I Went For A Plastic Surgery Consultation In South Korea

I Went For A Plastic Surgery Consultation In South Korea

(machine buzzes) (computer mouse clicking) – [Rachael] This is weird, that’s my bone? That is so odd. – Yep, the problem is that your … skin is a little bit, you have some fat here and here. So here and here. – I’m Rachael Krishna, I’m
a reporter for Buzzfeed News and I am morbidly fascinated in the South Korean
plastic surgery industry. Then I had the opportunity
recently to go to South Korea. Seoul, in particular and
see what the actual process is like for people. (camera clicks) I decided to go for a surgery,
basically I asked them to change the shape of my face. – Give me some head on ones. (camera clicks) – So we sent some photos
of my face, like front, side, profile, to give the doctors an idea of what they’ll be working with. (soft pop music) – Now if you don’t speak
Korean it can be very difficult to know what kind of
service you’re getting, know what hospitals to go to. And so DocFinder is a service which say we’ll help match you with a surgery, we will find you a room
that you can recover in. We will take a translator
there to make sure you’re not horribly ripped off, and they can just hold your
hand through the process. – Oh, hi!
– Hello! – It’s nice to see you again.
– Nice to see you again. (makes kissing sounds) (soft pop music) – So it’s a couple of days
since I sent off my photos and since then I’ve been
sent some clinics to look at. DocFinder recommended some
clinics so we are now going to go and have consultations at two of them. Going to get X-rays, going
to see what the doctors would do to my jaw and let’s
go, it’s gonna be exciting! (cars rush by) (car doors open) – We decided to go to two
clinics and have consultation. They have a lovely cafe.
– Yeah. – You go into both you
fill in the medical form. Uh, not that I, I’ve
never had any surgery. (speaks Korean) – No, no this is all very new.
– No, never? – Saying if you’ve ever
had plastic surgery before just in case, you know, they do some work and another part falls off
because of the previous surgery or something like that, I don’t know. It’s all kind of very
glamorous and makes you feel very comfortable, very safe so far. (camera clicks) (bright music) – So we’re in the consultant’s room, we’re gonna meet with a beauty consultant. I’m gonna talk through what I want changed and then the doctor gives,
puts the facts of the X-ray together with my photos and the
beauty consultant’s feedback from what I said and then
makes it a whole picture. – Yeah I’ve always thought
my jaw is quite heavier. I don’t really know what I
was expecting going into this. (speaks Korean) – My bite alignment is a bit weird. I know that my jaw
protrudes for a while now. It was very weird having
someone actually agree and say that there’s something
wrong with your face. Usually you know, if you go to your mates and you’re like oh, I hate
my cheeks, I hate my eyes, whatever, they’ll be like
no, you’re beautiful! You know, everyone’s face is different, you should embrace your differences. Sure, okay, thank you. Then you meet the doctor and the doctor’s like the hardcore one. (speaking Korean) The doctor will look at your X-rays and tell you what’s wrong with your face and be very frank about it. – More wide, right?
– Uh-huh. These guys kept going
on about symmetrical, and they’re like oh you’ll
get your face symmetrical. And I was like are faces
supposed to be symmetrical? Aren’t they supposed
to be a little bit off? One of them was telling
me how my chin was weird. I’ve never before
thought my chin was weird and she was like yeah
your chin’s off-center. I felt like a few weeks afterwards, after they went around that big screen and was like this is wrong with your jaw, I did keep seeing it in the mirror. Maybe I was very naive going into this but I’ve learned that plastic
surgery is really real it’s a very intense process. A few years ago I got
some of my colleagues to have their faces Photoshopped by South Korean plastic surgeons. Seeing the way it’s
portrayed sometimes online, seeing if it’s like oh yeah, you know, this K-pop star just got their face fixed, it’s way longer process than that. It’s way deeper. There’s getting a lump
lasered off your face because it makes you feel a bit insecure, but having your jaw smashed
in, your nose stuck together so it fix certain way
really creeped me out. And I know that for some
people it is a really big issue and that they do save up money, and they do want to get it fixed
and that’s absolutely fine, but personally for me it just reaffirmed that I’m fine with not looking
like a perfect kind of model and that I can have this interest in this very intense industry
without ever putting my foot into the pool and getting
involved in it in any way. (upbeat music)


  • HL Watts says:

    What’s the point of the video if your not getting any work done?

