Is the New Disney X Colourpop Rapunzel Makeup Worth It?

Is the New Disney X Colourpop Rapunzel Makeup Worth It?

If there’s two things you guys really
tend to like, it’s anything to do with Rapunzel or Tangled or things to do
with princess makeup, and so when Colourpop came out with their own
Rapunzel makeup I can’t even tell you how many of you sent me this and was
like oh my goodness you need to look at this we’ve got a package from Colourpop
and we’re gonna unbox, react to, and do a little review of the Rapunzel makeup
from Colourpop. Hello and welcome to the Queendom I’m Sarah Ingle and today we are unboxing this little box here from Colourpop. We have Rapunzel makeup
inside of here which is awesome because I love Rapunzel she’s my favorite I know
I ranked the princesses and I rated Mulan higher than her but honestly like
Rapunzel’s still my favorite I just had to rank or higher because she saved a
big country anyway so without further ado let’s just jump into this [rip] Oh! rip it open [packaging tearing] oooo oh well this packaging I don’t think it’s supposed to rip like like it
did [laughs]
I’ve uncovered a secret hidden teddy bear stuffing. [sings] Let it snow! Let It Sn–
That’s gross. Like I just created a dust bunny forest. yeah anyway let me pull this out carefully. Colourpop. This
is cute I don’t think it has anything to do with Rapunzel but it’s cute. I See the Light —
it’s called the “I See the Light Kit”! By the way we’ll link in the description to
where you guys can get this if you want it to the back does need designer
collection I see the light Rapunzel bundle it comes with a liquid lipstick
and you know what it’s called it’s called when I feel like it should
be named Eugene or Horace floating lights as the pressed powder blush Lynn
and floating lights I like it look I’ve got the alliteration going on and the
packaging is so pretty love this oh just open up oh she said her pretty
designer dress like the doll this is the actual case I have a Rapunzel actually
on the makeup oh I’m happy I’m a happy camper oh it’s a really pretty color I
like this color it feels like it’s um more like true to the movie shade that
would be on Rapunzel’s lips I don’t watch it it’s a super super light pretty
think I’m I’m obsessed with this we’ll try it on a second and this packaging
floating light I feel like floating lights are yellow
but it it it’s a good name for any sort of Rapunzel thing I just am obsessed
with her being on it cruelty free okay I’m glad I’m actually
very glad that if you’re gonna do a Rapunzel makeup that is cruelty free
because she’s all about the animals no chameleons were harmed in the making of
this product I like this too liquid lip and it’s a really pretty okay mood is
here I’m gonna do a swatch this is a much darker color than I think I would
usually think of for Rapunzel but I feel like on the lips
you would probably smooth it out and it would be a much yeah that’s more but I
think of this like a Rapunzel lip we’ll put this on in a second and trying to
try it on oh I like the way it’s so soft I don’t have ever felt anything that
like it’s so soft it really is I have an idea and I’ve been stashing it away in
my pocket so this is the lip shade that they use at the parks for a Punggol Ike
I wanted to see them next to each other and see how they compare Oh smudge this
one out – since I sludge that one up there a little bit so the part color is
definitely a little more pink and this one is more of a nude I think this one
does look pretty accurate to her lips in the movie if you’re going for a movie
accurate look this seems really accurate I don’t know if they were particularly
specifically color swatching from the movie or not in fact we should maybe
look that up we should look up if they have anything to tell us about the color
pop collection so I don’t really know a lot oh they have a quiz which princess
are you okay we need to take this who do we think we’re gonna get you know who we
hope we get which Disney Princess are you I feel like sometimes these aren’t
accurate because they don’t take into account Rapunzel in the series because
she’s so different in the series so if we don’t get who we want it’s inaccurate
and if we do get who we want it’s accurate do you lead with your logical
head or your passionate heart I feel like they’re gonna say Rapunzel leads
with her passionate heart but I think she actually if you seen the series she
leads with her logical head and passionate heart so I’m gonna go with
watch ahead I mean know about not because Rapunzel is a taking the quiz
are awesome if you could have a loyal sidekick what animal would it be an
alligator a fish a horse a tiger or woodland creatures
where is chameleon a tiger would be pretty cool okay I’m gonna take a tiger
and I know what road that’s taking me down how would you describe your crush
charming and popular tough on the outside sweet on the inside the picture we’re not all of the above I want the
from how would you describe your style classic or trendy both trendy your go-to
makeup look no makeup makeup what do you like to do for fun I’m gonna pick
exploring new places what do you want to do for a living
tada option I am an entrepreneur a singer and a travel blogger will not
always just travel but I blog blog and they travel but the closest i think is
probably entrepreneur but i feel like that’s gonna take me down at t on around
not that I don’t like Tiana I love Tiana but after this I really want Rapunzel I
have to tell the truth like Rapunzel would where’s your ideal vacation France
or cruise I love cruises the picture mmm
or do we want food I don’t know I’m taking this way at least with the cruise
you can go multiple places near amir ah i actually this actually is
pretty accurate you’re most like jasmine you’re headstrong and know exactly what
you want out of life you’re free-spirited and love exploring
new and exciting place oh wait wait I mean you’re Rapunzel
you’re headstrong and know exactly what you want out of life you’re
free-spirited and I love exploring new and exciting places
Rapunzel does way more exploring than jasmine they’re just saying that because
of the magic carpet ride she wasn’t even when exploring she was
just on the ride singing now I got Ariel this is no this is I clearly have a
problem with one of those problems is I can’t get it to give me Rapunzel okay
let’s just let’s just try the makeup on okay so we’re gonna try on the blush now
because we know the actual answer to our princess personality quiz was Rapunzel
so now it’s more pigmented than I thought it would be so I got way more on
the brush for my eyes – I like this color a lot a lot a lot in fact this
might be like a new go-to blush I tend to use blushes also for like up over the
eyes kind of is like the super lightest attempt to I shadow ever I’m not just
saying this because it’s fun this color though that does help but I really
really really like and it probably makes sense that I’d really like it if it’s
like inspired by Rapunzel this might be my new favorite blush and I’m I’m really
actually surprised you wouldn’t think I’d be surprised I just got it because
Rapunzel spacepods on I didn’t think I was gonna like it as much so – thumbs up
for this now the fool in Lux a liquid lip I’m gonna go really really
really light with this oh it’s so soft it’s so soft and like mystified but how
soft it is I only ever felt anything that’s nice it feels so good and it smells kind of
like marshmallows I should have put this on with a lip brush and done it really
precisely but I don’t feel like it I’m giving this to thumbs up – it smells so
good it feels so nice honestly probably that’s probably very germy and now I
probably need to clean this I just need you to know if it tasted like
marshmallows so let me know in the comments guys if you what’d you think of
this I am really surprised you guys of course can check out my Rapunzel makeup
tutorial in the description that’s one of my favorites and you know what I
think this is a great blush or lip shade to use for that thank you guys so much
for watching I hope you enjoyed this colour-pop Disney designer collection a
little Rapunzel unboxing and review as well as me fighting with a Disney
Princess quiz trying to get Rapunzel I hope you guys enjoyed thank you so much
for watching and I’ll see you next time I’m Sarah Engle and today we’re doing
Rapunzel things and usually I’m not I’m not just
saying that this is gonna sound counterintuitive usually I’m like I
don’t like to have Rapunzel’s face actually on things this woman almost
looks more like what I would imagine her as just flattened there’s not a good
description that’s kind of cool like closing mechanism you can literally put
Rapunzel’s name and any of these blanks and they always work because she’s
everything you could ever want and more I’ve got like 400 times he feels so good
thank you guys so much for watching and I don’t know why i almost said may the
force be with you that’s not tangled I’ve got a dream I’ve got a dream I just
want to get Rapunzel as my answer


