How to Use Essential Oils | Young Living Essential Oils

How to Use Essential Oils | Young Living Essential Oils

Haley Jensen: Hey, everybody! So how many of you are like, “Okay,
I know essential oils work. They’re powerful. They’re amazing,
I’ve been reading all about them. I know my friends love them.
I get it that they work. I know they’ve been used
throughout history. I know they’re not snake oils. But how do I actually use them?” Like how many of you
thought, okay, lavender. People say it’s calming, it’s very
relaxing, it’s soothing to your skin, it can help calm occasional
nervous tension. You know that, but how
do you experience it? How do you actually use lavender so
that you can get those benefits? Well, today I’m talking about
how you actually use oils to get the benefits that you heard
all these people talking about, and that you know actually work. So the first way to use essential
oils — and this is very simple – the first way to use essential
oils is to use them aromatically. So diffusing your essential oil. So this may seem very simple to
you guys, but all you want to do is you just add a little bit
of water to your diffuser. There’s a little line on the
inside, or a little red dot. You just add water. Add your
favorite essential oil. So say you’re like, “You know, I really need
to calm down, and relax before I go to bed.” Add your lavender essential
oil to your diffuser. Put your diffuser by your bed and just have
it going all night to help you stay calm, to help you stay relaxed.
Or before bed. During your bedtime routine.
Turn it on. You can smell the powerful effects, the
powerful aroma of lavender essential oil. Using oils aromatically
it seems very simple, but it is one of the most
effective way to get the benefits of an essential oil because the
sense of smell is so powerful. If you think about it, your sense
of smell is the only one of your five senses where you actually
react before you process it. You react before you process
that you smell something. So for example, hopefully
that made sense. If you touch something, you process
it in your brain, and then you react. If you see something, you process it
in your brain, and then you react. If you smell something — so here
is this wonderful lavender – if you smell something your
body actually physically reacts before you process
it in your brain. So that’s why, if you walk into a spa —
how many of you have walked into a spa, and you just instantly feel zen, you feel
balanced, you feel calm, you feel centered. You just sit down and
you’re just like, (sigh) like this weight has been
lifted off of your shoulders. And that’s because they’re usually
diffusing some type of essential oil that’s very calming and relaxing, and your
body feels that way before you process it. It’s the same as if you smell one of
your mom’s favorite home-cooked meals. You smell that wonderful scent. It just takes you back in time,
and you start to feel that way. You know, you start to
feel the way that you did in that time period before
you actually process it. So we’re not going to go into too much
of the science about how oils work. But just know that the sense of
smell can change any environment. It can help create an
atmosphere of energy. It can help create an atmosphere
of positivity, focus, relaxation, centering — whatever you’re looking
for, whatever particular oil supports that feeling
that you’re looking for, diffuse that oil and use it aromatically,
and it can help change the environment. So if you’re a teacher,
diffuse some lemon. Lemon is a very focusing aroma. Diffuse some lemon in your
classroom, some rosemary. It can help support an
atmosphere of focusing, and help support an atmosphere
of staying in line. So just diffuse.
Very, very simple. You can also just breathe a
few drops into your hand. So if you don’t have a diffuser,
you’re really new to essential oils. You really want to feel energized,
you want to feel refreshed. Grab your Citrus Fresh. Whatever oil you’re looking for, just put
a couple drops in the palm of your hand. You rub it in the palm of your hand,
and then you cup your hands like this. So that you guys can see. And then you just take a few
deep breaths through your nose. So breathe in slow. Pause. Hold out. So you just…
(breathes deeply). Breathe in. Breathe out. Sometimes I do this at my desk. I take rosemary or frankincense before
I start working on a big project. Just put a couple
drops in my hand. Breathe in. You can do that. Give it to your
kids before a game. Have them get peppermint
because it’s very energizing. Put a couple drops of peppermint
in the palms of their hand. Have them breathe it in.
Breathe out. Breathe in a few times and you’re getting
those benefits of the essential oil. You’re getting the
benefits of that aroma. Essential oils are volatile. So that’s why they’re in a
