How To Stop Nausea! Sickness Hacks That Work [CC]

How To Stop Nausea! Sickness Hacks That Work [CC]

One of the symptoms of my condition, along with being actually sick, is just constant nausea which I personally think is so much worse. At least when I’m sick it just comes out of me and it’s done. Good,we can move on Nausea is just there all the time I vomit on average once a day and I’ll be nauseous for three or four hours but sometimes 24. So if you’ve come to this video looking for some tips from an expert- you’ve found one! My day starts with breakfast and then this… Then this Then 11am, the magic nausea time Hi lovelies, Today we’re going to- whoa! Yeah. Exactly. Now, not all of these tips are ‘healthy’ but when you’re being murdered by nausea who gives a flying you-know-what? I’ve tried every anti-nausea drug going and nothing has ever worked. Nothing works as well as these tips that I’m about to give you You can also read everything on my latest blog post which isin the link in the description Down there In case you are someone who likes to read I’m starting you off easy with one most people know about: ginger. It’s warm, it’s so good, and it actually works Don’t bother with the pre-packaged tea, it doesn’t have enough of the good stuff in. The best way I’ve found is to chop up some ginger and pour boiling water over it. Add a sweetener tab and we’re good to go. It’s not really known why ginger works on nausea, it just does. This is a very low-level cure however. Ginger tea will only work on the first state of nausea, a level 1 out of 3 If you’re already on the floor and unable to move your head it won’t touch it. It is however very fragrant. And apparently excellent with pregnancy and morning sickness. so pregnant mothers this is for you It’s on a path with our next cure This is the go-to for when you’re out and about, it’s the easiest cure to get hold of. It will help level 1 nausea but is really effective for motion sickness or if there are any smells around that might make the nausea so much worse Don’t bother with gum, chewing is just going to work up your stomach juices and that helps nobody. Suck a mint instead. It will also help if you really need to eat but have been feeling too nauseous to do so. Peppermint tea also works but I’ve found only fresh leaves work that you put into the water That’s the only stuff that works It’s something to do with peppermint oil It’s also great for freshening your breath when just the idea of a toothbrush is just the worst thing In the same vein as a mint, the heartburn and indigestion relief Gaviscon works tremendously well but, I find, only on mass! One of those little things is not going to help you You have to pile it up and shove it in there They taste very chalky, which might activate your gag reflex, so I’ve found the best way to have them is with sugar free werthers originals! Four gaviscon, two werthers, chew them up together until there’s nothing left in your mouth. Boom. Five minutes later I can actually function. I have no idea why the werthers activate the gaviscon and make them more powerful. It just does It’s good Go with it Yeah but if you are a scientist do let me know your theories in the comments down bellow I’ve spoken about this before but it works so well I can’t not not mention it When I first became ill my doctor and I tried every antiemetic pill going- the massive ones you crumble into drinks, the tiny one you put under your tongue. dissolves, supposedly…. The one that makes your lips numb. The one that makes them blue That might just be me I have so many issues with the Coca Cola company but golly this thing works! Apparently, the high levels of artificial sweetener in the diet and zero versions would make the drink register as sickly sweet but to counteract this they include an antiemetic…. Which really, really works It is one of the best I have ever encountered It’s great to have a few sips after a meal, If you feel like it’s not gonna stay down Try some diet coke it will definitely help you it’s great to have a little glass in the morning to keep the nausea at bay I will vomit if I don’t drink diet coke in the morning Excellent You should definitely drink through a straw, I would be a very bad dentist wife unless I told you about that Straws are good for you people Another drink but possibly not something you were expecting. This is the bomb when you feel like hurling is imminent. It’s a very old cure for all sorts of things and I understand why, it really does work. But it might make your pee smell funny… It will. 1 cup of liquid to 1 tablespoon of vinegar. If your stomach can’t handle the fizz of lemonade then put it in sweetened water- I particularly like it with Ribena. Although this is excellent for starting digestion if you feel the problem is too much acidity it’s obviously not going to help. Also try to avoid having too much as the side effect of that is certainly… nausea. Do not kiss my wife after drinking it. She hates it! Yes she does Don’t try to kiss my wife anyway. Don’t forget to use a straw This one I’m actually a bit embarassed to share. It’s my dirty secret. This is the top of the range, all time best, class A of anti-nausea cures you have ever come across It will work for you Try not to freak out about it though… Take a cup of sweetener, add a spoonful of protein powder (preferably vanilla flavoured), mix, eat. Yep. Just like that Just as it is It makes me feel so guilty and wrong but it just works. It really really works. I am not kidding this is the one This is the thing, this is what will do it for you The protein powder will swell up in your stomach and counteracts the acid. It’s gonna be good If you’re feeling sick in a very watery way then this is for you. Also if you are sick it will make it taste better Overshare… So there you go, there are my top anti-nausea tips. Let me know in the comments if you have any others or if you have tried any of these. Don’t forget as well to hit subscribe if you haven’t done already and click like if you found this video helpful.


