Inside Korea’s Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

Inside Korea’s Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

I’m grace neutral a tattoo artist and activist I don’t know if they’re more freaked out by my tattoos or the fact that I’m wearing a barbarian coat in a spa I’m interested in ideas of alternative beauty and pushing our boundaries of positive body image and if you’ve never when they pop again how do you I will die to me the human body is a beautiful thing in all its forms what Gracie could have looked like if she didn’t up face I’ve traveled to South Korea where amazingly tattooing is illegal I’m going to explore their six billion dollar domestic beauty industry and kpop to influence on Korean beauty ideals so we’re here in Myeongdong in Seoul which is basically like the epicenter of beauty this is where everyone comes to get their beauty products as you can see is even is crazy the streets are so cool every other shop seems to be a makeup shop Korea has one of the world’s fastest-growing and technically advanced beauty industries South Korean women spend more than twice as much of their income on makeup and beauty products than American women while men spend more on beauty products than anyone else in the world skincare and beauty products advertising is everywhere with k-pop stars and key soaps pushing the latest cosmetic trends there’s an unparalleled emphasis in Korean society on looking good and having perfect skin young South Koreans and increasingly China’s beauty tourists flock to this area lured by skincare and makeup products dubbed k-beauty you can hear just for fashion or do you come here to buy makeup the skin products everything like how long every day do you spend doing makeup hour a two hours a day you hear Koreans have one of the most extensive skin care regimes in the world piling on between 10 and 18 products a day it’s pretty mental right now I’ve never seen crowds like this just come from beauty Korean products promised a perfect skin is fast becoming the most exported and desired around the world just from chatting to people it’s not just South Koreans that come here for beauty they just met a couple of Chinese girls they said to me that it’s one of the best places to come and the best products are here so I’m coming here to meet up with a girl called all Yana basically she is a girl that kind of epitomizes everything to do with mainstream beauty in South Korea today and hoping she can give me a bit of an insight on her life and the things that she does in the routine that she has been in beauty hello nice to meet you how are you I’m fine how are you good thank you and look at your eye yeah well I have a photo when your eyes they’re very beautiful too yes where did you have done I had it done at home where I live in London in London is it common in your country no it’s not common anywhere really I think maybe less than a hundred people have it in the world oh yeah so only on oh where are you taking me now we are going to moon each on moonshot again okay what’s my ensuring that I mean charlie is makeup for uh-huh and we are gonna have makeup over oh cool we’re gonna make a yeah the influence of kpop and young people in South Korea cannot be overestimated and major k-pop label YG Entertainment and taking advantage of that they developed their own line of cosmetics to sell in their store in central Seoul moonshot beauty products were a natural item for Korean stars to promote on kdramas surgery is often part of the plot we honor yes what kind of liquor you’re gonna go for today heavy maple yeah yeah so like a typical kpop just yeah nice with your parents how do they feel when you started wearing makeup you want to get a hard chunk up there I don’t know hello Shamar give undertow cotton yarn you’re casting up to the heart on a mark Brahma make all the typhoon there it’s hard to describe you forget what onion on the became Zoi Baker Parliament ah it was memorable walk while pondering it because we’ve okay how about paniolo well I usually wear this much like heavy dark eye makeup cuz I think my eyes are pretty intense anyway but no it looks really good the kpop star look is it’s not bad well Jana offered to take me to Seoul’s 24-hour 7-story mega spa to show me that beauty isn’t just about makeup but a big part of Korean lifestyle for young people like her you saw with Liana we’re going to go and check out the pool Susy if I wanted something I’m pretty nervous right now one of the ladies who guided us in here to the changing rooms asked me if I could change in a private room because a fear of everyone being offended my tattoos she asked me to keep my coat on and yeah are you getting a bit of a weird reception this is so weird I don’t know if they’re more eked out my my tattoos on the fact that I’m wearing a barbarian coat in a spa this is nice I found out that more than 60% of young women in their 20s have had cosmetic surgery here I wanted to find out how IANA felt about the issue do you think that girls the South Korea getting plastic surgery to yard or painful paja I give them names crossing over honey goodbye you- until for me personally a lot of the procedures that gals over here get when i very young is pretty extreme purely because of the age that they are how’s our little horrible Dunham’s with yourself but then tiles will harvest google local audience I have done no stop my email shape world was not straight okay anything it I got lost every since I put on my fat from my leg to be my face today just everywhere everywhere for a hot chick and what differences did you feel were the biggest in your appearance changing I have no fat on my face so I look prettier with these girls and guys who are young do you think it’s the pressures of society telling them that they should look a certain way how we’re going on you I do not know don’t ever compare Tommy Cesaro they got to come to the beneath start over Tommy Owens law they didn’t want it Tommy okay she’s been really open with me about everything she’s been through that this whole kind of sense that kpop has such a huge influence on the way young girls look I think it’s great to idolize people who admire but for me for 18 year old girls to start getting Botox just because they feel like they have to fit into this kpop ideal almost kind of made me feel a bit uncomfortable one thing that I noticed here that’s really weird is that there’s just a big room of people yeah and they just they’re asleep on the floor like randomly yes that is like their parents are sleeping in the kitchen like playing around they sleep here all night and I used to sleep here every weekend with my friends tell me like your beauty regime how would you feel if someone took that away from you and told you that you could never have cosmetic surgery again and you can never wear makeup again how would you feel time we right here this is a pretty bizarre place if I’m honest I’ve never been to a spa before there’s open 24 hours I’ve never been to a squaw that has like an arcade I’m used to going to spas old being and and maybe people looking at me funny because I’m quite to this extreme you can tell that just not impressed by me and I definitely think it’s got to be the tattoos and the stigma around her – a few years ago wouldn’t even been let in a place like this like I would be completely ban it’s clear that all jana reflects South Korea’s mainstream beauty culture while I’m an easy that this billion-dollar business puts huge pressure on young girls to look perfect it’s easy to see why so many are influenced especially when kpop idols themselves are having to conform to the very narrow beauty ideals I know young women in the West are facing a lot of the same pressures although in South Korea it’s socially acceptable for teenagers to have cosmetic surgery it is illegal to be a tattoo artist I’m fascinated to understand how younger generations are challenging traditional views of beauty I’ve traveled to South Korea to explore their alternative beauty industry I wanted to know why tattooing is illegal here and meet the young Koreans embracing alternative ideas of beauty and body image


