I Recreated An Entire 1920s Look

Makeup. People love the stuff. It is a massive industry with endless new products and trends. But do you ever think about
the makeup of times gone by? (lively electronic music) Welcome to Behind the Beauty. Today we’re exploring the
glamorous world of 1920s makeup. When I think 1920s, I
think flapper haircuts and those glasses that are like
squashed champagne glasses. But what exactly was the
makeup look of the decade? Here comes a cool animation. The 1920s was all about being bold. Before the 20s, it wasn’t
socially acceptable for women to wear makeup at all. Apparently visible makeup was
associated with promiscuity. (buzzer) So along came the roaring 20s, and the previous generation was shook. World War I was over, and women finally got the right to vote. The war had given women a taste
of what it was like to work since a lot of the men went away to fight, and it seemed they didn’t want to give up their newfound independence. Before the 20s, makeup was actually pretty
difficult to put on. The 20s saw a lot of
development in new cosmetics and ways to apply them. Movies also became a thing. Women were inspired by silent
movie stars like Joan Crawford and they wanted to imitate
their glamorous Hollywood looks. So let’s take a look at exactly what they put on their faces. Alright, let’s start with
these weird looking eyebrows. This brow look started
with silent film stars wearing their eyebrows super thin because they thought it made
them look more expressive. Women then started following the trend. Eyebrow pencils became
very popular in the 20s. For the eyes, coal eyeliner was common. But to be fair, that’s nothing new. What was new was modern day mascara. It had just been invented
in 1913 by T.L. Williams. Williams called his product Maybelline. Have you heard of it? And why’d he call it that? It is a combo of Vaseline
and his sister Mabel. So Maybelline sold cake mascara, which you mix with water before applying. But mascara wands weren’t around yet, so women painted the
mascara on with this thing that kind of looks like a toothbrush? Seems pretty messy to me. Back in the 20s, women wore blush in
circles on their cheeks. It was actually called rouge, and the popular colors were red, and believe it or not, orange. Lipstick was a huge
part of the 1920s look. The lipstick tube that we
know and love was invented in 1915 and totally changed the game. It made lipstick portable, and it became so popular
that even touching up at the dinner table was acceptable. How daring! So women preferred the cupid’s bow shape when applying lipstick. The upper and lower lip were overdrawn, and the cupid’s bow was dramatic. One of the weirdest products of the decade were lip stencils that women used to get the perfect shape. Let’s talk to the owner and
founder of Besame Cosmetics, an L.A. based brand that makes vintage inspired luxury makeup. So what made you wanna start
a vintage makeup company? I found a lot of the antiques that my grandmother had left me, and I really admired how
they did their makeup. What do you sell in your
store that is 1920s inspired? The cake mascara is definitely
inspired by that era. Our rouge is also based in that era. Where do you see the 1920s
influence still around today? The mouth shape, some
people are actually doing. – [Chloe] Overlining their lips? – [Gabriella] The overlining the lips. – [Chloe] I definitely do that (laughs). Yeah. Alright, I’m gonna stop
with the history lesson, I’m gonna get made up with a 1920s look, and then we’re gonna recreate three iconic photos from the time. I’m so excited! This is one of my favorite looks, it’s very classic and
accurate to the time period. (1920s big band music) (laughs) I both love this look
and think it looks crazy. We are now gonna go and
find out what my coworkers think of this. Are you Chloe? – [Chloe] Yes! What the fuck! I didn’t wanna say anything
in case my voice gave it away. Hello. (laughs) I wouldn’t have recognized you. If I hadn’t heard your voice, I don’t think I would have recognized you. What’s happening?
– [Blonde] Your eyebrows! Your eyebrows are gone! I’ve always wondered why
they loved the thin eyebrows. I love my thick eyebrows.
Me too. They’re authentic to that time, like it feels like it
works with the ensemble. You also look maybe like 10 years older than you actually are. You look like you jumped out of like a picture from the 1920s. When you walked in I was literally like, – [Black Hat] Who is that?
“Is she okay?” You just looked really pale. I like the definition of the lip. I do love how over the top everything was. I love that there was always
just a lot of accessories. – [Man] Yeah. – [Purple Shirt] Can you
do the flapper dance? – [Chloe] Everyone keeps asking me that! I don’t know what it is. No, I don’t know what I’m doing! (flapper music) We really wanna put this look to the test, so we found three 1920s beauty icons, and we’re gonna try to
recreate their photos. (big brass band music) Oh my god what a day. This was so much fun. Overall I think this look
is actually really cool and I think that you could bring different parts of it into like modern day life, especially the lips. Things I do not like: the eyebrows. I would never pluck my eyebrows off and draw them on as thin little lines, like I just can’t handle it. But what did you like about it? Also, what decade do you
want us to tackle next? (flapper music)

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