  • Kate J says:

    My mum had terrible morning sickness with me, and she tells me about how she and my dad had a solid morning routine…she'd roll over in bed, smile and say "hi honey", give him a kiss, then roll over to the edge and vomit while Dad ran for the toaster so that she had something to nibble on once she was done 😀

  • Lanae Glover says:

    I just sent this to my mom, who has POTS & lots of nausea issues (we both have EDS – a different connective tissue thing) and she loves you. Just thought I would let you know.

  • ya boi says:

    honestly? someone else talking about nausea kinda helps for me???? idk how. it makes me feel less alone in my paiNnN

  • purpletetrisdragon says:

    I can have my mouth filling up with saliva and be able to stop feeling nauseated and throwing up by running ice cold water over the under side of my wrist. Works everytime. Sorry for the over share. Maybe this could help if you are unable to help yourself and are stuck in the bathroom. Lots of love, tiffiany.

  • Louise Bullock says:

    I go through so many packs of ginger biscuits when I'm hungover, it's the only thing that helps 😂

  • Sarah P says:

    I always have a peppermint teabag on hand to put in cold water if nausea hits. It steeps well cold and I can stay hydrated when I can't stomach water.

  • Emily Etcetera says:

    I have eaten raw ginger slices in the hopes of calming my nausea and at times it was the only thing that helped. It tasted horrible and for a moment I thought I wouldn't even be able to swallow it but it worked better than anything. I still keep little things like ginger chew candies just as comfort items, not even for nausea simply because anything ginger helps with my anxiety. I also regularly drink peppermint tea and keep mints by the bed, and even put cotton balls with peppermint oil on them on my windowsills. I'd never heard of the werther's thing before!

  • Cynthia Stanczak says:

    What kind of sweetener? Aspartame?

  • That Shiny Kitty Kat says:

    I'm just gonna save this for my IBS.
    Since I'm nauseus 10-12+ hours a day.
    And the only thing that somewhat helps is tea. Ginger, Peppermint (I have a peppermint plant in my room if I can't really get up, so I can just lay a leaf on my tongue and I also go to a small herbalist that makes tea that she catered specifically to my nausea, which is amazing <3 )
    So. Gonna try more branching out is these-

  • EYEoftheneedle says:

    My nausea is caused by high levels of anxiety, and I don’t know how to deal with it.

  • NinaWilly says:

    Ume, or pickled plums always worked for me growing up in Japan!

  • Marisa says:

    Diet Coke was my grandmas go to. When she was on hospice she wouldn’t want the anti nausea she would just drink Diet Coke. Plus it was her favorite pop too so it was a little treat as she was passing.

  • Bobby Hill says:

    starts at 1:49

  • A Reyes says:

    Where was this when I was pregnant? LOL

  • Elise Collins says:

    peppermint is the best thing because even if you can't stand the thought of putting anything in your mouth/belly, just the smell of a little peppermint can help! I have housemates who work in healthcare, they're still pretty new to it so they put a drop of peppermint oil on their wrists before they go to work so they can have a refreshing sniff if something really gross happens!!