  • Blc ME says:

    0.28…then you don't need to change this beautiful forms at all by any means…

  • Shannon Tsai says:

    What's the name of the background music in the beginning?

  • s1req says:

    song in the beginning please ?

  • sarasthoughts says:

    I love this girl so much, she’s so pretty I can’t handle it

  • bestamerica says:

    stop watch this video at 001…
    korea have their own WON currencys…
    why korea need and want american own currencys…
    what for…
    not like that title in above video

  • NoodlesPoodle says:

    See what capitalism does to the south Korea . The only real Korea is the democratic Republics of Korea

  • Holly N says:

    She definitely went into this with already formed opinions. She kept trying to get that girl to give the answers she wanted. It doesn't seem like a good journalism.

  • Rania B says:

    9:50 "this bitch ass camera spying on me. AISH" 😂

  • Emilee Skutt says:

    For me makeup isn’t to cover up or change anything, it’s much like tattoos it’s art it’s an expression of myself it’s a part of me and my personality and same with plastic surgery I think it’s ok to want to look a certain way they shouldn’t feel like they need to in order to fit into a certain box

  • Savanna Marie says:

    How is tattoos and body modification any different that surgery? They all require needles and are a personal choice.

  • PurpGamerNekotaku Meow says:

    Wait that's Totoro on her hand!😻

  • Krent Everlast says:

    But I mean… They do all have really nice skin.

  • ladyreal says:

    We have 24 hour fitness in Los Angeles Calif with a protien drink bar and full spa? Do you just live under a rock or go to Dive Bar tattoo parlors?

  • ariella SUCKA says:

    God she's so beautiful. It literally takes my breath away.

  • Artem Angelov says:

    old? a patient with smallpox?

  • Chrusaster says:

    damn…you girl dont even realize how double standard this is xD … everythinh…fucking everything from you to them, is in my eyes bodytuning. that counts for silicone, metal, plastic and colour x_x if it looks or feels different (in a good way of course) its an upgrade, point.

