Oh okay so for today’s video I am playing I’m driving into the brand-new jeffree star cosmetics concealers and setting powders now once I did my blueblood video a lot of you guys were like oh my god I’m so happy that you guys are like on good terms again and like the other half was like oh my god thank God because we needed to know what this full coverage ho would think of his new concealers and powders as you guys know I am all about that full coverage foundation concealer powder the whole shebang the whole nine yards 20 yards if you ask me so of course I have to put this to the test so if you want to see how the jeffree star concealers compare to my holy girls you weigh one what I think of them if they are actually full coverage then keep on watching let’s go okay before we dive into this review I would like to point out that there will be a little giveaway in this video right here so stay tuned alright so for any base product to really thrive and to really work I always want to prime now some people really believe in primer some don’t I am a firm believer and literally everyone has been talking about the milk hydro primer I bought it last week tried it a couple of times enjoyed it highly so far so I’m also applying it as my primer today and I believe this primer too has like the the CBD extract stuff in it since you know this is a Geoffrey Star video you know he’s quite fond of the CBD I thought it would be quite fitting now for any concealer to actually work you need your foundation your other base product you really go well with it and cooperate with it too I have been loving this one off-camera I’ve been diving into this one a lot this is by Natasha de Nonna this is called the transfer matte foundation and I’m in the color 5 and fair I’ve been really liking this and I have a feeling because this has a more matte feel and the concealers a little bit more on the dewy side I feel like these will go hand-in-hand because they kind of balance each other so I’m applying this my foundation like I said full-coverage hull alright time for the moment of truth let’s see how this concealer works on my face now this is my second time playing with it I will show you later on in this video how it worked for me yesterday I played around with the colors yesterday and I feel like my best match is c6 which is quite surprising because it’s 6 and not one or two and another one I really like is the C 3 so C 3 and C 6 kind of have that same yellow we vibe going on c3 is just a whole lot lighter I always like going almost the same tone as my foundation but maybe even a little bit more yellowy to cancel any darkness and then I can always go in with a lighter shade to highlight which is exactly what I’m doing today so first going in with a c6 right off the bat I do want to let you know that I got this in PR thank you so much Jeffrey for sending it over but I do want to let you know that my little star broke in half when I open her up first of all I love this this is so bougie I live it comes with a doe foot applicator with a little hole in the middle that will suck up any product that’s right in there so you get a little bit of extra product as you apply it okay and here we go I’m going to apply it right underneath my eye and it’s a thinner wetter formula and you weigh [Music] I’m also going to put some on the center of my forehead bridge of my nose Cupid’s bow under my lip this is still the same dip at my chin boom now usually I would let my concealer dry and a little bit for extra coverage but you kinda have to work quickly with this concealer because it dries pretty fast so going in with my sponge and I start tapping it in blending out into nothing then I move to the forehead just tap tap tap up and down motions blend that in nice now the nose is a tricky one because usually when you put too much concealer or a too thick concealer on the nose your poor star coming through and they’re like and with this it is absolutely hiding the appearance of my pores now that it is blended in everywhere under my eyes that had a little bit of time to set to get more coverage and now it’s time to blend it in I start from the bottom and make sure that the bottom edge is perfectly blended out nice and smooth that’s so seamlessly and then I look up and to make sure it goes all the way up to my lashline and then when you look it is bright it is lifted it looks flawless there is the tiniest bit of darkness still seeping through right here that doesn’t happen with mesh away so it’s not the most full coverage concealer I’ve ever used but it’s full coverage other eye starting from the bottom making sure everything is nice a flawless underneath get that nice and airbrushed and then look up and get it up to that lash line so that is what one layer looks like on top of the Natasha to Nona transfer matte foundation and it looks stunning but I do want to double up as snoop would say so I’m just gonna add a bit more of c3 the lighter one to highlight the dark circles a bit more right on that dark see the double-up see how bright that is see three already is so bright can you imagine how bright see 1 into R so that double up really gives it that coverage that I’m looking for that gives it that chi way essential high coverage coverage coverage and that totally lit up that darkness a bit more and that made it totally flawless no it’s also quite interesting about this formula is that it dries quick but it stays this turd of tacky finish I’m going to make sure that all creases are gone before I set with powder now the powder oh my god it smells like a smoky cotton candy so I’m