  • Dino Spumoni says:

    Do all the formulations of Diet Coke work? What about Diet Pepsi?

  • Dino Spumoni says:

    Most people know this, but diphenhydramine and dimenhydrinate (Benadryl and Dramamine, respectively) are extremely effective for motion sickness type nausea. Virtually a panacea. It doesn't work for all forms of nausea, but if it's the kind of nausea that's more based on dizziness and motion it's outrageously effective. Other antihistamines could probably be effective as well.

  • Tyler Kennedy says:

    I've always used Enos, it's essentially like flavoured bicarb soda that you put into water, the bubbles help digestion especially if it's a gassy kind of nausea

  • Ayşe says:

    Definitely going to try some of these as soon as I can get hold of some of the ingredients. I also throw up about once a day but feel nauseous constantly. Ginger tea used to work for me but no longer does.

  • Reid Smith says:

    I have been drinking loads of diet coke because I am always in need of caffiene to function am usually nauseus too and hadnt realised it was what was helping but yay!

  • Annabelleplayzgamez says:

    Omg thank you so much! I suffer from anxiety and I feel nauseous all the time. I also have a fear of puking so this helped so much! Thank you so much <33

  • Annabelleplayzgamez says:

    These help me, cuddling a cat dog or any animal that you have, drink a hot drink or a sweet beverage and sit up in a position that’s not crunching the stomach. These might not help you, but sometimes it does for me.

  • Frida Leigh says:

    there's actually a pressure point that counteracts nausea! i also have a chronic illness that makes me sick and pressing the soft spot between my thumb and index finger with my other thumb has always worked for me to stop that early wave of nausea.

  • i says:

    id definitely recommend letting diet coke go flat before drinking it, especially if you struggle with indigestion and gas because sometimes that makes pain and thus nausea worse, but i definitely agree that it helps. i can't wait to try the rest of these <3

  • Emmett Battle says:

    tip for what you called level one nausea, wash your armpit and wash off any lotions or perfumes. any smells make it worse so if youre capable which im usually not, just wash yourself off with plain water.

  • Briee Star says:

    What sickness do you have

  • Buky Badass says:

    this bitch moves her hand too much

  • Lane W says:

    Awesome video <3 I have pretty bad chronic nausea and throw up frequently too. Ginger is the saviour, I really like these ginger chews for something to have on the go. you can get them on amazon or usually health-food stores if anyones interested. I'm excited to try the protein powder trick!

  • Nagi Noriette says:

    Do you have some good tips for nausea caused by anxiety? Sometimes my anxiety gets really bad and I can’t eat anything until it goes away, and I never know if a nausea cure will help because it’s anxiety based, but I am not good at quelling my anxiety… thanks 🙁 <3

  • Holly says:

    If I know I'm about to throw up regardless of what I do, I'll eat some vanilla ice cream to help reduce the burning and pain and to cover up the taste #tmi?

  • Maya Perez says:

    i have emetophobia (fear of vomit) anxiety and OCD. every second i feel nauseous and vomiting is my biggest fear. for 2 years no one in my house was allowed to even use those words (vomit, throw up, puke, barf) just typing those words make me anxious. i wish i could stop feeling this way, i restrict certain foods because of this. any advice??

  • Green Elf says:


  • Min Yoongi's Wife says:

    I just hate when I have morning sickness, being (6 months pregnant is hard) any lady's out their reading this all I can say is the struggle is real and we can get through this!! 💪
    (Oh and as you can see in my profile I'm also a fan of BTS. Don't ask me why 😄

  • Rosamy says:

    Tums, the anti acid tablets work for me but only at a level 1/1.5

  • ThatDutchguy says:

    I knew about Ginger, but the rest was all new to me.

