It Cosmetics 4 in 1 Superhero Eye Transforming Brush | Review and Demo!

It Cosmetics 4 in 1 Superhero Eye Transforming Brush | Review and Demo!

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of all my new videos in the future today I’m really excited to test out a kind of
new product from it cosmetics this is therefore in one brush it’s called the
super hero 4 in one I transform and liner brush it’s supposed to be 4 in 1
and it’s supposed to be your all-over shadow brush your Krrish Krrish your
crease brush your smudger brush and your liner brush so I was really interested
to try this because when I travel or I just pull look together really quickly I
think it could be really convenient to just have everything in one brush it’ll
be a good time saver so I want to go ahead and test this out I haven’t opened
it yet interesting so it has superhero written on it and has this top that
moves and it has a liner brush at the bottom the liner brush feels very soft
and it’s not very thick work dense so I could see you using this as maybe for
your eyebrows maybe underneath even before liner at the top and then what
this has is something really unique so right here if you can see it has
different levels that you kind of click them so I think it’s on the first one
which is the smudge and it feels pretty dense so it looks like a dome right now
and this definitely does feel like something you could use to kind of
smudge out something maybe work on the crease a little bit kind of blend things
together then let’s see I think it goes down so down um has the crease so that’s
how the crease brush looks this is the all-over brush the most loose if that makes sense
um and like the handle when you’re touching it’s really look then it comes
out really thin so it’s a lot different than what I’m used to but it’s very very
lightweight so let’s go ahead and put this to the test I think what I’m gonna
do is keep it on the all-over brush for now
I already prepped and primed my lids I use to the bare minerals five and one in
soft linen and I’m gonna go ahead and use today my Carli bybel palette from BH
Cosmetics okay guys so I assumed you in what I’m going to do is take a top shade
here from the palette it’s more like a transition shade it’s right here and I’m
going to use the all-over side let’s see have my little color change
type of thing here which i think is probably gonna help with this kind of
brush and I’m going to go into just this more like a guess it’s like a cream
color and I’m just going to diffuse right on the top so next I’m going to do
the crease and I’m going to go in to this color right here it’s like a purple
it’s matte now I’m going to focus this in the crease back and forth I’m gonna
be placing it in the outer V as well I’ll go ahead and use this smudge side
so that’s the smaller the smallest I guess most a dense way that this brush
gets and I’m going to go into the darkest color on this palette it’s like
a very deep of wine purple color and I’m gonna focus this on the outer V and kind of smudge it upwards I don’t
want everything to be too defined it just kind of want to get a feel for the
brush so that’s not bad I’m gonna click it all the way and go to the all-over
brush take off that product and kind of just blend out the edges the one thing
that I’m noticing is there’s not like a packing brush or like a flat brush for
your shadow for the lid I think I’ll use the crease side I’m gonna go into this
yellow golden color can also I guess if you had certain colors you could
probably just use your finger for this part that way you wouldn’t have to rely
on the brush and I’m going to do this smudge side because that’s the smallest
and I’m just going to go into one of the highlight colors on here and go right
into for the inner part my eye so it does fit
pretty well right here the smudge side so that’s good because I usually just
use a small brush to get in right here and I don’t think it did bad with the
lid color i I think it was good I think I’ll depend on what kind of looks you’re
trying to achieve okay so next I’m just going to take that
dark purple color again and I’m going to use the liner side and I’m gonna go
underneath my lash line at the bottom so I’m going to go into my lorac Pro and
I’m going into the color espresso all right guys so I already applied some
mascara used superhero Bayete cosmetics so if you’re interested in a review
about that I’ll link it down below as well and so I was looking at the
superhero brush compared to my favorite eyeshadow brush which is actually from
it cosmetics and it is a dual ended it has a spoolie on one side and it has
another side that says liner brow on it this one came from a travel set and when
I compare them the one that I’m used to which is this one is a lot more dense
and shorter than this one when you look at them closer and this is because the
super liner or the superhero one is longer it makes it a lot more flexible
so if that’s something you’re looking for then you’ll like this brush you
don’t have as much control with this brush in my opinion I don’t I couldn’t
see myself maybe using this with like a liner like a gel liner or anything you
know when you want to use a gel you want it to be dense you want it to be as
smaller however the other side I think is really good I don’t know how I’ll
store this either I don’t really want to store it on either side and kind of mess
up the bristles so that’s one downfall that I saw is for storage purposes I
it’s kind of inconvenient but it is just like any other dual ended brush I
suppose and but overall it’s very very fluffy very soft it is just like all the
other cosmetic brushes which are wonderful they’re very very luxe the
very luxury type of brushes I think it’s a really good for in one type of brush
if you just want want one thing to just do one look get it over with like I did
today I think it’ll be perfect for that so I hope you guys enjoyed my review of
this new brush thank you guys so much for watching my video today and we’ll
see you in the next one


  • Angela Montoya says:

    Do you think the brush is worth the money?

  • Yan Zhang says:

    Macys has this product. I will purchase it after your introduction.

  • stressmuffin says:

    Thanks for this review of this product. I’m thinking of buying this product, because I’m a traveler, who loves multitasking beauty products. I’m not into eyeliners as much as I used to when I was younger in my teens, but I’m glad that the eye-shadow brush side is good.

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