  • Calsu says:

    Fire her pls

  • Beach Bettahabmamani says:


  • Bryan Bui says:

    The doctors there will point out everything to try to get you into surgery.

  • Stacececey says:

    Better to lose weight, get fit and healthy before doing anything to your body!

  • kharene n says:

    I thought she said she was fascinated with the South Korean Plastic surgery industry… someone did not do their research. South Korean beauty standards are very different than other places. The doctors and consultants are doing their job in finding "flaws" and asymmetry- as this is what people go get surgery to fix/change.

  • Octave Chan says:

    I lost 25 lbs some years ago and my face got slimmer and my whole body looked better.

  • Ashley Ins says:

    You shouldnt feel hurt nor offended. The doctors were just doing their job, based on what they think is beautiful. Or what society thinks is beautiful. Dont feel down, cause I think your imperfections make you, YOU! Beautiful.

  • Haby D says:

    Can I just be honest ? I dont think her self confidence was strong enough for her to do that. And it came out as if she was mad at the doctors like how she kept saying "And they said my face was wrong and my chin is like that and they kept focusing on symmetry"

  • Alice Inwonderland says:

    She WENT to plastic surgeons and ASKED them to tell her how they could improve her appearance and is complaining that they actually had something to say ? Like what did she expect ? To hear that her face is absolutely perfect and has no imperfections? Lol.

  • Marg P says:

    When I went for a consultation with a plastic surgeon, he literally pointed all my flaws that obviously I am aware of but others don’t notice or if they do they wouldn’t say it to my face. It’s their JOB to point out your imperfections, that’s how they get paid.

  • hbanana7 says:

    Buzzfeed always does this. They obsess over the vanity of the plastic surgery stuff in Korea and always land on the same conclusion.

  • Lilly Schmid says:

    rescue report overwhelming limit art suppose people subtle.

  • Pangkou Lee says:

    Fuck them. As a reminder. They are just humans like you and me. You lived with your face and body long enough to know what's going on with it. They don't. Trying to tell people there is something wrong with their face or body. FUCK them. Always ask questions. Motherfuckers be trying to make money. They don't give a fuck.

  • Pangkou Lee says:

    My god. It's like seeing a fucking therapist all over again who keeps diagnosing you with problems when you had none to begin with.

  • MeeMo H says:

    You just waisted my time I was excited got your plastic surgery!

  • samiro on says:

    Oh my god! In korea, your original face is also realy beautiful

  • justinhungg says:

    I really want to do plastic surgery but I’m scared to death of hospitals and just anatomy and seeing blood lol and skeletons… can anyone relate? I can’t even look at like blood so creepy…

  • Marsha Q says:

    The only thing I wish you would have told us was roughly how much it would cost for some of the procedures that she was thinking of getting so that would give you an idea if it's similarly priced there as it is in the US.

  • jct6808 says:

    Disliked this video.

  • Hiba Yamin says:

    Some of you need to calm down, you keep saying it's their job to tell whatever shit they are saying, but it was her job also as a reporter to report on the scene of plastic and beauty surgeries world and give some insight about it.. it is their job yeah but it's still a shitty job that feeds on people's insecurities and push these superficial beauty standards, and they chose to make money of that too, so no matter how you justify what they are saying it doesn't change the reality of their profession, which is disturbing to say the least

  • Laughing AtYou says:

    If you will get so defensive then don’t go to plastic surgery doctor. Obviously they will tell you what the hell wrong with your damn face. It’s their freaking job. If you want to be compliment about your face then go to other place. What an idiot

  • Sophia Francis says:

    You don’t need anything done

  • Jamaal Williams says:

    Is it just me or do a lot of South Korean women look a like? Could it be so many women there get plastic surgery?

  • Rasarani Devi Dasi says:

    hare krsna

  • Spinster Auntie says:

    This woman has no reason to have any plastic surgery done. Many of the staff and consultants at that location needed more work than she does. And I’m a harsh Asian woman with many plastic surgery desires. Just saying.

