hey welcome back and in today’s video
man am i peeved off well I can’t say they today’s video is obviously going to
be about john kuckian scam exposed and and some stuff that I was looked into see I don’t
really pay attention to drama or anything like that I got a buddy
he’s a very good youtuber just pull him up here his name is Martin Luis you
guys might know him he started doing the junk cookie and following the drama with
him a long time ago I was never I’m not a person that really likes to do drama
but it has recently crossed over into into my world where I feel like my one
of our very own Alyssa R has been affected and when the rip squad gets
affected one of mine oh I gotta say something about it
see I I had heard about the day before and then when she brung it up it was it
was Tom she said to me this guy has a long history of pulling charity scams in
lying to his viewers for example last year a youtuber went off in her snapchat
about something he pulled audio clips uploaded them to
iTunes and sold them as a ringtone collab with her with all proceeds going
to a third-world clean water charity now be honest with you I do want to say that
I don’t like anybody hurt in the rep squad and I’m like I will take of it but
that’s funny but it’s not funny it’s like if it wasn’t happening to us
top funny thing it turns out she had nada who even was then he never proved
or even gave the money he allegedly got kicked out of college for charity scams
as well he announced this makeup line about a year ago but was also caught
making products in his filthy kitchen and bathroom that’s pretty gross no one
wants to put chapstick that’s been from a dirty bathroom on their lips I can see
where that would be disturbing he sold tickets to a launch party that
never happened and promised refunds yet no one has gotten one and in people find
themselves blocked by him in Twitter during the the lunch he claimed a server
overload immediately it looks like there’s just I mean it goes on and on
he’s also in the UK and what’s just another reason why I don’t I don’t do
any things because where I am in from America the great red white and the blue
but I love all y’all but if there’s UK drama UK drama sales UK drama but when
it comes into my house into my home that’s what I got a problem I don’t like
that let me tell you something I don’t like people abusing their community it’s
it’s it’s ridiculous like if you’re yeah let me just say if
you’re in content creation if you have a community platform you use that platform
for the good of the community now there are people out there that do not deserve
their community at all I really am big on community you guys
know this you know me you know rip and oh I don’t like I don’t like anybody
abusing their community which is why I’m making a video on this to show how I
dude disapprove of this type of behavior and then if I seen this chunky
I would throw I would I would steal his lunch money I got to looking more into
it and there was another thing that you guys were talking about where he sold
products internet slow today wait a second well actually you can see the abuse that
he’s given to his community here’s some people that say now I actually am kind
of sad I liked him in the beginning but the
more I watched him and seen his Instagram posts I get the feeling he is
just doing it to promote his own makeup he is making and yeah I seen that he was
possibly copying different makeup things and stuff like that and I started really
looking into it and I realized that this something is this thing is not very
isolated to John Cook Ian this is a type of thing that has been going on for a
long time underneath your nose some of the biggest manufacturers in the world
are taking a part of this anti Lopez is yeah that’s weird to say bring up ty
Lopez in this video but ty Lopez is a heavy promoter of this type of thing
it’s called white label white label let me show you what I what it is in general
white label branding sometimes called white labeling is a manufacturing a
marketing practice in which a product or service is produced by the company and
then rebranded by another company to make it appear to be their own this is a
huge thing and you might be thinking oh you know I it might make you feel a top
away but some of the products that you’re using right now even the toilet
paper that you wipe your butt with was probably a white label product it is
very common let me show you one of the biggest ones right away boom that’s
right the Dollar Shave Club you would have never guessed it but that is true
you see that razor that’s a white label well probably not now see what they do
is they get razors from what and if you don’t believe me I’m gonna
ahead and show you you can go to google you can do this with anything and so I
kind of feel like I’m giving you some time Lopes advice if you want to open a
business and make some money so why label razor’s Ray razors
so you just Google white label razors and you do a little bit of scrub
private-label razors here you go private label razors and here’s the whole
website for private label and manufacturing razors and here’s the cool
thing is is their their penis their penis look at that that that looks
that’s probably a dollar shave club and their pennies seem I’m in bulk and
you’re able though they’ll even the website will even put your branded logo
on it and they’ll ship it out and what these people like to do is they like to
hook it up to an Amazon Fulfillment and once they do that all they’ve got to do
is sit back and get the money but I’m gonna go ahead and tell you this is been
going on and I honestly don’t see this as right or wrong because what we’ll do
is they’ll build they’ll make money and then they’ll eventually own their own
manufacturing and do it all themselves I see that jong-kook ian is the somebody
that has done the same thing whether that is right or wrong is strictly
between you and god I will go ahead and I’ll say that if you are not being
transparent to your community and you’re telling them lies
I think that says a lot about your character and it’s interesting as this
is there is always something that is more interesting to me that’s right you
guessed it I want to know what you think about this so go ahead and leave your
creative and/or interesting responses in the comment box be blue there’s always
brothers and sisters I will see you in the next video yesterday’s video we’ve
been talking about crypto currencies I am gonna I wish I could do like multiple
videos today I might do that I might start doing multiple videos a day but uh
it cryptocurrency is a thing screw people that loud in their community and
don’t forget that this oh yeah are you a part of the rep squad how do you do that
all you got to do is go back to the subscribe button turn on the
notifications and be in the comment section after every single video because
I’m gonna be there Greg the K is going to be there and the whole rep community
is going to be there that’s another reason why this channel loves you


