Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery Nose & Boob Job: Doctor Tells All, Duchess Of Cambridge NOT Natural!

Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery Nose & Boob Job: Doctor Tells All, Duchess Of Cambridge NOT Natural!

Prince William�s wife, Kate Middleton, always
appears flawless when she steps out for her royal duties, but she underwent multiple nose
jobs to get that way. Kate Middleton is renowned for her �natural
beauty,� but in all actuality, there is nothing natural about her. The royal family is picture perfect, but according
to plastic surgeon Dr. X, they weren�t always photo ready and they have all undergone multiple
cosmetic surgeries. According to this week�s edition of OK! Magazine, a well known plastic surgeon who
refers to himself as �Dr. X� has been discretely working on the royal family for
years and he is working on a tell all book about their many procedures, and the royals
are trying desperately to block the book from being published. In Dr. X�s book, he spills the beans about
Kate Middleton�s plastic surgery endeavors. OK! Magazine�s inside source reveals, �The
Duchess of Cambridge has had two rhinoplasty surgeries. The first was a graduation present to herself
in 2005, and it wasn�t Dr. X� work. It was off kilter with the rest of her face
so adjustments were made in 2011 that made a real difference to her face.� According
to the tabloid�s source, the Duchess is still dabbling in plastic surgery � and
she recently had a breast lift because she wanted her breasts to be as perky as they
were before she gave birth to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. We�re not exactly shocked that Kate Middleton
has had work done, actually we would be shocked if she hadn�t had any work done. What bothers us is that she is not open about
the work and the royal family is trying to hide it. What about all of the women and young girls
that look up to the future Queen � and are trying to duplicate her not so natural looks? Women are breaking their necks trying to be
as �naturally beautiful� as Kate Middleton shouldn�t she let them know that everything
isn�t natural? What do you guys think? Should the Duchess be upfront about her plastic
surgery so she doesn�t mislead young girls? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments
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  • Andrea Crnjanin says:

    yes,first of all,in a childhood she changed her eyes.

  • Carrie Harris says:

    rubbish pure rubbish the picture of HRH (not Kate) by the way! of her in green is either not her face defo not here nose so jog on stupid you can even talk properly you sound like a robot just STOP

  • shelleysbeads1 says:

    Does anyone really care?

  • Joseph Darling says:

    So bloody what if Kate has had surgery. That's totally personal. A beast lift is nothing. She's allowed she has the money. I would too!! A woman of her stature, she wants to look and feel her best..The lady has integrity, dignity and respect. And she has big shoes to fill. She's our future Queen!!

  • Baba Roushka says:

    its none of anyone's business what Kate does so what ? why are u criticizing ? I don't believe anyway she is beautiful.

  • Patti Jahn says:

    I can't get over how much Princess Charlott3 looks so much like Her Majesty ,Queen Elisabeth 11.

  • Connie Crawford says:

    if I were them, I would want to know how did this information get to the public. Jesus, they have to have a private life too..

  • Connie Crawford says:

    If it's the staff, they would be gone…

  • Bonnie Magpie says:

    Kate might fill out when she gets older. She will look healthier with a bit more weight. She is too thin and sometimes she wears stiff, straight coats with stiff long heals; Olive out of Popeye except Olive could bend a little.

  • Casa SOL Monica D. Reynoso says:

    Everyone has the right to privacy on certain personal things, such as a facelift or any other kind of plastic surgery so long as it doesn't change identity. Even though the public can be informed about it , it is not an issue.. Every woman or man nowadays resorts to plastic surgery for "touch ups"… she wants to look great and wants to project a smashing image… ok …

  • JUDITH BRYAN says:

    Who cares!! It's her body and if she's wants to do something than go for it!!

  • Norehan Long says:

    It's her money. She can do what she wants. Anyway she is a nice person, loving mother and loves William very much. That is more important.

  • Connie Crawford says:

    Please don't get addicted to plastic surgery. There are so many women that have ruined their lives. You are beautiful, now please live your life, don't look back. Be happy with what you have in your life. Enjoy your family. God bless you Kate…

  • Terry Barnishin says:

    Duchess Kate Middleton has the money to do whatever plastic surgery she wants. I would do it as well if I could afford. She is required to look her best all the time. And the Oueen telling her to cut her hair is ridiculous. She is still a young woman with gorgeous hair.

