Is Plastic Surgery Overseas Dangerous | Dr. Myla Bennett Atlanta | Ederra Bella Johns Creek GA-Part1

Is Plastic Surgery Overseas Dangerous | Dr. Myla Bennett Atlanta | Ederra Bella Johns Creek GA-Part1

Hello Facebook, I am Dr. Myla Bennett of Ederra
Bella Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, and I am coming to you today to talk about a subject
that is a very passionate topic for me. I want to first start off by saying that this
is by no means a commercial for me or my practice; this is basically a type of public service
announcement. I over the last several months have been interacting
with a lot of different women who, on social media and in-person, about plastic surgery
and specifically plastic surgery abroad, but this Facebook live is about a little bit more
than plastic surgery abroad, it’s actually because the problem doesn’t just happen abroad
it actually happens in the United States as well and so this is really just about how
to choose safely when trying to get plastic surgery. So this morning, well actually yesterday I
actually spent half of my day helping a lady who had gotten surgery in Colombia in December,
like a month ago and she was disfigured and she was left with draining wounds and dead
tissue and all kind of stuff, and back in the United States and nobody would help her. And normally the policy in my office is that
I don’t usually see patients when they’re freshly post-op from another surgeon, whether
they’re from the United States or whether they had surgery in the United States or somewhere
else, but in this particular situation I decided to go ahead and see her and I’m glad I did,
I consider her a friend now and I’m going to help her through her journey for healing. But the whole situation has really opened
my eyes to the fact that I think part of the reason why God called me to be a plastic surgeon
is to help shine light on this very dangerous issue, because the reason why a lot of women
go to certain places, and when I say places I’m not talking about a particular country
because there’s places in the United States that are just as dangerous, it’s because of
the financial benefit of going to certain places. And then for a lot of the women it’s not
necessarily a financial thing, sometimes they just want the type of body that these doctors
create. And so my plea is for you guys to hear me,
don’t think about this as me trying to get patients because I actually don’t really do
Brazilian butt-lifts, I don’t really like them so that’s not my goal at all, to get a bunch
of people to come to me for a BBL that’s not at all my goal. My goal is that if that’s what you desire
and you want to look that way, that you wake up from it and you get to actually enjoy the
body. And not be somewhere in the ICU or in the
casket because somebody said they would do aggressive lipo or somebody said they would
do it cheaper or somebody said they would do all the stuff that you think you need in
one surgery, when really maybe it should be two or three surgeries and I want you to be
equipped to do research that is actually is effective. Over the past year one of the phrases that
tends to drive me up a wall is when people say I did my research, because most of the
time when they think they’ve done research it really isn’t research at all but they don’t
know any better, there’s no way for you to know that unless somebody explains to you
how to properly research for a plastic surgeon that does cosmetic surgery. My argument to you is that your sole source
of choosing a surgeon shouldn’t be real self and it shouldn’t be these groups on Instagram
and Facebook and wherever else these groups are, and it shouldn’t be solely from before-and-after
pictures. The first thing that I think you should do
before you do any of that stuff and I didn’t say you can’t do those things, but that shouldn’t
be how you decide if you’re going to choose a surgeon. The first thing you should do is find out
if they are a real plastic surgeon, a plastic surgeon not a cosmetic surgeon, a plastic
surgeon. One way that you can know for sure for sure
that they are a plastic surgeon is to go to the American Board of plastic surgery website
and type their name into the search, and if it doesn’t come up at the very least they’re
not a board-certified plastic surgeon, they still may be a plastic surgeon they might
not have been board-certified yet, the board certification process for plastic surgery
is a rigorous, lengthy one, it takes almost like about a year and a half to get board
certified in plastic surgery once you’re done with all your training. But if you don’t see them on that site, if
somebody you’re thinking about getting cosmetic plastic surgery from you don’t see on that
site, maybe you should start thinking about one of the other people you were considering
for plastic surgery. Now sometimes doctors will say they are board
certified by the American Board of cosmetic surgery that is not a board that is recognized,
that’s not a real board that’s one that some people just made up. It’s not like recognized by the governing
body over all of the doctors, that’s not a recognized board and almost any doctor can get into that
board whether they’re qualified to do cosmetic surgery or not. I’m not sure who created it, but my hunch
is that it was created by somebody who couldn’t be board certified in plastic surgery and
that’s a way for them to be able to say they’re board-certified when you ask them the question. When you say are you board certified they
can say yes I’m a board certified cosmetic surgeon, it’s a fake board, its crap. So I’m not going to waste my money or energy
getting board certified by that board because I’m a board certified plastic surgeon, so
there’s no point in me doing that right. I used to think you could go onto a doctors
website and figure out if the doctor is a real plastic surgeon, but in the last few
months I found a few doctors I know for a fact aren’t surgeons at all and they literally
just bold-faced lied on their website and say board-certified plastic surgeon, like literally just lie. First of all, if they’re not even honest about
their title you shouldn’t trust them with your body and your life, if they are tricking
you into believing that they’re one thing and they’re something totally different, that