  • SilverCube says:

    oh my god i salute you
    im taking meds that give you nausea as one of the side effects and 1) thank you so much for these suggestions and 2) how do you even cope with being nauseous 24/7 i literally can't stand it

  • Harriet Amarfio says:

    Watched this whole video just cause i liked the way she sounded. I can listen to her talk all day

  • Sabrina says:

    What about tips for indigestion? Bloating and reflux etc

  • KelSmith95 says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I have nausea from fibromyalgia and completely understand that CONSTANT “bleh” feeling that just seems to linger forever. I am definitely going to try some of these tips 🙂 Your channel has been so helpful for me and made me feel less alone in having a chronic illness. Especially one that seems invisible to other people!

  • Servicedog Zeki says:

    I like the very subtle asl i didbt really notice then i saw lol

  • Emma Weidman says:

    " w h o g i v e s a f l y i n g y o u k n o w w h a t "

  • Alyssa Hernandez says:

    I am so glad that I found this video because like you said in the beginning of the video NOTHING helps me and I feel nauseous every single day

  • Siriuslygeeky -Batman says:

    I have a mystery condition that sometimes comes a couple days after my period, it's mostly like… resolved itself or something? but It used to be at least once a month I'd get horribly sick… no meds were working, not even the strongest ones the drs prescribed. Mum eventually said "** it. Heres some phenergan" she has stomach issues, but it didnt work out for her. It's the only thing that helps lessen my severe pain and nausea! But… it leaves me feeling sedated for like… 2 days… Its happening rn and I'm gonna try these

  • Jade Auburn says:

    I've heard ginger works, but the taste makes me nauseous. I'm crying.

  • Diane Mc Gowan says:

    I like a short glass of coke with the juice of half a lemon in it. I also get good results with the juice of half a lemon, a large splash of bitters and some soda water.

  • Fuckhands McMike says:

    I'm constantly nauseous and have trouble keeping food down. and the dr.s Cant figure out whats wrong with me, but I keep diet coke with me at school and it's actually fairly helpful!!

  • Lauren Love says:

    i have chronic nausea and the ONLY thing that works for me is Zofran

  • Miranda Barnhouse says:

    okay so after a million years of nausea and avoiding trying diet coke, i finally got some to try tonight after being Super duper nauseous.
    and omg jessica, you were so right. it was like, immediate, after like one or two sips! it was basically and instant anti-sick potion.
    thank you so much!!!! oh my goodness i am so grateful you shared this crazy magic secret lol

  • Abbie Martin says:

    Thank you so much for these!! I am so grateful. I’ve been nauseous on and off for 3 days now (no clue why!) and the peppermint trick really does help

  • Max Ravenwood says:

    I react badly to the caffeine in lots of fizzy drinks, so I usually drink ginger ale for nausea (it has ginger in it too, so that helps).

  • Kristina Knapp says:

    When I first started having nausea as a symptom it would stay for a few hours and then it quickly became a 24 hour symptom and there was no relief. I tried a lot of remedies as well, finally my gastroenterologist put me on the combination of promethazine and omeprazole every 12 hours daily, and no more nausea and I rarely throw up though from time to time it happens. Ive been on these for years and its the only mix of medications that help.

  • Parishma Patani says:

    Oh yeah! The diet coke does wonders! Also sometimes when I have to lie down and even the thought of putting something in my mouth makes me gag, smelling peppermint tea really helps. Not sure what it is but the steam + peppermint help a lot

  • ronda perry says:

    I have gastroparesis I deal with nausea and bloating all of the time. I use ginger tea and cola syrup ( it is what coke is made from) you put a few tablespoons over a little crushed ice and sip it and it does wonders.

  • super_sad says:

    i think the sugar free wrethers and gaviscon work in the same way as the diet coke does, the wrethers give you that extra boost with the gaviscon.

