Korean Beauty: HERA by Olympia Le-Tan Demo & Giveaway! 헤라 올림피아르탱

so few weeks ago I had the great
pleasure of attending the Hera and Olympia Le-Tan launching event for the new season collection if you’re familiar
with Olympia Le-Tan she’s a fashion designer but also really well known for these beautiful
handmade clutches and for this event she created this
exclusive Hera sequined pencil clutch which is super cute and I wanted to
steal it but I didn’t and in turn Hera created
the packaging for these which is just super glamorous but also very just cute and playful so on
the outside of these are sparkling pencils I just really love
it cause its this perfect combo additionally they
made a pink collection that were just pink illustrations a pencils which is really
cute and also at a lower price point so besides
the fact that the party had some really cute pencil shape snacks and print
on the spot cell phone cases with the pencil for motif
there was a lot of celebrities there and none other than Hera’s model of
the moment Jun Jihyun if you follow the drama My Love
From the Star you know exactly who I’m talking about she’s basically the lipstick icon
of Korea right now She was looking very cute and very pink so Hera sent over the black
collection for me to try out and I’m going to demo for you two looks this green and gold look and this kind of
lavender lovely look which i think is the one that Jun Jihyun was wearing are you ready let get started then Let’s just do it let’s just start to put
makeup on our face also stick around to the end in this video because I have a
giveaway for you for some of these items makeup free makeup yeah oh here we go first then putting on a blue base primer
to brighten up my skin tone because this lavender look need something quite
bright next time using the hair UV mist cushion
in C 21 this is the same UV mist cushion in just
the limited edition packaging as with all foundation cushions should
pat them into your skin to build the cover next I’m using the olympian Le-Tan eyeshadow palette with its own brush then picking up the color porcelain and
sweeping at all over my eye lid adding it to the inner corners of my eye next then using deep indigo for the
crease in my eye and making a slight wing as well as putting on my underline
to give some definition this eyeshadow is not as pigmented is
some but it fits in with the Korean style for being light and sheer now I’m taking the sparkling
ice lavender and adding it to the center my eye to create a subtle but dramatic
highlight finally am using pinky gray on the inner
corners and underneath my eye to brighten up the
whole look use any fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend it all together and of course you need eyeliner some
tight lining my eye making a small wing and smudging it in to make a
really natural affect I finished the eye with a smudge proof
mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes with the lilac tint blush I’m adding it to the
apples on my cheek and just above to create youthful effect as well as
putting it on my finger and highlighting my upper lip my nose and my brow bone this works
especially well for yellow undertones as purple is opposite on the color wheel and creates a
brightening affect I’m going back to the cushion foundation and patting it on
my lips to create a base for the lipstick to pop here I have Hera’s Rogue Holic in
105 sweet pink and I’m putting at all over my lips as
per normal and being silly next is 141 cyclamen and then putting
this on the very centre my lip to give a very subtle ombre effect so that’s it for this pinky lavender
look what do you think? Do I look like Jun Jihyun? [laugh] This final look
is all about the eyeshadow duo in number fourteen and taking the color deep green and
sweeping at all across my lower half my eye lid again making a small wing to create an
almond-shaped eye with sand gold I add it to the center of my eye to create the highlight as well as my
inner underline and inner corners blend blend blend with any brown liquid liner and lining
my eyes to create a softer effect then it would with black liner I’m still wearing mascara from previous
so I don’t need to reapply going back with the same lilac blush and
touching up to create the same look as before to finish up this look I’m using 282
signal orange I love this color it’s really great for
summer I just put all over my lips and their you go besides the UB mist cushion this is
the first time I’ve used these products next time I’ll try to define the colors
gold and green a bit more because now I think it looks a little bit muddy lol so my friends at Hera have given me
this box to give to you it includes one foundation cushion with a
refill and also one lipstick and there are some rules
they’re more in the data box to check it out below
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