Is CoverGirl really cruelty-free & Leaping Bunny certified? Is Dove? Is PETA evil?

Is CoverGirl really cruelty-free & Leaping Bunny certified? Is Dove? Is PETA evil?


  • knives0ut says:

    So so pumped about this! Thanks for doing this video!

  • Chelsea Lee says:

    So promptly posted, thanks!

  • Danna Lucio Chavez says:

    Please do a cover girl best products video.

  • Krista says:

    On IG, they have addressed questions and said they are not selling on China’s mainland. Good for them!

  • Emily Rachel Gilley says:

    Squeak Squeak! 🤣 hugs puppies

  • Dizzyknitsandcurls says:

    Great video and woot! Covergirl welcome to the good list I haven’t looked at them since I went cf and I’m excited!

  • Chandra McClaine says:

    Can't wait to try Vitalist Healthy Elixir foundation (one of RawBeautyKristi's favorites), this is truly great news. Hopefully it will motivate other massive brands to become certified as well.

  • Jennifer Ellen Petrash says:

    Great video! I’m so happy to hear more brands are going cruelty free, like Covergirl.

  • Alex Gatto says:

    On the subject of PETA, I used to feel EXACTLY as you do! I was exposed to the "PETA Kills Animals" campaign and it really influenced my thinking, both before and after I was vegan. Much more recently I have been educated as to the truth behind that campaign and their statistics – it is a smear propaganda campaign literally funded by animal ag lobbyists. PETA's shelter euthanasia numbers are so high because they are seen as a "last resort" shelter where the very worst cases of sickness and cruelty often end up, and where low income people can go to have their companion animal humanely euthanized if it is suffering and they can't afford to have it done at the vet. They take the animals that the other shelters refuse to admit because it costs money to end these animals' suffering and other shelters don't want the expense. I think as animal rights activists we really have to be critical about where we're getting our information from, because there are enormous corporations worth billions of dollars who have an extremely vested interest in discrediting animal rights groups. PETA is not perfect by any means – no company of that size that's been around for over two decades could be – but I can't believe how much I was misled and misinformed about them – they are a huge network of extremely dedicated vegans and activists, and the work they do for animals is invaluable. They are not the enemy, Big Ag is. (More info:

  • okamiammy08 says:

    This is so exciting! I've been avoiding alot of cool products from them because they werent cruelty free. This is great news!

  • SweetPeach Bellini says:

    I'm happy that Cover Girl is now cruelty free as this will give everyone the ability to purchase beauty products without paying a Kings ransom. Also, not sure if anyone else has seen this or posted it on YT or blogs, but Canada is more than half way to being cruelty free!! It passed in the Legislature and only has to go to the House of Commons to be debated. Should this be successful (and I believe it will be), Canada will be cruelty free from Newfoundland/Labrador on the East to Vancouver Island on the West Coast; from Toronto to Iqaluit!

  • Anya Stamper says:

    Great Video! Much Love!!! ❤❤❤

  • BippotyBoppity says:

    I knew you’d be on top of this! Thanks for clarifying!

  • jo_ v80 says:

    Wow it's all so complicated! I'm hoping for a chain reaction from makeup brands going cruelty free like you said but I don't want any PR stunts. Since the bill has passed in Canada last spring for banning all non-cruelty free beauty products from being sold, I'm hoping Canada will play a part in getting brands to change their ways. The law passed, but when does it actually take effect?? Idk

  • Macy Lycan says:

    Have you ever gotten a response from Pat McGrath Labs? They're listed as not cruelty free on Logical Harmony but their products aren't on Sephora China's website, and their website has a vague statement saying, they don't test products or ingredients on animals, but any idea what's the deal with them?

  • Macy Lycan says:

    Oh and here's Dove's response on their Insta!

    > "Consumers in China can still purchase Dove products at their usual stores and websites, but we have made choices in the products that we offer consumers there. From December 2017 onwards, we permanently stopped importing products into China that would require animal testing according to Chinese regulations. The Chinese Authorities changed regulations in 2014 and now allow for certain cosmetics products that are manufactured in China to not require animal testing – and these are the products we produce. All the products Dove will be launching in China in the future will either be produced locally or sold through cross-border channels such as airports, neither of which require testing by local authorities."

  • Amy says:

    thank you Courtney! you are my go-to makeup source.

  • Kath TheFabZilla says:

    I agree, CF and vegan are not the same so buyer beware still. I only support both CF and vegan brands but using CF is a great initiative/step in itself. You mentioned militant vegans. As vegan myself, I also feel like there is a way of spreading veganism in the most loving and compassionate way. I stay away from the extremely angry vegans because I live by "be kind to every kind"

  • Allison Cohen says:

    Good video with all the info. Those loopholes in China are kind of mysterious. Not sure I get them. I am surprised that Dove would do a PR stunt since that flies in the face of their brand values. I hope they will clarify it.