liquid form in your bottle. But then when you put them in
your hand, and you rub it around, they easily change
from liquid to a gas, so that allows you to get
the benefits of those oils. You know, as you breathe them in, and as you
breathe them in through your lungs as well, you get the benefits of them
on both different systems. So great way to use
essential oils. You can also use different DIY’s
when you’re using oils aromatically. So you can make your
own linen mist. Put a little bit of witch hazel or a little
bit of water in a little spray bottle. Add your favorite essential oil. So one of my favorite
oils is Sacred Mountain. It’s a blend of ylang ylang
and a few tree oils. It smells amazing. If you haven’t tried it… if
you love Sacred Frankincense, I mean Sacred Mountain, let me
know, it’s one of my favorites. But I actually make a
little linen mist. So I put it in a little bottle like this,
and I’ll actually spray my pillows, or even my yoga mat
before doing yoga. It’s just very
centering, very calming. So you can use oils to help, you know, make
the linens in your life more fragrant, smell more like essential oils. You can also get cotton balls. These are some simple, simple hacks to
get the smell of the essential oils, the aroma of essential oils
everywhere in your life. Put essential oils on a few cotton balls
and I will actually put them in my closet, or in my underwear
drawer, in my shoes. I’ll get oils that I
love the smell of. So I love Citrus Fresh or
maybe Purification because it has air cleansing qualities. Or tea tree. I’ll put a couple drops of
tea tree on a cotton ball, stick it into my shoes or
put it into my kids’ shoes. I’ll get oils that I love the smell of
like Stress Away or Sacred Mountain, and I’ll put them in different clothes
drawers or in my storage bins and just leave them with my
clothes so that my clothes have the aroma of that essential oil. You can also get
wool dryer balls. If you guys use those for your
dryer in replace of dryer sheets. I actually put wool dryer balls, put
a bunch of essential oils on them, and I put them in the drawers
of my closet because it makes my clothes smell amazing. You can just put them
anywhere in your house. So you can use cotton balls and
put them around your house. You can try adding
peppermint or Purification. Purification helps you enjoy
the outdoors annoyance free. So you can put Purification on a cotton
ball, put it in your windowsills. You know, it helps your
windowsills stay annoyance free. So you put them in your windowsills,
put them around your house. There are lots of ways that
you guys can use these. You can also use clothes pins,
like those wood clothes pins. You put oils on there, put
them in the vent of your car. And so as your car, you turn
on your heat or your AC, the essential oils are
blowing in your car. It’s like your own
makeshift diffuser. You can use oils that way. You can use a reed diffuser, make your own
DIY reed diffuser and put them around. There are just so many ways
to use oils aromatically. So those are just a few
simple tips on using oils to just breathe in those
qualities that way. The next way to use essential
oils is topically. So using oils topically is great
for your skin or your muscles or things like your hair
and things like that. So you can apply oils
directly to a blemish. So oils that are great for applying
to blemishes to help reduce the appearance of those blemishes
are oils like lavender, tea tree, frankincense.
Those are just a few. Those are really good
skin-supporting oils. And so you can get tea tree, and
actually just put one drop. I don’t have tea tree up
here, but I’ll use lavender. You could actually just put
one drop into your palm. Be careful. When you put it on, you
just wait for that drop to fall, because you don’t
want to get too much. So just be patient and don’t —
if you try to tap out the oil, usually three or four
drops will come out. So you just put one drop
in the palm of your hand. Just tap your finger in
there, save a little bit, and put it directly onto
your blemish like that. So there’s not too many times
that I apply oils neat. I usually dilute them. But when you’re applying it to a
blemish, you can apply it neat. That being said, everyone’s
skin is different, so you do have to test it out to see
how your skin reacts to certain oils. Everyone has a totally different make-up, they
react totally different to different oils. But generally speaking, this
is a great way to use oils, especially on those blemishes, and those
not so pretty parts of your skin. So just apply it directly
to those blemishes. Tea tree is great.
Like I said, frankincense, lavender. You can also mix essential oils
with your favorite moisturizer. This is one of my
favorite way to use oils. And that’s why I think I go
through so much lavender. Lavender just works