  • Chrystal E says:

    Oh man, this woman will look like a freak when she gets old, just like all the other vain cat women do who are addicted to surgery.

  • english lady says:

    our Kate has never had any surgery done .she's a natural beauty. you can see with your own eyes. she's having a baby for gods sake. it's slutty mm who's had all the plastic surgery. to get rid of the black look she obviously hates.

  • Elaine Marten says:

    who cares…lots of people have plastic surgery…big deal

  • Caitlin Hughes says:

    Who cares if she got work done
    She is still kind and caring

  • Elaine Marten says:

    so what?

  • Sandy Reeves says:

    You can camouflage your body by what you are wearing but your face is out there fully exposed and there is nothing to cover it with so here we go out looking for a good Dr. for help! A person who finds that flaw will constantly run to the first mirror to see how much better it looks in 5 min.
    Look in the mirror again same as before and panic sinks in. It consumes you and other people say oh I wouldn't have ever thought blah, blah?
    They lie you tell yourself it is getting worse every day! What am I going to do, you stop going out you never tell people what you are thinking about as you can pretty much tell what a lot of people think. You go grab a phone book and start looking for plastic surgeons, you still don't tell friends and family, go see the Surgeon or maybe more depending on oh so many things! What is the recovery time and depending what you have done it's all relative! There is many things to have done just take the worse one first or do I take the cheapest one first, you are all confused so you casually tell a friend and are shocked when you hear, oh my gawd you are not doing that are you and they are ready to put you in a jail cell so you can't harm your self! You are afraid to tell your hubby because you know he will freak out oh my gawd what in heck am I going to do so you run to the mirror turn your face this way and that tug here, lift that up, how does it look and say the heck with it I am going to do it come hell or high water! How do I know that, been there done that and it's time to do it all over again or not!

  • Sandy Reeves says:

    The only thing that she had done that you can see is her damn nose and it wasn't her fault that the first time the problem wasn't fixed and the boobs who can see them you wear clothes right, I still can't see the difference and if you hadn't blabbed it out to all nobody would know the difference !! What about Fergie and her girls and Camilla has had a full fledged face lift and don't know about any of the others! The Dr.'s here in Canada are not allowed to blab out any info. You and most of the people don't care and probably others feel the same way it is NO ONE'S BUSINESS, NOT YOURS NOT MINE AND YOU HAVE JUST GIVEN WILLIAM ANOTHER THING TO HOLD AGAINST KATE!!! She has enough that
    She has been dealing with the jealous Royals and if Charles gets the Royal King go ahead she will be having to move because Charles is one fricking a hole!! And you just gave people fodder to hold against her! That is not fair it just bugs me she is due to have a baby by the end of April
    She has gone out and has done some royal duties and she gets bitched at from the Queen about not doing enough! Kate is a saint she has the
    The worst kind of morning sickness 24/7. I couldn't do it for 1 day with two kids and Prince William not helping her much and I know Carol
    Comes and stays to help with the kids and get this Charles says she can't go to Kate’s house anymore Sorry for Being bitchy but just how much
    Do you think it is time for enough already?

  • mitch lola says:

    Wahtever, she has a HOTT shaped nose/nostrils at the end of the day.. Beautiful nose/nostrils

  • Emma Olga González Torres says:

    Bravo for her, She is beautifoul

  • Trish Barry says:

    you cannot believe this BS OK magazine is the biggest magazine to tell all kinds of Lies you never can believe what they have to say and this doctor X guy is full of BS if he wasn't he would give his name Kate has had the same exact nose forever

  • yvonne alexander says:

    What a lot of rubbish. Kate was beautiful and has had an amazing figure from the start. She is sporty, has a swimming pool, tennis courts, gym at hand. Just because you haven't seen her using them, doesn't mean her absence from the public eye is down to her having surgery. Why do people have to speculate every tiny detail?

  • yvonne alexander says:

    Where do you find this rubbish. Kate is a natural beauty.

  • rosana conta3 says:



  • JAG says:

    Who cares. It is none of anybody’s businesses

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