Jaw Surgery & Adult Braces | My Story | ANN LE

Jaw Surgery & Adult Braces | My Story  | ANN LE

– Hey loves, how’s it going? Ann here, so today’s video is a midweek video whereas my DIYs and how-to videos are on Saturdays. So today I want to talk to
you guys and update you guys a little bit about my braces and also my jaw surgery. I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding like my braces, ya know, how it’s like to
be an adult with braces and all that kinda stuff. So I want to answer that in today’s video and also talk to you
guys and update you guys on my jaw surgery since in my future videos you guys will be seeing me swollen as I am now. So you know to kind of like just let people know what’s going on instead of like you guys wondering what the heck is wrong with my face? I got jaw surgery and long story, I don’t know. It’s a long story. I don’t know if it’s
super complicated or not, but I’ll try to make it short
and simple with you guys. But I have been wearing braces, well I first wore braces
when I was like in 12th grade going onto college and I wore
it throughout my freshman year and most of my sophomore year. As a child I had an underbite, like a real severe underbite
and my orthodontist recommended for me to go through surgery that time. I couldn’t afford surgery and plus I was afraid of surgery. So I just kind of like sweeped that thought out of the way and just
lived my life, ya know? I’ve always been made fun of for my bite and how different I look. It never really like bothered me very much to the point of making
me feel sad or depressed. Ya know, it did bother me, but
I didn’t feel affected by it and it didn’t take a toll on my confidence ever since growing up. I got braces mainly because I
had a huge gap in the front. That bothered me more than my bite. So I begged my mom to pay for my braces and it was, ya know, she
didn’t make much money then and I was luckily enough
to persuade her somehow to cover for my braces. I thought that when I go to college I would be like this beautiful butterfly, you know all my pimples would go away and I would be able to take my braces off and I’ll look so hot and it didn’t happen. I had braces on, my
pimples were getting worse, and I just wasn’t the beautiful butterfly that I thought I would be. So after taking braces
off my sophomore year I thought everything was
okay, my bite was fixed. The orthodontist pulled my
jaw back with elastic bands. I had to wear elastic
bands for a very long time. I had no idea but I was
more patient than I am now. Now I would say I am not. Like I hate wearing elastic bands. And now the reason why
I have to wear braces is because my bite shifted. And I did talk a little bit
about this in my past videos but I incorporated it in with other videos so it was hidden somewhere between videos. Yeah, so my bite shifted and I was only able to bite down one side of my jaw and the other side was just left open. So I was adding more pressure at nighttime because I tend to clench my teeth together so one side of my face was just like I was adding more pressure and it was kind of taking
effect on the growth, the development of my bone
or just deteriorating, just really breaking
down my bone structure. So after you know getting x-rays and having my doctor telling me that I decided that I wanted to get jaw surgery for that purpose and also
you know at the same time will help me with my profile
and everything like that. So jaw surgery can be cosmetic surgery. I know that it’s popular
in Asia where girls, or women would get jaw surgery just to make their face look more youthful and more feminine. For me, just that one reason wasn’t enough for me to get jaw surgery. Like I had to have more reasons in order for me to justify
getting jaw surgery because it is a major surgery. It is not a joke and it’s
something that’s very serious and something that you
have to really consider. So after years of just like contemplating and decide whether if it makes sense and because my health and my bone ya know, my bone structure
was kind of being affected, it gave me a little bit
more strength to proceed. (sigh) It’s a long process too. You have to go through having
braces for about a year to a year and a half. I had these braces on
for a year and a half and then I was able to get surgery. For my braces I got like clear brackets and then I still have to wear
the stainless steel wires which is fine, it’s not as noticeable and it’s not as, it doesn’t look like the braces that I had when I was like a teenager
when I was in college. I have to wear like these ties. They’re basically small
little rubber bands that I have to put over so that way it could keep the wire intact to the brackets. And sometimes it gets like, it gets discolored and it gets yellow so it makes my teeth look yellow and that would be the only
time when I feel self conscious and I don’t want to smile. But other than that it
doesn’t really bother me. I smile, ya know, I move on with my life. It does cost more to
have like clear braces compared to regular metal braces but if you are an adult, if
it is a big problem for you, if you’re super self conscious about it, then just get the top part all clear and then the bottom part
you can get regular braces or something like that. So the day of surgery I was super nervous, I was super scared. I felt like I still wasn’t ready but I knew that I had to do it. Ya know, I committed to it already. I’d been wearing these braces
for more than a year now and you know I’m just ready
to get it done and over with. So the day of surgery it
actually went by pretty nicely. All the staff were so
nice, they were so helpful, they were very accommodating. Nobody was dragging along the process. My doctor was very knowledgeable,
very experienced doctor. The thing that scared me most was going into the surgery room. It was a big room full of electronics. Just wires everywhere and then above me were like
these huge surgery lights and they were just like bright, and they’re shining in my face. It was very scary because it was just not
cozy or anything at all. It just looked so intimidating. I was so afraid. The anesthetic part scares me the most because I’m always afraid that
if I was to be put to sleep I’d wake up mid way while they’re performing the surgery on me and I would be buried in my body. That was my biggest fear but
luckily that did not happen and I just slept throughout
the whole surgery. When I woke up I was very like sleepy, groggy, and just like a little bit out of it but I was very conscious of
what was going on around me. I could hear people’s voices, I could hear people talking, and I felt like a lot of
soreness around my jawline. I wouldn’t say it’s pain. It was more of a sore feeling. I thought that I would be
able to just like deal with it but I didn’t know what to expect. So I let them give me some
pain killers that time. Right now I have like, I can’t feel my cheeks on
these two sides right here. Like, I can feel my chin, I can feel here, but it’s just right here. This is where the incision went and the doctor basically
broke my bones right here and like mended back
with some metal plates. So I have metal plates in me right now. I am bionic. So it’s super numb here and it’s slowly slowly going down. I’m slowly feeling again and I’m able to talk again. I would say last week it
was harder to understand me, this week I am a bit more clear. Just right now, like the way
my teeth are hitting each other it’s really weird and
it feels weird to talk and it’s really weird to
enunciate and pronounce things. So that’s one of the challenges about surgery and having these braces. Throughout the week the first week it was a little challenging but I was very happy. Like my spirit was happy and
I was feeling very positive. I’m so happy that I got this over with. I’m so happy that I
was able to overcome it and just come out alive and still healthy. The doctor was telling me
that I would feel super tired, I would bleed, I would feel nauseous, and all these crazy things. And I didn’t experience any of that. I wasn’t nauseous. I didn’t feel pain or anything like that. So I was good. I felt like God was on
my side, God was with me to guide me along. In the firs week I could only eat water, I mean I could, why
could I only eat water, I could only drink, ya know? So I could only drink either soup or smoothies or juices. And so I just had mainly
smoothie, juices, and soups and I lost five pounds the first week. I lost two pounds the second week. And then the third week
I lost one more pound but then it fluctuate back and forth. So this is the third
week actually right now. The first week I was super swollen. Second week it went down a little bit and then the third week it’s
just really slowly changing. Ya know, there are days
when I feel very upset, when I feel very disappointed,
when I feel very discouraged. You just feel like when you’re hungry you become very sensitive and
you become very irritable, and that was me. And I would say the hardest part is just dealing with people
that are close to you and hoping that they
have patience with you. You’re hungry every day
and you’re irritable, and you’re not yourself and
if they don’t understand that then it’s really tough. Ya know, sometimes you can’t
expect people to be perfect. Sometimes people just don’t understand you and it makes you a little
sad and it brings you down and the fact that you can’t
eat also brings you down and the fact that your face
is not how it used to be kind of like plays a role too in making you feel like
you’re not yourself and everything is different basically. And so that was the hardest part. And I’m still dealing with that like waking up in the morning
and looking at myself. It’s just like, ugh I’m so swollen. For the first six weeks you will see lots of
like swelling going on and changes and all that kinda stuff. But I didn’t want to let that hold me back from making videos or continuing
with doing other stuff to keep myself busy and
to keep myself occupied. I don’t want to just like
stay at home, be in bed, and just like hide from the world. I know I look funny right
now, I look like a chipmunk with like lots of nuts in my cheeks. But whatever, I’m just, I’m
here, I’m making videos, and I just want to let you guys know that this is what I’m
going through right now and it’s not the funnest thing but it’s, ya know, I’m going through it and I’m hoping that the
best will come out of this. I’m hoping that I don’t
have to worry about my bite, my jawline, or my bone
deteriorating when I get older and I’m just happy that I got it done, I got out of the surgery,
and that I’m here. And that’s pretty much it I
wanted to share with you guys. For any of you guys who
have the same issues as me it’s not that bad of a process but it is something that you
definitely need patience. You guys will be seeing more of me. I’m not going to stop here,
I’m not going to give up. I’m going to keep continuing on and I’m gonna continue
on making fun videos. Next month I will be
sticking to a wedding theme. So most of my DIYs are going
to be wedding themed DIYs and videos I’m going to try to make that around the
wedding theme as well. So expect that and I’ll see you guys later. (kiss) Chow. (pleasant instrumental music)


