It Cosmetics CC Cream Oil-Free Matte Review

It Cosmetics CC Cream Oil-Free Matte Review

– Hey, it’s Maryam. Today’s video is going to be all about the It Cosmetics brand new CC cream. This is the matte and oil
free CC+ that they just, they just launched and I was super excited to get this in the mail. Wanted to review it for you guys. I didn’t want this to
be a first impression, I wanted to do a thorough review of it, especially in California
being 100, 107 degrees. I had to try this to see if it was really going to hold up with the weather being so hot and everything. So, I did a couple of
applications, different days. Wanted to give you a nice thorough review. First day I tried this, I
tried half of my face with, I applied it with a beauty
blender, a damp beauty blender and the second half I applied the CC+ with a fluffy foundation brush and they both applied the same. I didn’t really see that
much of a difference. The beauty blender side maybe
was a little bit more shear than the foundation brush side but it was pretty equal. I didn’t feel like they were
that much of a difference as far as the application goes. I put one pump on this side and one pump on the other side, which was a little bit too much. I would say I could probably get away with just doing one pump the entire face. But, because I was testing
the different application I did one pump on either side. I feel like it was a little bit thicker than I would wear my foundations. But I did not mind it,
it wasn’t too cakey. It actually felt okay. It was 107 degrees, I was perspiring as I was putting this foundation on. It was pretty crazy
because it was really hot especially having these lights around me even thought the ACs
going, it was pretty hot. So, I started perspiring
around my upper lip and my chin area. Dabbed the perspiration
away, I noticed that my foundation was still
there, it was still matte, it didn’t move at all. I went on with my day, I
checked it an hour later, I noticed that I was
still matte throughout most of my face. Actually my forehead and my chin but there was a weird sensation, I was feeling a little
itchy around my mouth and around this area and a
little bit on my forehead and I can’t, I’ve never put a foundation that made me itchy, so I was itchy and I really wanted to
get in there and itch but I was resisting the temptation. I tried not to itch it so I wouldn’t move the foundation around. So, that was kind of weird to me. I don’t know if it was an ingredient, if it’s an ingredient in
there that made me itchy or it was just because it was so hot that my skin was just not having it, didn’t want to have
foundation or any kind of CC+ or anything on. I looked at the foundation
two hours later, wanted to see if it
was oily in any places. On my nose and my forehead,
It was a little bit oily. My cheek area and this part
of my face was pretty matte. But, my T zone because that’s
the oiliest part of my skin started getting a little bit shiny. What happened after a couple of hours, I did realize that there
was some pore situation happening around here,
I could see the pores, that the foundation was kind
of sinking into the pores. This foundation didn’t sink or gather into my lines on my forehead. It didn’t gather into my laugh
line, which was really good. Second day I applied the CC+, I applied a very light
coverage of sunblock and then I put on the
two-face pore minimizer in the enlarged pores and
on my cheeks a little bit. And I wanted to see how it work, you know, with other primers. I didn’t use a cosmetic primer, I should of probably
used it but I just used the primer that came to
my mind that I always use. So, I wanted to see how it
would hold up with that. I took Arianna to her swimming class, I came back, it was 107 degrees. I was literally so, it
was really, really hot. I noticed that my T zone was very oily. I was perspiring here but
again, it wasn’t moving but the wear was around this area where I wear glasses it, the foundation completely
had moved completely. My T zone was oily and it looked like my foundation was gone, the foundation was gone around my nose. Everything else looked matte, everything else looked
like it didn’t budge. So, my conclusion for this It
Cosmetics Oil Free Matte CC+ is that it is, it’s a decent matte but if you have very, very oily skin, I’m not sure if it’s gonna work. If you are very oily you
might have to set it heavily with a powder, especially
if you’re very oily in the T zone area, you have to set it. And, probably in two, three hours you have to either blot your nose area, the T zone area or you have
to reapply some powder, depending on if it’s hot
outside, it all depends. But, if you are normal or if you are normal to dry, I would say it would hold up really well. Your skin would look flawless,
it would look really great. So, I would say it’s kind of a, I have
mixed feelings about it. Today I wore it with only one pump, applied with my damp beauty blender and it’s only been two hours and already you can can see that my nose
is starting to get really shiny and I’m not ever wearing
any highlighters on my nose, I’m only wearing it on my cheeks. So, you can see, it’s looking pretty oily. I really love the original one so much and I felt that this would be really nice to have a matte version of it and maybe, you know, use
the matte whenever it’s hot or when I feel like I’m feeling more oily or anything like that. But, for me it was okay. It didn’t really work that well. So, if you are oily, I would love to hear what you think about this CC+. If you can please leave
your comments below and share with us how you’re liking it, if you like it, if you don’t like it. If you like this video
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  • Maryam Remias says:

    I put this cream foundation to the test for several days. It's summertime and my skin is more oily than usual so it’s the perfect time to put an oil-free foundation to test.
    Each day I recorded how my skin looked within a couple of hours of applying the It Cosmetics CC Oil Free Matte Cream Foundation and I definitely have a couple of things to say about it.
    If you have oily skin and have used the It Cosmetics CC Oil-Free Matte let me know how you like it in the comments section below. Hope you find this review helpful! ❤️

  • Joyce Chitwood says:

    I haven’t tried it yet. I’m oily and we got very hot and humid here too. I don’t know there is anything that won’t melt in the middle of summer here. We r actually getting a cooler week nd but suppose to have rain with it. So don’t know if that is much of break. Then I have to worry about muddy dog feet and have to wipe them off every time they want out. When it’s not raining. One is scared of the storms so if he even thinks it’s raining he is shaking and hiding. Lol. Used to not be like that. But as he has gotten older??? It might work for me in the Winter. But I don’t wear the regular one much it’s so thick it seems like to me. I don’t know the older I get the more the pores show and less foundation looks good.

  • Staciek76 says:

    I ordered this. I have the same skin so im sure ill have the same issues! Thanks for the heads up

  • jo_ v80 says:

    I love the original one, would love to try this one too !!

  • MaryEllen After 60 says:

    Excellent review, Maryam. It works so well on my normal skin, I ordered an extra QVC TSV. Many blessings..MaryEllen

  • Karen Presley says:

    Great review Maryam. I think the original would work for me, but I'll wait until summer is well over. 🙂 xoxoxo

  • Traci Smith says:

    Thank you for the review. I will try this. Truth is I was waiting to see if you were going to review it.

  • rizki nadya putri says:

    What an indepth review.. love it. What's ur shade in mac? In planning to get this but i dunno what shade 2 go.. thk you

  • Kathryn Baker says:

    I just experienced the same issues that you did and share your opinions too. I'm a bit bummed. I was hoping I could eliminate my powder when I used this.

  • Amanda Cooper says:

    I'm still on the fence about this product. Have you tried the covergirl elixir foundation? I feel like it is VERY comparable but looks better on my skin.

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