picking up the rose and then let’s big honey it smells like cotton candy that has been smoked on the barbecue for like a couple of seconds and it’s like this smoky cotton candy is so good I want to use this powder as the topping of my dessert that’s how good it smells so when I apply the powder and I’m happy that is happening on camera now to where the sponge is a little bit too damp and is a little bit too wet for the powder it leaves tiny traces of cooked up powder on my face so this right here is the setting powder that got a little bit too wet started clumping together and form like a little ball of powder on the skin now this is not a bad thing because this happens for me a lot this happened with me with the NARS powders it happens with the Laura Mercier for me except for a fancy beauty butter and that’s why I love the Phantom beauty one so much because they don’t do this but what you should notice that you have to let this dry for a little bit so it becomes loose powder again and you can just sweep it off but I do want to point out that that happens for me with a lot of powders and so it does with this one by Jeffrey if we look at my under eyes though highlighted lifted perfected I love the double up of concealer and then using the rose underneath is actually my first time trying the rose and it totally gives me an extra spark of highlight now for the rest of the face to set I’m dipping into fair and translucent I’m gonna use fair on my t-zone area and translucent on my cheeks my studio smells so good right now like I don’t want to leave at any point this day if it stays smelling like this oh this is what fair looks like I’m just gonna pick some up with the powder puff and I’m gonna set my t-zone area just want to tap that now I’m guessing a lot of you guys are gonna be wondering if this compares to you fancy Beauty butter no setting powder it does compare I just feel like the fenty one is even more finely milled so it seeps into the pores even more and makes them look in visible but when they go really up-close on my face this one is almost a dead-on dupe now it’s time to set this portion with translucent now what I usually do that no but you know I want to show you that I’m trying as many powders of this collection as possible and these three are totally my jam when it comes to my skin color now that is so finely milled it has the same effect on my pores as the Fenty one alright so you know how it goes on this channel I am quickly gonna go off camera for a little bit to do my brows might as well do my eyes to you and then we’ll see how cheek products work with this mix all righty brows are applied and as I was carving up my brows using my P Louise base I was like okay but I remembered the concealer feeling very tacky when I blended it in with my sponge so that kind of made me go like Jimmy Neutron I wear like so I’m kind of interested in seeing if the concealer is tacky enough as an eyeshadow base for that I’m using color c1 I want to go a little bit lighter to make the eyeshadows pop okay let’s see I’m just gonna stamp that on oh stop it this is working what so it’s definitely not as tacky as the P Louise bass it’s definitely sitting in place a lot quicker and it’s becoming set in that sort of like interesting matte tacky feel oh my god did we just find a long-lost brother of P Louise that is a bit more matte in life did we just do that hit you would that good it did it do oh my god guys I’ve been obsessed obsessed with black pink the tunes the beats the bops the the music videos can we talk about the music the music videos are in a league of their own so time to see how cheek products react to the concealer but mostly the powder first step is bronzer and today I’m going in with the Physicians Formula butter bronzer I’m just gonna start swirling that onto the tops of my cheek so that is blending seamlessly that is looking flawless it’s not disrupting the base that’s not breaking apart anything the powder is really standing its ground and not moving around that is a okay I want to let you know that I went on a little vacation to LA and Dylan and I went to like the Sena Monica Pier we went to Disneyland and my forehead was so sunburnt that I started peeling and cracking in all kinds of places here on my forehead so my forehead right now is a battlefield and as soon as they go in with the brush you see lots and lots of dead skin and I’ve been scrubbing every single day and still I have dead skin falling off of me so if you see any say hi to it and tell it to move on for blush I want to go for a pinky one so this one right here is by Mac this is called dainty and it’s a mineralized blush for highlighter today I want to be using one of my current favorites this one is by Wet n Wild huh this is the mega Glo highlighting powder in the color boom time this is a peachy high lady oh so to get all matchy match you with the backdrop today I have this a liquid lip right here by dose of colors this is in the color strawberry pop so i’ma pop that on my lips I love this it’s just like the perfect mix because this backdrop isn’t like a true red it’s like a pink red and this lip too it’s not a true red it’s a pink red alright and let’s finish it with a little bit of settings all right so here’s what the face looks like up close no skin filter is on of course my lighting always helps make everything look more perfect but as you can see it leaves me with a flawless perfectly flawless base okay that is my full face completed using the collection and playing around and seeing how everything reacts and here are my final thoughts oh and