  • Brian Mendelson says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! Norman and Matilda were flipping out anytime Nyx squeaked her toy.

  • bowiespacecat says:

    I love how you're always so clear and matter of fact. There's so much misinformation out there with animal testing issues. And of course the fact you don't give PETA an iota of respect is A++++

  • Modern Retro Gal says:

    I’m very excited to have CoverGirl added to the list! I’m hopeful the new law here in Cali will push more companies to fall in line.

  • BeginNails Kristi V says:

    You pups usually all around in the back ground and so when I saw Nyx next to you, I had zero clue how large they were!! LOL I'm bookmarking your CF list, I had no clue you kept one. I've been using CrueltyKitty, but sometimes I find brands that are missing. I'd love to cross reference with your list.

  • Sinndy Morr says:

    Great Information 🙂

  • Marcia Friedman says:

    For some reason I stopped getting Tashina's blog in my email so I'm glad the two of you work together on these issues. It's still a little hard to trust CG even though I'm not strict with cruelty free products.

  • Claudia Materdomini says:

    Thank you for covering this! I was so excited to let Jen know about the email I got this morning. Always good to refer to the the experts like you, jen and Tashina! 🙂

  • lena7623 says:

    CoverGirl is SUCH a huge company, so them going cruelty free is a huge step.

  • Tracy Frederick says:

    Look at those babies 😍😍😍

    I don't trust PETA. Never have. They seem shady to me.

  • PolishGalore says:

    I'm not CF or vegan but I can really respect those who are. That's really neat about CoverGirl. I've seen a lot of bait and switch in the years on company's talking about how they are used/tested. Also, I'm down with PETA – I love my pets.

  • Noa Shaindlinger says:

    Amen, sister!

  • Cindy Ingalls says:

    You and Jen are my go-to resource for everything cruelty-free.

  • Ash says:

    I really hope more brands don’t go vegan. After buying a palette from Sephora last year I realized I’m allergic to the dyes they put in red eyeshadow. I’m for getting on board with cruelty free, but if more brands go organic and vegan I’m just kinda hosed.

  • Polarbelle says:

    I honestly don't understand PETA at all. I hear you for everything they're saying…I read an atrocious statement from them the other day. I love animals, I will always have animals living with me.

  • Daena O. says:

    This is exciting news and I hope other companies follow suit!

  • Collette Brown says:

    I agree I don't like peta, I trust leaping bunny so much I stay clear of peta as I love my pets so much and I know they love me my cats pick up on my moods just like my dog is super loyal and has even saved me in the past x

  • Rose Ella-Grace says:

    Oh, wow, I'm so far behind and out of the beauty loop but this is huge.. such a step in the right direction.

  • Arna Alayne says:

    That is such great news!!

  • sweetkeet126 says:

    I truly do not mean to be combatative when I ask this question but I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I’d like to know your reasoning behind it. I follow you on Instagram, which I really enjoy, and I was shocked to see you posting so much about your animal product heavy keto diet. I’m wondering why you promote a both cruelty free living and animal products on your platform.

  • SaucerJess says:


  • Madame Mimm says:

    Thank you for your words about Peta. Thats what i thought all the time.

  • Ana says:

    Hey Phyrra, thank you for looking into this. It'd be very interesting for the CF community if you (and maybe also other girls with CF blogs/platforms) checked Dove's CF claims. I saw those everywhere, Dove promising to be 100% CF as of January 2019 and I'm pretty sure many people would be very interested to see you debunk or confirm their claims. As for CF = vegan claims, I really think it's best to ignore people who say that. I've been vegan for years and in have never met a fellow vegan claim CF = vegan, so it must be just a very small minority.

  • xfortunesquex says:

    A sign of the times! I never thought I'd see Cover Girl go cruelty free! Come on, Loreal! You should be next!

  • Annette says:

    I have a question that has been bugging me lately and i'm wondering if anyone can clear it up for me. L'oreal owns companies like Urban Decay, and Estee Lauder owns companies like Too Faced. They claim they are cruelty free, but obviously the companies that own them are not. Does anyone know if L'oreal And Estee Lauder are supplying raw materials to the companies that they own ?, or are the raw materials used by cruelty free brands that are owned by big corporations different? Or are the raw materials Estee Lauder and L'oreal use cruelty free? I'm just genuinely curious because the company i work for is a small nail product manufacturer and we make most things in house and we do not test on animals, but we don't know if the suppliers of are raw materials do.

  • Laura Marie says:

    I agree Peta is evil and awful and I'm so glad I found Courtney and the Phyrra Nyx community. I know all of you are compassionate people, so I know I'm getting accurate information from people who are trying their best.

  • Slashed Beauty says:

    Oh Nyx is just the star of this show!!! I got this email as well and I'm really glad that they've made this move toward cruelty free and hope that many other brands follow suit!