  • Toni De Castro says:

    i really like grace's attitude idk there's something in her that makes me like appreciate and admire her…

  • JadoreVanessa says:

    Great vid! Thanks for sharing.

  • Davi Matloff says:

    You can’t judge a culture because you’ll never understand it. You will never be able to comprehend things from an outside angle🤷🏻‍♂️

  • 나울화 says:

    Daaaaamn i love her accent

  • mushbone clipper says:

    liking these shots of korea….seeing the way they live.

  • Adzka Pangestu says:

    please make a reaction video about grace neutral walking on the street

  • MiniatureLabyrinth says:

    I like how plastic surgery and such is completely fine n shit shit but tats are a nono

  • Mikael S says:

    Koreans obsessed with beauty and still most of them aren't pretty/handsome.

  • devinah malu says:

    Wow!! She's beautiful. She makes me want to get tattoos

  • John Edvards says:

    It's strange to me that she seems so opposed to surgery when she has so many tattoos. As far as I can tell "changing" your body through surgery or tattoos are similar in some way. But still I see why she would feel that it's so different.
    But the main thing that I can agree with her on is the difference in reason that she had and so many of the Koreans seem to have for their beauty choices. Either way, great seeing this. It was quite informative.

  • ThePotatoIsAStarchyTuberousCropFromThePerennialSolanumTuberosumOfTheNightshadeFamilyLOL says:

    2 hours and still look like shit. Maybe dump the selfie stick would help eh

  • Ohhdang says:

    Anyone know song name that starts in the intro?

  • Mary K says:

    Lol, I just realized if I hadn't have been adopted (south korean) then I would've probably been like that. Now, however, I take an interest in style over makeup and I'm fine with my acne because i don't care about the face unless you believe in the souls of the eyes (like me) and the love of the smile.

  • Anna Kucherenko says:

    I honestly love her tattoos so much

  • N o c t u r n e S u b s says:

    For everyone asking how can the Host be so judgemental about surgery when she has so many things done to her body…WELL…the thing is she did it to be different, to look "badass" and for the sake of aesthetics and art. Which it's completely cool and amazing (duh). But the other inferior human beings did it maybe to get rid of an insecurity or to simply feel prettier, improve their selfsteem and feel better with themselves, and that it's obviously disgusting, like…of course they are doing it for men to notice them…right.?. Please, notice the heavy sarcasm. This is the kind of hypocrisy most activists represent.

  • iLindahLIFE says:

    2 hours to look basic.

  • iLindahLIFE says:

    How young was she when she got her first tattoo?

  • zz monty says:

    She seems fucken awesome

  • jtv612 says:

    It's weird that she's so against plastic surgery but she's done a lot to her body to make herself happy

  • Luis says:

    1. This is so interesting to see 2. Give your cameraman a pay raise.

  • Kenti Wilson says:

    this isn't hypocritical. Grace's surgeries are done because she WANTED them not because of societal/cultural/popular pressure to fit in to a standard, and from a very young age. That's the difference I think.

  • shiber says:

    I think kpop really does influence the Korean people, but man, I saw people judging the k-idols … it's not their fault, you know? They do this because of their superiors and these shit … they are really closed minded for common things like tattooing and stuff but I think young people can fully change that over time.

    by the way, the video is incredible!

  • afra fatimah says:

    I love the slow mo shot of that girl being so shock by grace’s tattoos LOL

  • SleepingWith!AndyVeilBrides!AtTheDisco says:

    I thougt there are only maby under 10 people in the world with collorfull eyes

  • X O L Capital says:

    Grace my dear koreans have their own idea of beauty and aesthetics.. and in order to achieve that they use makeup and sometimes goes under the knife. You are also punctured ur skin with needles and colored it with ink bc that's what you like.. and just like how you question her, ask ur self what if you aren't allowed to have tattoos any more? What if you are told to remove them all? What if you can't do tattoos anymore?

  • שגהדגהבד says:

    Kind of a long comment, but I hope you read it out, as I'm sure you will thank me later 😁


    3:15 Wait… she got an eye color surgery? That shit is crazy dangerous, people become blind from that.

    Honestly this whole plastic surgery fad is really stupid and bad for all of us. All it does is make people feel like they have to work hard to be beautiful. Beauty is effortless.