great for my skin. Everyone has different oils
that are their favorite. Lavender is my absolute
favorite for my skin. It helps soothe the appearance
of uneven skin tone, it helps soothes the
appearance of blemishes. I mean lavender is like the
Swiss army knife of oils. Especially when it comes
to anything skin. You can apply to your skin after being
outdoors, after being in the sun. It’s just wonderful, wonderful,
wonderful for the skin. I actually will just apply a
couple of drops with Sheerlume. That’s the moisturizer
that I use at night. I love it. If you don’t use
it, you should try it. I promise you will thank
me later. It’s amazing. I just apply a couple of drops
of lavender to Sheerlume, mix it in the palm of my hand,
and then apply it before bed. Sometimes I use frankincense,
sometimes I use patchouli. There’s different oils, there’s lots
of oils that are great for your skin. You just try out different ones that
you like and for your specific needs. We’re just talking about
some basics here today. So you can apply it and mix
it with your moisturizer. You can also apply oils say mix
it with coconut oil or dilute it with V6 oil and use
it during a massage. So you can use oils like Aroma Siez
or peppermint or frankincense. And put a few drops in
the palm of your hand. Grab some carrier oil, which is
coconut oil, V6 oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, whatever
carrier oil you prefer. Mix it in the palm of your hand, and then
you just massage with that essential oil. It’s a great way to get the benefits
of essential oils topically, especially on those fatigued
areas after exercise. Peppermint is very cooling.
Same with wintergreen. Same with Pan Away.
They’re all very cooling. Peppermint has a constituent
called menthol which is actually, you know, commercial sports
creams actually synthetically copy menthol for its cooling
and very powerful benefits. And so we actually just get that in its most
natural form, found just the peppermint oil. And so that’s a great oil to apply after
exercise, to apply to fatigued muscles. Pan Away, you apply it to your fatigued
muscles after exercise, use it in a massage. You could make actual workout
stick. I’ve done this before. I actually will melt coconut oil, mix it
with Pan Away or peppermint or Aroma Siez. My favorite lately has been
Aroma Siez and peppermint. Aroma Siez is great to
apply after exercise. But I’ll mix some Aroma Siez and peppermint,
and I’ll mix it with melted coconut oil. Then I’ll actually let it harden
in an empty deodorant stick. And so, after I’m done working
out, say there’s a particular area that I want to put these on after
I workout, and they’re fatigued, I’ll just get that stick and
just rub it directly on there. So you can apply oils after
exercise. During a massage. You could also apply oils
directly to the area of need. So, if you want to apply oils to the
back of your ears, so just dilute it. Mix your oil with a little
bit of carrier oil, with a little bit of V6,
apply it along your ears. You could apply it along
the back of your spine, and along the back of your neck. That’s great to really get like a grounding,
a very relaxing effect of essential oils. So say you use Sacred
Frankincense or ylang ylang or one of those more grounding,
very centering essential oils. You can apply it down your
spine, the back of your neck. I always tend to get like
in the wintertime my skin gets more dry and I need to support
it with some heavy moisturizers like coconut oil, or bees
wax or something like that. So I’ll get those deep moisturizers,
and I’ll add a complementary oil like frankincense or lavender, and
I’ll apply it to the back of my arm. So that’s my specific
area of need. You can apply oils to your
specific area of need. You can also use it
as a natural perfume. So you can put a couple of drops directly,
just on the palms of your hand right there. Rub it in and you’ll smell
wonderful throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll just put a couple
drops on my hand and actually put it in my hair just because
I feel like my hair holds onto essential oil
smell for long time. And that way I just smell
good throughout the day. You can also dilute your essential
oil, you can put it on your chest, on your shoulders, just to have that
natural fragrance-free, beautiful smell. Fragrance is one of the worst
things that you can put on your body or
that you can smell. When you see the word “fragrance”
in a beauty product, in a personal care product, it basically just
means it’s a bunch of chemicals that have… that doesn’t make sense… but it’s
basically just a bunch of chemicals. Companies don’t have to
disclose what’s in fragrance because it’s considered
a proprietary term. So you don’t know
what you’re getting. It’s usually just lots
of toxic chemicals. Use an essential oil if you
want something to smell good. Plus essential oils have tons of other