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  • Khalid Dahlan says:

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    I need to save for 2-3 years before I could afford jaw surgery, but I really want this to fix my bite and bone structure.

  • Celeste Toledo says:

    I literary cried yesterday when my dentist told me that I would need oral surgery to correct the issue and it will only get worse over time. I am meeting with a consultant to discuss Oral surgery. It is scary being an adult and having to get this done. After hearing you talk about it, I feel more at ease. Please I’m getting married next year, but I’m okay with having braces at my wedding.

  • becca Bernstein says:

    Thanks for the video! I'm having the same surgery in about a week and a half and freaking out a bit. Any advice?

  • LadyLove says:

    I love your honesty. I have to have the same surgery and I’m TERRIFIED about not waking up after the surgery, my face after, and my nose! I pray that my family will have patience with me because I’m 0 tolerance to pain. 😔

  • Manuel Haftbefehl says:

    you hot 💕

  • Julissa Rosales says:

    Heyyy guys I just had jaw and will be posting my recovery on my channel. my editing is trash but like its funny lol.

  • Jessenia Lopez-Garcia says:

    My orthodontist also said that I may need the surgery. But the braces may be able to fix the bite. I’m scared for the surgery also😭 but the bite is affecting my self esteem and health

  • Inês Pinto says:

    I'm going to have this surgery and im so scared

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