I know you’re waiting for that giveaway just hang on tight for a little bit longer okay and before I give you my final thoughts I do want to let you know that for my eyes I totally forgot mentioning I used the warrior palette by dubious place this is one of my favorite palettes but Julia’s place because just a look at the colors so that is what is on my eyes I am affiliated with Julia’s place so if you want to save some money when ordering Julia’s all you have to do is use discount code Nicki and checkout and it will save you a couple of dollars okay I think everyone who’s been watching me for a little bit and tuning in today is going to wonder if Jeffrey stars concealer beats Julie my holy grill so when we look at Jeffrey the concealer has three point four milliliters and when we look at you way it has four point 14 milliliters both retail for $22 so as you age $22 unless used my discount code and you get a little bit of money off and the Jeffrey one is $22 too now when I look at which consistency I like better these are totally different this is the ultimate high coverage concealer for me this will never let me down it looks good it’s just this is my baby this comes close to what it looks like on the skin I just need a double up for the coverage to get this coverage what I get with is UA and it has a little bit more of a dewy finish now does that mean this is worse absolutely not it’s just a different kind of experience all right the powder this is where it starts getting interesting for me when I look at the jeffree star powder it contains 10 grams of product when I look at my Fenty beauty this contains 28 grand of product Jeffery retails for $22 Fenty retails for $32 so for $10 extra you get 18 grams of product more how do these compare now of course this one is more affordable and it gives me almost that same flawless airbrush finish as I get with a fin t the Fenty one wins for me personally because I really like how it looks underneath the eyes and it doesn’t do like the build up if they looked a little like the little mountains of powder that you saw in the beginning this one doesn’t do that for me when you look at the way they’re milled I think that butter is softer and more finely milled whereas the Jeffrey one is it but the tiniest changes bit more dense in density but still gives you that airbrush flawless finish they both completely hide my pores this is a really really good powder for the price you might want to try this out to you this smells like I said like a smoky cotton candy now if you don’t like any sense in your products you might not like this because it is apparent it doesn’t linger around but it is apparent and when you apply it and I love that you may not this is all personal preference this is how I experience these products and you are the boss of your wallet you own your money you worked very hard for it so I’m not gonna be like well you need this in your life if you feel like this powder or concealer might complement your routine absolutely you have the money for it absolutely go try it out check it out but at the end of the day you is the boss I think they performed phenomenally and even the where tests which I did yesterday went great as well alrighty so this is what we’re looking like in natural daylight I’m looking Wow less so I’m on my way to Belgium Antwerp because one of my best friends Joy’s hasn’t exploded there with all her makeup art she actually has her makeup art in an actual gallery so this is what I’m wearing to go support her today I will show you some of her work and get off to a great wear test day come here as Joyce’s Expo Joy’s proud of you guys I am buying that one in the corner over there and if you’re interested in buying some of this incredible art Oh looking good I had to do a couple of powder touch-ups throughout the day but it still looked very passable at 12 hours of wear i napped in this makeup I travelled in this makeup I literally lived in this makeup for 12 hours and it still looked very good at the end of the day so do it that way you like I think the wear test was pretty awesome that rounds up this review on the jeffree star cosmetics concealers and powders asked for the giveaway today I’m giving away one blood-sugar palette right here here she is now if you want to win the blood sugar palette all you have to do is of course we subscribe to my channel give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment down below telling me something that includes the Dutch word of the day in my previous video the duct word-of-the-day was for bad which was slipped and here’s that shout-out that everyone’s been waiting for everybody have a good day don’t feel select as for today’s Dutch word of the day I want to do another word because you guys really seem to love it so for today’s Dutch word of the day it is for beautiful blah blah blah this is a hard one because you have to so you better get going baby if you want to be featured in my next video all you have to do is leave a comment down below featuring the Dutch word of the day it will enter you into the giveaway as well and if you want to be featured with a video shout out all you have to do is post your video response on instagram under the hashtag ducked word of the day and who knows you might see your face pop up and the next one and that’s it guys thank you so much for tuning in to today’s a brand new video I hope you enjoyed definitely let me know what you think of this brand new launch and hopefully I will see you guys on the next one Tata bye bye bye now


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