How to Use a Jade Roller for Facial Massage | Byrdie

How to Use a Jade Roller for Facial Massage | Byrdie

Hey, guys! This is Victoria. I’m the news editor at Byrdie, and I’m really
excited to share one of my favorite skincare rituals, which is called jade rolling. So right now what’s really new and now in
beauty is this really cool merging of Eastern and Western culture, and that’s seen in wellness,
in beauty, kind of all over. And it’s really exciting that we’re looking
beyond our own borders at these techniques, which—a lot of them are really ancient,
and jade rolling is a really great example of that. This is a jade roller—it’s made of jade
stone, hence the name—and jade is used in ancient Chinese tradition to ward off negative
energy, to balance your chi, and just bring on some good vibes, so that’s all really nice,
but it has a really practical use as well, and that is basically to function as a facial
massage tool. It stimulates collagen, it lifts your facial
muscles, and then also it makes your products absorb really deeply. This jade roller is from Ling Skincare, and
the founder and owner of Ling is Ling Chan, a really, really talented esthetician, and
she once gave me a valuable piece of skincare advice, and that is to think of your skin
cells like roof shingles. So if you look at a roof and the way that
the shingles are layered, the opening is always at the bottom, and our skin cells are actually
arranged in a very similar way, and that’s really important to remember whether your
cleansing, applying product, or using a massage tool or just your hands to always apply in
an upward motion. And that’s kind of the theme of jade rolling. It really does lift and use that upward motion,
and so you’re really hitting all the skin cells, allowing whatever product you’re using
with it to absorb better. And you can use any product that you like—usually
it’s a moisturizer. I like using a serum or a cream, and I have
two wonderful ones with me today. The Kypris is a little less wallet friendly,
but it’s phenomenal. It’s called Moonlight Catalyst, it’s full
of peptides, it’s really wonderful for slathering on at night and waking up to really bright,
refreshed skin. And then the other one is from one of my personal
favorite brands, French Girl, and this is their brand-new facial serum. It’s made with neroli, which is like one
of my favorite scents, so I love this one. I’m going to use the Kypris. You just apply a few drops of your preferred
product, so you want to put on a really nice layer of that just to help the jade stone
glide a little bit better on your skin. And then you just roll, and it’s really simple—you
just roll up, you just target every area of your face. Once you feel like you’ve kind of given yourself
a boost, then proceed with your regular skincare routine, makeup routine, and you’re good to
go. I actually really love doing this first thing
in the morning, too, because the stone is really cool, so it’s really good for puffy
eyes or under-eye bags. If you want to get more details in the background
of jade rolling and what products are best to use with it, you can check out a story
I actually wrote about it for Byrdie, and it’s on right now. And as always, if you want any other pointers
or tips or tutorials, have any request, just let us know, and we will answer your questions.


  • MisterBassBoost says:

    Good video! Keep it up!

  • Glitter Fallout City says:

    would a rose quartz roller works the same?

  • ratata says:

    merging of East and West culture? lol, more like the west is taking note of traditional eastern ways.
    Cool video though 🙂

  • Meghan Dowd says:

    Bought a roller and so far I love it!!

  • Dilcia Enid says:

    This is not how to use a Jade Roller, lymph doesn't flow that direction. Please people search other videos.

  • h says:

    Who calls roof tiles shingles

  • Steffany K says:

    I'm sorry but you're doing the motion all wrong. This is not the proper way to do it.

  • jennifer Kleinrock says:

    How do you clean your jade facial roller

  • beachlover says:

    Just bought mine from Esteli Body and love it. Thanks for making this video!

  • don rider says:

    mine is from Roll On Jade

  • MrDJBorbon says:

    i've been using this one its a jade roller with interchangeable heads, its pretty convenient almost like having a drema roller / jade roller. Also removing the head and placing them on the freezer its feels amazing after a long day. If you are trying the jade roller why not get more bang for you buck 🙂

  • flowerbomb flowerbomb says:

    Hello my beautiful girl! Can you tell me what nail polish are you wearing? It looks amazing! Thank you!

  • Amanda Paulsen says:

    How do you clean it

  • Juan Ramos says:

    Hate to call people out but very important when you're dealing with the human anatomy. Should role out in the lymph exit points and face the right direction with the chi with the energy back facing southwest other wise you face attract bad energy and important to ground while doing this keep your feet outside.Or use an indoor ground mat. Why don't they say these things in videos?When dealing with an other cultures we must be careful not to violate their taboos and maintain respect of the culture and the quartz. Might not even hurt to do a moon cleanse before use or next full moon. Ok ladies take care.

  • MsRazno says:

    You can't mix oil and water… Even mix breed children are freaks.

  • Cynthia Purdie says:

    [email protected]^ k is she? She's too regular for me.

  • Faya00001 pebble says:

    This is an advert and not how you use a roller. Completely wrong instructions, please don't fall for this.

  • Kristina Marie says:

    Its an awesome analogy to point out how our skin cells lay like roof shingles and how that should remind you to apply products in an upward motion, yet nearly every time you touch your face with your hands, you're smoothing downward, lol! So this will definitely be a reminder because now when I apply my facial products, I laugh when I am smoothing UPWARDS! Lol! Maybe you meant to be ironic… Pretty clever!

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