Huda Beauty Bronze Sands! Jaclyn Hill’s Makeup Line Launch is Coming Soon! | Makeup Minute

Huda Beauty Bronze Sands! Jaclyn Hill’s Makeup Line Launch is Coming Soon! | Makeup Minute

Hello! I’m Jen and this is your Daily Makeup Minute
for January 30, 2018 Natasha Denona is the latest brand to be hit
by counterfeit products! Remember the only authorized resellers are
Sephora and Beautylish, as well as the brand’s website. P.S.A. – Don’t invite unwanted ingredients, that could
possibly harm you, into your personal space! New at Sephora, Kevyn Aucoin Prismagic Highlighting
Trio, $48.00 Speaking of highlights, Huda Beauty peeked
the Bronze Sands highlighter quad tailored to darker skin tones And speaking of skin tones, enjoy the Measurable
Difference Pro Matte Silk Foundation in a wide range of shades that send love to the
melanin, $18.00 on their site Coloured Raine will restock Queen of Hearts
in February, on pre order now, $50.00 on their site Love Luxe Beauty says “guess what!” …ummm…Big
Bird Butt? We’ll find out the answer soon
Jaclyn Hill says her line is coming in Summer…start saving up now! That’s it for now. We will see you here same time tomorrow! Look for Makeup Minute Extras on my Instagram and don’t forget our full-length weekly newscast, What’s Up in Makeup, every Sunday morning on YouTube!


  • Caitlin Sinclair says:

    Love the makeup minute!!!

  • SaucerJess says:


  • Lisa DeAngelo says:

    I wonder who the manufacturer will by for JH's line?

  • Jasmine S says:

    I love that Hunda Beauty and Measurable Difference is having inclusive shades ranges🙌👍🙌

  • Jasmine S says:

    Not a big fan of JH, but I am curious what she going to bring out with her line and if it is any good 🤔

  • Cassie Cat says:

    Jaclyn Hills brand has been coming soon since like 2015 lol there are articles on bustle where she swears all the delays are done and that it would without question release mid 2017.

  • Ivory Steppe-good says:

    Hell yeah! I am going to go pre order the Queen of Hearts pallete!

  • MakeupByCess says:

    Love makeup minute. Makeup news in a nutshell. And it makes me want to purchase more lol.

  • makeup lover says: please subscribe thanks

  • eleni vafiadis says:

    I wonder when tati will be launching??? Because of tati and jaclyn, I've actually been on a real low buy until I see what they are coming out with

  • Caren Collins says:

    Jaclyn’s line has been “coming” for years

  • Lasonta Sealy says:

    Wonder if Natasha Denona is taking a stab @ bad habit beauty's dupe of her palettes 😏🤔

  • Hope Locke says:

    Summer of 2096!

  • Luanne Santos says:


  • MC1968 says:

    Curious if Morphe stores will carry the JH makeup line since they’ve just added JS makeup to their brick & mortar stores…………🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Imar5d says:

    It seems like everyone has a makeup line…. don’t we have enough already? Oh well, her subscribers will be happy.

  • MommyPhish says:

    Did any of you see Manny's instagram post of a really amazing eye look? If you look in the caption at what's on his face, where it says eyes, he leaves a 🙊 Thats his Lunar Beauty eyeshadow palette for sure! So hype!

  • Zena says:

    Wasn't Tati going to launch a make line this month? What happened to that?

  • Natasha Bain says:

    There are sooooooo many people selling ND palettes on ebay saying they are seconds etc. I would NEVER buy a palette etc from someone on ebay that is selling (or has sold) more than 1 of ND items and if I was going to buy something off ebay I would want proof that they bought it from an authorised stockist like Beautylish etc OR from Beauty Bay if the proof was over 6 months ago as Beauty Bay did stock ND items but now no longer sell them which is a pain for all of us fans of ND in the UK. I have 3 of her palettes and some other of her products (genuine) and I so want a UK store to start selling her products (like Cult Beauty (or even Beauty Bay again)) It would be so much better, easier and quicker for us fans of her cosmetics in the UK. I live in hope Lol x

  • Ida Centineo says:

    I love the makeup minute especially the makeup news on Sunday I wait for that every Sunday and then go shopping right after LOL Jaclyn Hill I bet is going to charge a fortune for her products I can't wait to see

  • Emily Garcia says:

    Jen, did you find the button on the bottom of your SH mirror yet? Lol

  • Kristin B says:

    Love makeup minute 💗💕

  • Brandy Lynn says:

    Love minute updates

  • belovedcici says:

    Somewhat excited for the JH line.. My birthday is in the summer so this could b gifts to myself… If it's anything like her palette im in.. But i won't hold my breath since she loves to push back dates all the time

  • Stephanie T says:

    Guess what? "Big Bird butt" 😂😂

  • Lisa Elizabeth says:


  • Annette says:

    I'm a little confused… Isn't the queen of hearts palette a permanent product from coloured raine? If so, why are they taking pre orders?

  • Denise Sheffield says:

    I want that Huda highlighter/bronzer palette! I finally found the deep version of Physicians Skin Formula Butter Bronzer in CVS! So happy companies are making products that darker complexioned people can wear!!

  • lizzard0304 says:

    “Jaclyn hill makeup line .. start saving “ meaning it’s going to be expensive makeup & with delays & a lot of limited edition products

  • Misty Parsons says:

    I don’t care if Jaclyn’s line was supposed to be here 3 years ago. As soon as that baby drops I’ll be all over it!!😂🤣 I love her and I’m super stoked!!😬

  • Taylor Cook says:

    Lol she didn’t say this summer

  • Tahina Leony says:

    Eventually the market will be saturated of makeup. Like what happened with the smartphones if every minute new makeup products are coming out or makeup brands are released, eventually you don't know what to buy, where to buy or you have already everything that you need and can buy.

    But Jen I love you videos im a subscriber many many years now. Keep the good work 💪✌🤘👍

  • Samantha Ferris says:

    Do people honestly still care if Jaclyn is coming out with a line? No shade, honestly curious as the line has been “coming soon” for 3+ years now. There are so many established and reputable brands out there, so I’ll never understand why anyone would spend their hard earned coin on a guru / celebrity makeup brand, but to each their own.

  • Ashley Vollick says:


  • lexii z says:

    I never knew jh was going to have a makeup line

  • krista gunn says:


  • Amyah Blue’s Paradise says:

    When is huda beauty’s new highlight palette coming out?

  • Julie Aronson says:

    I will definitely be curious to see what products have taken Jaclyn hill this long!!!

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