  • nobody says:

    I gotta try that protein powder thing cause nothing else works very well at all.
    Thank you 🙏🏻

  • Flowers and daisy chains says:

    7up with the fizz taken out

  • Madeleine Heaney says:

    DIET COKE 100% will be trying the protein powder

  • amy macdonald says:

    I have had periods of nausea that last non stop for about a week… I would take half a gravol every 10-12 hours and even that didn't do much. I ate ginger. I ate only raw fruits and veggies because everything else made me feel like I needed to sleep until it was OUT OF ME. and that doesn't happen. I can't throw up. Not since I was 5 years old. Can't burp either. Don't know why. I just get horrible tingles and gags. Anyway. On a whim, and out if desperation (after taking a pregnancy test that came out negative) for some kind of relief, I drank kombucha. I had to shake it to partially de fizz it…. but it actually really helped. So after ginger and gravol fail… I go to a bottle of ginger and green tea kombucha. 🙂

  • Katherine Müller says:

    My Prozac makes me so nauseous and the Diet Coke really helps if I’m really hungry but it feels like my stomach is coming up.

  • Heather Dunn says:

    I’m way late but I mix ginger root power and honey and put little dollops on parchment and keep them in the freezer, works super good

  • Rose Quill says:

    I've had nausea pretty much all day for as long as I can remember partially from medication I'm on now but also partially because my body does that I don't know why. I never thought to ask anyone because I was a child and just thought that was how everyone felt. Sometimes it makes it extremely difficult to go to school or pay attention because I'm just thinking "don't throw up don't throw up don't throw up" but mostly it's just there.

  • haleigh wyman says:

    I’ve BEEN HOPING FOR THIS VIDEO FOR SOOOOO LONG! I’m nauseated constantly

  • Helena Hay says:

    All I can say is that nausea is massively more awful than childbirth and you have my deepest sympathies. May a miracle drug be discovered soon and hand delivered to you! Xx

  • Meg Green says:

    This video is so helpful! I have anxiety, and it makes me nauseous quite a lot of the time, which is just horrible. I never actually throw up, but the nausea feeling just stays with me, and it can also be quite scary (I also have emetophobia). I'll definitely be trying these out 🙂

  • im19ice3 says:

    thank you!! i get carsick all the time (doesn't happen on any other transport idk why) and i also get rinconvenient bursts of nausea in public where i would least want to hurl because of anxiety, all the tips are greatly appreciated <3

  • Juniper Hill says:

    Powdered ginger capsules are very effective in my experience. Especially if you suck on the capsule briefly to soften it so it dissolves faster. You can get them from Amazon, which is an important criterion for me since I can’t get out much.

  • Juniper Hill says:

    Any carbonated beverage can help you belch (sorry) which relieves a lot of types of nausea for a lot of people.

  • Lexie Bisignano says:

    Wait what do you mean the fizz of lemonade. Is your lemonade carbonated. Why.

  • Spidergirl says:

    This video made me turn to my partner and go "SEE! It's not just me, I'm not crazy!"

  • Aimée Thomas says:

    I am nauseous every day and it’s really really horrible because I also have severe emetophobia so I’m literally spending all day freaking out and not knowing what to do but feeling so ill x

  • Fia Prendy says:

    I would add that letting Diet Coke (or any other carbonated drink) actually sit on your tongue inside your mouth for a little while helps to counteract that “cotton mouth” sensation that often accompanies nausea 🙂

  • Eva A says:

    First of all I love you this video just appeared on my dashboard the day I needed it. Second the Gaviscon and Werthers probably has something to do with the fact that it slows down gastric emptying which allows the Gaviscon to stay in your stomach longer before it is absorbed allowing it to lower more excess stomach acids in the stomach before it is metabolized.

  • Daria Prokopenko says:

    This video saved me from lying on the floor all day today after taking my pills. I was even able to do some work. Thank you, Jessica!

