Is Kat Von D Ripping Us Off? Let’s DESTROY Tattoo Liners & Find Out! Scam or Not?

Is Kat Von D Ripping Us Off? Let’s DESTROY Tattoo Liners & Find Out! Scam or Not?

Hello my friend. You may have heard a little bit of a rumor
that started over… I don’t know… the past few days. People were opening up their Kat Von D Tattoo
Liners and realizing that the inside of the full size was the same size as the inside
of the sample size and immediately freaked out. And I immediately started getting lots and
lots and lots of Twitter messages. “Jen, can you try this out?” “Jen can you see if it’s the same?” “Jen!” So, of course, I had to. I went on Sephora’s website and I ordered
some stuff for you. So, today, we’re gonna test and see whether
the full sized Kat Von D Eyeliner is the same amount of product as the sample size, like
the internet suggests. So, if that sounds interesting to you, hang
tight, we’re getting into it right now. They did not have the sample size for sale
individually, so I had to buy it in a duo. So this is the sample size. The .2 grams… yup… .2 milliliters here. And this one here is .55 milliliters for the
full size. Hello, editing Jen here. So, I realized after I finished filming this
video that there were two videos already uploaded on this topic by Beauty News and Kendall Alfred,
but one thing that’s great about science is that the more people that do a test or an
experiment, the more information we gain, and I had so much fun filming this video with
my husband and tearing apart these eyeliners that I decided to upload it anyway. And also, I know not all of you watch those
channels, so this is for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making
it. And now, on to the video. And also got a Dagger Tattoo Liner that came
in this little kit here. And then this is the full size box. I just pulled these out. They just came in the mail just now. So let’s go ahead and we are going to zoom
in on my table and let’s do a little experimenting together. Okay, so my biggest fear doing this is that
I’m going to break this and then the ink will spill everywhere and then the video will be
nothing and I will have wasted 50 bucks. So, hopefully, cross your fingers that I do
this well. Alright, so this is the full size right here. And then this is the sample size. And as you can see, they are quite different
as far as the length of them. The tips look to be exactly the same size. So really just this outer tube here is the
difference. So, let’s go ahead and try to crack these
babies open. Okay, I gave myself a blood blister, so I
asked my husband to help me, and he cracked this, and what we’ve got here is the instrument
that leads to the brush tip that makes it, you know, flow into it. I think we might have just… because I can’t
get the canister out. [John] Or, I mean, we could cut it. [Jen] Ooh! I see it coming up a little bit. [John] Who the hell does this? Like, who thought to do this? [Jen] There we go. There’s the canister, okay, alright, cool. Thank you. So we’ve managed to get the canister out. We’re gonna put this in one of my kids’ medicine
cups which will no longer be used. I do have two of these. They are from the exact same company of the
exact same medicine so they’re the same. And we’ll put this one over to the side and
we will try to get the other one out. [Jen] Oh! Pull it out! Pull it out! Pull! Pull! [John] Oh, I’m so sorry… For science… [Jen] For science! So, as you can see, thanks to my husband’s
help, that these two canisters are the same. The one with the tip is from the full size. The one without the tip is from the sample
size that you saw us remove. [Jen] I wish they had both broken the same. There you go! [John] That’s what that… okay… That’s what that is. So this is set to 0 grams. If I just put the cup on it, it goes to 3
grams. I’m gonna go ahead and tare that. So, this is the sample size. I’m gonna set that inside. And it’s saying 2 grams. And I’m gonna set the full size in, and it’s
also saying 2 grams. I’m questioning my scale. But as of right now, they look like they both
weigh 2 grams including the packaging. [John] Alright, we’re gonna chop it. [Jen] Chop the top off! Get it! Get it! Get it! Chop the top ooooooffff! [John] I’m gonna chop it here. Oh! Nope. [Jen] Oohp! I thought I saw… did I see liquid coming out? No? [John & Jen] *laughing* [Jen] There’s no liquid
in here! Spoiler! [John] I mean, there’s like some liquid in
there, but it’s like… [Jen] Is it too small to even come out? [John] I mean it’s just like this thing is
plastic the whole way down! Oh, there we go… [Jen] *laughs* [John] There’s the ball… [Jen] So, that’s what mixes it while it’s
in there… There’s no liquid? Here, reach a toothpick in there. Oooh! There we go! There’s somethin’. [John] It’s empty. There’s nothing in there. [Jen] Oh my gosh! [John] Like, that’s it. That’s plastic! [Jen] Is there any liquid? [John] You’re lookin’ at it! But there’s nothing in there! There’s no …. there’s no liquid… in there. [Jen] That’s crazy! So that’s how much liquid we’re dealing with
is the liquid that’s coated here, a little tiny bit in here. But there’s definitely not enough to measure. Okay so this is the sample size. [John] There’s where your product is. Right there! [Jen] *laughs* [John] I mean, there’s like
definitely a little bit inside that little thing ’cause that’s where the um… [Jen] There is a little bit of product on
there. [John] There you go… [Jen] Woah! That’s a significant amount of liquid there! Compared? [John] Mmm hmm… Is there plastic in there? [Jen] No. There’s nothin in here that I can feel. It just feels like a cartridge. [John] So that plastic was taking up the room
inside of it. [Jen] Ahhhhh… to try to keep it all together
so that when you… when it’s dispersing the product because it needs something to fill
up that space. [John] Yeah, so they use the same cartridge,
but they just add a piece of plastic to it. [Jen] Yeah, look at… I mean… [John] That’s science, man. *laughs* [Jen] That’s straight up science! *Bill Nye theme song plays*. What we learned is that the canisters are
the same size. In the sample size, they put this piece of
plastic to fill the space and that way it doesn’t… it’ll still disperse the product
the same, even though it’s in the same sized container. So, you can definitely see that Kat Von D
is definitely being honest in the amount of product that is in her sample size vs. her
full size. I can’t tell you exactly that this is .2 oz
or whatever and that this is .55, but it’s pretty clear that there’s a significant difference
between the two, even inside the mechanism. So, there ya go! Internet rumor debunked! And now we got to see what’s inside a Kat
Von D Eyeliner, which is super fun. I hope you found this interesting, entertaining,
and truth telling. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, definitely make sure you subscribe
for more videos in the future. Mad love to you and I will see you in a video
very very soon. Bye!!