  • Sarah Ingle says:

    Who else thinks this was a missed opportunity to name the lip shade “The Smolder”?

  • Sara Design says:

    You took a quiz that was created for the Disney Designer Premiere collection, and this is a new collection called Midnight Masquerade where Rapunzel makes her first debut in the Disney Designer collection! so she was actually not in any of the answers if you get what I mean xD I hope they make another quiz for this new collection so Rapunzel and the other new princesses (that weren't in the previous one) can be in it! Nice and cute video btw and I bought from this collection and can't wait to receive mine 💖

  • Safa AlQadoo says:

    wowo Sarah today you cute❤❤❤😘😘

  • Nathalie Matas says:

    I was so happy when I saw they added Rapunzel, Aurora, Esmeralda, and Giselle for this collection! Colourpop typically has pretty good quality, so I’m super excited to pick up a couple of things. You look great in the Rapunzel makeup!! 💗

  • Kyle Chang says:


  • Kiara Gibson says:

    I love you so much💜💜💜💜💜I wish I had princess makeup

  • Natalie Leah says:

    YES!! Omg thank you so much for doing this!! I've been dying to try this collection!! Beautiful video as always!

  • Saira Umar says:

    Literally I don’t need makeup… but I just treated myself to the other two Disney ColourPop collections a few months ago and told myself no more… then they came out with this collection and the temptation is so bad

  • StardustCreations says:

    Yaaayyy Sarah I am so glad you love this bundle too!! 😁 Honestly I was just the same way, I bought the Rapunzel bundle because she's my favorite princess without even thinking of the colors 😅 But I ended up loving them!! The lip color really is so uniquely soft and the blush is my cup of tea 👌 The eyeshadow palette is wonderful as well! Btw Sarah, would you please be able to tell me where you got that lovely Rapunzel shirt?? 😍

  • Pragya Deb says:

    Hi Sarah I love Rapunzel too💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • ñhubb njhyjj says:


  • Kai Krause says:

    I got the Aurora Bundle and Prince Charming Liquid Lipstick! They're super cute and I have the original Disney Designer Collection Palette as well. Colourpop turns it out!

  • Linda Vanwijk says:

    @sara ingle
    Love it haha how does it taste 😉

    Love love love to see the other ones
    Giselle and all the others please do those as well and the make up palette are they worth it ?
    Love to know and love every video of yours. You helped to up my princess game.

    Also please make a good contouring video and which lashes you could use best for which princess ( park style )

    Thanks so much keep making these amazing videos
    Love from a Dutch princess

  • Anna Yusiim says:

    what is the lip shade used for rapunzel at the park? the exact shade you have there?

  • Sierra Juliaa says:

    LOVE THE VID! Also the reason you didnt get Rapunzel.on the quiz is because that's the designer collection quiz and Rapunzel wasnt included in that collection and the one your reviewing is midnight masquerade 😊 but it's all good since you're LITERALLY Rapunzel 😂😂😂

  • Carrie Cat says:

    The Rapunzel bundle is by far my favorite, and the eyeshadow palette. I did not buy them for my birthday but the temptation is real. I love your makeup videos, they are so high quality. There are really no other Disney makeup videos as well made and entertaining as yours.

  • Ex_Machinotters says:

    Colourpop is my absolute FAVORITE makeup brand!!! They're always cruelty free, amazing quality, and not that expensive!!! I want all of the Disney makeup from them. Also their build your own palettes let me get just the colors I need for princess makeup!!

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