should make you question their ethics and morals and whether or not you should entrust
your life with them. There is no body shape, there’s no body that
is worth dying over, it’s just not. So if you’re dealing with the person who’s
so fake that they won’t even tell you what kind of doctor they really are or if you’re
on their page and you can’t figure out what they trained in, that’s the sign that you
should go somewhere else. And then people will say well like my friend
got everybody done by someone and it came out good so you know I did my research and
I had a couple friends who went to them and they were cool, okay so your friends got away
like I’m not saying every single person they touch is going to end up dead or in ICU, but
if like a third of them or half of them or some unreasonable number of people die or
have major complications, then that means you’re just basically playing Russian roulette. So they might knock it out the park on you
or they might kill you, like I don’t think it’s worth laying down if you know that you
actually have a real chance at not waking up, just so that your waist can be small and
your butt can be big, which by the way I personally think the Brazilian butt-lift is a Jeri curl
of 2016-2017, I already see many ladies come in and ask me if I can make their butts smaller,
like it’s a fad people aren’t going to still be doing this in two years, like it’s already
on a downswing. So now you have risked your life to get something
that will not even really like in a few years, it just doesn’t make any sense. Just today, so a person, this page that I’m
a member of they posted the results some really bad complications from this one patient and
then there were people on there who were like blaming the patient, well she should have
made sure she was healthy enough to get surgery, that’s not her job to make sure she’s healthy
enough to get surgery, your only job when you come to me is to be honest when I ask
you questions as I am trying to figure out if you’re healthy enough to get surgery. You’re not a doctor you don’t know that, you
don’t know anything about surgery, you don’t know anything about physiology and what happens
in healing, you don’t know anything about any of that stuff. So to blame the patient saying she should
have known if she was healthy enough to get surgery is absurd, like if the doctor didn’t
take the energy to figure out if this person was healthy enough for surgery, that’s the
doctors fault that’s why we spent so many years training. My training, I did ten years of school after
high school, then I did a five-year residency in general surgery and plastic surgery, and
then I did a one-year fellowship so after I graduated from medical school I had six
years of operating every single day. You know why they call it residency because
we’re practically living in the hospital, you never leave, and you just operate all
day long every day. I went weeks sometimes where I worked seven
days a week and I was operating seven days a week, so then how can you expect somebody
who has no training at all to be able to decide if a person is safe to get a surgery or not,
it was ridiculous. Like to go and blame, I’m not saying that
patients can’t do things to cause complications absolutely they can, but to go and say
the person should have known if she was healthy enough to get surgery, that’s the
doctors fault if the person’s not healthy enough to get surgery, if they don’t take
the time to figure out if a person is a good candidate, that’s the doctors fault. It’s the patient’s fault if the patient lies
about their medical history to the doctor, now that could be the patient’s fault if you’re
not honest because you know the doctor is not psychic. But I think this issue is a doctor and a patient
issue, because patients will knowingly go to doctors who are popular, even though they
know they have these horrific complications because they did some of them really well
and then they just ignore the people that they kill, they ignore the people that they
disfigure, they ignore the people that they hurt, they ignore all that and they just focus
on the people that they did a good job on, a physical good job on, which even with some
of those I even argue whether or not that’s really a good job. Because if you are knowingly taking a risk,
like an unreasonable risk to do super aggressive lipo on somebody and go and shove multiple
liters of fat into one area knowing or maybe they don’t know because maybe they weren’t
really even trained in it, but knowing full well that if I go and put two liters of fat
in one butt cheek there’s a high risk that a lot of that fat is going to die and guess
what happens when the fat dies, you create these big cysts, they get infected, you get
draining sinuses then that’s when you end up, all tissue, all cells need blood supply. So if the fat is living on no blood supply
for about three weeks, it’s living on the blood supply of the tissues that are intact
around it, so if you go and put a big old glob of fat and the closest blood vessel is
where the top of my fingers are and down where my thumb is, all of this in the middle has
no blood supply guess what it’s going to die. So that’s how you end up with getting these
oil cysts and these draining sinus tracks and these hard spots and all that stuff that
to me is unacceptable because a trained plastic surgeon knows that you can’t go and put two
liters in one plane and think it’s going to all live, in fact most of it is going to die. So then you go and you start putting it into
multiple layers and the reason why doctors do that is so that if you’re putting it in
different layers and it’s like a 7-layer cake, if you’re putting in all these layers let’s
say the icing is the blood vessel layer, so then you got cake and then some icing and
cake now so you got fat and then blood vessel, fat and then blood vessel, fat and blood vessel
well then the fat can live that way. But then what happens when untrained cosmetic
surgeons hear, oh if I put any more planes then the fat will live, so then they start going
deeper and deeper and deeper and then you start hearing about paralysis, so I saw that
this morning and it made my blood boil.


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