  • Xo Xo says:

    What a fucking rip off. That would last like, 3 applications.

  • Why says:

    Is it weird that I watched the video knowing full well I'm allergic to the product?

  • Raquel Flechero says:

    Well that's good I never purchased this eyeliner.. I stick with my almay liquid eyeliner. A little over 6 bucks and it works great.

  • Silviasanchez says:

    It’s still a ripoff . I can buy an eyeliner from the dollar tree and still have more product .

  • Emily Voigt says:

    Still a sad amount of product

  • Ida Mårtensson says:

    Either way… don't buy Kat Von D… lol. I use vegan Products even if I am not vegan.. simply because au natural is nicer and just.. fuller.. xD

  • Shara Love says:

    I had bought the liner before i saw this and mine dried out. Even though i kept the lid on . ill NEVER buy her stuff again.

  • Shelby Eyahpaise says:

    I am Shooookth!!!

  • Simone Linton says:

    I love Kat's palettes the pigment is there as are her lipsticks 💋 I have only ever tried the tattoo eyeliner in a freebie (maybe birthday bonus) at Sephora) and I was so dissatisfied there was NO pigment even after shaking vigorously it still came out watery see through black. Multiple layers made it worse taking off what the previous layer had left. This may be a result of this experiment showing the plastic piece in the smaller size. While I'm glad that Kat is being honest with the product. (I mean we love this Vixen) but receiving the small one with less product and not saturated enough with pigment made me toss it after 2 tries and did not whatsoever give me the urge to buy full size.
    Thanks to you and your hubby for doing this video 👍🏽

  • Selena Jørgensen says:

    It's still a TINY amount of eyeliner. Not impressed for the price tag.

  • Riley Creith says:

    I got one in an ipsy bag once and it was TERRIBLE. zero ink flow whatsoever. threw that bih in the garbo

  • Tatty Lashes says:

    Why not ask Kat Von D

  • S Lovitt says:

    Good video!! Wow!!

  • Latesha Smith says:

    Speaking on children is a fucking no Folks

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  • Origami and Cats says:

    Have eyeliner tattooed on. It's convenient and is probably a better value than $50 for 1ml of product. She's nearly completely stupid but not 100%.

  • Connie Bee says:

    So Kat Von D was being honest. They both weighed the same and that's because they used plastic in the sample to take up the volume of the ink in the regular size.

