It Cosmetics Full Coverage Moisturizer Foundation | Oily Skin! Review, Demo, Wear Test!

It Cosmetics Full Coverage Moisturizer Foundation | Oily Skin! Review, Demo, Wear Test!

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talking about the brand new product from it cosmetics this is their buy buy
foundation full coverage moisturizer so they do have the CC cream that a lot of
people are familiar with so this is their newest innovation it’s supposed to
be your all-in-one so it’s supposed to be your moisturizer primer foundation
supposed to be full coverage and it’s supposed to be very full of benefits
such as anti-aging benefits skin flex technology so that it really floats over
your skin creates more of a smooth canvas great for anyone who has fine
lines and wrinkles anyone who suffers from dry dehydrated skin and it’s
supposed to just give you a skin like type of feeling but with full coverage I
am a lover of the CC cream already and they’re both kind of comfortable when it
comes to the texture so I have the medium CC cream and I’m going to swatch
this next to the full coverage moisturizer v package looks just like
the CC cream and it has a pump so I’m going to put it right here right next to
it so this is the CC cream and that’s how it looks when it starts to get
blended out this one is the moisturizer I’m trying to determine what the
difference is we both smell similar I found with that right when I applied it
to my skin it did just absorb like a moisturizer it didn’t leave like a
really tacky feeling it just felt like skin as opposed to the CC cream you do
have to work a little bit more to kind of blend it out
so that’s the difference between them so I’ll go ahead and show you the demo of
me applying it and then we’ll get talking about my final thoughts so let’s
put it to the test let’s see how it goes on and let’s wear it throughout the day
and see how it lasts they do recommend that you use a brush but I didn’t
purchase the brush I do have different buffing brushes going to try the Real
Techniques one today the buffing brush I didn’t put anything on my face this is
meant to be your one step so I just washed my face I’m gonna put a few pumps
on my hand and there’s some there let’s put this on one side of my face so
there’s one side compared to the other side hunt me I don’t really do things
with my fingers yeah no I don’t have an impression yet it just reminds you of
the CC cream the brush makes it really really fast so that’s good this could be
definitely just a one step okay guys so I went ahead and put on the rest of my
face I put on some blush um I put on wild rose by Pacifica um it did kind of
go on really patchy so um I would probably set this even though it’s
supposed to be a moisturizer and then I just put on some mascara I put on the
new Maybelline total temptation mascara which I have a review on and I really
like it so I’ll link that down below and then I just put on a gloss from Urban
Decay this one’s in C so it’s their from their naked line so this is pretty much
just a very quick type of look we’re just going to see how the moisturizer
foundation whatever you want to call it holds up right now it feels like it
absorbed into my skin completely it’s not tacky it just feels very hydrated
which is nice previously they had a more limited shade
range they’ve added five new shades to this foundation to see what I think at
the end of the day and I’ll give you guys my final thoughts so just keep
watching guys I wanted to show you guys how this looks in natural lighting so as
I was looking closer this foundations a little bit too dark for me but it looks
really beautiful on the skin it does look really luminous and skin like and
this is a natural lighting it didn’t cover up all of my imperfections like my
breakouts and stuff but it feels really nice so I just wanted to show you guys
how it was looking now but so far so good and I’ll check in with you guys in
a little bit so my final thoughts on this product is it’s kind of like kind
of on the fence because I see a lot of benefits with this type of product
especially for someone who’s looking for something like this so for me personally
because I have oily skin it’s not very long wearing so if I didn’t use it with
anything else so I don’t set it it’s not going to last on my face all day it
isn’t full coverage to me I did have breakouts and things that I wanted to
cover up and I didn’t feel like it covered it up completely and I’m you
should set this as well so it’s not going to be a hundred percent all in one
it’ll be from your moisturizer primer and foundation but you’ll need to
probably if you’re like normal to oily or beyond you have to set it as well and
then continue on with the rest of your makeup the one thing that I did notice
is it didn’t exaggerate my oil so I didn’t use anything with it that day and
it actually still kept my skin looking radiant made it look skin like it didn’t
look really like poo like the oil wasn’t pulling around areas that it usually
does this is actually is good this would be a great alternative for me just to
kind of put it on as my either because it didn’t make it my skin
look super oily felt like nothing absolutely nothing the only other thing
I could compare it to is maybe a mineral foundation that you buff into your skin
it just feels very lightweight I do like the fact that it’s one step for
anti-aging and for skin benefits so if you’re just starting to take care of
your skin you really want to have hydration and I’ll keep your skin very
plump and moisturized so this products gonna help you with that especially
because of the SPF 50 so the best thing for you to do for your skin is stay out
of the Sun where on sun protection wear hats you don’t want to be tanning your
face the physical sunscreen is the best way for you to go when it comes to
protecting your skin from the Sun because it’s an all-in-one this will be
great for travel especially if you’re going to maybe a hot place where you
want to stay out in the Sun and you want to be by the pool maybe you’re going to
be doing outdoor activities I feel like this would be really great because it’s
your one step most the time if you’re unfamiliar with how SPF works if it says
SPF 50 it’s not going to be SPF 50 the entire day you do have to reapply SPF
throughout the day so something like this is really going to help because you
can just continue to apply it maybe in the morning and then maybe towards like
the afternoon but for me personally I’m not going to be using something like
this every single day that I’m not going to be reaching for it my preference is
usually a medium to full coverage type of foundations that are mattifying that
will absorb oil so that I don’t have to touch it up throughout the entire day I
don’t have to worry about it until I get home so for me personally in my skin
type it’s not going to work for my lifestyle but I am going to trade it in
for the color that I want which is light and I’m going to take it with me when I
go traveling I’m going to use this on days that I want a more natural look a
no makeup look maybe just one step to run errands to do whatever just no fuss
type of makeup day I’m definitely going to keep this just for the other benefits
of it so overall I really really like this product but thank you guys so much
for watching my review and we’ll see you in the next video


  • Julie Bug says:

    Beautiful!!!! I want one!!! Xoxoxo 😊

  • Nina Antongorgie says:

    This is a HORRIBLE product! I loved the old original BBF, it wasn't oily nor greasy. My skin hates this new version. It accentuated texture and pores never-ever seeing before on my skin. THAT BAD!! for my T-zone skin type. It Cosmetics ruined this BBF with the added 7 fermented ingredients. Couldn't wait to wash it off my face and can't wait to return it to ULTA 1st thing 2morrow am😑

  • Maryrose Nicole says:

    Love this!!! You are so gorgeous!!! I’ve just subscribed!! I’d really appreciate if you could check out my channel and subscribe!! I’d love if we could support each other !! xo πŸ’—βœ¨πŸ’—βœ¨πŸ’—βœ¨

  • darkfeather111 says:

    I love this, It looks so amazing on my skin. I use a beauty blender and i powder with a puff only in needed areas and I get SO many compliments on how nice my skin is, my skin is dry so this really worked well for me

  • coral bay says:

    what shade are you in ?

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