    The only thing plastic surgery, and current pop beauty standards in general do, is make people think that they have to fit in with the rest of this idiocy. I don't blame anybody for being hypnotised into believing this stupidity, however I avidly blame the utter backwardness in trying so hard to "fit in" and feeling as though it's the one truth when all it is essentially is outdated crap). Eventually plastic surgery will pass on genes preceived by society to be even "uglier"(even though they're really beautiful) and they would "need" to recompensate with even more plastic surgery, that's a self full-filling disaster there. Instead of bringing society together it seperates us apart. and not to mention the fact that it makes people who are less attractive feel like they're shit, while they really are just as beautiful if not more. People consider me a pretty attractive guy(not trying to brag or anything remote, just being objective) and I can say that even people who are less physically attractive than me can feel from the inside and outside just as attractive if not more, effortlessly. It's all in how we look at ourselves, aren't we more than what others preceive us?

    My question to those of you who want to get plastic surgery is – why? If you need somebody to accept you, please stop. If it is love that you desire, then I love you, unconditionally ❤. no matter what you do remember there's at least one person out there who loves you(and realistically I'm not even close to being the only one).

    All of creation is beautiful, when you look at a leaf, it's beautiful and perfect. It is a source of life, has great scent, makes our air pure, has a beautiful lively color to it. It doesn't matter to you if the leaf is round, square, maple shaped or whatever, you wouldn't want all the leaves to aspire to look the same right? That would be boring as fuck! If a leaf has a different symmetry, if a leaf is heavier or looks different from the others, it only makes it all the more interesting.

    All you see is beautiful creation in it's purest form. you don't need society to constantly tell you you're attractive to know that you really are. You are beautiful because you are creation in it's purest form. This which has created the whole world and existence is within you.
    This which has created beauty in the first place, is within you – always have been and always will be. Love and peace from Israel! <3

  • aO aM says:

    So much tato.
    That's really unhealthy.

  • 13shivan says:

    Why aren't we over this shit…? None of these matter…


    1:26 I like how they stare at her💕She's awesome

  • Meg Skylet says:

    The women in 1:26 😂😂😂 DEAD

  • Melanie Rubalcava. says:

    1:26 that girl starring at Grace made my day, she's soooo shocked.

  • Danny Sykes says:

    What a Fucking Shit Country
    I mean People Mentality ..Damn..
    They Were Directly Staring At Her, Fucking Rude Man Like they Have Seen a Alien or Something..

  • Manira Morales says:

    Her YouTube channel??

  • Miracle Happens says:

    Somehow k'pop ruins life..I mean when i see them i'm kind of obsessed of looking more skinny or more whiter (and i'm white)and looking cute..It's very strange cuz you see perfection and that perfection it's not real..I don't use make up almost never ..What would i do in that country like what said that girl "i'll probably dye "😯So bad society

  • AR-Gaming says:

    maybe an old video but you do body modifications your not that old she didnt seem like she did it because of kpop so you saying the who time about kpop pushing them to surgery just sound stupid if anything you should support her instead you criticizing her in your own way

  • Bunny Boy says:

    Ya'll koreaboos getting triggered over something as simple as a tattoo chill

  • theoriginalorange says:

    What is the theme song that is used? I love it!

  • Mike Zam says:

    When I close my eyes I would youre so cute girl. B.coz of your voice. Heheh I love hearing it. I admire you as a tattoo artist. Coz I love tattoo 2.

  • Mike Zam says:

    Hope I see you to have your autograph hahaha

  • Makawakaroni says:

    Fuck your unremovable subscribe bracket in the top right. The content was nice otherwise.

  • ella bdo says:

    1:27 that woman face😂😂 Im screaming😂😂😂

  • JMB says:

    After university are not teens.

  • JMB says:

    I like your channel, but you need some lessons on anthropology and humility.

  • H. L. says:

    girl who modified her body for attention goes to another country and judges other girls who modify their bodies for attention

  • Jason Stokes says:

    Sad planet.

  • Raka Paramita says:

    To be honest, Korean product is only effective on Asian skin. I tried Eucerin product from germany and it has no effect for me, so Korean product is the first choice.

  • Mick s says:

    I want to lick that white pussy !

