I have to get this off my chest

I have to get this off my chest

So a few years ago, I had cosmetic surgery. And I won’t say what it was exactly for privacy reasons, But I will say that it was the breast decision for me. So I’ve had A-cup…le of changes that I’ve wanted to make for about a decade, ‘cuz I was so tired of looking in the mirror and seeing Mowgli from The Jungle Book when in my head, I was obviously an Amazonian warrior woman. And as I was grappling with whether or not to commit to this operation, I had this titillating discussion with my friend who asked me: “Well, aren’t you worried about what other people are gonna think?” “Like, I know that this is coming from a healthy place, but what about the stigma?” And I realized: as a woman, you can’t win. You know, when it comes to the constructs of beauty, it’s full of booby traps. You have to jug-gle the unrealistic and often contradictory expectations of society where you’re supposed to be beautiful but not know you’re beautiful, otherwise you’re conceited. And you have to try to be beautiful, but don’t try too hard because then you’re desperate. But if you don’t try hard enough, you’re just lazy and probably gonna die alone. So when I’ve racked up all of these hypocrisies, I came to the conclusion that I just have to do what feels right for me. No matter what, we’re going to be criticized. And I truly believe that our bodies are just a vessel, just a spiritual lesson, And one that will wrinkle and decay, So while I’m here, I want mine to reflect on the outside how I see myself on the inside. And I know I’m milking these puns, but I can honestly say to anyone who wants to pass judgment on the personal decisions I make regarding my self-image: You can calm your tits. I’m Anna Akana. And if for some reason you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about by now then tough titty, baby Ayy. Scene 1, Take 1: Tits Tits. Scene 1, take 2. Tits. Scene 1, take 3. – Tits. Scene 1, take 4.
– Getting creative Take 5. Tits. Tits. Tits. Tits. Titties. Scene 1, Take 10.


  • Samir Raza says:

    Who would judge. They make girls hotter

  • Praise P says:

    LOL. but your boobs are not outrageously large tho :/ not sure what change has happened.. lol

  • Cara Donahue says:

    This was amazing

  • Venus Kirby says:

    So we all agree she got her nose done right? Okay, just making sure.

  • Gloria Yuelin Jiang says:

    Well, women internalizing the male gaze is no joke. Even when a girl lookings at herself in the mirror, some voice in her head tells her she is not pretty enough, her breasts are not large enough…

  • Mark Kessler says:

    As a man, I have to ask why, if you’re going through all the psychological agony, then the real agony (not to mention expense), of the change, why am I creepy and disgusting if I look at them and even compliment them…?

  • girlvstheplanet says:

    Liked as fast as i can when she said ‘booby traps’ 😂😂😂


    Hmm yeah so I think she did butt implants

  • Yasemin Sky says:

    Lol! 😆 You're funny.

  • Cute Justice says:

    But…i love Kurisu's small tiddies of radiant intelligence….

  • Javier Picazo says:

    Omg you’re so funny

  • Curtis Templeton says:

    doesn't she mean 'get this onto her chest'?

  • Jaime Zapata says:

    The puns!!! I cant stop laughing at the puns

  • Saoirse Victeoiria says:

    Very punny!

  • floe304 says:

    Lol… I love you Ana. 🤯

  • barryseaworth says:

    Her boobis

  • Aetheri says:

    Hey, you know what it's your body….it's nipploblem

    I'm gonna leave now…

  • Anthony Nastasi says:

    OMG! She's awesome! 🙂

  • Relatable Gamer says:

    just realized the title is a pun too😁

  • Raquel Acevedo says:

    Small boobs are cute but okay

  • Steve Duong says:


  • Lexxus Jade says:

    Wow you actually have a crew for these videos

  • cayden says:

    i’m so proud of you. congratulations on your hair implant!

  • Daniel Glaubitz says:

    Worth every penn…ahem! – pUnny!

  • S.N.S DEEP says:

    I think it was with her face

  • Darcy Whyte says:

    nice nose

  • Nehilism says:

    I'm lazy and going to die alone

  • gabi gomez says:

    Your new earlobes look great! I'm so happy for you

  • hill monica says:

    You can win. Be yourself. Dont worry about what others think. Its shallow to alter yourself to please others. The best "man" you will ever find will want you the way you are.

