Hey guys, it’s Victoria, welcome back to another video today I am going to be reviewing the new it cosmetics it girl vol 3 eye Cheek & brow palette. So this is what the palette looks like. It’s so pretty it says pick girl right on the front with like This whole design on the inside of the palette You have a mirror six eyeshadows shades a blush a brow powder a highlighter and a bronzer So really like your all-in-one kind of palette I got my palette at Ulta But I will also leave a link for the palette from Ulta or a cosmetics from somewhere down below in the description box But anyway, let’s get started reviewing this palette So I have my foundation concealer on I just filled my brows in a little bit But I am going to use this brow powder This is I’ll show you guys really quick just more close-up of a palette So this is a brow powder right here It does look a little light. Like I don’t know if it would actually work for everybody. It says it’s Universal taupe if you have darker hair, or maybe you can light her hair don’t know it would work But I’m going to just use a little bit of it just for the sake of the video. So it definitely matches my hair color So I could go it using it look maybe if you have similar hair color to me it would work and then I am just using a spoolie and Brushing and blending this in so the brow powder is pretty nice I tend to not use brow powders. I usually go for a pencil but a brow powder can sometimes give you a softer look and Might be easier to blend in and things like that So there are definitely benefits using a brow powder since there are these face colors in here with the bronzer and blush I did not set my foundation yet. So just to sit underneath my eyes. I am using my Laura Mercier translucent powder I am using my Beauty Blender and I’m just going to set right underneath my eyes while I let that set underneath my eyes I like to apply my bronzer. So all of these shade Really except for these brow powder and this really light matte white shade They all have a shimmer to them. So even the bronzer does have a shower, but as I do a swatch it’s actually Not that much of a noticeable shimmer Actually looks pretty matte It kind of just has a few like glitter pieces in it kind of I don’t know how to describe it I’m going to just grab my big contour brush and I’m going to go into the shade it’s called beech and I am just going to We’re just going to apply this where I would normally apply my bronzer. This is definitely pigmented So I’m going to really have to find this out We’re going it back in with my translucent powder and I’m just going to clean up the contour underneath by Baking right below my contour line. That is a really bad swipe of translucent powder There we go, it’s a little better and I am just going to use this flat powder brush and Kind of just dust all of that translucent powder off I’m just tapping all of that in with my Beauty Blender with the wider end of my Beauty Blender To make sure that everything looks really nice and blended with me blush I’m really excited for this because this just looks like such a pretty blush shade But this is called sweet cheeks and it is another shimmery color like I said before So I’m using a blush brush for this is placing that right Above my bronzer and kind of just bringing it up a little bit to the tip of my nose as well as my forehead Some more color to my face and again going to black Going back in with my Beauty Blender and tapping this out So before I had my highlighter, I usually just like to do my eye shadow So when I’m applying my each other the highlighter doesn’t get messed up so I’m obviously going to be using these six shades today, which aren’t so pretty I’ll try and See if this will focus so you guys can kinda see a little bit of a closer up The Hashanah colors. They’re all really neutral easy to wear. I’m going to add a little bit of my nyx concealer just So that we get really good pigmentation So i’m flying that on my lids and then i’m going to blend that out with my beauty blender We’re going to add the shade the light which is a matte white color, and I’m just placing this across the whole Lid just setting the concealer a little bit and for the crease color I’m going to add the shade inspire really light nude color, and I’m going to place that It’s just to deepen the shades before I add these shimmery colors I want to add the shade beech, which I know does have a little bit of a shimmer in it But I don’t think it’ll be too too noticeable I would just really want to add more dimension to the eye over top of that bronzer shade in the crease I’m going to add the shade magic which is kind of like a grayish color I really know how to describe it, but I’m going to place that right over top and really and deepen This look aren’t really going to drag that across the whole crease. I’m just focusing it on the outer corner It’s in the palette are pigmented. They’re just like really soft colors as you can tell so Like all of them are really just a very wearable Soft shades that like you can’t really mess up with them So it’s really I kind of do like that about the palette using a smaller eyeshadow brush. We’ll go. Let’s go It’s the same shade called magic again same shade We just use and I’m just applying this to the lower lash line And I’m going to place a little bit of the shade gleam I’m just placing that right at that outer corner To build up more dimension before we go onto the lid now I’m going to go back in with my concealer and I just want to place a little bit of this Not really easy to have a dramatic cut crease effect. I just want to make sure that there’s some concealer for the Brighter shimmery eyeshadow they were stick to before I apply it going to add this gorgeous shade called glowing and applied that using a flat eyeshadow brush You can see this super pigmented and I’m just going to tap that right over that concealer my inner corners of brow bone I’m going to use the shade called radiance Which this is the highlighting shade of the pallet placing that right on that inner corner Now that my eyeshadow is done. It’s really pretty and neutral Everyday, we’re both kind of makeup today But I’m going to add this NYX matte black liquid liner to add some winged liner to this Look now that my wings are done. I’m going to use my Tarte man-eater Eyeliner. I’m going to line my waterline with this for my lashes today I’m using my Ardell whispies and I’m just going to Apply those my mascara today I’m using my Tarte big ego mascara, and I’m just going to apply this to my top and bottom lashes finally, I’m going to go into the shade radiance again the highlighter shade and Apply that to finish off the look Well, at least before I do my lips before I add my actual lip color I’m going to use my NYX matte lip liner and this is in the shade of lavender and lace. I’m just going to Line my lips. So the last thing I’m going to do is add this it cosmetics Vitality lip flush stain, this is a foreign one hydrating lipstick a balm gloss and stain and This is in the shade danzel, and I’m just going to apply next and that’s like sighs. I want me. Um This is what the color looks like. It’s a nude shade will go perfect with this. I love now The matte lipstick definitely is like it says it’s more like a balm glossy or finish So now I’m just like kind of nice to just use like a regular traditional Lipstick instead of like always a matte like the lip all the time. I don’t know It’s kind of kind of like in it right now. So this is the finished look So that’s it for today’s video I hope you guys liked it. If you were looking for a new everyday wear palette definitely check this out Like I said, I’ll link it down below for you guys are just like absolutely perfect Neutral shades in this palette that you can wear every single day not have to think about it too much also, I think this palette would also make a really Great palette if you are just starting out with makeup because you have a little bit of everything in here Sometimes it’s better to start off with a brow powder that rather than a pencil or a pomade because it’ll sometimes it’s just easier to work with when you’re first starting to do your own brows and things like that and Neutral color so you can’t mess up with them. So Great beginner palette as well. That’s it for today’s video. I hope you guys liked it If you did be sure to LIKE comment share and subscribe Hit the boba and what he subscribe is right next to it to try on your post notifications So you’re notified when I upload every single new video. I upload a new video every week So be sure to go check out last week’s video You guys can also find me on Instagram and snapchat at Victoria Costanza and on Twitter at Vika Stan So make sure you follow me on there, and I will see you guys in my next video. Thanks for watching. Bye


  • charlotte melanie says:

    I like their products, but the colors are just so very basic. I guess maybe the is the safe way to sell more. I just wish more colorful. Thanks for the review.

  • Kala's Stage says:

    Was the highlighter pigmented in person? Trying to decide if I should pick this up! Also, could you check where in says “made in __”. Many times, brands will have their holiday collections made in China.

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