  • Gerson Ryan Sumampong says:

    I mean for real? Symmetrical face? Hahaha. I laughed how one's half-face should look like the other half.like for real?

  • michael tran says:

    What clonic did she go to??

  • Tamintris Robinson says:

    before surgery try Avon products

  • Jacksoaresjr says:

    She could just lose some weight and she’d look a lot better

  • Imanbrownful says:

    Confused about why people are so mad that she found the critiques hard to to take and also chose to keep her regular face. She made a decision and shared opinions… Maybe it's not the choice others would have made, but it seems like she was surprised by how she felt when confronted with the reality of the surgery… That doesn't mean she didn't do her research. It means she changed her mind, which is hard to do when you know that money and time has been invested in the process already. Good for her. I think she's adorable, and I'm glad she made up her own mind.

  • カーメン says:

    So she went in asking them to change her face shape and got pissed they actually suggested she do it???????? Lmao stupid bitch

  • Miss Anthrope says:

    Yeah they are very honest and blunt, if you have a less than perfect feature they will agree when you talk about it because they have a very rigid beauty standard. Us westerners might think it's rude but it's just a cultural thing.

  • ArmyBombs BTS says:

    There only doing there job? Jeez…

  • Pipo Roni says:


  • Alexia says:

    The girl in the video is so beautiful <3

  • Jahz D says:

    Leave it to the SJW's at BuzzFeed to complain about plastic surgery even though nobody is forcing these special snowflakes to do it.

  • Alejandra Amezcua says:

    Woah. The reaction on this video is off. Yes, they are doing their job but it’s her experience. That’s how she felt.

  • Dan Dan says:

    >i wanna change the shape of my face

    You know it's pretty clear that your face doesn't look as good as you want just because you are visibly overweight. And I'm not saying that in a fat-shaming (or whatever stupid ass thing you can pull out of your gender studies degree)way. I was fat, obese actually and not only i didn't like my body but i also didn't like my face; and so what? Well, turns out that after losing 25kgs my face looks 10 times better and I've never been so happy about myself before in my life. And i mean you can see that in the photoshop edits they made, they just reduced those people's fat percentage to about 13% instead of their 30%. That's fixable by yourself, no need for expensive surgeries that would only make you look fake. Be the author of your beauty and embrace it.

  • Pretty Chantique says:

    I guess your limbs are symmetrical as well or else you'd have odd numbers on each side

  • honeyhoneycomb says:

    My problem, is she was hating on the doctors, and was getting annoyed because they were judging her, BUT IT'S A PLASTIC SURGERY PLACE! Did she think that she was perfect going in or what….?

  • II I says:

    This is normal overthere

  • Beard OF-Courage says:

    She works for buzzfeed. What did people in the comments expect?

  • Anahi Ortiz Fierros says:


  • nowgaku says:

    Superficial S Koreans tend to hide their inconvenient truth include faces.
    Keep on your mind.

  • dwibbledwabble says:

    but these aren't your mates

  • LittleMiss :o says:

    So you go into a plastic surgery clinic and then say it’s weird for them to tell you there is something wrong with face. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Boney joe Abraham says:

    Heheh what the hell? I was expecting some transformation. I guess she got embarrassed when they said u got fat face 😉

  • Ming Song says:

    Come on, not only Korean. Why not try Beverly Hills plastic surgeon?

  • Lizzie Darling says:

    Worst girl to have do this. Clearly your ego is in the way of what is going on. This is what they do, you go in wanting a better jaw, they show you it and you take your on genetics offensively.. Sorry your not born at 100 % of the ideal standard. No one said you had to go there. No one was like please come in girl with messed up face. This girl is in her feelings about her fat and sag

  • Kate Lama says:

    She just needs to lose weight but her features are better than the typical Korean girl. She at least has natural depth in her facial features. Not alien looking.

  • Christoffer Enfors says:

    This has to be one of the most pointless videos on YouTube.. You are asking their opinion and you got it.. Liiike what's the scoop here??

  • Lyn Rara says:

    cringey! She’s so defensive!

  • Satan, The Skinny Whale Legend says:

    She should take the doctor’s advice and don’t be a butthurt saggy fatty.