  • RandomRevival27 says:

    Is that liquid latex on Gracie? 🤔

  • Himi Jendrix says:

    Your eye tattoos look disgusting and all eye tattoos look disgusting anyway, despite me loving tattoos in general. You think because of the way you’ve fucked up your body that your ‘documentary’ holds substance? You’re an attention seeker, nothing more. The fact that you told that Korean woman there’s less than 100 people who have their eyes tattoos proves that literally all you are. You’re a boring person that got modifications to be noticed…

  • Kenny Ma says:

    If Koreans want to get tattoos, go somewhere else. I don't think plastic surgery is worse than tattooing. Tattooing is disgusting and ugly

  • rayyan 'Sue says:

    When asian saw her ball eyes with purple colour, everyone would say it seems like i looking at ghost. One of nightmare in daylike. My younger sister told me she's saw an old man with wide eyes ball and have big black cornea. At that moment the one thing she only realise, he is not a human but something else.

  • Chase Anthony Vaughn Music Channel says:

    Grace Neutral is the epitome of a brutal cutter…

  • Phantasia _squid says:

    The white of my eyes are also blue but not cause I want it like that smh it’s a ugly ass birthmark and I can’t believe people do that for fun😪

  • da da da says:

    Tones of White female visit Korea
    For Plastic surgery

  • turn up says:

    Look on the left 1:27

  • uwu uwu says:

    It's not just kpop
    Some Kpop also help them from the society lol

  • Virginia Lathrop says:

    ok tho… they got makeup done and THEN went swimming???

  • Samantha Derrick says:

    9:49 the nerve of that bitch looking like a guillermo del toro character!! staring at ppl

  • j. y. says:

    There's not much difference between k-beauty & what this host does to her body; it's ones' perceptions of beauty or cool & how far one wants to take it. This is just the pot calling the kettle black & the host believing she's an iconoclast. Eye roll.

  • Sofia Summer says:

    Sooo what if tattoos are illegal there? I hope your not going there to corrupt their way of living with your western ideas.

  • Seokjins Bananapeel says:

    Poor ullyanna is so affected and she doesn’t even know it, or doesn’t want to realize it. Even the fact that she’s so skinny, no wonder she had to have fat injected into her face. I feel so bad for her.

  • Kermit The Frog says:

    Ma balls are itching

  • elisha réamonn says:

    I love her voice.
    So little and calm and strong. ❤

  • Raul Martinez says:


  • Art Curious says:

    Koreans desperately want to be rich Americans and will sacrifice everything chasing this cookie cutter dream of beauty.

    Highest suicide rates. Highest divorce rates. Highest alcoholism rates. Bali. Bali.

  • H Cck says:

    1:26 that girls face🤣

  • Rosalie Garcia says:

    I don't care about my face anymore

  • Trevor Miranda says:

    6:50 jesus christ someone get the production crew a couple of shotgun mics

  • Tick Tock says:


  • Arpit Sharma says:

    Grace u have stole my 💓

  • Brin Pussmaid says:

    When she asked if getting the whites in your eyes dyed was common in England I lost it🤣

  • Daniel Murphy says:

    Chinese girl is very attractive

  • Grace alibanggo says:

    In londom tatoo is only a art

  • Romeojr Tenorio says:


  • aksek hiddelll says:

    tatoos are beautiful??? yah if you are total retard they may be, for anybody with a brain, they are walking adverstisments for braindead idiots

  • Rosealine Ashmier says:

    All my friends love kpop and want to move to Korea, while I don't mind kpop I could never move there. Korea and kpop is so f**ked up

  • just because says:

    The Korean woman’s nose is obviously fake among other things she’s paid for to change her face.

  • Trickyricky1 Million says:

    Massive plastic surgery culture yet they get freaked out by a few tattoo's. I love other cultures 😀

  • itsrh ._ says:

    the way she look at her 1:27



  • Lucrezia Morganti says:

    Korean skincare is amazing….it has changed my skin and solved any problem I had!!!🙏

  • RKL Lamb says:

    why is no one talking about how painfully thin the Korean woman is? I hope she is okay…

  • Reeha Dey says:

    Am I the only girl who adores the korean makeup artist ok it is

  • Nuhaa Fuentes says:

    i just realized they did their makeup and then went to a spar afterwards.. i

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