  • Caleb Israel says:

    I get it, you had to get it off your chest or would that be on your chest 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • EnterpriseKnight says:

    I'm I the only one who's got the hots for flat of small chested girls?

  • elmo omle says:

    Was it Liposuction?? I knew it!!

  • Pa Sp says:

    I got cosmetic surgery I think. I got a mole removed because I kept thinking it was going to turn cancerous. Even after the doctor told me it wasn't. So technically it was cosmetic surgery but in a way it wasn't. I'm korean so I'm okay with cosmetic surgery.

  • The Darwinist says:

    Soooo what surgery did you get?

  • Ted Henkle says:

    I just stumbled across your YouTube Channel, Anna. You have a delightful stage presence. Best wishes to you in all your endeavors.
    And I hope you’re cosmetic surgery has been an uplifting experience. 🙂

  • Aqw aq says:

    Now i am very curious what she had done.

  • NPC 144530113 says:

    Need proof.

  • Phill Conklin says:

    But your boobs aren't even that big, I wouldn't have even noticed. Maybe that's for the best. I think when it's obvious is when it is more cringy. To be fair I think it's cringy all the time. I don't really agree with the decision. You have to look in the mirror and like what you see. I can't get a surgery to make myself taller, yet this is how I was born and am meant to be, and I have made peace with it, though it would be nicer to be accepted by more people? But is it worth the compromise? I don't really think so.

  • Kara Guevarra says:

    Anna i’m not sure if you’ve read about the breast implant illness. But incase u haven’t, it’s a huge contributing factor to depression. Thought it might help!

  • ColdCutz says:

    I support this.

  • steve hansen says:

    If it makes you feel better by all means do it. My personal opinion you didn't need it you were just as attractive before.

  • Trey Bugatti says:

    The title gave it away

  • silvad314 says:

    I love you. You just…get it. Are there more like you

  • Salman Ismail says:

    Elbow lengthing surgery.. Bingo!

  • Jes smith732 says:

    Nice word play lol

  • Ryan Weible says:

    so…she had her earlobes done? not clear?

  • Michael Trinh says:

    People, please! A boob job isn't just cosmetic, it's very ergonomic. I'm proud of you Annie, not every woman cares enough about their healthy selfie to get a breast reduction. Kudos to you!

  • Dr. Hartman says:


  • John Nevill says:

    I think everyone nose you have had other work done too.

  • jkanger says:


  • Alyssa Key says:

    Thank you!!!

  • Marsella D. Fyngold says:

    LOVE the puns.

    Also: you go girl!

  • DM Diaries says:

    obligatory boob pun

  • Seelenzerfall says:

    Girls 🙂 it was her decision. Don't blame her for your insecurities!
    Confidence is what makes you sexy, no matter what body type.

  • Doctorwaffles says:

    But didn't Amazons cut off their boobs to better draw a bow??

    At least Mowgli gets to do song and dance routines with wildlife.. #Baloobeforeboobs

  • Danilo Mitrovic says:

    The stigma isn't about being beautiful or being woman. The stigma is about what that choice tells the world about your own priorities.
    There are several factors that are true for each and every human being:

    1. Naivety of the youth : this is due to experience bias. As we get older more experienced we get. Bias here is about value of experience. Just because someone is old doesn't mean that experience is valid.
    2. Investments in future : The choices we make corresponds to the overall lasting benefits of those choices. That is why education ( in broad sense ) is deemed by society as good choice , and going to prison is deemed as bad choice. Education tends to yield longer bearing fruits as the time passes for the effort person put into that choice, while prison time tends to yield large benefits in short amount of time, and then no benefits ( or worse ) in long amount of time.
    3. Limit of our investment : every investment has the time span where it has value. You can be an phd or massive brainiac … but when you get old and docile it really doesn't matter. This is where our priorities come to play, our priorities tend to govern our choices which vary from person to person. And person who invests a lot in short term choices isn't deemed as an beneficial part of society – since often long term choices benefit you and society, but short term choices benefit only you and in short time span.

