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If you haven’t already, hit that subscribe
button below so you don’t miss out on any more videos. One of my first memories of Miley was definitely
Hannah Montana. She had this denim, cropped jacket with embellishments, it was bedazzled. I definitely had one of those, and a Bedazzle
Kit. Oh the bedazzled days. I relate to Miley because she came from Tennessee
and moved out to LA. I came from Oklahoma and also moved out to
LA. So we’re both country girls living in the
big city. From “Hannah Montana,” to “Wrecking
Ball,” to “Malibu,” it’s like she’s been three different people but she’s still
the same person. It’s just really incredible that she’s
able to do that. Let’s do this. This first look is from Miley’s early, Disney
days. She has her long brown hair. She has very minimal makeup here. She has a shimmery eye, glossy lip,
and soft brows. It’s very fresh yet fabulous. Oh my gosh! Wow! I remember Miley always had so much hair,
a mane of brown hair. I could see myself dying my hair brown. For the second look, we have Miley with her
short, blonde hair. It feels like it’s your hair but it’s
not. I remember when she cut her hair and everyone
just freaked out. Miley totally rocked it, though, and it became
her signature. Miley stepped up her makeup game here, for
sure. Bold brows. Her makeup on her eyes is still light, but
the lip and the brows have definitely changed. I’m so excited to see this. Oh wow! Oh my gosh. It is strange. I feel like I can move. I don’t know. I like it a lot. This is definitely a big change for me, so
I can imagine how big of a change it was for Miley. I also understand this is like her wild, coming
out as herself, kind of look. It totally makes sense. Final look, here we go! This last look is definitely a lot of fun. She’s got that same orange, bright lip. This look is just very Miley and she totally
rocks it. Oh wow! That’s amazing. How is that even up there like that? That’s crazy. This is a really cool updo that I would never
even think to try on myself so it’s amazing to have a team of people that can put this
together. This look makes me feel like
a rock n’ roll queen. After trying these three looks, it really
puts it into perspective how much she has evolved as an artist. Overall I had a great time today getting to
try all the Miley looks and getting to be Miley for a day. Miley, keep the looks coming! I want to try more. Thank you so much for watching. To watch more videos, click here. To subscribe, click here.

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