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    I think the biggest problem is he talked so much crap about other people for white labeling but then did it himself and kept emphasizing that it's 'his formula'. It's ironic that drama channels now have their drama being covered on channels lmao.

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    This guys a joke, theres so much wrong w him, cant possibly fit in one video, but i love martin!! Thanks for spreading the word and supporting ur subs Rep! 🖤

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    Wow a world I didn’t know you’d get into this stuff. As a girl I do watch vids about it although I don’t eat makeup much … or ever unless I’m totally bored. So to hear your opinion about this is fresh. I love drama channels about the makeup world I know nothing about only for entertainment. Not saying you should do it more often just fun to see ya do it.
    Rep the fam sir!
    Waiting for the random onision vid 0.o
    Hate the fam was effected that’s crazy.

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    This is typical business practice. I make many things for companies that then take it and include it in a rebranded product. White labeling is just the way it is done. You ask someone to make something for you or you find someone that makes something you want to sell, you ask them to rebrand to your brand… done. You think the Starbucks coffee mug was made by Starbucks? See that iPhone in your pocket, you think that was built by Apple? Sorry, it was built by Foxconn, a company that builds phones (and other electronics) for Apple, ZTE, Huawei, Oppo, etc. Best Apple can say is that it was "designed" by Apple. But it was "designed" around the manufacturing processes established by Foxconn. Yes, there are a few companies out there that own their own manufacturing lines (MyPillow), but most companies will find the burdens and regulations of owning a line detrimental to the companies' bottom line. Best someone else eat that.

  • Christine L says:

    I don't think many people care if he is selling a product that he didn't make. But the thing is… He does this all the time. It all started first twith his art. He litterally copies other artist art and calls it an original. Then he also "made" these things called lollipop moulds …. He made a big deal about how he designed them and they were so different … If u look them up, there are litterally 1000s just like them . Now it's his makeup. He says he formulated this makeup all himself.. but nope.. here he is again .. reselling something and putting his name on it. He litterally made video after video of COMPANIES and other YouTubers that do this and basically harassed and downed them for it… I think this is why everyone is pissed off. He is the one that jammed it in his own subscriber base heads how wrong it is to say u make something but all along your private labeling….. then he turns around and does this exact thing that for an entire year he was pushing video after video telling us others were so wrong and decietful to their consumers . I think everyone's issue is HE IS BEING A HYPOCRITE. HE IS LYING TO HIS LOYAL SUB BASE. He is taking advantage of his young subscribers, I don't think we care that he is private labeling. People JUST WANT HIM TO BE HONEST. It would have never blew up in his face if he would have been honest from day one. But you know how it goes when you lie, you need to tell another lie to cover up the first ,before you know it you're in a sea of lies you can't get out of.

  • LadyInTheTree says:

    I think people don’t understand how big white labeling is… private labeling is a huge business that larger companies do to not only sell products but to market. For example we run a barbershop. My husband could private label a comb or something else that we don’t actually manufacture but could put our names on it.

    The problem with John is he plays it up that he created these products. He states that this is formula that is created in the UK , however the packaging states Made in PRC (basically made in China) Also his business license in the UK is only valid for buying and selling of make up – the code for manufacturing or creating his own formula is not on the license. These are only a few examples of how he talks himself in circles. He wants to pretend like he is this make up brand starting off and he will argue with you until his head falls off but I think that just shows him as a person. I think he is delusional and believes his own lies.

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    oh and please give us more from Grieg we all love him. .

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