    So what does it all mean about aesthetic surgery. I tad bit disclaimer: I don't care what you do with your body, and in short term you can only benefit from aesthetic surgery by directing my fap time. But the stigma isn't tied to the surgery ( albeit it is an extreme decision compared to modeling …. ) but by your priorities. By putting much effort on how you look as an young adult/adult that means ( by generalisation ) that you place more value on fleeting and short term investments than in large ones – this is why there is an stigma about boob job (aesthetic ) and not so much for boob job for breast cancer survivor.
    Amount of value someone who has aesthetic and being youthful as their primary priorities can input into society is miniscule compared to worker in the factory. You can look at it in a form of : Being more beautiful gives a small number of people in society an short term relief ( in duration of your prime years ) and worker in factory in its single day contributes to larger ( not large or largest ) amount of people by contributing to the product of factory.

    Another part of the stigma is living with attention. Any drastic and irreversible change generates an large risk for the person who made choice to do that change ( i am not talking about life/death risk …even though it is there to be honest ). You are an beautiful ( before and after ) but before boob job your most prominent feature was your smile and humour. But since we as people are more focused on reproduction, people around you will start to focus more on your reproduction factor ( tits,boobs,pecks,buts, arms, faces ….. ) and your humour will gradually and naturally fall to second or third plan. So instead of funny person with an great smile, you will become an attractive person who can be funny.
    This will show itself in more photoshoots, sometimes even acts , and less and less comedian work. And in time amount of the work you will have in portfolio that is attractive based will be greater than your comedic type , and here is the big issue about stigma ( which isn't societies fault ). How long does it take for you to start seeing yourself as society sees you ?
    Keeping an balance in our lifes is hard, and it is even harder if you suddenly pass trough change you didn't have the past years of your life to get accustomed to.

    And here is why i don't care ( but occasionally fap to ): Some people chose to implement an drastic change in their life to produce an different result in this manner (Van Gogh, Marilyn Manson, …. ) and they are aware of price and risk for that change , and are willing to pay it. Some aren't as educated ( by the doctors, family, friends ) and when they start paying for the price of their choice, they are ill prepared – which yields in unhappiness,sadness,anger which can sometimes convert to substance abuse. I don't know why did you choose to get boob job , was it short term priority or long term investment, you have chosen that path and I hope that it doesn't hurt you.

    And society might put an automatic stigma on your choice ( and from societal point of view it is just ) but the society will gladly admit they were wrong if you prove them wrong during long time span.

    The stigma isn't about being a woman or body shaming, the stigma is society asking "Do you really think that was a good choice?". And you choosing that choice implicitly said "Yes. I think so". Society then waits for your life to unravel , and if you were right , society would tel "Hmm… i guess it was a good choice." And that is it.

  • Pragya Sinha says:

    I love you and your content. Keep posting these amazing things girl.

  • Sasha Le Desma says:

    those puns were way too good. even he title was a pun!!

  • free4all5 says:


  • Leto2ndAtreides says:

    Well, it's a pretty practical decision.

    I expect that if the actress who plays Penny on TBBT hadn't gotten enhanced, she'd never have gotten that job.

  • SomeBODY oncetoldme says:

    aaaaaaah the puns

  • Jo Berg says:

    We all want to see your new titties.

  • Joshua Stowers says:

    But she still has no tits…. am I missing something?

  • CaseGarlic 301 says:

    If anyone doesn’t know what surgery she had
    puts hand on their shoulder
    I feel pity for you

  • Roberto Insingo says:

    You improved your headlights, to shed light on your decision

  • Kelvin Hewlett says:

    LoL this was tooo much 😂😂

  • Steve Wilson says:

    I am a dinosaur. 68 y.o white guy from a fly-over state. Yet, I enjoy Ms Akans's videos. I appreciate the insights she shares. Plus, I'd like to think I am a little less clueless regarding 20&30 yr old people. Maybe.. Anyway, nice work on presenting your topics.

  • waterborne says:

    It was obvious before she made this. But she has a great way to think about herself and that society should not determine how she feels about herself. Bravo Anna.

  • Niambi Salaam says:

    Im so glad youcan see better now

  • Varia Strix says:

    AAAAHHH now I really want to know what kind of implants they are for future planning.