additional benefits that are great for you, whether it’s your skin, your body, different
areas of your health, they’re great for you. So use essential oils. Don’t use
fragrance. Make your own things. You could also add essential oils when you’re
applying them topically to all your DIY. So I love making DIYs.
Here is just a few. Here is like a
little salt scrub. So as you make a salt scrub with
Epsom salts and coconut oil, and sea salt, add some
essential oils in there. Add them to your… I have a little
cellulite scrub with some coffee, and some Epsom salt and some
sugar, some brown sugar. I also added grapefruit
and cypress in there. So add essential oils that work
synergistically with your DIYs. The DIY Kit is a great
place to start. If you want to start using DIYs,
you’re not sure if you have all of the ingredients,
it’s too expensive, the DIY Kit is a great
cost-effective way to get different do-it-yourself kits that you can add in
your essential oils in your starter kit. So, that’s just a little plug for
the DIY Kit, I love that kit. So if you’re DIY, you can add
them to your hair masks. I do a hair mask once a week whether
it’s coconut oil, or Argan oil, depending on what
I’m feeling like. I will always add essential
oils to my hair masks. I always add them
to my facemask. So if you use like a bentonite clay
mask, add essential oils to it. If you make a lip balm, add
essential oils to your lip balm. I love adding peppermint
because of the menthol. It’s very cooling and very stimulating
so it helps your lips look fuller than they normally would because of that
stimulating feeling and that menthol. So, really, the options are endless
when using essential oils topically. Add them to your DIYs. Add them to everything
that you’re using and it will complement
whatever you’re using. And the last way to use
essential oils is internally. Now Young Living has a whole
line of essential oils that are specifically labeled for internal
use, and those are our Vitality oils. So they have this white label. We’ll actually be posting about
Vitality oils later this week, giving the in-depth answer to the
full difference between the two oils. But long story short, is it’s the
same powerful essential oil. The Vitality oil is labeled
specifically for internal use and is the oil that you
should recommend when sharing and talking about essential
oils any way internally. So whether it’s cooking, putting it in
your drink, taking it in a capsule, you should always reference
the Vitality oil. So like I said, there are lots
of ways to use oils internally, and that’s one of the most powerful ways
to get the benefits of oils that way. So the first way that you can use oils
internally is you can cook with them. Yes, you can cook with them. If you use peppermint extract, try
using peppermint essential oil. You can add them to desserts. So say you’re just making
your regular brownie mix, add a couple drops of peppermint,
and you’ll have a really minty, refreshing, peppermint brownie. And, you can add them
to really any dish. You can add any of our more herby
oils like rosemary, thyme, any of those oils, oregano, you can add
them to maybe it’s a spaghetti dish, or maybe it’s a pasta or some
type of cream or a butter. Just make sure that you go slow
when you’re using oils in baking because a little bit
goes a long way. Oils are super concentrated. I mean they’re 100 to 10,000
times as concentrated as herbs. So you’re getting a lot. You’re getting
a powerful punch in these oils. You want to make sure you’re not
going to overdo it in your dish. I’ve made that mistake before. I’ve make guacamole before, and I was
trying to put in just one drop of lime, and you know, when you try to put in
one drop, like three drops come out. So the guacamole had
three drops of lime. And it basically just tasted like
lime mush. It was disgusting. (Chuckles) So, to prevent that from
happening, what you want to do is you actually
grab a toothpick, and you just swab a toothpick
in your Vitality oil. So I’m going to grab copaiba. You just swab a toothpick in your Vitality
oil, and then you mix it in your dish. And then you add more
and more to taste. So that’s the best way to make sure
that you don’t ruin your whole dish. And so some oils you add more. Like peppermint, when I add
peppermint to brownies I add like six to ten drops because it’s
a big batch and it goes a longer way. You just have to decide what taste you
like, and how much you want to add. So it’s great to add to really,
like I said, anything. I add it to protein shakes. I love adding Vitality oils to green
smoothies or green juices that I make. Because if I use a lot of
vegetables, they’re not very sweet. So I love adding like Grapefruit
Vitality, Orange Vitality, Lemon Vitality because it adds
that bright, citrus sweet flavor with the added benefits