  • wilma says:

    The doctors comments were super soft… You are really naive and sensitive…

  • Mer El 007 says:

    So dramatic boohoo i went to ask for surgery recommendations and instead of telling me i am perfect the way i am they told me their medical opinion

  • Longevita says:

    Hi Everyone! we understand that you are interested in plastic surgery in Turkey. Longevita is UK’s #1 choice for hair transplant/ plastic surgery /dental treatment/ eye surgery in abroad. Would you like our medical team to review your pictures and suggest a treatment plan and quote? Please let us know. Thank you!

  • 박우기 says:

    …??? I thought this video would talk about Korea plastic surgery like how to do or how get it but… mm, So what's your conclusion? just complaining about you got sad?? Then you shouldn't be there. What did you singed up for, dear?;;;

  • imurnanny says:

    where tf was the news in this? Buzzfeed "News". "i went in for a consultation and they gave me one. wah". that's not effing news. this content had zero purpose. this is such a effing waste of time and money. do better, buzzfeed. also, dont drag kpop stars into this. ALL celebrities get plastic surgery. what a way to fly to another country and shit on everyone.

  • greenartisticfiend says:

    gurl is so salty about what people who are doing their jobs do

  • Satan, The Skinny Whale Legend says:

    The host is a stupid fat ugly bitch who’s stupid enough to expect that plastic surgeons would lie to her face and tell her she’s beautiful. She’s pissed ‘cause finally her delusion bubbles has been popped.

  • Dane L says:

    Glad that she chose not to do it

  • MountainRain says:

    let the doctors so their job. this is why buzzfeed sucks

  • Maria says:

    Bruh you should not have gone there if you were gonna get butthurt that easy .

  • Bl0x. says:

    2:49 AHHH wisdom tooth!!!!

  • lil seo says:

    aW… you went into a PLASTIC SURGERY clinic for a CONSULTATION! what do you expect?? they are going to point out your flaws because thats the whole point of a plastic surgery clinic! so smarten up!

  • Megu X says:

    Which clinic do you recommend?

  • i rabiya says:

    I am now 11 .i am girl . And i wnat to go kore can any one tell if we go (pakistan to kore) how many countries we left . I love kore love stories and there people . Plz advice me and reply me

  • MAGIX CLUB says:

    i will work out and get rid of my fat on face

  • Nicole Gabino says:

    Aw i thought she was going to get surgery:( oh well wouldve been interesting

  • Kim Williams says:

    You're delusional if you expect a plastic surgeon and beauty consultants to tell you that you look perfect and beautiful and doesn't need surgery. The doctors don't give a crap about your feelings. They're just doing their job.

  • james chen says:

    loose some weight first

  • Redstripe921 says:

    If she lost some weight she would be just fine.

  • Mrs. Negative says:

    I swear these women try to make every single thing negative they’re doing their job
    A plastic surgeon isn’t going to lie and say “you’re fine the way you are “ they want your money and they want to fix your issues.

    That’s why people go there obviously

  • Marthe 2000 says:

    I can understand the doctors english beter than her Jezus learn How to speak

  • Marthe 2000 says:

    I went to a plastic surgen to ask what they would change to my face but they didn’t say that I’m already perfect

  • Daniel Ansari says:

    The girl is on the chunky side, with all due respect

  • Sophoeunn Ching says:

    To me you are already pretty. You can just lose some weight and learn how to contour your face with makeup.

  • Lisa V says:

    OMFG she is incredibly pretty !!!DO NOT ever touch your face1!!

  • Elen C says:

    I would prefer it if a doctor is honest and tells me what I need done rather than people patronazing me and bullsh!ting by telling me I don't need anything done. My eyesight is good, I have a mirror and I can see my flaws.

  • Piper Vaillancourt says:

    I don’t want my mom to get Plastic surgery! ☹️

  • stuti bhatnagar says:

    i disliked this video.

