How Veneers are made at Innovative Dental! -Cosmetic dentistry all porcelain makeover

How Veneers are made at Innovative Dental! -Cosmetic dentistry all porcelain makeover

(upbeat music) – What’s up guys? This is Dr. Olson from Innovative Dental and because it’s such a unique treatment we offer here at Innovative Dental, I wanted to go over how
we transform a smile in one single visit with veneers. And so there’s a lot of questions we get that are all over the board on, is it going to hurt, is it going to last,
how do you make veneers, who’s making the veneers? And so I’ll totally be
able to answer those in this short, short video. Hopefully it’s about five minutes or so, you know I’m kind of long-winded so might go a little longer. But we start every smile with
a complimentary consultation, where we’re able to sit down with you and discuss your desires for your smile, go over things like
what really bothers you, what concerns you might have, how many teeth you want to have included, how bright you want your smile to look. Obviously we want to make
sure that it’s realistic and looks real but we
understand that patients have different desires for
the shade of their teeth. And we do that all in that first visit looking through photos, we
do a nice number of photos to give us a record of what
your current smile looks like. That also allows us to
give you a simulation and so after discussing your goals and kind of what you want, we’re able to do a simulation
that gives you a visual of what your smile could look like, should you choose to go forward treatment. After you’ve accepted
treatment and decide hey, I’d love to change my
smile at Innovative Dental, we go ahead and reserve a time usually a few weeks down
the road because we have to do something very important
for you and your smile and that’s plan it. And because we really
want to make certain that we deliver you something that you’re going to be really impressed with, we take an impression the
day that you accept treatment and that impression
allows us to do a 3D plan. I’ll go ahead and show
you what that looks like. Here’s a, the front portion of that model allows you to see how
the teeth are designed and that way we can get
what’s really important and that’s that dimension. So height and width of what
your smile would look like to be the the most impressive
and natural-looking. After we have this, we
really have a great idea of what your smiles gonna look like because this technology here
allows us to replicate that. So this right here is
called a CEREC machine, it allows us to take 3D
images with this camera and because we’re taking a
3D impression of the patient, we don’t have to send
anything off to a lab. So now we’re able to do
everything right here in our office with really great accuracy and then as you can probably
see where I’m going with this, the real cosmetic provider is not the lab, it’s actually the dentist. And so I feel really passionately that that’s the best way to
deliver cosmetic treatment because when you invest in your smile and you trust us with
your hard-earned dollars to transform your smile and we take an impression
and send it off to a lab, the labs really doing a lot of the work and hopefully they’re a great lab and hopefully they
deliver an awesome result. But you know, I found that
I can get the best results when I do it all here in our office and have complete
control over the process. So we image your teeth we’ve
prepped them a little bit. When when we prep teeth
by the way for veneers, we remove what’s called, I call it a credit cards width. So it’s about a millimeter. So if you take out a
credit card look at it, that’s about how much we reduce the tooth. So it is safe, it’s not going to hurt, there is very little to
no risk as far as pain or issues down the road. We obviously wouldn’t treat
somebody who’s super young that might have large
nerves still in their teeth but as we age the nerves
shrink a little bit and so the chance of sensitivity and pain go way down
and almost non-existent after about 20 years old, 25 years old. So this model here allows us to show you, I wanted to give you an
idea of what we can do. This is actually one of our team members. This is her smile so she
actually has the veneers and here in a few minutes I’ll show you what those look like. Once we’ve designed the smile
the way we want it to look and after we’ve been able to replicate our wax up in the
software, now we go ahead and plan where we want to send these to our milling machines. Since we have four milling machines, we’re able to mill four
restorations at a time so eight veneers would take
us roughly 20 minutes to mill which is really slick. So once we’ve accepted this, we go to this little
mill button right here and in our wireless
network here in our office, we can start sending these to a mill. And just for a kind of an example, I was going to go ahead and send this to our milling machine
in our reception area. All right, so we’re now
we’re ready to mill. One of the common questions is what type of material do you use? We use the hardest aesthetic
porcelain you can find. It’s called E-Max. It is extremely strong, it does not chip, or very, very rarely would ever chip. We’ve had actually one of our team members fall on concrete and it didn’t chip so it’s just really good strong stuff which is nice to use that. But it looks great. It starts off as a purple block. I don’t know if you can see that and focus on that a little bit. Well this is the block we
use it’s called the E-Max. You can see these numbers on there that are on the letters
and numbers on the block. Those are the shade and
the type of material. So we usually use what’s called a high translucent porcelain. It looks very lifelike so if you’ve seen any of our smiles close up, you’ll notice that the the patients have a very natural beautifully light smile. It doesn’t look fake as a
lot of older restorations used to look because
of the material choice and so this is very natural-looking. It is purple so if you I don’t
know if you can kind of tell. It’s a like a shade of purple right now. We mill it like this and then we bake it and it crystallizes and
turns to the proper shade. So that’s kind of how that works. The reason that does that, a lot of people go why in
the world would you have to, why would it be purple? Because when it’s
crystallized, it’s so hard that the diamond burrs
really couldn’t even cut it on this machine right here if
we had a crystallized block. And I will cut all that because
you probably don’t care. All right. And so this block we inserted
right here into our machine. We tighten it down. I think we need to change this output. And then after we tighten it down, you’ll notice here on a computer screen. See that. Should pop up our restorations. So the same tooth that you just saw on the computer is right here, it’s
getting ready to be milled. So pretty cool, right? The machine will calibrate, measure, shoot a bunch of water. In about 10 minutes we’ll
have a nicely shaped veneer that’s ready to go into the oven. After we put it in the oven,
we kind of do a few things to make it look really nice and polished and then now, we’re ready to bond it on permanently in the patient’s mouth. So the whole process takes roughly three, three and a half hours. We work on our patient for
less than 30 minutes typically initially and then about
30 minutes at the end. So total time maybe about an hour and you’re not gonna feel anything during that whole time
so it’s pretty slick. Obviously, I hope this was informative. I hope it was helpful. Helps you see how we
do cosmetic dentistry. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the section below. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you here at Innovative Dental. Check us out on our website
at or give us a call at 417-889-4746. Otherwise you have an awesome
day and thanks for listening. (upbeat music)



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