of those essential oils. And it helps really spark up that
dish and makes it taste a ton better. Plus oils like grapefruit,
Grapefruit Vitality is so powerful. It’s great to support your
weight management levels, it’s cleansing to your
lymphatic system, it’s cleansing to your
circulatory system. It’s a great essential oil. We could say a lot about
Grapefruit Vitality. Same with Lemon Vitality. Lemon Vitality has
anti-oxidant properties. It’s cleansing. There are so, so
many ways to use the essential oils. So they’re so great to take internally because
you’re getting all of those benefits. So cooking with oils.
Options are endless. You can make lemonades, you
can add them to your teas, you can add them to your
treats, you can add them to your savory dishes,
your sweet dishes. I mean, like I said,
endless opportunities. If you want to learn more or find
out different recipes to use, check out the Young Living blog. The Young Living
blog is awesome. They have tons of recipes that
incorporate Vitality essential oils. So just type in,
and you can actually click on the recipes tag in the blog. There’s a little recipes tab, and
just tons of recipes will pop up. I use those recipes
all the time. I love cooking with
essential oils. You can also put oils into a capsule
for specific body system support. So you could actually buy
empty capsules like this. Young Living
actually sells them. They’re called veggie capsules. And I’m going to come up
and show you guys this. So you can see here,
it’s an empty capsule. You can actually pull it apart, and
you can put essential oils in there. So I love doing this, especially
with oils like thieves and oregano. Thieves and oregano are great oils
to support a healthy immune system. So anytime I feel like I need some extra
support, I always take those oils internally. But I don’t like mixing
it with drinks or with NingXia or with my smoothie because
the taste is so strong. Especially oregano, it’s like
burning, and it’s gross. And even thieves is a little
too much for me sometimes. So I add it to a capsule and
then I take it internally. So what you want to do is you can
add a little bit of carrier oil, especially if
you’re new to oils. So add like a drop or two of V6. And then you just take your oil
like this, and you just drop. I just barely opened
this, so let’s see. You just drop it in there,
as many drops as you want. If you’re new to taking oils
internally, make sure you start with just a few drops and you
see how your body reacts. Because everyone
reacts differently. I have like a stomach of stone. I can like drink anything, eat anything, and
I never get sick, I hardly ever throw-up. So sometimes I have a hard time
relating or talking about people with really sensitive issues
or sensitive stomachs. But my husband has a super,
super sensitive stomach. So even just a little bit of oil, he
feels like he burps up oil all the time. Whereas that never
happens to me. I can take OmegaGize like ten of them if I
wanted to, and I don’t burp up oils at all. That’s just me.
Everyone’s different. So what I recommend to people
especially like my husband, if you get oil burps or if you
don’t like the taste of it, or you just don’t like taking oils
internally, remember that oils are fatty. Or, I mean not fatty. But
they are attracted to fat. They repel water. So, take
it with something fatty. Take it with something
like almond milk, milk, peanut butter, something
with fat in it. That way that oil has something
to bind to besides just the water that you’re drinking
it down with. And that V6 oil, if you add
V6 oil to your capsule, it will also help the oil sit
better in your stomach too. So try it with that. Try eating it with food, and
with something that’s fatty. Especially if you have
a sensitive stomach. So there are so many benefits to taking
oils, especially for specific body support. Just a few of the
things, to name a few. Nutmeg Vitality supports
cognitive function. SclarEssence Vitality supports
a good mood during PMS. Lemon Vitality has circulatory
support. It has cleansing support. You can also use SclarEssence Vitality
for mood changes, for cramps, and all that associated with
a normal menstrual cycle. Oregano helps support
your immune system. Grapefruit helps support a healthy
weight management program. There’s so many ways that Vitality oils
can support your internal body systems. So many ways. I mean the list
can go on and on and on. We’ll talk about this in a
later post. So stay tuned. We’ll be posting about this
tomorrow, and the next day. All the ways to use Vitality, which
you will absolutely love. So those are a few of
the ways to use them. You can also just add a drop
directly to your tongue. I don’t recommend this for many oils
or especially if you’re new to oils. But say peppermint. You really want to feel refreshed,
