so much quantity of it If you find it towards the end of the ingredient list, there is a little quantity we should always check the ingredients because this way we can at least choose products that contain toxic in small quantities (namely towards the end of the ingredients list) These are not perfect but at least contain a little quantity of toxic ingredients! And that is the first thing to check out and helps us to choose a better product It isn’t easy to recognize all these toxic ingredients because they are so many And I can’t talk about all these in this video, you need to resource about them and little by little you will recognize them It seems difficult but it is not so difficult, you only need some practice, you should start by checking out a few ingredients and day by day you will learn more… and you should always check the ingredients, even for “natural” products I usually take a picture with my cell phone of the ingredients list of several products and then at home I try to find information concerning the ingredients So slowly I learn everything I need about raw materials the second thing you need to know is that all raw materials have an INCI name internationally used by all producers INCI: International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients There is an Italian web site in which you can see a review of materials: “biodizionario” You will find the link in the infobox just search the product INCI name and you will see the color of corresponding respectively (for evaluation look the info box) now I will talk about these two cleaning fluids for the sensitive area one of these is “sebamed intimate wash”the inci is very good contains aloe barbadensis and bisabolol to moisturize you can only find it to the pharmacy stores and it is not very economical the other one is “cien intimate body wash” this inci is very good too here aloe barbadensis is towards the end of the ingredient list so that means there is a small quantity of it in this product Semamed, on the contrary, contains more aloe, as you can find it in the fifth place of the ingredients list this is a very good product, the composition is very simple cleans and doesn’t irritate the skin, makes good foam and it hasn’t a very runny consistence as natural-organic cleansings have! that runny consistence depends on the tensioctives used, the type used and the quantity used For a gentle cleansing shouldn’t be used a high quantity of irritating tensioactives but these tensioactives provides the thick consistence so that’s why all these gentle natural-organic cleansings have a runny consistence! And all normal cleansings have a thick consistence but they irritate the skin! So I suggest these two cleansings if you know about other natural-organic product with good INICI you can leave a comment ciao


  • EvelynaCandy says:

    Το sebamed μου το ειχε συστησει δερματολογος κι ειμαι πολυ ικανοποιημενη!

  • δημητρα σαλαγκιωτη says:

    πολυ ωραιο βιντεο!θα μπορουσες να κανεις ενα παρομοιο με καμια κρεμα προσωπου?εχω λιγο καιρο που ψαχνω τα συστατικα των καλλυντικων μου και εχω απογοητευθει..εχουν ολα "κοκκινα¨συστατικα!!ακομη και τα φαρμακευτικα που διαφημιζονται ως φυτικα και αγνα…και ειμαι σε αναζητηση ενυδατικης με οσο το δυνατον αγνοοτερα συστατικα…ευχαριστω!

  • Eleana Kamplie says:

    Το συγκεκριμένο site το ήξερα και γω όμως κάποια parabens όπως το methylparabel το έχει με πράσινο. Όμως όλα τα parabens μηδενός εξαιρουμένου είναι τοξικά σύμφωνα με βιβλία που έχω διαβάσει.
    Επίσης τα sulfates που είναι συστατικά που κάνουν αφρό στα αφρόλουτρα, σαμπουάν κλπ έχω διαβάσει πως δεν είναι καθόλου καλά.

  • Foteini F. says:

    ego ksero oti ti sodium laureth sulfate pou exoun k ta dio einai toxiko!

  • Foteini F. says:

    toxic cosmetics-ingredients to avoid
    des auto to video to exei deutero stin lista

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