  • Lola Seicento says:

    That is such great news that CoverGirl is now CF.

  • Ambriel says:

    Oh Clump Crusher mascara, how I’ve missed you!

  • Glamorable says:

    That's great to have another affordable option for CF cosmetics, especially since its a big national brand.

  • M K says:

    I find the line between CF and vegan and everything to be so hard to distinguish these days. Then there’s vegan friendly. Huh?!

  • 25 Sweetpeas says:

    Its most exciting to see this happen, Next step vegan?! and hopefully more brands following suit?!

  • Erin Rose T says:

    Wow, this could really open the doors for so much change! Very exciting! I'm on the same page with you about peta. Love seeing the girls in your videos and instastories 🖤💜

  • Maiya Akhmetzhanova says:

    I was expecting vegan recipes and boy was I wrong 😂 how do you reconcile the meat eating side of you with the side that is opposed to animal cruelty? That is a genuine question, I know tone is hard to read through text, just wanted to let you know I don't mean it in a negative way. Just genuinely curious 🙂

  • Dai Morris says:

    Investigate 7th Heaven facemasks !!
    They claim to be under Cruelty Free International and PETA but then use different logos on their products.
    Please make people aware of this !!

  • Bailey ! says:

    It's really great to see such a huge brand make the switch. Hopefully others will see the excitement from consumers and follow suit.

  • karine nalt says:

    Unfortunatly before being happy i'll wait for Tashina from logical harmony to confirm if they truely are. She has a spécial way To have proof.

  • Cosmetopia Digest says:

    Wow, this is so informative. PETA have been veering on dodgy for a while now, which few people know about.

  • Sam Jordan says:

    Thanks for all the information Courtney! I trust your videos so much when it comes to this sort of thing because I know you do your research. I’m excited to add Covergirl products to my collection!

  • Liz Cullen says:

    Speaking of PETA…I once saw a food documentary that claimed eating chicken caused cancer. Baffled, I looked up who made the documentary and PETA was a contributor 😑. At no point in the documentary did they have legit doctors say chicken causes cancer, and I have yet to find a reputable publication that supports this claim either. Thanks PETA, you just made me hate you more.

  • Madhubani Chakraborty says:

    Thanks a zillion ton for doing this video. Few months back I came across a few posts talking about the real face of PETA. Good to see CoverGirl going cruelty free. It's high time other brands follow suit.

  • manic hispanic says:

    Covergirl is building a big ass store in time Square NYC! So excited!!! I can’t wait to Swatch all their products & Experience the Sephora experience ( makeovers) at drugstore prices!!

  • manic hispanic says:

    I really hate how we have so little standards when it comes to cosmetics & food. IMO, CF/vegan label is a lot bs when it comes to cosmetics, if ur using mica or anything that harms the environment which a lot of the makeup industry does it’s kinda defeating the purpose. What can be more cruel than forced labor? Child forced labor! It’s not just that, most ppl think that if U use brands that sell in China (even tho they are CF in the US) u suck & aren’t really CF. Most people wrongly assume that every brand that sells in China is automatically considered not CF, so there’s a lot of misinformation passed around. I seen CF YTrs attacked cuz they buy CF items but the parent brand isn’t considered CF. Either we need better standards or better words to describe things, cuz there’s a lot of grey areas. I hope as consumers get more savvy, brands move to better ingredients & better packaging. I also hope that the government can pass stricter standards on Cosmetics, cuz if Kim Kardashian can get ppl out of jail, then Kourtney should’ve been able to get that bill passed!

  • Rachel Castillo says:

    Hi, I would like to know if City Color is cruelty free/vegan? On their website they have the products that are vegan but are mainly cruelty free .. also I would like to know if KTB Cosmetics are as well

  • Emmers1983 says:

    I could be totally wrong but I suspect these "cruelty-free" announcements from companies like Cover Girl and Dove are the beginning of a coming wave of similar announcements over the next year or so, due, in part, to a recent bill in California which was signed by the governor. I think there will be many more 'gray area" or possible PR stunt cases like the one discussed in this video very soon. Here's an article I found on the matter:

  • Kelly Reyes says:

    So I know they’re saying Covergirl is cruelty free. But I’ve also read they’ve partnered with Coty, which from what I’ve always known is Coty isn’t cruelty free. So I’m confused.

  • Tina M says:

    I had a miniature black toy poodle so smart! Anyway, CoverGirl is made by PROCTER AND GAMBLE. They TORTURE ANIMALS 😢🐶😿🐇

  • Crystal Gale says:

    I am concerned though about covergirl's line with olay on it. I still see those being sold. Because olay is not cruelty so how come covergirl is still considered cruelty free? Please help me with my confusion hehe i am happy though that an affordable brand has changed for the better. 😊

  • KT Hill says:

    It's getting more confusing with all of the "cruelty free" messaging out there, especially when the term is exploited. Thank you for your videos that help clarify claims!

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