or energized, Peppermint Vitality. You want to feel refreshed,
energized, maybe get a little bit of digestive support, Peppermint Vitality
is great to support healthy digestion. Just put a drop on the top of your
tongue, or right underneath your tongue. Just one drop. It will also help freshen up your
breath, make your breath smell better, make you feel more energized. Not every oil you want to
add to your tongue because it will taste bad or
it will be too strong. But certain gentle oils like
peppermint or Lavender Vitality or Copaiba Vitality is great
to support overall wellness. You can also add oils
to your NingXia Red. NingXia Red is very powerful and has like
a really pungent, like distinct flavor. I love it. I take it every single
day, but I love adding different Vitality oils to it just to
support my overall body. So sometimes it’s Thieves,
sometimes it’s Lemon, sometimes it’s Peppermint,
sometimes it’s Grapefruit. It just depends on the day which Vitality
oil I add, or my specific needs. Add it to your NingXia, that way it
takes away some of the harsh flavor of that Vitality oil if you don’t
love it or if you’re picky. It’s great to add
to NingXia too. So really, using essential oils is simple
and it doesn’t have to be complicated. So many times how many of you
have your kit of essential oils, you have your starter kit, and it’s
just been sitting at your house because you don’t
know how to use it? You say, “Oh, I have all these
wonderful essential oils, but I don’t know how to use Purification,
I don’t know how to use RC. I don’t know how to use Pan Away.
How do I use these essential oils? I have them, I know they work,
I know they’re powerful, I know the group can be
powerful. How do I use them?” Like I said, those three simple ways:
Aromatically, topically, internally. And there is no right or
wrong way to use oils. There is no one saying you can
only use lavender this way, you can only use
peppermint this way. You use oils for whatever
works best for you. Whatever you think is easy, whatever
you can use in your daily life is something that you will
continue to use over time and more and more and more. So, my number one recommendation
is to just start. Even if you think that you
don’t know what to use, you don’t know how to use it, you’re
not quite sure how many drops or how few drops or what to
dilute it with, just start. If you want to get the
powerful benefits of lavender, don’t stress and think about should I
diffuse it, should I apply it topically, should I apply it to the
bottoms of my feet? How should I use it?
Just start using it. Just start using it and you’ll start
experiencing different experiences, and you’ll start having… you’ll start
understanding how that oil works best for you. And over time, you will have a better
idea of what to use and when to use. And one thing too to remember is
everyone’s bodies are different. So your neighbor, your
friend may love lavender. She may say, “I put it on my kids’ feet
every night before they go to sleep. I diffuse it in their rooms every
night before they go to sleep because it helps create a
calming, relaxing environment.” But you may put it in your
kids’ rooms and your kids may be wired and running around and you’re
like, “What the heck? That is not helping. I don’t understand why
people like this oil.” That’s because everyone has a
different chemical makeup, everyone’s bodies are different. So something that works great for you
may not work great for somebody else. So if lavender doesn’t
work great for you, but it works great for your
friend, try a different oil. Try Peace and Calming. Peace and Calming helps create
a relaxing environment. It’s very soothing, it’s
very balancing as well. So try something else. If you don’t love Deep
Relief, try Pan Away. If you don’t love peppermint,
try wintergreen. There’s different options,
and so many different oils. We have like over
400 different oils. So if something, you don’t love it,
it doesn’t work great for you, try something else because everyone
has their specific favorites. Don’t get discouraged, just keep
using them, just keep trying them, and you’ll figure out over time
what works best for your body, what works best for your family, and
your wellness will be supported, you’ll have a healthier
lifestyle, and you’ll be getting and using all of the
benefits of essential oils. So that’s all I have
to talk about today. If you guys have any questions,
put them in the comments. I’m going to try to go
through later today and answer as many
questions as I can. But stay tuned for
this whole week too, this whole week we’re posting
about essential oil basics. How to use essential oils? Some of those basic tips and
tricks for all of you newbies or people who want to learn more or
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of essential oils in their life. So, thank you guys!