  • Rens says:

    The other end of the liner is filled with the vaccines she won’t give her kids

  • Amy Welch says:

    If you look at the sample size it would be a lie since they put the plastic there to make it weight that size so yea it is a rip off….also with a sample size why do you need to purchase more then 1 lol…thank you for showing everyone this vid

  • Mars P says:

    They aren't even good liners. The first one I ever bought, the brush would get dry super quick and you had to shake and do everything you can to get a drop of liquid liner onto the brush. I decided to give it a second chance, still had the same problems so…no thanks. 😬

  • Alley says:

    Just found you, and you’re beautiful 😭

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    I was interested in doing this experiment and I wish I had seen this vid before I ordered both sizes. Thank you for this! I so wish I had not bought the sample size. Awesome review can’t understand why so many people believe the conspiracy theories

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    I purchased the kvd dagger liner and it didnt last at all.. after using a few times it just died. #wasteofmoney

  • Xzero05 says:

    seriously? people are going off on Kat whether it's worth it or not these days. really once people find an excuse they won't stop hating, I'm not following up with her yet I got all those recommended videos, I guess another buzz situation that YouTubers will seize to grow their channels. and actually, too many products got plastic parts that ain't even useful to the actual product, and it's not like Kat is down in the factory packing them eyeliners herself.

  • Lorena Carlos says:

    For science! 🤣

  • latatatta latata says:

    Saved me 50 bucks

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    This is informative! Thanks!

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    Ooh girl wait until jeffree sees this

  • The doll reviewer says:

    Does anybody know a good alternative to Kat von d eyeliner? I really like it because it has a good tip. Like the tip is like a paint brush. But it’s really pricey. So does anyone know any alternative? I also like that it’s in the form of a pen.

  • TuffKat says:

    Omg 🤦‍♀️ not worth my $20

  • Linda Buck says:

    Well well we’ll…all is NOT well in the beauty industry! We pay for freakin enormous amounts of plastic! Check ✅ the tiniest amount of product is exorbitantly expensive Check✅ I love to learn and have my eyes open! I’ve known for years though makeup is the cause of most skin troubles, and quality WAS available, but now I think we are digressing, and we MUST be super careful. Plus, when we as consumers refuse to buy a product it sends a message.

  • Angel Faith says:

    Wasted 50 bucks? You're wasting 50 bucks regardless.

  • Jennifer Woolley says:

    Love watching you (and husband) dissect a makeup product. Slightly related but I was really disappointed in the sample of this eyeliner that I got from Sephora. It underperforms next to the elf eyeliner pen, so, whoopsie on that one.

  • Lizette Palacios says:

    Lol i got the sample liner and it says waterproof but trust me this liner is so far from waterproof haha i should’ve known better than to buy a product from her since she’s been cancelled

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  • Amira El-Khaouli says:

    The way you get a sample is by offering a less desirable, often dry-er part of of the produced materials, even if they are the same size. It’s like a green tomato vs a ripe red. They are similar in size. I don’t understand why you didn’t put the cut straight in the middle if you were trying to evaluate liquid content. That’s like trying to pull blood from a vein in the toe.

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    This is why I buy NYX…

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    The problem I see here is the american aren't used to metric system. Because 0,2 is less than half of 0,55. I'm not defending Kat Von D but it is what it is.

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  • Crafty devil says:

    OK the 2nd one had more That still blows my mind Maybe there are the same size but you get more liquid I'm guessing in the regular one🙄🙄

  • Katy Schildmeyer says:

    The canister sizing is one way to help cost controls. So it’s of benefit to the consumer, as the consumer pays for packaging. It’s never a freebie to the price. In some cases you maybe paying $3.00-$5.00 for the package

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  • A.L. H. says:

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  • Carol Miller says:

    Ok I stand corrected. This was a cute video in truth telling. My bad😀

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  • Milly Moon says:

    Some dupes I found to be nice to try for some people. Kat’s eyeliner is made from Korea, so I tried all these out!

    can buy all from ebay
    -the yeon
    -1day tattoo real lasting eyeliner 24H WP
    -drawing show brush liner from etude house
    -missha pen liner (have matt effect and bold)

  • Glass Diamond says:

    Sometimes your nails are polished and sometimes they aren't. How can this be a valid investigation if it wasn't done at the same time? On a side note, that polish is everything? Color and brand, please?

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  • Leah Campion says:

    I got a full sized one for Christmas and it ran out within a week… safe to say, I was not happy!😤

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    Honey, you can't realize that is a fiber material that actually holds the ink into the cartridge so it doesn't spill out It's not a fountain pen.

  • Nodica Peel says:

    This shit is true, and it runs out so QUICK

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    I hope you were wearing safety goggles. 😎

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    Great video but people are confused. It's not 2 ml of product in the sample. It's 0.2 which is a tiny teeny amount. The full size product only contains .55ml which is a smidge over half a ml. A US teaspoon contains 4.92892 ml So very roughly the full size product contains a tenth of a teaspoon! This is a massive rip off!

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