Introduction to Dr. Julian De Silva for Out of Town Patients for Facial Cosmetic Surgery in London

Introduction to Dr. Julian De Silva for Out of Town Patients for Facial Cosmetic Surgery in London

My name is
Dr. Julian De Silva. I am a consultant
in facial cosmetics and Oculo-Facial Plastic surgery
in London. My area of expertise is
focused purely on the face. And the 3 commonest procedures
that I perform are; eyelid surgery
also know blepharoplasty, nose reshaping or rhinoplasty, And face and neck lift techniques in addition to others such as
stem cell fat grafting. My expertise extends from over 10 years
working in Central London hospitals, before specializing in purely
facial cosmetic surgery. My experience includes spending
time in the cosmetic centres of Beverly Hills Los Angeles,
Manhattan, New York. And many of the skills
that I use for my patients are customised innovations and surgical techniques
from my time in the US. My focus is very much on
giving patients natural looking results, that means hiding scars
using scarless techniques and wherever possible
generating techniques that result in a rapid
recovery as far as possible. I have won awards and prices
in innovation, in research, in cosmetic surgery excellence, and I am a keen advocate of teaching
and I teach internationally in facial cosmetic
and plastic surgery, and I have authorised
peer review journal got journal articles
and published book chapters. I am keen advocate for teaching
the next generation of surgeons. I would say that 10% to 20%
of the surgery that I do is complex revision surgery on patients
who have had surgery elsewhere. And this requires the use
of complex techniques, equipment and graft tissues
in order to give these patients the
best possible results. I am very passionate
about what I do. I’m an artist.
I am a sculpture. And I use those skills everyday
and I get a great deal of satisfaction from the patients
that I treat. In here at the Gherkin
is Dr. Julian De Silva a Cosmetic Surgeon with
2 practices in London. It’s great to have you with
us tonight Dr. De Silva. – Thank you.
– First of all give us an idea about the size of your business and the
kind of procedures which are very popular. So I specialize very
much in the face. So the 3 principle areas
that I help patients with are eyelids and
blepharoplasty, nose reshaping rhinoplasty and the face
and neck lifting, those techniques. I can tell you just specializing
in that one area in the body it requires a great deal
of skill and technique in order to keep up to date
with all the advances. There’s continual
evolution in medicine. Where we were 5, 10 years ago
is not where we are today. As your graphics illustrated
the cosmetic industry has changed dramatically
in the last 10 years. Non-surgical treatments, Botox and fillers,
were not nearly as accessible, and many didn’t even exist
10 years ago. This is a continual evolution. With every patient I treat
I spend more than 2 hours with every patient before
I contemplate doing surgery on them. That’s so I really know
exactly what they want, what that patient’s
expectations are, and also give them an idea
of what those risks are. If I was to give you
one example, eyelid surgery, or also known as blepharoplasty is the most common cosmetic
surgery in the world. – Yes.
– It’s regarded as a relatively safe procedure.
However, there is a tiny chance, a less than 1% chance
of blindness after blepharoplasty. I tell every individual patient
that there is a tiny risk of this happening. Of course there are steps you
can take to reduce this, to minimize it. However, at the end of the
day surgery is surgery, and occasionally
unexpected things occur. I think that’s when we’re
talking about regulation, we’re talking about training
staff whether they’re doctors, whether they’re nurses
or other individuals, so that they are aware of the potential
risk of doing some of these procedures. The chance of having
complications from a Botox or a filler
is relatively very small. However, if you don’t understand or
appreciate the anatomy of the face, or the potential risks
then there’s definitely a call for further regulation
to help with that.


  • Tom Orlandini says:

    As an out of town potential patient to this doctor here is my review: WORST experience dealing with the staff of this doctor, i'm still dealing with the stress it caused me, to quote myself, here is a line i wrote to his staff " I can’t even begin to tell you how revolting and careless your procedures are. Again, thank you for a total lack of understanding, compassion, and efforts. " this i think gives you an idea of how horrible the ordeal was for me, and i really advice against dealing with these people. The doctor never even heard about me because his staff intercepted all correspondence and stopped answering me all together.

  • Neil Arora says:

    He is ugly as fuck

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