  • Irene Plumlee says:

    I have severe nausea and am excited to try some of these hacks! For the last hack though, just eat icecream!! It works really similarly but is easier/more fun to eat, at least in my opinion

  • Kimberly M. says:

    When I was young, I had a stomachache, actually that word is too minor–I was screaming! My grandmother put an ice pack on my throat–instant relief!

  • jkmakeupmaster143 says:

    same, I have monthly episodes of vomiting

  • Anika Baddeley says:

    Peppermint has helped me

  • Ouch Mouse says:

    Polos are my nausea saviour!

  • Alexandra Filas says:

    I have had chronic nausea for about a year. I’ve gotten tested and tried a lot. Glad to see I’m not alone.

  • Maeve Claire says:

    I just came here bc I’ve had a shitty morning with a migraine and nausea lmaoooo

  • Alexis Firestine says:

    I’m so confused: I was in my living room and felt nauseous asf then when I went in the bathroom just Incase I was gonna throw up but the minute I sat down I felt like I was in heaven 🤣

  • Isabella Durante says:

    I am here like 2 years after this was posted to let you know that I watch this video every time that I am ill. Unfortunately nausea seems to have become a part of my life, and I really need these videos to remind me that I am not all alone.

  • me says:

    i remember being a little kid, being really sick, and my parents bringing me diet coke and letting me watch cartoons until i fell asleep on the couch. i thought they were just tricking me into thinking i was better because of the coke, but i guess not!

  • Olivia Jäger says:

    I use peppermint flavoured Gaviscon which works wonders for me so maybe it would work for some people here

  • Softy says:

    i have crohns disease and ive found to help with cronic nausea is having ginger, anything ginger, i found the best is ginger beer, also if your vomiting alot because of nausea, having bone broth is good for you, easy for your body to absorb and its very good for you, pretty much when im flairing its the only thing next to water i can have, also going completely sugar free is a huge must, hope this helps you and others

  • Србомбоница says:

    Nausea is the worst feeling ,for me it's from anxiety and IBS,it's the most horrible feeling ever

  • Србомбоница says:

    Regular sparkling water helps me a lot ,with nothing added in it ofcourse ,I put a little lemon fresh squeezed juice in it,it's my lemon sparkling water lol

  • leo nie says:

    I'm praying for you!🙏❤

  • dove says:

    I have emetophobia. Nausea gives me so much anxiety. I will do anything to stop it so I can calm down

  • Sven S. says:

    Ginger has always been my cure for nausea. And it helps me in every level of nausea.
    But I eat it pure and raw. It’s very strong in flavor, but it helps me sooo much.
    I suffer a lot from nausea, but haven’t vomited for 10 years now.
    Ginger has changed my life. 😄❤️

  • N Orsi says:

    My boyfriend was so sick and the protein powder and sugar thing worked immediately! Thank you so much!

  • Kawaii •chan says:

    Oh great I just ran out of Diet Coke

  • B says:

    My best tips are:
    Fresh air
    Kneeling on hands and knees
    Hot water bottle

  • Christopher Osorio says:

    I feel exactly the same.

    Thank you

  • Aesthetic ? says:

    Fresh orange slices help for me sometimes lmao

  • Brett Roeder says:

    God bless this video

  • Avery - says:

    This is actually really useful because if I wake up before a certain time i'm nauseated for hours but I can never throw up so it doesn't go away

  • Tamber Grable says:

    Saving this!

  • Carolyn Ducker says:

    Yo thanks for the gaviscon tip, it usually makes my gag reflex SO MUCH WORSE but that makes sense to have it with a sugar free candy!

  • N3RDYG0GGLES says:

    Here’s me feeling fairly crap while my IBS is being a dingus, and I find this video among your playlists. You’re fab Jessica, and I’m happy to have attended at least one of your panels last SITC 🙂

    Ginger is bloody amazing, I keep a whooooooole lot of ginger biscuits and peppermint tea/sweets in the house. Recently made a mistake trying to have the ginger Pepsi instead, I suddenly remembered why I’m not a fan of that root beer sort of stuff.

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