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This episode is sponsored by Svedka Rosé. My eyebrows are tattooed. It’s like a dull pain for an hour. Okay. I think you can handle it. That’s not too bad. I mean child birth is worse. Child birth is way worse. I could take anything. Not that I know. Hey guys, it’s Mi-Anne And I’m here with Christen
Domenique. Hi. You guys probably already subscribe to her channel but if you guys don’t know who she is she is a makeup artist turned a beauty
entrepreneur. And we’re going to put some makeup on today. Yes, some fun, exciting makeup today. We’re going to wear colored contacts. It’s going to be a whole thing. We’re going to get really glam. Should we start? Yes. OK. Right now. I have three different colors that I got in
preparation for today. You have Hazel I know. I have hazel, yeah. I also have hazel. Cool. But I also have two other colors. And you can choose for me what you think is
best. Let’s go full blown amethyst for you and I
have the perfect look for those contacts just for you. Yay! It’s going to be so pretty. I’m a little nervous. So, I got these yesterday from a brand called
Alcon, and they taught me how to put it on. It took a very long time. Oh my god, you already- You look up and they’re
on. I’m not going to be that fast. Oh my god, I hate it. Oh my god, it fell out. I can’t do it! You got it! Yes, okay. Okay, it’s like not on my iris. Yeah, it is. Let me see. Blink, blink! You’re good. My lid is very strong. Yes! It’s in. That’s it, it’s in. Yaaay! All right.What’s step one? We’re going to do the eyes first. So what are we using. I like to conceal my eyelids first. I like this one because it sets itself. So you really don’t need to put a powder over
it. But we’re still going to put a powder over
it. Okay. I have Free Spirit in the Rustic Glam Palette, Cool. that is perfect for setting the lid, it can go anywhere. That’s why her name is Free Spirit. She’s free. She’s free. I want to take fringe. That’s like the perfect first step. I think I’m going to do a little bit of suede. They’re pretty pigmented. They are very pigmented. Okay. I’m going to just put it in the crease as
well. Okay, a little bit lower than fringe so you can get that gradient look. I started YouTube, actually moved to L.A. in 2014 to do YouTube full time and eventually we were able to create the brand which has always been like a dream of mine. When I first started as an artist I had to
save up for these really nice elevated palettes- What was the first one that you got, like with your hard earned money? Urban Decay Ammo. The Ammo Palette? Yes. That’s… no longer, right? Yeah, no. Damn. I’m ready for a fun color now. Me too. I think you should definitely do Gypsy just because of the amethyst color. Which one’s… Gypsy’s this guy. Oh purple, oh pretty. It’s really pretty. I’m going to go with Cactus. This matte green right here. I’m going to pop the wanderlust shade right on the center of the lid for a halo effect. And for you I think I would do Moon Child
as a liner, that would look really pretty. Oh, down. It’s like a deap navy blue with… I love this. It’s this one. With blue flecks in it. It matches my hair! So I’m going to go ahead and pop on some lashes. These are actually like my natural go to lashes. Really? Natural glam. These are you natural glam? Natural glam right here. Let’s just take a look at these little monsters. They’re huge. How often do you put lashes on? Oh.. Maybe like once a month. Really? Yeah. How often do you put lashes on? Like every other day. Every other day? Yeah. So you’re a pro also. I’m going to turn around and you’re lashes are already going to be on just like the contacts. What’s your favorite part about doing your
Beauty With Mi segment. I like working with my crew. It’s fun. It’s like go to work every day and like be
with my friends. That’s awesome. Yeah. How about you? I just love creating content and connecting
with my little squad out there. We just put on some Tarte Face Tape. We’re going to put on some of the
Makeup Forever now. Yes. You do the triangle thing? I do. Bronzer time. Yes. Fenty Beauty Sun stalker. We have the same shade. Yes we do. Shady biz. Got our bronzer on. I am going to go straight into the highlight. So the highlighter is my baby Prisma Glow. She is so beautiful. Do you see this like multi-dimensional vibe. I love it. That’s such a great experience on your face
right now. Get ready for it. So I like to start off with skin gloss for more of the dewy finish. You can put this over under powder, just tap it in. Try not to rub it. Do you ever layer the powders over top? Okay, so if you layer the powder over the top, you’re going to get like a
liquid metal kind of look. Damn. It’s very intense. Can you sit on the body
too like the collarbone. Like if you’re going to the beach or something. I feel like even if your man looks a little dry, you can put it on him. And he won’t look like he has crazy makeup on. If Collin looks unsightly, I’ll just gloss
him up. Gloss him up. I feel like with the bronzer too, it just brings the like glowy goddess look together. Yeah. Now for the lips. I’m going to use the Domenique Cosmetics Cream
Matte Liquid Lip. It goes with anything. You can have any look and it just goes. It looks so different I feel like on both
of us too. It does. Like a shapeshifting kind of color. And then because it’s summer time, I have
to have like a little bit of gloss. So we’re going to use the Lemonade Peach Team. It smells so good. Yes. You just want to eat it. Don’t do that. But you just want to eat it. So this is our final looks. I think this purple is everything. Like I always want to see you in this purple
look now. I love it. With the blue hair? Oh my gosh. And the amethyst contacts. I love it. Now I have to think about when I take out. We did that at the same time, right? Yes! We’re in sync! Bye guys! Bye! Thanks so much for watching guys. Click here to subscribe to Refinery29, and click here to watch another video. Bye! Bye guys.

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