  • YassHammy says:

    they whooping yall ass in these comments and im glad cause its what you deserve for this dumb ass video bye

  • Dahlia D says:

    WTH, you went to a plastic surgeon to ask for their opinion and then you bashed on them for giving their medical advise THAT YOU'RE ASKING FOR???!! That's their job, you know. "You're beautiful just the way you are" WTF are they in business for? Geez. You go to a hair salon and ask for a recommendation, the hairstylist will pull out magazines. You ask a waiter what to recommend on the menu, they will recommend. You go to a plastic surgeon and ask how to improve my face, they give you their consultation and you're like…. "no, you're supposed to tell me it's okay to be asymmetrical and I'm beautiful just the way I am and only super insecure and mentally ill people get plastic surgery done."

  • Drogone says:

    Whoa, these guys are the real deal 😮
    I kinda wanna see what happens if you give them full artistic license,😀

  • Shannon says:

    I think they will always see flaws in everybody even models cause that's their job. Fun story : one of my friends got a nose job a few years ago and when she came back to her doctor one year later for a checkup(the doctor did not know she was his patient and that she had her nose done by him) and he surprisingly suggested that she should get a nose job!!! You see the point? They will always tell you to get things fixed even if there is absolutely nothing wrong with your face. So love yourself the way you are cause you are perfect the way you are.

  • Lemmy says:

    Wow..what’s wrong with you? You know what you have signed up for and the doctors were just doing their jobs like..get a grip

  • Not Crazy says:

    God makes everyone look different on purpose. You look fine

  • Typical Emily says:

    If your trying to blame them.. again I said “trying” don’t take it personal but you came there for no purpose what so ever that has to do with actual plastic surgery. You should know the people go in for consultation knowing they want to get these things FIXED and are looking forward to it! You basically just made yourself insecure it’s not their fault because they were doing their job thinking you actually came for plastic surgery.

  • Trevor Miranda says:

    2:51 The reporter needs to see a orthodontist, she has an impacted wisdom tooth (right side of jaw on x-ray). It looks like she's had the others removed already, so not sure why that one was just left there.

  • nailabt says:

    When you go to a plastic surgeon they are just doing their job and trying to 'perfect' the areas that bother you or stand out to you. Sometimes they see things you don't see. I don't understand why you would go and expect them to possibly say 'no you don't need this, you don't need that?' – then why should these surgeons exist? Also, if someone can make your face symmetrical, its a bonus. TBH most people would want that. Respectfully the doctors are being very precise about the chin and pointing out that one side of face is bigger than the other.

  • Kaneki Ghoul says:

    God made us all perfect, so why would we waste our perfect faces?

  • Prasthun Brahma says:

    ugly people with dirty mind. you won't look beauty even after surgery anyway. why did you go their.? stupid people.and what is this buzzfeednews? you don't look like reporter you look like bustard.

  • Alright Babes says:

    A prime example as to why buzzfeed is flopping.

  • Michael Edwards says:

    When she said she is morbidly I know I'm not the only one who thought she was going to say obese.

    Also, don't call it news when it's some chubby chick complaining that a PLASTIC SURGEON is telling her what is wrong with her appearance. What is next, a fat guy walking into a personal trainer's office whining that the guy thinks he needs to lose weight?

  • kanika Ankur Parashar says:

    Wow ur really beautiful, then why did we go there in the first place

  • Jk Heart says:

    how much does it cost for just a consultation .. ive been meaning to do it .. next month

  • Yeon D L. says:

    I was one of the victim from ID hospital, Korea. I went to consult small thing in ID HOSPITAL, one of the biggests platic surgery hospital in korea. You do consultation with someone who has no medical background, those consultants just get commission from your money so they push you to do more surgery as possible. I wanted to consult something small and the doctor and consultant pushed me as there was something wrong with my face. told me the swelling is only 2 weeks, no side effect nothing, they told me its simple thing, The result is beyond horrible. they cut my nerves and made my face paralyzed. My face got all saggy and look 30 years older. the surgery result had multiple permanent side effect and serious ones. I can't talk nor chew as before. The pain is humongous that no doctor can fix me and I have to cry for the rest of my life from the pain and agony. I contacted so many times and they laughed at me. and then ignored me. I was told the surgeon is just too busy since he is in surgery all the time. All the published good reviews are photoshoped and fake. Only celebrities and famous youtubers are treated nicely, if you are not one of them, you are just easy money. I messed up my life and nothing can turn it back.

  • Jennifer Adams says:

    It's weird how one minute she looks white and the next minute she looks asain..

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