  • Troy Semmens says:

    Thanks Haley. Great video.

  • Jocelyn Hughes says:

    Little hint* put oils in the diffuser first then pour in water. It mixes and that way you don't have just water after 30mins or so

  • NIKA CHEB says:

    No, you don't want any essential oils directly to your thong,

  • WonderwomanNZ says:

    I couldn’t hear when she was talking about the culinary, what oils did she say to use for mood and during your menstrual cycle?

  • Gloria Jazmin Quiroz Gonzalez says:

    Good morning, does it work for "Tinnitus"? Which oils do I have to mix? Thanks for your prompt response!!!

  • joanne schembri says:

    The young living blog is fantastic thank you

  • Edith Mueller says:

    Can you use Essential Oils that are not labeled Vitality for internal use?

  • Katie Wheeler says:

    Thank for this video

  • shuttle626 says:

    Great tips. I just can’t ingest, but I love to diffuse.

  • Essential Oils For Wellness says:

    Thank you for this video.

  • Nwakaego Nwoye says:

    I agree with you.

  • Marieta McCune says:

    Thank you for the very informative video!
    I would like to request some information in a form of a video of how to use Young Living Essential Oils for ear aches and more specifically – what oils can help with Tinnitus that is turning into a hearing loss? I was reading that the R.C. or Purification would be good to rub behind the ears. I have ordered both, but now I am not sure which one is for what… I am not exactly sure yet what is causing the sudden hearing problems and I will be talking to an ENT very soon. I suspect that it was brought by an elevated Blood Pressure caused by Low Dose Naltrexone and some supplements for Menopausal symptoms. Or in other words – I have too much going on.
    The other thing is – it could be because we have added a new WiFi extender in our house. I did not realize it at first, but when I look at my timeline – something was causing pressure inside of my head that very next day after installing the WiFi Extender. Unfortunately , I do not think there would be oils for that… ! 😬🤕 But if there is, I would be happy to know! 🤗😀

  • Patti Lewis says:

    Young Living has changed my life! I'm loving staying well or getting well with the natural oils. ❤

  • rubirocket1 says:

    Just the video I needed after receiving my Premium Starter Kit! Thanks for the great info! Btw I love how your PSK turned into a little easel to display the oils included. Do they all do that? I don't think the PSK2019 does that, but if so, please tell me how.

  • MrsJZC C says:

    This is the first YL EO video I saw which got me started on this YL journey. 💚

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