  • A says:

    Bro your boobies look gr8

  • kashifmoore says:

    Cosmetic surgery is for ppl who don’t accept themselves and conform to social norms. Makes all of your other content kinda hypocritical

  • killorb1 says:

    Though I prefer real knockers (small or otherwise) you have to do what makes you feel good. As for most of us men we have a saying. "If I can touch them they are real enough for me" -guys everywhere.

  • Gadiel says:


  • Valerie Yuen says:

    No joke, i only just started to watch a few of ur videos, in some scenes, I can tell that ur girls…. kinda look "enhanced" , well now all misteries cleared. Admire ur honesty, go girl ! Thumbs up

  • Taija H says:

    When you said you looked like Mowgli that rly brought up some past difficult memories bc that's what my family called me bc of the fact that when I was really little I used to run around (unclothed) and I had a dark brown Bob and sometimes when my hair looks crazy or whatever they call me that and it makes me feel really bad bc I want to look like a woman not a small naked jungle boy
    So to all my mowglis out there, it's ok. One day you will probably get boobs, one way or another 😂

  • Sara de la Caridad Cholvi Kindelán says:

    Where’s the “stay awesome gotham”??

  • Soliquidus BiggestBosselot says:

    Ah, so she got rid of her webbed feet then.

  • Miss Daydreams says:

    I know she's making breast jokes. But am I the only one thinks she got a nose job?!!! Like, is there any young pics of her

  • HerrFinsternis says:

    Well they look fantastic.

  • Jason says:

    go bigger!

  • AbbysFallingInReverse says:

    I wish you would talk about it though. You’re so inspirational and truthful. I feel like hearing about it from you would be so helpful to those who want to or plan to or think about it

  • MeZmeriZe_ says:

    Thanks for the mammaries?

  • Stephen Coffman says:

    A long, long time ago (but not in a galaxy far away) my dad told me there are two kinds of men: boob men and butt men. I am the latter. The size of a woman’s breast has never been a source of attraction for me, I like ‘em small and perky. Now, a firm, round rump, that’s a different story. That’s just from this guys perspective. Your perspective is all that should matter to you and is none of my business. If it’s not hurting anyone else, it’s all good, I think, anyway.

  • Gyor Gyor says:

    Well said and funny

  • Emo Muzz says:

    Anna your teeth are PERFECT~! Complements to your DDS. 🙂

  • First Last says:

    I dated a woman with implants once in my life, who was also asian, and said she was not happy with smaller cups. While her tits looked great, so did everything else, and I mean everything. Whenever it came to sex it was not her tits that made my libido surge, it was her intelligence and overall looks, I felt like the luckiest man alive to have found such an incredible woman. So ladies, think twice. It's not always the wrapping, it's the whole package that matters.

  • Jaiden Ibanez says:

    These puns are 👌👌👌

  • 911 Tech says:

    If you can afford it go at it any way you want as long as it comes from a healthy place. But many people get into ridiculous financial debt trying to change their bodies because they deeply feel it will make them more attractive or feel better about themselves. Not to mention many plastic surgeons offer insane financing plans to attract people that truly cannot afford the surgery, the surgeon gets paid in full and you are left a slave to the financing company. When anyone makes the decision to go under the knife they need to take a lot into consideration. If a woman does not feel good about herself because she thinks her breasts are too small she very well may not feel better after the surgery and thousands of dollars in debt she accrued begin to sink in.

  • Jean Roch says:

    For info, legend has it that Amazons cut off one boob so that it wouldn't get in the way when shooting a bow. When you say you pictured yourself as an Amazon warrior, is that what you had in mind ? 😅

  • DogDaysofSanford says:

    Good representation of our society, to be able to find fault with something beautiful in its own right and follow what seems to be the herd mentality of fantasy being preferable to reality.

  • ZajkoKokorajko says:

    Clever prose LOL 😉

  • Ed Arandia Dela Cruz says:

    You're still beautiful for me

  • Alix says:

    In all my years of watching you, i thought they were 100% natural.

  • Lemon Grab says:

    “i have to get something off my chest” -every trans guy getting top surgery ever starting their kickstarter

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